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Compiled by Dolores Ford Mobley

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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

"The Kinmundy Express", Kinmundy, Ill. (Microfilm Roll #1)

Jan. 7, 1915:

- Ruby KLINE and J.W. ROBERTS were married near Urbana. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.B. KLINE.

- A Centralia Robbery took place at Star Loan Company. Robbers threatened with guns and took $1000 in 36 diamonds, watches, guns, and other merchandise. One robber was shot in the stomach by the deputy sheriff, but other men escaped on a Burlington Freight train.

- Lawrence EAGAN of Denver, Colo. arrived for visit and reported that her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. EAGAN, enjoying best of health.

- A 8 pound girl made her arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.R. FILSON.

Jan. 14, 1915:

- Abram STIPES, who resided 4 miles east of Kinmundy was killed by Ill. Central Freight engine while on his way back to town, when his team became frightened and he was unable to control them.

- In Brubaker, a Silver Medal contest was held for speaking. A trio of Kinmundy girls and pupils of Allen School furnished excellent music. Miss Gail WOODS received the medal.

- Miss Rena JONES, former Kinmundy girl and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. JONES of this city, married J.B. CROSSLEY of Luther, Okla.

- Harry MAXEY and family of Sullivan have moved to this place and occupy the Dick WAINSCOTT farm southeast of town. After trying the black soil several years, Harry has decided that Marion county still has some charms.

- The following officers were installed in the Eastern Star of Illinois in the Kinmundy chapter: Winifred GRAY, William GRAY, Bessie SMITH, Abbie BABCOCK, Florence SCAWTHON, Sara ROHRBOUGH, Stella PRUETT, Minnie LOWE, Anna DILLON, Mildred LOWE, Katherine SCAWTHON, Blanche LATHAM, Stella WILKINSON, Metta ROTAN, Mary PRICKETT, Flo PHILLIPS, William W. NEIL.

Jan. 21, 1915:

- Tony KATRO died at his home north of Alma after an extended illness.

- From June 8, 1900 files:

- Free rural mail delivery was commence at Centralia yesterday. Kinmundy will be the next city in Marion County to have free rural delivery.

- One day this week George ATKINS of North Fork was burning some old papers and among the lot was a check for $38. It is thought he can get another check in it’s stead, but if he cannot, the fired was quite expensive.

- Chas. S. NEIL rode the Easter Star goat Wed. night and after the work, ice cream and cake were served and a grand time enjoyed by all present.

Jan. 28, 1915:

- Mrs. Sarah (Miller) PARRILL of Meacham twp. died Jan. 18, 1915. She had married Absalom PARRILL in 1860. Three sons: Charles of Chicago, Schuyler of Kinmundy, Lloyd of Farina; Five daughters: Mrs. Henry SPECKER of Brownstown, Mrs. Harrison WISCHART of Iola, Mrs. James GUNTHORP of Glenn Villin, N.D., and Misses Luella and Evangeline PARRILL of Kinmundy. Burial in Elder Cemetery.

- Samuel WEALE, of Farina died last Thursday from pneumonia.

- George Henry ROLFE died Jan. 21, 1915. He was born in Germany and married Mary Margaret Baldwin of Marion county. Children are: Freddie and Albert ROLFE, and Minnie ROGERS. Burial in Millican Cemetery.

- Mrs. Eliza COURSON died in Meacham twp. last Friday at the home of her son, Samuel COURSON’s. She was one of the pioneer settlers of this county.

- Daniel MAGNER who resided 4 miles northeast of the city died. Burial in the Catholic Church Cemetery.

Feb. 4, 1915:

- Otis HIESTAND and Aletha KLINE were married in Hurst, Ill. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. KLINE of this city.

- $2,500,000 is to be reimbursed from the government for infected herds with Foot and Mouth disease.

- Mrs. J.N. BARNES, nee Miss Lotta HADDEN, daughter of Mrs. S.J. ALLEN of this city, died in Monday in Centralia of a severe illness of dropsy.

- Miss Georgia HAMMERS, daughter of Wm. H. HAMMERS, died Jan. 29, 1915 at 23 years of age. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- The ground hog failed to see his shadow. Geo. MOTCH killed him Monday.

Feb. 11, 1915

- Emery PALMER, 17 years old, employed as a farm hand at the Borden stock farm near Tonti, was driving a team of horses when struck by a train. The horses were killed, but he was only bruised and shaken up. The engineer had been in the habit of passing the Tonti station without blowing the train whistle.

- Chester Stanley FORD son of Ed and Sarah FORD of Alma, died Jan. 5, 1915 at the age of 17 years. Burial at Alma Cemetery. He was a student at Kinmundy High School.

- Mrs. Elizabeth GRAY died at the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. INGRAM on Tuesday. She was one of the oldest settlers in this part of the county.

- From Jan. 16, 1900 files: Cora, wife of C.W. HAMMERS, died Sunday evening aged 28 years.

Feb. 18, 1918:

- Amanda Fox TUCKER, wife of the late Solomon TUCKER, died Feb. 9, 1915. She had two sons, Charles and I.C. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mrs. Elizabeth BOOTH GRAY nee CLARK, wife of James W. BOOTH, died Feb. 9, 1915 at 87 years of age. She had five children: Nancy, Illinois Belle, Farris Lemmon, Addie Bond, and James William.

- Arrival of boy at home of Dr. and Mrs. John Ben MORGAN in Cleveland, Ohio. Word was gladly received by Grandpa Wesley MORGAN and now he says that he is one of the best checker players in Kinmundy.

- Dan DOOLEN and son John left for Springfield where the boy will act as a Page for the State Senate.

Feb. 25, 1915:

- Ben DOOLEN celebrated his birthday Tuesday. Ben was born the next day after George Washington, altho Ben says they were not acquainted.

- Mrs. Eli FRENCH of Alma died in West Va. while visiting her brother, Judge BENNETT.

- William ROADMAN and Eula PURCELL of Alma were married in Effingham. They will live in Garfield, Washington.

March 4, 1915:

- A drastic narcotic law went into effect enacted by Congress. Advocates of the Act believe it will completely eliminate the "dope" habit in the United States.

- Samuel PUFFER, a farmer in Meacham twp. married Mrs. Sarah EAGAN of this city.

- Joshua (Jack) BASOM and family residing 6 miles south of Kinmundy, have moved to Oklahoma where they expect to be for one year in hopes of benefitting Mrs. BASOM’s ill health.

- The W.C.T.U. will hold its Silver Medal Contest. Contestants are Raymond GARDNER, John CONANT, Eugene WORMLEY, Coy INGRAM, William CHEEDLE, and Darrel ALEXANDER.

March 11, 1915:

- Forrest HOWE and Miss Minnie WAINSCOTT, both of this city, were married. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. HOWE, and she’s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac WAINSCOTT.

- Mrs. Alice (Grandma) SPIECE aged 84 years died at home of her son’s Geo. H. SPIECE, 2 miles south of this city Saturday night. She was one of the oldest residents of this vicinity.

- Grace Ethel BECOCK PILCHER died Feb. 28, 1915 aged 36 years. She was married to Francis Henry PILCHER.

- Ed S. GRAY was appointed postmaster at Weleetka, Oklahoma. He is a former resident of Kinmundy.

- All members of the Cemetery Association are requested to meet at the Rest Room Monday, March 15, at 2:30 p.m. for the purpose of transacting important business. Nellie H. BARGH, President.

March 18, 1915:

- Mrs. Alice RYAN died at age of 63 years, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bernice DORR in St. Louis on March 13, 1915. She had been a resident of Kinmundy prior to moving to St. Louis. Interment in Evergreen cemetery.

- Barney PERONA, a saloon keeper in Sandoval, was murdered Monday night by two unknown men.

- From files of Feb. 3, 1900: Mrs. Sue BENIGHT of Marlow, Okla. arrived here Friday to visit her sisters, Mrs. A.J. FOSTER and Mrs. Fannie LOWE and her brothers, John and Ben DOOLEN. This was her first visit in many years.

March 25, 1915:

- Marriage took place on March 22, 1915 between Rev. A.B. MERCER of Harvey, Ill. to Miss Pearl, youngest daughter of F.A. PRUETT of this city.

- Arthur HUMPHREY, employed as a night pumper by the Illinois Central Pumping station, died last Saturday while riding a hand propelled speeder when he was struck by a light southbound engine. Chas. GAMMON and Fred ALEXANDER brought him to town. He was son of Matthew and Mary HUMPHREY, and he died March 20, 1915 at 58 years. He married Miss Florede EAGAN and they had Maggie, Mrs. Jennie WAINSCOTT, J. Mac HUMPHREY, and Misses Ruth and Harriet.

- Mrs. Herman SCHNEIDER died 3 miles north of the city of consumption. Interment in Farina Cemetery.

- Isham DOOLEN of Centralia was very agreeably surprised last Sunday by 25 relatives and friends as he celebrated his 57th birthday.

- Charles EMMONS SULLENBURGER died in Belle Plaine, Iowa on Feb. 13, 1915 at 57 years. He was a cousin of F.M. ROBB and F.A. PRUETT.

April 1, 1915:

- Word received Monday of death of Mrs. Roy LACKEY of Tamoroa. She was formerly of Farina, and leaves a husband and several small children.

- From Feb. 23, 1900 files:

- I.A. SPOUSE, postmaster of Alma, and Miss Mattie GRAVES will be married next Thursday - Benton SCHOOLEY, of Omega, has purchased one-half interest in Jas. P. WHITSON’s harness shop in Alma. They will probably add a line of hardware stock in the spring.

April 8, 1915:

- Rev. J. J. WYCKOFF, age 65 years, died in Sullivan Sunday afternoon. Besides his wife, he leaves 2 children, William H. WYCKOFF of Shelbyville, and Mrs. Charles LINDSAY of this city. He had been a Presbyterian pastor in Kinmundy.

April 15, 1915:

- John W. PARRILL who was born Nov. 7, 1834, died on April 9, 1915. He came with his parents to Marion county in 1840, and married America PROSSER in 1856. Children were: Mary Louis and Miss Effie MEEKS, deceased; Mrs. G.W. McCLUER of Jackson, Miss., Wilson J. of Arnest, Okla, A. HOBART, and Mrs. E.E. BROWN of Meacham Twp. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- William T. ROWAN, who was born in Penn. March 17, 1829, died in Virginia, Ill. April 9, 1915. He married Margaret Jane SMITH in 1857 and they had five children: Mary R. WEISS of Pekin, Nannie and John of Virginia, Robert of Kinmundy, and James dec’d. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Oscar HITE of near Iuka died Wed. morning. He was a brother of Misses HITE of this city.

- A Men’s Specimen Ballot and a Women’s Specimen Ballot were printed in this issue. Candidates for local offices were: E. G. MENDENHALL, A.M. ALLEN, W. Frank HOWELL, Floyd PRUETT, E.C. HUGGINS, Harry MOTCH, R.E. FILSON, Ed BOUGHERS, and A.C. DUNLAP.

April 22, 1915:

- D.A. PORTER, who was born Aug. 26, 1840 in Muskingum Co, OH, died in Kinmundy on April 13, 1915, with burial being in Evergreen Cemetery. In 1862, he married Susanna FAIRALL, and they had 8 children, 6 of which are still living: Mrs. J. H. NELMS of this city, Mrs. R.F. HAMILTON of Wheeling, W. Va; C.A. Frank, and Mrs. Lenore PRICKETT of St. Louis, and Chas. of Joplin, Mo. He also leaves a widow. He made his home here 56 years, and his first wife died April 15, 1900. He married second to Mrs. Elizabeth RAY of Kinmundy.

- Thomas Day SWITZER, son of Absolom SWITZER and Maria DAY was born in Warren county, Ind. He came with his parents to Marion Co. in 1841, and died in Farina April 15, 1915, at 75 years of age. In 1866 he married Charlotte BRICKWOOD and they had two children: John and Minnie, wife of F.E. HEWITT. In 1877, he married Sarah Angelina HOLTZHAUSEN and they had a son Ernest. In 1884 he married Flora GENTRY, and Myrtle was born. In 1894 he married Mrs. Emma PRIBBLE whose daughter was Eucile SWITZER. In 1891 he married Mrs. J. F. ROUTZONG.

- Albert SEVERNS, a resident for 10 years, died at the Home Hotel on Tuesday. He was near 52 years and was born and raised in England. Burial was in Kinmundy.

- J.H. BOYE, veteran mercantile merchant of St. Paul died on Sunday.

- Frank McCONNELL and wife of Carthage, Mo had a boy, Fred WILLARD. Both from Kinmundy. She is the former Miss Elaine GRAVES.

April 29, 1915:

- John BROOM and family returned Friday from a few days visit in Ridge farm with her parents A.V. SCHERMERHORN and wife.

- From April 12, 1900 files: Harvey FARTHING of Odin and Miss Lulu COCKRELL of Meacham twp. married April 10th at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. COCKRELL.

May 6, 1915:

-The Track and Intellectual Contest was held in Centralia. From Kinmundy, Miss Mary GRAMLEY won second in a song contest. In track, Kinmundy had four entries: Bryan HOWELL, G. LOWE, Herschel WILKINSON, and Norris VALLOW.

-H.A. BROWN had a narrow escape from being seriously injured in Alma when he was leading some horses behind a buggy when they became frightened and he was dragged over the back of the buggy. He was unable to return to Kinmundy till the late train, and can now sit up in bed.

-Pleasant Grove Church will be reopened May 16, with an all day meeting and a basket dinner.

- George W. DAY, son of William and Peninnah DAY was born in 1863 in Kinmundy and died in Delphos, Kansas April 9, 1915, aged 51 years. He married Lavina BOYER in 1886. They had three daughters: Mrs. Bertha Van TRINE, Mrs. Leora SMOCK and Mrs. Edith DELPHOS.

- John HAMMERS has traded his barber shop to H.E. PAINTER of Meacham Twp. for a horse.

May 13, 1915:

- Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal Church, located about 4 miles southeast of Kinmundy, was rededicated on Sunday, May 16, with a basket dinner and an all day service.

- Wallace T. HULTS of Kinmundy, one of the best known stock buyers in this section of the state died last Thursday. He was born in 1850 in Marion Co., and in 1870 married Miss Matilda MAUZEE, who died Feb. 9, 1879. They had two children, Hester J. and William E. Mr. HULTS then married Miss Electa RILEY in 1881 and they had five children: Mrs. Lydia PITTS of Beardstown, Theodore W., Katie I., Wallace Jr., and Lewis all of Kinmundy. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Earl Raltson, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Gray WILLIAMS, was born in 1891 and died May 5, 1915. Burial in Evergreen. Grandmother is Mrs. Mary HANNA.

- W.J. HOWE and wife, B.C. TATE and wife, and Ben DOOLEN attended the funeral of Thos. BEARD of Xenia.

- Mrs. D.T. SHAFFER of E. St. Louis died Monday. She was a resident of Farina for over 40 years.

May 20, 1915:

- Seven graduated from Kinmundy High School: Alice SEXTON, Mary GRAMLEY, Mary JONES, Lois NELMS, Helen MORGAN, Austa WAINSCOTT, and Herschel WILKINSON

- Mrs. Jessie McFARLAND, died last evening in the family home, was born in Flora in 1907. She was the widow of the late J.B. McFARLAND, who died in 1911. She had one daughter, Mrs. Florence REISE at Selah, and two sons, Joe B. and Howard H. Her father was Charles G. BELL who lives in Greenville, Miss. Burial was in Zillian Cemetery. (Yakama Herald)

May 27, 1915:

- Clifford SCHOOLEY, 9 year old son of J.M. SCHOOLEY and wife of Omega, died on Tuesday of pneumonia. Burial at Omega.

- Ruth Meyers BARBEE, 17 year old daughter of Joseph BARBEE, died in East St. Louis on Monday, the result of taking a dose of chloride of Mercury.

- From the April 24, 1900 files:

- Grandma WILSON, an old settler of Alma died yesterday. She would have been 94 years of age on May 17, 1900. She was the mother of Mrs. I.T. DILLON of Meacham twp.

- Dr. J. HALL is 81 years old today.

- R.P. McBRYDE has sold his 40 acres of timberland in Foster twp. to Henry MOELLER for $315.

May 27, 1915:

- Carol BOONE and wife are the parents of a baby boy who arrived on Thursday.

June 3, 1915:

- Carl A. HELCHER has sold his blacksmith shop to Murry JONES of this city and Denver WILKINSON of Meacham twp.

June 10, 1915:

- O. Howard LACEY died Sunday in Chicago of cancer of the stomach. He was the son of Thomas and Mary LACEY of Meacham Twp. Interment in Elder Cemetery.

- Married in Dix on June 6, 1915 were Elisha MITCHELL of Kinmundy and Mrs. Ellen MEREDITH of Odin.

June 17, 1915:

- Wesley ROBB, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.C. ROBB, to Esta GARRETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. GARRETT married June 13, 1915 at the M.E. Parsonage. Accompanied by the bride’s sister, Miss Hazel GARRETT and Virgil LIVESAY.

- Charles REESE of Kinmundy and Miss Ethel ORR of Rock Falls, Ill. married June 1, 1915.

- William McADOO died at the home of his son 8 miles west of Kinmundy on Tuesday. Burial in Elder Cemetery.

- From May 27, 1900 files Chas. F. PRUETT left Saturday for Greenville to spend Sunday with his best girl.

June 24, 1915:

- George WHITE, of Salem died last Wednesday from cancer of the throat. He spent his boyhood in Kinmundy and leaves a widow and two brothers, John T. of Salem, and D.S.A. WHITE south of this city. Burial in Kinmundy.

- Mrs WHITNEY, mother of Charles WHITNEY, died here on Friday and was taken to Casey for burial.

- Herschel HEISTAND says he can get along without his shoes, socks and buggy whip, but was a mean trick to take his smoking tobacco.

July 1, 1915:

- A new boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles GAMMON.

- From files of June 15, 1900: Perry NEAVILL married Monday to Miss Minda BAYLIS.

July 8, 1915:

- Anna King BAGOTT died June 29, 1915. She was born in Georgetown, Ohio on Jan. 21, 1849, and her family came to Kinmundy in 1860. She married Thomas BAGOTT in 1878 and she has two daughters, Pauline and Alta. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

July 15, 1915:

- Lina YOUNG CHARLTON was born on a farm southwest of this city on Aug. 15, 1887, and died July 9, 1915. She was married in 1911 to A.O. CHARLTON. They had Howard. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mary A. SWENEY died July 10, 1915. She was born in Lancaster, Penn. on Dec. 25, 1826, and she married in 1851 to T. Miller SWENEY. They had I.E. SWENEY and Eila CALDWELL, of Marion, Ohio, and Chalmer and Stella, now deceased. In 1854 she moved with her family to Marion Co., Ill., until she moved back to Marion, Ohio about 18 years ago. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Marriage of Miss Harriett BAYLIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James BAYLIS, to Mr. Floyd BARBEE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff BARBEE, all of this city.

- From files of July 27, 1900: Samuel NEAVIL died at Sandoval July 19 aged 84 years. He is the father of Charles of this city and he was buried in Kinmundy.

July 22, 1915:

- Rev. Chas. A. BECKETT, former pastor of the M.E. Church here, died yesterday in Chicago. He was aged 55 years.

- Grandma NEIL’s 92nd birthday was celebrated in a dinner at C.S. NEIL’s.

- Several attended the game at the Brubaker diamond Sunday, the visiting team being K.H.S.

July 29, 1915:

- Last Saturday 1000 or more people perished in the water when a picnic boat collapsed in the Chicago River.

- From July 27, 1900 files:

- Will LANDSFORD was in Farina Tuesday to attend the funeral of his grandfather, Cline FOGLER

- J.C. GUNN of this city received a premium at the old settlers picnic at Centralia yesterday for being the oldest in attendance. He was born in Tenn. in 1816, and came to Illinois and settled in Washington county, later coming to this place. In the 60's he was considered one of the wealthiest men in southern Illinois, but has met with many misfortunes since that time.

Aug. 5, 1915:

- On July 31, 1915, Miss Ruth DOOLEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed DOOLEN of this city, married Clarence CONANT, son of W. Smith CONANT. Both are graduates of Kinmundy High School.

- Harry MANGNER died July 31, 1915 at his parents home. He was born May 15, 1888 near Farina, and married Cora KAFERLY on Dec. 31, 1914. Burial in the Catholic Cemetery.

Aug. 12, 1915:

- Harrison Bannon WHITAKER died on Aug. 1, 1915, the son of Rev. W.F. and Anna SHEPARD WHITAKER. He was born Oct. 8, 1868 in New Haven, Ill., and married Clara LAMPORT of Chicago in 1906.

- A large crowd of Kinmundy people attended the annual Sunday School picnic at Arnold’s grove, in Foster township, last Saturday.

- From Aug. 17, 1900:

- 8 lb. boy was born at the home of U.G. DEACON on Thursday as reported by Dr. Hugo MILLER.

- Today the members of the G.A.R. and their families gathered at the home of Joseph BARGH and wife, and surprised them in honor of their 44th wedding anniversary.

Aug. 19, 1915:

- Mrs. Enos DAVIS died on Aug. 3, 1915 of cancer. She was the former Rachel A., daughter of William and Mary WALKINGTON, and was born in Montcalm Co, Michigan on Dec. 19, 1860. She married Enos DAVIS on July 11, 1905.

- Albert DAY, son of William and Permelia, dropped dead on the street of his hometown of Kingman, Kansas on June 6. He was born near this city in 1867 and is a nephew of Mrs. J.F. HOWELL of Kinmundy. He leaves a wife and five children, and 4 half brothers, Tom, Dwight, and Frank DAY of Alma, and Herb DAY of Hays. He and 2 brothers, Ben and George, have all died within the past 21 months.

- Mrs. Henry MOELLER met with an accident when she had a coal fire in between her toes on her left foot. Infection set in and her leg had to be amputated above the knee.

- From Aug. 27, 1900 files: J.S. OSBORN and wife of Farina had their golden wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

Aug. 26, 1915:

- An 8 lb. girl arrived at the home of Croy HOWARD and wife in Xenia last Wednesday. The mother is the former Miss Goldia HOWE of this city.

Sept. 2, 1915:

- Last Sunday night, the Star Garage was entered and over $50 worth of merchandise taken. P.F. ROBNETT is the owner.

- From Aug. 27, 1900 files: There is not an empty residence in this city, and the demand is increasing.

Sept. 9, 1915:

- Miss Ida May BEAVER died on Sept. 1, 1915 in Kinmundy. She was born in Kinmundy in May 1882. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery.

- William H. HAMMERS died on Aug. 31, 1915. He was born on a farm near Alma July 21, 1841, and has been a resident of this county all of his life. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery.

- On Wednesday, Olive MERCHANT married Herschel MARLOW. He is the son of Mrs. Thomas MARLOW of Omega Twp., and she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John MERCHANT.

- Kinmundy is a busy place as the Fruit Evaporator plant is running full blast with 40 employed.

Sept. 16, 1915:

- Big crowd in Kinmundy on Saturday as it was Kinmundy’s second Bargain Day.

- From Sept. 7, 1900 files: Wilbur SMITH and Miss Ina BEARD, both of this city, married Wednesday by Rev. Perry VANDEVEER.

Sept. 23, 1915:

- Stephen A. FORBES, State Entomologist, announced that all volunteer wheat should be destroyed due to infestation of the Hessian fly.

- Webb PLUE was sitting on the C & E.I Railroad tracks at Kinmundy and was struck by a train. He was employed as a tender of switch-lights.

- From Sept. 7, 1915: Infant of Henry HOLMES and wife died at Iuka Sunday and was buried here.

Sept. 30, 1915:

- A new girl arrived at the home of Lee COMBS and wife of this city last week.

- From Sept. 18, 1900: Henry BALKE and T.D. SWITZER who went to Germany about June 1st, sailed for home the 16th.

Oct. 7, 1915:

- Sept. 30th was the 77th birthday of James A. RENNIE, and 56 neighbors and friends surprised him with a party.

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry HALL of Sandoval, celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary at the Masonic Hall on Saturday.

- From Sept. 18, 1900 files:

- E.C. BARGH has moved into his new store two doors down south of the post office.

- A babe made its arrival at the home of Peter MILLER and wife yesterday morning.

Oct. 14, 1915:

- James Walter SANDERS, formerly of Kinmundy, late of Loogootee, was born in Johnson Co., Ark. on Nov. 24, 1860, and died Oct. 5, 1915. On Oct. 30, 1881 he married Margaret ALLEN near Alma who preceded him in death four years ago. He had four sons and two daughters: Claud R. SANDERS of E. St. Louis, Maude METZ of Salem, Lena CARMAN, Noel SANDERS of Norfolk, Va, and Richard and Merril SANDERS of Loogootee.

- Barbara Brahm STOCK died outside Kinmundy at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jennie STOCK on Oct. 3, 1915. She was born May 5, 1827 in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany, and left for America in 1852 landing in New York after a voyage of 49 days. She married John METZGER who accompanied her from Germany, and they had 8 children: Mrs. Mary ROBB and Mrs. Kate BROCKELMAN of Springfield; John METZLER of Pocahontas, Ark; Charles and Martin METZLER and Mrs. Jennie STOCK, all of Kinmundy. They moved to Marion Co. 48 years ago, and her husband died 22 years ago. Burial at the Catholic Cemetery.

- John W. RICHARDSON arrived here Thursday from Philadelphia where he has been playing ball. He’s sized to play American League next season.

- From Sept. 18, 1900 files: James D. BRUCE died on Saturday aged 54 years. Burial at Kinmundy Cemetery.

Oct. 21, 1915:

- Eugene GARRETT and Miss Lydia ARNOLD married Monday at Marion, Ill. She’s the daughter of Leander ARNOLD and wife of Salem. He the son of Theo. GARRETT and wife southwest of this city.

- Guy HANKS and Miss Leona OULREY of Meacham twp. were married Saturday.

- From Sept. 18, 1900 files: Florence Mae, 3 year old daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Henry JACKSON died Friday of membranous croup. Burial at Sandy Branch Cemetery.

Oct. 28, 1915:

- A big Sunday fire in Farina caused a loss of over $35,000. Farmers Store among the buildings burned.

- J.F. HOWELL had a close call last Wednesday when a runaway team upset his own buggy and horses, throwing him from the buggy, while riding in front of the opera house.

- H.G. DINGMAN of Kinmundy married Oct. 20, 1915 to Eliza TOLBERT of Fairfield.

- Wm. Smith CONANT died Oct. 21, 1915. He was born Sept. 22, 1854 at North Fork in Foster Twp. On Nov. 29, 1877 he married Agnes MORGAN and they had 6 children: Martha, Gracie, Willie, who are deceased; and George S. of Dix, Clarence C. of Denver, and Lewis J. of Kinmundy. His wife died Feb. 8, 1909, and he then married on Feb. 1, 1911 to Belle FOSTER.

- From Oct. 26, 1900 files: Frank HUMPHREY of Washington, Ind. was in this city to visit his parents and other relatives.

Nov. 4, 1915:

- Florence DEVORE CONANT, infant daughter of Rev. and Mrs. George CONANT of Dix was born on Oct. 23, 1915, and died on Oct. 30, 1915. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy.

- U.J. BOBCOCK of Kinmundy married Oct. 6, 1915 to Lillie ANDERSON of Hillsboro, Ohio.

- Harry GRAY and Miss Mamie FRENCH surprised everyone last Friday by going to Vandalia to be married.

- From Oct. 26, 1900:

- Marietta FOSTER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. FOSTER, was married on Tuesday to James DARDEN of Dennison, Texas. They will live in Texas.

- Eugene FORD and wife of Farina, just returned from Jetmore, Kansas where they visited his brother, John FORD, and family.

Nov. 11, 1915:

- Miss Olive Blanche HOVEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Eugene HOVEY of Capron, married last Saturday to Walter Thompson GRAHAM of Rockton. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel GRAHAM of Meacham Twp.

- Henry REISE, proprietor of the St. Peter Hotel and Restaurant, died on Monday.

- Seth DEVORE of Adell, Oregon visited his mother Mrs. Harriet DEVORE and other relatives after an absence of five years. He works on a ranch in Oregon and along with two others drove 200 head of horses to Chicago for army purposes.

- From Nov. 6, 1915: Mrs. J.E. EAGAN of Chicago died at the home of her mother Mrs. M. SPILLMAN of this city on November 3, at the age of 40. Burial in the city cemetery.

Nov. 18, 1915:

- Farina had another fire on Thursday at Veterinary Office of E.E. DOWNING.

- G.C. WARNER of Galveston, Texas died Monday. He was the son-in-law of J.F. HOWELL of this city.

- From Nov. 20, 1900: Mrs. Lenore PURCELL and daughter came from St. Louis to spend the day with her father, J.C. GUNN.

Nov. 25, 1915:

- J.W. HAMMERS, who was born near Alma on March 30, 1847, died near Kinmundy on Nov. 20, 1915. He married Miss Matilda PUFFER on March 29, 1876 and had 10 children: Minnie, deceased; Adolph, Alonzo, Myron, John and Willie of Kinmundy; Arthur, Forrest and Fred of Kingsley, Iowa, and Bessie of Fairfield. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery.

- Meter Rode VALLOW, son of Charles and Etta VALLOW, died on Nov. 20, 1915 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. He was born in Kinmundy on March 21, 1895.

- A.A. BOSTIC of Meacham twp. died in Effingham on Friday. Burial at Elder Cemetery.

- Uncle Henry KELCHNER, of near Omega, died Friday at 87 years of age. He was a Civil War Vet. and burial was at Lovell Grove Church.

- Roy BROOM of Alma and Myrtle HOLT of Metropolis were married on Wednesday.

- James BILLINGSELEY from Effingham and Nellie HEFTON of Alma were married last week in Kankakee.

- From Nov. 30, 1900: James KELL of Kell, and Maude BRASEL of Kinmundy, were married Nov. 28, 1915 by Rev. J.H. BALLANCE. She’s daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John BRASEL.

Dec. 2, 1915:

- J. B. TANKERSLY, who lives 5 miles southwest of this city, came home on Tuesday from the field at noon to find his wife had committed suicide with a revolver.

- Lyman MALONE of Alma who is employed at Chiliocothe, Ill. was accidently shot in the foot and the limb had to be amputated.

- E.G. FORD and family of Alma have left for San Angelo, Texas where they expect to make their new home, where Mr. FORD owns a large body of land.

- From Dec. 21, 1900: Mrs. Abe LACEY died in Meacham twp on Wednesday of Typhoid Fever.

Dec. 9, 1915:

- The Kinmundy City Council signed a petition in order to keep pool room out of the city.

- Jessie Margueriete SPENCER, daughter of William and Eva SPENCER, died on Dec. 4, 1915, with burial in Evergreen Cemetery. She was born near Salem on April 29, 1902.

- From Dec. 7, 1915: Isaac LYDICK of Fontennella, Kansas is sick at the home of her daughter, Mrs. I.C. MATTHEWS.

Dec. 16, 1915:

- Rev. W.H. BOLES died near Alma last Wednesday. His body was taken to his former home of Marion, Ill.

Dec. 23, 1915:

- Miss Georgie SMITH married Lawrence EAGAN of Denver on Dec. 15 in Colorado. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas SMITH.

- On Sunday, Jesse WAINSCOTT married Susie ALEXANDER. Both are of this city, he being the son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac WAINSCOTT, and she’s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James ALEXANDER.

- Mr. Jas. WOODS was in St. Louis attending the funeral of the baby of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. WAGGONER.

- Mr. and Mrs. Frank GEORGE of Sandoval are the parents of a new girl who arrived Saturday Dec. 11. They were visiting here with her mother, Mrs. Will EAGAN.

Dec. 30, 1915:

- Miss Carrie BASCOM, a nurse employed in Chicago died Monday of pneumonia and heart failure. She was the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. S.B. BASCOM of Farina, and sister of F.M. BASCOM and Mrs. F.O. GRISSOM of this city. Burial was in Farina.

- Roy ROBB married on Dec. 24, 1915 to Etta SPENCER, both of Kinmundy. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.J. SPENCER, and he is the son of R.C. ROBB and wife.

- Reubin CARROLL, a former resident of Farina, died in Norway, Mich. on Monday. Funeral and burial in Farina.

- G.C. WARNER of Galveston, Texas died. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery. in Kinmundy.


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

Compiled, transcribed, and printed by Dolores Ford Mobley. (March 1999) Questions, comments, suggestions should be directed to the e-mail address below.    Permission to copy,  is requested.

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