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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

"The Kinmundy Express", Kinmundy, Ill. (Microfilm Roll #2)


Jan. 2, 1919:

- Nellie PHILLIPS FILSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin PHILLIPS of Kinmundy, was born June 28, 1887 at Louisville, Ill. and died at her home in Farina on Dec. 27, 1918, the victim of the "flu". She married Roy FILSON on Dec. 25, 1906. They had two sons: James, age 10, and Paul Benny, age 8. She is also survived by a sister, Mrs. J.H. CASSIDAY of St. Louis.

- Frank McGEE arrived home from a military hospital on Staten Island on Monday. He had been sent there after his ankle was shattered by machine gun fire in France.

- A letter was printed from serviceman, John H. MENEELY.

- Arriving home from the service were: Chas. KAGY, son of Mrs. Idella KAGY of Meacham twp.; Lewis CONANT, and Myron ROSS.

- Eugene Phillip GRIFFIN, son of Wm. T. Griffin and wife, was born in Alma twp. on Aug. 5, 1895. He died at the age of 23 years, 4 months, and 15 days, at Camp Eustis, West Va., after contracting the measles, followed by pneumonia, which resulted in his death. The funeral was held at the town hall in Brubaker. Interment was in Old Baptist Cemetery. He leaves a father, mother, brother John, and a sister, Mrs. Maude FURRY.

- From Alma News: Norman ROSE of Camp Dodge spent Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. ROSE and wife.

- From Alma News: The home of Wm. BASS caught fire last Thursday morning and was completely destroyed.

Jan. 9, 1919:

- Helen M. ROHRBOUGH MORGAN, daughter of C. ROHRBOUGH and Anna MOORE ROHRBOUGH was born on Sept. 25, 1875 in Kinmundy. She attended Kinmundy High School and then married Walter Montgomery MORGAN on Sept. 25, 1902, and they relocated to Denver, Col. She had come from Denver to visit relatives, and soon after their arrival contracted the "flu", which developed into pneumonia. She leaves a husband, mother, two brothers: L.C. of Salem, and Charles B. of Kinmundy; and one sister, Katherine GROVES WORMLEY of Kinmundy. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Home from the service: Roy HARGRAVES who was discharged from Raleigh, NC, son on Thos. HARGRAVES; Frank KOLB, son of Mrs. John KOLB, was discharged from Maine; Wm. HARRIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.S. HARRIS, was discharged from Shelby, Miss.

- Clyde WILEY married on Tuesday in Salem to Miss Orpha CRAIN of Rantoul. They will reside in Rantoul.

- Dr. MILLER met with a painful accident Sunday while making several professional calls near St. Peter when the buggy’s front axle broke and he was thrown forward putting a gash over one eye. He was able, after dressing it temporarily at a nearby farmhouse, to continue the trip and has been attending to his professional duties ever since.

- Alice Roberta Jane, 6 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.G. PULLEN of Alma, died on Jan. 6, 1919. The cause was tonsilitis. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- A German helmet is on display at the Post Office. It was sent by Edwin SMITH to his father R.J. SMITH, who resides east of city. It was attracted considerable attention and comment.

- Letters were printed from servicemen Harry S. NEIL, Burdette E. McCARTY, Bert BAILEY, Bernie BAILEY.

- Theo. MILLER received a letter from his son, Walter, who has returned from France and is in a hospital in Virginia.

Jan. 16, 1919:

- Irene E. DENISON JACK died of paralysis on Jan. 18, 1919 with burial in Evergreen Cemetery. She was born on July 6, 1866 in Hoyleton, Washington Co., Ill. the daughter of Horace and Amelia DENISON. Her family came to Kinmundy in 1882 and settled on a farm east of Kinmundy. She became a teacher, and on Feb. 28, 1901 married Will JACK. They had two daughters: Florence Edith, aged 16, and Mary Estelle, aged 14 years.

- Walter HULTS, son of Mrs. Lettie HULTS, was discharged and returned home from France.

- Chinch Bug problems in this part of the country.

- Mrs. Tarcie May CORSON was born Feb. 12, 1884, and died Jan. 8, 1919. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.M. HOWELL, and was married at 18 years of age to David CORSON of Shobonier, Ill. They had 9 children, 1 dying in infancy. She leaves a husband, 8 children, a father and mother, 4 sisters: Mrs. H.A. McCLURE, Mrs. J.M. BASS, Mrs. J.C. LAMBORN all of this city, and Mrs. TRUEBLOOD of Decatur.

- Willard SULLENS purchased the Alma store from J.W. BROOM.

- Letters were printed from servicemen: Edward AUMILLER, B.F. DOOLEN, W.L. GREEN, Walter A. MILLER.

Jan. 23, 1919:

- Nancy Jane HOWELL, nee Sanders, was born Feb. 15, 1885. Her parents moved from Ind. to Coles Co., Ill. where she was born. She married Arad HOWELL on Nov. 16, 1874, and they had 9 children, 4 of whom preceded her in death. She leaves her husband, A.M. HOWELL,; one brother, Fletcher SANDERS, Danville; 5 children: Mrs. Hugh McCLURE, Mrs. John M. BASS, Mrs. J.C. LAMBORN, Curtis HOWELL, of Kinmundy; and Mrs. A.W. TRUEBLOOD of Decatur. She died at her home northwest of city following an attack of pneumonia, with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Miss Carie TAYLOR, daughter of Francis A. and Elma C. TAYLOR was born in Ohio on Apr. 20, 1862 and died at the home of Mrs. HULTS on Jan. 16, 1919. She left Ohio at the age of 4 and came with her parents to Marion County, where she resided until her death. She had been an invalid since birth. The past 11 years she made her home with Mrs. Lettie HULTS. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery.

- Letter was printed concerning the good work of Orie WAINSCOTT in service.

- Lulu Irene, daughter of Chas. and Etta DISS, was born Feb. 6, 1896, and died at her home on Feb. 6, 1896 in Greenville. She married Edw. C. SCHAUFELBERGER on June 4, 1916. She leaves her husband (who was unable to attend the funeral because he is sick), a daughter, Edith Bernice who is 8 months old (who at the mother’s request will make her home with her grandmother DISS), a father, mother, grandmother, 2 sisters, Beulah and Nellie, and 4 brothers: Orville, Lowell, Marlin, and Howard. Burial at Gray Cemetery.

- Letters were printed from Charles W. RYAN, H.A. CRAMER, Alex C. MACLEAN which were sent to Mrs. Priscilla REYNOLDS after the death of her son, Willie, in France.

- James Alexander WILSON was born in Peoria on July 7, 1837, and died in Alma on Jan. 18, 1919. He was a Civil War Veteran.

- Edna HILL SPROUSE, daughter of Geo. and Sarah HILL, was born on Nov. 26, 1885 near Martinsville, and died Jan. 17, 1919. She married Robert S. SPROUSE on Aug. 2, 1904. They had 5 children: George S., Vena, Isaac A., Robert J., and Gladys A. She leaves a husband, father, mother, 3 brothers and 2 sisters: David H. HILL, Casey; Alonzo HILL, Annapolis; Mrs. Mae HOYT, Alma; Mrs. Grace FRANCIS, Reese, Kan.; and Cecil HILL, Casey.

- Maurice MORGAN, son of W.H. MORGAN, has been discharged from the service. His wife and son were here to meet him.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.R. TELFORD and sons, Leroy and Joseph Woodrow, moved to Decatur.

- Mrs. Elzora ZUMWALT died in Vandalia at the home of her daughter. She had made her home in this city for some time.

Jan. 30, 1919:

- Robert Jacob MILLICAN was born on Oct. 31, 1847 in Omega twp., and died Jan. 23, 1919. He married Sarah M. RAVENS on Feb. 16, 1871, and they had 7 children. Elvin, Herbart, Iva, Eva, and Maurice passed away in early childhood. His wife died on July 29, 1917. He leaves 1 daughter, Mrs. Lora MARLOW of Ogden, Iowa, and a son, Roy MILLICAN. He was known as "Uncle Rob", and spent his early life on a farm near Omega, and after marriage farmed, later going into the Mercantile business in Omega, spending 30 years there. After his wife died, his health and mind began failing, and he was moved to the hospital in Anna, Ill. He leaves 2 children, 6 grandchildren, 2 brothers: Wm. of Seattle, Wash., and Chas. of Omega. Burial was in Millican Cemetery.

- Baby Arthur made his arrival last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. LARKIN of Lancaster, NH. The mother is the former Miss Ruth HUMPREY of this city.

- A letter was sent from a Chaplain at the Red Cross in France to W.J. SPENCER concerning the burial of his son there.

- Jessie L. BAYLISS GRAY died Jan. 27, 1919 at her home in Central City. She was born on Jan. 26, 1883 in Kinmundy, the daughter of Jas. and Harriett BAYLISS. She married on Dec. 2, 1900 to A.N. GRAY, and they had 2 children, Carl and Ulah, who mourn the loss along with their father. She moved to Central City about 14 years ago. She also leaves a father, mother, 6 sisters and 3 brothers: Arminda, Harriett, Hazel, Rochelle, and Burdette of Kinmundy; Walter from overseas, Eugene of Stanford, Mont.; Edna of Centralia; and Nelle of Chicago. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mrs. A.M. HOWELL died on Jan. 16, 1919 at her home west of Kinmundy. Only one week had passed since she received word of her daughter’s serious illness, Mrs. Tarcie CORSON, at Sandoval. She got there only in time to bid farewell. While there, she became ill, and reaching home called a physician but was already a serious case of pneumonia. Mary Jane SANDERS was born Feb. 15, 1855 and died Jan. 16, 1919. She married Arad Monroe HOWELL at 18 years of age, and they had 9 children - 3 of which died in infancy, and Mrs. Francis CORSON dying recently. She leaves a husband, 5 children, and an only brother. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Ben BUTTS, son of Wm. BUTTS and wife residing east of town, has come home from the service.

- Fred WILLIAMS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gray WILLIAMS was discharged and returned home on Wednesday.

- From Alma News: Neil McCARTY returned home after he was discharged from the Navy. He is the son of R.V. McCARTY and wife.

- From Alma News: Mrs. Bessie GWATHNEY died west of Alma on Jan. 14, 1919. She was the wife of Sam GWATHNEY, and the daughter of S.G. WILLIAMS. She leaves a husband, 4 children, father, mother, and 2 brothers: Roy WILLIAMS of Champaign, and Noah WILLIAMS of Kinmundy. Burial at Alma Cemetery.

- From Alma News: Mrs. Louise BENDER "Aunt Jane", died suddenly at the home of her daughter in Lexington, Ill. last Wednesday. Burial in Martin Cemetery. She leaves 3 daughters, Mrs. Ida WILLIAMS, Mrs. Flora DONLEY, both from the north part of the state, and Mrs. Bertha WILLIAMS, of Alma. She also leaves a son, William BENDER of Centralia.

- From Alma: The MAZANEK store was entered Tuesday night, and $490 in dry goods taken.

Feb. 6, 1919:

- A letter was printed that was written by a soldier commending Miss RUTHERFORD’s help at the Red Cross Hospital. She is from Kinmundy.

- Letters printed from servicemen: T. SPEISE, Bert BAILEY, and Bernie BAILEY.

- Elnoe BROWN suffered a nervous breakdown after attempting to farm 300 acres of land for our boys in Khaki. Following an attack of the "flu", he was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Effingham. His brother-in-law, Robert GREEN, arrived home from Camp Sherman to take charge of his farm during his absence.

- Shanghai News: Henry METZGER came home Wednesday after being discharged from the service.

Feb. 13, 1919:

- Clara Bell, daughter of Henry F. and Maggie MILLICAN, was born July 9, 1879 near Dallas, Texas, and married Harvey F. KELCHNER on Feb. 25, 1900. She leaves a husband, mother, 2 brothers: Albert and Glenn of Omega; one sister, Lulu ROBINSON of Litchfield, Minn. She died Jan. 29, 1919.

Feb. 20, 1919:

- A letter was printed from serviceman, Gerald B. MEEKS.

- Frank HAMMERS, son of E. HAMMERS and wife, bought a farm from Chas. ROBB, as they are moving back here from Erie, Penn.

- Dr. Hugo MILLER was visited by Mrs. Miller, as he is in the Effingham Hospital.

- Harry HENSON, 10 year old, had a close call when a railroad torpedo, used for signaling purposes, exploded in his face.

- The I.C. Depot was robbed on Monday and $18 taken from the drawer.

- Chas. CONANT, son of Mrs. Ellen CONANT, was discharged and returned home.

- Mrs. Myrtle BRADLEY PAYNE died Saturday at the age of 36, following a stroke of apoplexy. Burial at Mound Cemetery. She was born in Charleston on April 5, 1882, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.E. BRADLEY, and married Thomas PAYNE, who died in 1906. (Taken from the Charleston Daily Courier".) She was the niece of Mrs. J.D. CAMERER of Kinmundy.

- Clifford DOWNS returned home Thursday on furlough to spend time with his mother, Mattie DOWNS.

- Alma News: Col. M. McCARTY and Ethel PHILLIPS recently married and will be moving to the northern part of Illinois to make their home.

Feb. 27, 1919:

- Letters printed from Leon HANNA and R.D. HANNA

- Letter printed that was written to Miss Clara SEE concerning her nephew, Herman ANNA, in response to confusion whether he was killed overseas.

- Feb. 27th was the 85th birthday of Mrs. Delila COX and a party was held. Also a birthday celebration for the 76th birthday of Ben DOOLEN on Feb. 23rd, as a gathering occurred at his home. Two of his grandsons were unable to attend because they are serving overseas - Frank DOOLEN and Sam LOWE.

- Otto REESE was honorably discharged.

- Guy ARNOLD, son of J.T. ARNOLD of this city, was badly bruised but not seriously injured while assisting in sawing wood on the farm of Theodore GARRETT. His jacket caught on the shafting of the saw and he was drawn against the frame of the saw.

- Fay LOVELL, grandson of Mrs. M.J. LOVELL of this city, surprised many when he got off the train Tuesday with his bride. He was recently discharged and is enroute to Billings, Montana. Also stopped to visit brother, Rev. Lloyd LOVELL and family.

- Tilton WILSON died on Feb. 20, 1919 at St. Cloud, Florida where he has been spending the winter months. He was born one of 9 children born to Samuel and Eliza WILSON of near Alma. He and his twin brother, Thornton, were born May 27, 1843, the latter dying in infancy. Left fatherless when 4 years old, he lived on a farm with his mother until 19 years of age when he enlisted for the Civil War. He married Miss Elizabeth EASLEY of Salem on Oct. 27, 1871, and they were married for nearly 40 years when she passed away more than 8 years ago. His married life was spent in Salem except for a few years in Xenia and Chicago. They had 3 sons, and leaves Frank of Gary, Ind., as well as a sister, Mrs. Sarah DILLON of Kinmundy. Burial in East Lawn Cemetery.

- Elder School and Omega News: W.H. SHAFFER , H.H. MAXEY, J.N. EMBSER, A.A. SOUTHWARD, directors of the Farmer’s Exchange in Brubaker, called there Wednesday to estimate damage done by a fire there. It was caused by a gasoline stove.

March 13, 1919:

- Mrs. M.R. LAWILL received word of the death of Hanson MARSLAND at his home in Dexter, Kansas. He was a former resident of Kinmundy.

- Letters were printed from Bernie BAILEY, Bert BAILEY, and M.L. HALL.

- Chester KLINE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cal KLINE southwest of this city, returned home from France.

- Ed GREENE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clem GREENE of this city, took unto himself a bride at Sullivan. She was Miss Charity GUSTIN, daughter of G.C. GUSTIN of Sullivan. They married at the bride’s home and will make their home in Kinmundy.

- A new baby, Charles William arrived Monday. The mother is Mrs. Andrews and she is the daughter of Wm. MORRIS, who is now Grandpa Billy instead of Uncle Billy.

- Mr. and Mrs. Orville GARRETT had a daughter on Tuesday.

- Verna Mae, 3 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert MONICAL, died at the home of her grandparents, Stephen WAGONER and family on Friday. Interment in Brown Church Cemetery.

- Grace May McCARREY TUCKER died at St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia on Feb. 28, 1919, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James McCARREY. She was born Sept. 22, 1898, and married on Jan. 1, 1918 to Vearne TUCKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. David TUCKER Her remains with those of her infant son were brought to the home of her parents. Vearne and Grace lived on a farm near Richview, until he was called to the army. He being discharged on Jan. 10, 1919 and they moved to Irvington. Survived by a husband, and his parents. Also 2 sisters, and 1 brother: Mrs. Ruby WENDLER of Nashville, Mrs. Mabel SCHNAKE of Richview, and Neil yet at home. (Taken from the "Nashville Journal".) She was the niece of Mrs. W.T. Wilkinson of this city.

March 20, 1919:

- Edwin R. WHITSON, died at his home in Kinmundy on March 17, 1919, with burial in Evergreen Cemetery. He was born July 28, 1842 in Park Co., Ind., and came to this country with his parents in 1853, settling 3 miles west of Kinmundy. On May 14, 1868 he married Miss Anguline HOLMES. He leaves a wife, and 2 sisters and 2 brothers: Sarah WILLIAMS of Alma; Nancy SIMPSON of Galispa, Ill.; James P. of Salem; and Charles of Alma. His father, mother, 3 brothers, and 2 sisters preceded him in death.

- Lutie HULTS was recently discharged.

- Mrs. Florence EMERSON died at her home in St. Louis on March 14, 1919. Funeral services were in Kinmundy with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Florence HEATON SPIESE, daughter of Wilford and Alcie HEATON, was born in Youngstown, Ohio in 1852, and came with her parents to Illinois when she was about 1 year old. She married J.R. GUTHRIE in 1874, and they had 4 children - 2 of them along with their father preceded her in death. In 1894 she married N.B. EMERSON who survives with a son, daughter, stepson, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers.

- A. C. BOGART died at the home of his sister, Mrs. E.G. MENDENHALL.

- Alma News: A telegram from the War Department was received last Saturday by Mrs. Eunice AUSTIN telling of the death of her son, Lester DORR, who died from bronchial pneumonia while in France. He died on Feb. 12.

- Alma News: Joseph Hardin GROTTS was born Jan. 27, 1852 near East St. Louis, and died March 14, 1919. He married Martha LEACH on Aug. 27, 1874, and they had 5 children: Charles GROTTS of Almeda, Calif.; Addie MONTGOMERY of Louisville, Ill.; Chester GROTTS of Olympia, Wash.; Lulu GREGORY of Gallion; LaFaye WILLIAMS of Alma, who with his wife and brother, G.M. GROTTS of Raymond, Ill., and a sister, Laura HYDE of Oregon City, Oregon, survive him.

March 27, 1919:

- Letters printed from Milburn JONES and W.L. GREEN.

- The 61st birthday of J.W. ATKINS was celebrated with a dinner feast. Mrs. Sam JONES, his sister, presented him with a bouquet of Lillies of the Valley.

- Mr. A.C. BOGART was buried in Cincinnati at the age of 54 years. He leaves to mourn a sister, Mrs. Alice MENDENHALL of Kinmundy, and a brother Will of Cincinnati.

- The home of J.L. BALLANCE was destroyed by fire on Saturday. Mr. BALLANCE and the family were absent from the home at the time, as she was going to the C. & E.I. Station to go to Loogootee to visit her parents.

- W.W. LOWE wrote of his vacation to Los Angeles.

- Specimen Ballot for Kinmundy twp. for the Apr. 1, 1919 election included the following:

For Supervisor: Democrat - J.L. BALLANCE vs. Republican - J.T. ARNOLD

For School Trustee: Democrat - J.E. CRAIG vs. Republican - C.M. JOHNSON.

- Ben TATE announces that his grandson, Xon SIMER, arrived from overseas at Hobaken. He was the first of the Kinmundy boys to be reported wounded in the fighting.

April 3, 1919:

- J.L. BALLANCE won as supervisor of Kinmundy twp. by 136 votes over J.T. ARNOLD.

- A letter was printed from Arno MILLER of Jacksonville, Florida.

- The funeral of the late supervisor, A.D. MARTIN, was held in Mason.

- In Odin, a 3-story brick building occupied by the Masonic Lodge, Miner’s Union and pool hall was burned as did 2 buildings adjoining to the north.

- J.A. CURRY sold his barber shop to O.E. WATT of Salem.

- Elder School and Omega News: A memorial service in honor of Ruby HADDEN who died in England was held at Bee Branch on Sunday.

April 10, 1919: Skipped on microfilm roll.

April 17, 1919:

- Three more overseas soldiers returned home: Lem MAXWELL, son of W.A. MAXWELL, who is formerly from Kinmundy, but now lives in Witt.; Xon SIMER grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Ben TATE, first of the Kinmundy boys to be wounded; and Eugene F. PRUETT.

- The home of Webster LOWE was entered, and a suit of clothes, watch, and $15 cash taken.

April 24, 1919:

- Service record and pictures of Walter MILLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore MILLER; and Lem MAXWELL, son of A. MAXWELL written up.

- Messages that started Thos. MANGER, J.O. COX, and Eli ROBB had landed safely in New York and will soon be sent home.

- A new son born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard SMITH in Detroit on Sunday. The mother is the former Miss Fannie HOCKET of this city.

- There was a fire at the home of H.L. HANNA.

- Mr. and Mrs. O.E. PENETON, son and daughter arrived from Lafayette, Ind., where they have resided for the past year. They will be residing here.

May 1, 1919:

- The following soldiers return: James Lyons arrived and expects to resume job at the Post Office in Chicago; J.O. COX and Eli ROBB arrived were demobilized from Camp Grant.

- Miss Lucy DEW was surprised with a supper with friends in honor of her birthday

- Ray WHITE, who had been in the hospital at Camp Mead last fall, returned home

- Mr. and Mrs. James WOODS received word that their son, Charles, had arrived from overseas and will be home in a few days.

- Noel SANDERS, a former Kinmundy boy, returned from home from the service.

May 8, 1919:

- Sunday School was organized at Pleasant Grove Church Sunday afternoon with the following officers: Superintendent - T.C. KAGY; 1st Asst. Supt. - L.A. ALDERSON; 2nd Asst. Supt. - G. W. SHAFFER; Secy and Treas. - Lester YOST. Sunday School will be held at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. The following person joined the Pleasant Grove Church Sunday afternoon: W.H. SHAFFER, Marshal KAGY and wife, Charlie EMBSER, Lester YOST, Burdette WALKINGTON, Mildred SIPES, Ruth KAGY, and Mrs. Frank SHAFFER.

- A son was born at the home of M.G. LOCKART and wife in Vandalia. The mother is the former Miss Minnie STEUBER of this city.

- Mrs. Lue ROTAN and daughter, Mrs. Ralph CROSSETT attended the funeral of Mrs. Bertha BENNETT of St. Louis in Salem on Wednesday.

May 15, 1919:

- Leon HAMMER writes of Luxemburg, and it is announced that he was awarded the D.S.C. for capture of a machine gun nest single handedly. A picture accompanied the article.

- Mrs. Mary Ellen ALDERSON, an aged widow east of Kinmundy, was found dead in her garden last Friday. Burial in Parker Cemetery.

- Mrs. Emma TURNEY killed herself in Kansas City, Mo. She had made a home here for some time with Mrs. Nora SHAHAN.

- Earl SEE and wife returned to their home on the J.S. SEE farm on Friday. Earl has recently returned from France.

May 22, 1919:

- 11 girls and 2 boys received diplomas at the Kinmundy High School Commencement Ceremonies, and they were: Charity CONANT, Myrtle HILL, Gladys WAINSCOTT, Anna GRAY, Elizabeth GRAY, Ruth ROHRBOUGH, Pauline SMITH, Nelle WALKER, Adda ALDERSON, Gayle VINCENT, Zola HAMILTON, Don GRAY, and Emmett NELMS.

- Judge John H. ROBB of Pana died last Saturday of heart failure at the age of 86. He was a brother of Mrs. Harriett DEW of this city and he was a resident of Kinmundy many years ago.

- Died May 18, 1919 at the Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago, Mrs. Anna MUNGNER. She was born in Rushville, Ill. on Sept. 8, 1841, daughter of James Gay McCREERY and Anna Maria PUTNAM. She descends from the VAN HORNES and PUTNAMS who settled early in New York State and took part in the American Revolution. She married Chas. H. MUNGNER in Rushville, on May 7, 1862. She leaves an only child, Charles H. MUNGNER of New York City, and two brothers and two sisters. She was brought here for burial.

- Word was received of safe arrival from overseas of Hubert FISHER, Melbourn JONES, Ener ZIMMER, and Sam STOKELY.

- Forrest SEE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles SEE, arrived home on Wednesday from foreign service. Clyde FOSTER expects to be home soon.

- On May 15th, Mrs. W. W. LOWE, Mrs. E.W. DOOLEN, and Mrs. Frank JONES, daughters of David HEADLEY, spent the day with him on his 76th birthday and help him eat birthday cakes along with his son-in-law, W.W. LOWE, and grandchildren, Ted LOWE and Elsie DOOLEN.

- Meacham News: Miss Dolly KAGY was surprised by a party by her friends in honor of her 16th birthday.

- A baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Thurman McCULLEY last Thursday.

- Elizabeth E. STEPHENSON JONES was born near Mt. Vernon, Ohio on April 28, 1843 and died at her home in Belleville, Kansas on April 10, 1919. At the age of 18, she moved here with her parents to Kinmundy. She married David JONES on Apr. 9, 1968 and 6 children were born. The husband and 4 sons preceded her in death. Soon after their marriage they moved to Kansas. She was the sister of Mrs. Sarah GUISER of this city.

May 29, 1919:

- Xon SIMER received was awarded the French War Cross for heroism in battle. A picture is accompanied by a write-up of his record.

- More boys return home from service: Luzon JOHNSON, Clarence BARBEE, Clyde FOSTER, Hubert FISHER, Melbourne JONES, Cecil BOUSEMAN, Francis ROGER, and Eugene BLACK. The two latter are from Patoka and Tonti, respectfully.

- A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl SHANAFELT last week.

- Word was received that George H. BARGH landed in New York.

- Arno MILLER was home on furlough with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Hugo MILLER, and surprised many when he was accompanied by his wife, the former Miss Dorcas HARVEY.

- Willie NEEPER of Aberdeen, Ohio was killed in an auto accident. He was the oldest son of Tyre NEEPER, and brother of Andrew NEEPER of this city.

- Alma News: Gordon WINKS was discharged and is back home.

- Meacham News: Mr. and Mrs. John BOUSMAN received a message that their son, Cecil, had landed safely in the country.

- Letters were printed from S.O. BEAM, and Tots SPIESE.

June 5, 1919:

- Members of the 33rd Division, Company G, Effingham, known as the "Prairie Dogs", returned home Sunday. They constituted the largest number from Kinmundy to be in the same Company and Regiment throughout the War. Those from Kinmundy enlisting in this company were: Alvah BAYLIS, Abe BAYLIS, Charles HOYT, Eugene CRAIG, Avery BOUGHERS, Wm. LEMAY, Bryan ROBB, and Herman ANNA. The latter will never return as he’s buried in France. This article also gave a history of the Company.

- The drug store of F.J. NIRIDER was robbed, and stolen were 6 watches, 100 cigars, and $5 in cash.

- Miss Bertha OWENS and Clifford JACKSON, both of this city, were married on Saturday in Salem. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. OWENS of St. James; but she has made her home in Kinmundy for a number of years. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry JACKSON who live north of this city. The couple will live on a farm north of Kinmundy.

- Hazel SHUFELDT departed last Wednesday for Plush, Oregon. She was met in Reno, Nevada by Seth DEVORE, and they were married there. The couple will reside in Plush. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. SHUFELDT south of this city, and he is the son of Mrs. Harriett DEVORE of this city.

- Miss Alice SEXTON and Thomas MANGER were married Wednesday in Chicago. She is the daughter of J.T. SEXTON of this city, and a graduate of the K.H.S. Class of 1915. He is the son of Mrs. Mary MANGER, who resides on the farm of her late husband, Dan MANGER near Farina. He is a graduate of Farina H.S. Class of 1910.

- Airs CONANT has sold his farm on the eastern outskirts of the city to John MERCHANT.

- Booker Locals: Cecil BOUSMAN arrived home from overseas, and gained 20 lbs. while in the service.

- Clinton Eugene DILLON of Farina visited with his grandmother, Mrs. Sarah DILLON. He just arrived home from the service.

- Alma News: Alma now has another mark of a live little village in the form of an airdome constructed downtown adjoining the Chas. TOMILSON Barber Shop. There will be a show Saturday night.

- Letters were printed from B.R. BAILEY, and Bert.

June 12, 1919:

-Miss Edith CRANK was married Saturday at the home of her mother, Mrs. E. CRANK, to Wm. HERRICK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed HERRICK of this city. They will live with the bride’s mother.

- There was a write-up for Elbert VANDERVORT for Circuit Judge.

- Leon HANNA, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. HANNA, arrived home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Jas. PERRY received letter and a book concerning the record of Company ‘I’ from their son, Clyde.

- E.R. "Ted" LOWE departed for San Francisco where his brother James lives, and expects to secure employment. He just returned from the service.

- Alma News: Ernest WILLIAMS received discharge and is now home.

June 19, 1919:

- Returning home: Sam Stokely, son of the late Sam STOKELY; Percy Parker, son of the late Chas. PARKER of this city; Geo. BARGH; Mrs. Walter BAYLIS of this city was surprised on Saturday evening when she met her husband, Walter BAYLIS, on the street. He was suddenly discharged in New York and rather than being sent to Camp Taylor, he was sent home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Herschel WILKINSON had a son on Thursday. The mother is the former Miss Mary BUSWELL. This should add stock in the Kinmundy Baseball team as they add him to the list as a future prospective players.

- Maxine Virginia was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond MAHAN on Saturday. The mother is the former Miss Florence MOTCH.

- Mr. and Mrs. Floyd BARBEE had a baby girl on Tuesday.

- M.G. LOCKART died at his home near Vandalia on June 18. The widow is the former Miss Minnie STEUBER. Burial in Kinmundy Cemetery.

- Elder School and Omega News: Marine BRANDBERRY arrived home.

- Alma News: Noble DeFORD returned home from France. Arthur WILSON recently arrived from overseas, and is now residing in Centralia.

June 26, 1919:

- Emma P. MELTON was born in Clay county near Xenia and died at her home in Kinmundy on June 18, 1919. She married J.E. THREEWIT on April 30, 1890, and they had 3 boys and 3 girls, all living except for 1 son, Henry Ray THREEWIT, who gave is life for his country on Oct. 18, 1918 in France. The remaining children are: Ivan THREEWIT and Golda CROCKETT, Fairview, Okla.; Ruby Kook, Estherville, Iowa; Russell and Mae, who are at home with their father. She had recently been struck with typhoid fever and then the "flu", from which she never fully recovered. Interment in Phillips Cemetery, 8 miles southeast of Kinmundy.

- Clark KLINE, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. KLINE of this city, has been discharged.

- Miss Mildred ROSS was married in Sterling, Kansas on May 12. Word was received as she is the niece of W.B. ROSS, and she attended high school here.

- Died at St. James Hospital in Pontiac, Miss Susan J. WHITE KEADLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James WHITE, formerly of Kinmundy. She was born on May 24, 1900, and died on June 20, 1919. She was 9 years old when she left Alma and made her home in Kinmundy until she was 17 years old, moving to Colfax. She married Fred KEADLE on Jan. 13, 1919, and she leaves him, a father, mother, and 2 sisters. Burial in Fairview Cemetery.

- Bernie BAILEY arrived home from overseas having been discharged.

- Robt. GREEN was discharged.

- Elder School and Omega News: J.F. EVELAND, C.L. WILLIAMS, and G.W. KNISELEY motored to Centralia one day last week. When within 12 miles of home on the return trip, their engine died, and they had to be towed the rest of the way in . It took them only 36 hours to make the trip. Some fast travel!

- Elder School and Omega News: J.A. KAGY received word that his Uncle Merle has sailed from France to U.S. When he arrives, all of our boys will have returned from the war.

- Mrs. Wes HARRIS received word of death of Mrs. Bessie GREENING HESS. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. GREENING, former Kinmundy residents.

July 3, 1919:

- Mrs. Ruby SCHNEIDER took her own life in Sandoval by drinking carbolic acid. She had experienced poor health for an extended period of time. She was born in Alma twp. on May 27, 1894 and died June 27, 1919. She married Herman SCHNEIDER on June 24, 1912 at Kinmundy, and had a daughter, Mary Virginia, who is now 5 years old. In 1913 she moved to Sandoval. She leaves a husband and daughter of Sandoval, mother and father of Kinmundy, 2 sisters: Ethel HULTS of Syracuse, New York, and Mrs. R.I. LOVELL of Wilmington.

- From a "Vandalia Union" obituary: Montgomery G. LOCKART, son of James LOCKART, died at the home of his father, southeast of this city on June 18, 1919, after an extended illness of 4 years. Burial in Pinbook Cemetery. He is survived by a father; 3 brothers: Logan and Virgil who reside here and Quincy who is in the Phillipines; and one sister, Mrs. Julius LAPE of this city. His mother died several years ago. He was born in Cowden, Ill. on Jan. 15, 1881, and on July 17, 1912 married Miss Minnie STEUBER of Kinmundy. They had 3 children: Laura Louise, died in Chicago on Dec. 5, 1911; James Frederick born Apr. 4, 1916; and Chas. Loren born Apr. 30, 1919. He graduated from high school, Valparaiso University, and in 1910 from Northwestern Law School.

- Arno MILLER and wife arrived home after his discharge from the navy.

- George Robert SEE, better known as "Dolbert", died at his home in Birchtree, Mo. on Monday. He is a brother of O. SEE and C.M. SEE, of Alma, and had made his home south of this city until about 4 years ago when he moved to Mo. His two sons, Carl and Glenn, of Springfield, came to this city to make arrangements.

- Mrs. Wm. GREGG who died in Albany, Oregon was brought here for burial in Evergreen Cemetery. Martha J. TEMPLE was born at McKeesport, Penn. on March 13, 1833, and died in Albany, Ore. on June 22, 1919. She married William GREGG and had 2 daughters who preceded her in death, along with her husband.

- Meacham News: Last Wednesday was the 28th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. WADE and neighbors gathered to help celebrate.

July 10, 1919:

- Prominent physician, Dr. F.S. SONGER, passed away on July 4, 1919. He had been suffering for more than a year. Frederick Stanton SONGER was born July 27, 1874 in Kinmundy, the son of Abraham W. and Margaret NELMS SONGER. He graduated from Kinmundy High School and Marion Sims Medical College. He was an assistant surgeon for the I.C. Railroad until he had to resign his position due to health problems. He was married Dec. 7, 1903 to Katherine Louise FENSTER, who survives.

- The Alma Citizen’s Bank was robbed on Monday night by 6 men. After an ineffectual attempt to force open the large 3 compartment safe, they satisfied themselves by riffling the safety boxes in one of the outer compartments. The restaurant and dwelling place of R.E. GREGORY was guarded by 2 of the desperadoes, and while he was able to observe much of their movement, he was entirely helpless as far as summoning help. The blood hounds from St. Elmo were called in.

- Elder School and Omega News: Miss Maude ROGERS married Fred MULVANEY in Iowa where they will make their home.

- Meacham News: F.S. HARRIS and wife entertained neighbors on Friday, it being their 26th wedding anniversary and the 83rd birthday of Henry BALKE.

- John HENSLEY arrived here to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. HENSLEY. He just arrived from overseas.

- A daughter was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. PARKS in Oklahoma on June 27, 1919. She was named Nellie Caroline, and the mother is the former Helen RICE of this city.

- John Edward WILKINSON and Abbie JONES were married near Kinmundy on July 1, 1869, and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Silas KRUTSINGER, in Central City on July 1, 1919. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson moved to a farm near Kinmundy soon after their marriage up until 1912 when they moved to Central City. They were the parents of 12 children, 2 dying in infancy, and another Dolphus WILKINSON was killed in a railroad accident near Centralia several years ago. The children are: Denver, Ellis and Roy of Kinmundy; Mrs. Silas KRUTSINGER of Central City; Dorus and Percy of Mattoon; Wm. E. of Urbana; Charles of Xenia; and W.B. SONGER of Gempton.

- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. FIELDS went to Loogootee Tuesday to attend the funeral of the former’s brother-in-law, Lewis HULMS, who died at his home there on Monday.

- Revival meetings are now in progress at Arnold’s Chapel.

July 17, 1919:

- Howard, 14 year old son of T.E. MAULDING of Alma, was killed when the auto he was driving was struck by an I.C. freight train on Wednesday. He was accompanied by his younger brother and sister when his car frightened a team of horses. It is presumed that the children were watching the team and failed to notice the south bound freight.

- Orie WAINSCOTT is home on furlough visiting his father, Mose WAINSCOTT. Xon SIMER arrived here last Sunday on furlough to visit relatives.

- Fred HUBERT, who recently returned from service with the U.S. Forces at the Mexican border, was married in Chicago to Miss Ella WILLIAMS of Alma.

- Herbert Eugene was born to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene BAYLIS at Stanford, Montana on July 10. Grandpa and Grandma Jas. BAYLIS are from this city.

- Mrs. Cynthy POWERS visited from her home in Ritchey, Mo. after a visit here with the ATKINS and SWIFT families at North Fork. It had been 42 years since she left Kinmundy.

- Mrs. Ora Frances CRAYCROFT, daughter of Joshua and Martha WOLFE was born in Fayetteville, Fayette Co., Ind. on March 23, 1853, and died at her late home in Kinmundy on July 8, 1919. She came to Illinois with her parents in the fall of 1858 and located in Kinmundy, and came from a family of 8. One sister and three brothers preceded her in death. On Sept. 15, 1874 she married Benjamin CRAYCROFT, and they had 2 sons: Otto G. of Sandoval, and Harry H. of St. Louis. Also surviving: a brother, Henry H. WOLFE of Seattle, Wash.; 2 sisters: Mrs. Eliza HALL of Sandoval and Mrs. Carrie HAYMOND of Pasadena, Cal.

July 24, 1919:

- The first open air concert of the summer was held on Friday night. The band consists of the following members: Leader - Ben PHILLIPS, John NELMS, G.W. SNELLING, E.R. HENSLEY, F.W. KILLIE, Orie SCHWABE, O.E. WATT, W.W. NEIL, Chas. HOYT, Web. LOWE, Clyde HARVEY, Orlando SCHWABE, Warren SANDERS, John HENSLEY, and Fred BACKENSTO.

July 31, 1919:

- Lucretia V. WRIGHT was born in Athens Co., Ohio on Jan 2, 1841, the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Harriett WRIGHT. On June 21, 1860 she married Dr. E.G. FORSHEE, and they had 7 children, 4 living to adulthood: Marsh preceded his father and mother to the Homeland; Dr. Frank of Redlands, Calf.; Mrs. Charles W. GAMMON and Mrs. Mabelle FORSHEE-BLAKESLEE, both of Terre Haute, Ind. Dr. and Mrs. FORSHEE moved to Kinmundy in 1870 where they lived for 42 years. After Dr. FORSHEE died, Mrs. FORSHEE left Kinmundy to visit Mrs. GAMMON in Terre Haute, but became ill there, and was never able to return to Kinmundy. She died July 24, 1919, and was ill the past 5 years. Her body was returned to Kinmundy so that she could be buried next to her husband.

- Lorenzo Dow PHILLIPS, son of Wm. and Hester Ann PHILLIPS, was born on the old PHILLIPS homestead in Omega twp. on Aug. 24, 1852. He was married on May 14, 1881 to Julia COMBS, and they had a daughter Maude M. He died July 26, 1919 northwest of Kinmundy, and leaves a wife, daughter, 3 sisters, and 3 brothers. Burial in Phillips Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. ALEXANDER had a baby girl. 10 children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. ALEXANDER, 8 of whom are living.

Aug. 7, 1919:

- Sunday was the 80th birthday of Mrs. Permelia NICHOLAS. Among the relatives helping her to celebrate at the IC Lake with ice cream was her daughter, Mrs. Hattie COCKRELL.

- Effects of Prohibition are published comparing arrests in the State of Illinois prior to July 1 to after that date.

- Forrest MOTCH, son of Mr. and Mrs. John MOTCH, and Edgar SPIESE, son of Geo. SPIESE, were both discharged after serving several months overseas.

Aug. 14, 1919:

- (From the "Salem Republican"): Mrs. Lulu HAMMOND HULL died Aug. 2, 1919 in a St. Louis hospital. She was born in Omega twp. in 1864 the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. HAMMOND. Mr. HAMMOND was a merchant at the village of Omega, later moving to Salem in 1879, where she graduated from high school. She married C.E. HULL of this city in early womanhood and 2 children were born: Mrs. J.F. BELL and Miss Louise HULL, who along with their father survives. Burial in East Lawn Cemetery.

- Miss Pauline SMITH and Ben REESE were married July 4, 1919 in Salem.

- Mildred PERRY CRUTCHFIELD, daughter of Ervin and Ella PERRY and foster daughter of Andrew and May CRUTCHFIELD was born Nov. 15, 1908, and died Aug. 7, 1919. Her mother died Sept. 3, 1909, and the CRUTCHFIELDS took over the care of her as their own daughter. She died of acute appendicitis, and leaves a father, a step-mother, a brother, 3 step-brothers, and a foster father and mother. The funeral was held at Brown Church with interment in Parker Cemetery in Clay county.

- Gordon LOWE son of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. LOWE was discharged after serving with the Motor Transport Corps overseas.

- Mrs. Mattie DOWNS received from the U.S. Army, an announcement that Cook Joseph DOWNS died May 27, 1918 bravely laying down his life for his country.

- Robert O., daughter of Robt. E. PRUETT died in the Pana hospital on Aug. 12 of pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the grandmother’s home, Mrs. M.M. PRUETT. Interment was in Evergreen Cemetery. She was 2 years, 8 months and 12 days old.

- A Welcome Home and Basket Dinner will be held Aug. 23rd at J. W. ARNOLD Grove, 1 mile west of Arnold’s Chapel for the boys of the World War and the Spanish American War.

- Mr. Ben PHILLIPS announced that there would be some extra specials at the Band Concert, but A.M. "Mitch" ALLEN didn’t realize he would be the performer. While driving his new car south on Madison, volumes of smoke began to pour out, and he lost control of the car running into a telephone pole. Mrs. W.W. LOWE Jr. and son were passengers and jumped when the car struck slightly bruising her knee.

- Alma News: Edgar SPIESE, Mabin SPITLER, and Otis HINES have been discharged and are home from the army.

- Elder School and Omega News: A baby girl was born at the home of Clarence WALKINGTON and wife at Dix. The father is the son of Lynn WALKINGTON and wife.

- Shanghai News: Dode ARNOLD and family were visiting Sunday at the Dan ARNOLD home.

Aug. 21, 1919:

- The Secretary to the U.S. Government recently made an earnest plea for the adoption of metric units of measurements in the United States.

- Ted MILLER and Bert BAILEY arrived home having been discharged. Tom NEAVILL was also discharged and was accompanied from Chicago by his sister Miss Kit NEAVILL.

- A welcome home dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melvine HINES southwest of this city in honor of the discharge of their son, Otis, who recently returned from France.

- Alma News: A ballgame between Alma and Arnold Chapel played here Sunday with the final score 10 to 6, in favor of Arnold Chapel.

- Meacham News: Mrs. Cleda GORDING of Farina and Miss Blossom FORD of Kansas spent Tuesday at the T.J. WADE home.

- Shanghai News: D.A. ARNOLD left Monday evening to attend the Springfield fair and to visit at Arrowsmith with his son Forrest and family.

- Elder School and Omega: Mesdames Guy SHAFFER, A.C. BRANCH, and C.W. ROSE assisted Mrs. W. H. SHAFFER to cook for threshers part of last week.

Aug. 28, 1919:

- From the Panama Canal zone comes news of the marriage of Miss Hazel M. DISSELL of Decatur, daughter of Mrs. Katherine DISSELL, and Sergt. John DOWNS, son of Mrs. M. DOWNS of Kinmundy on June 16.

- Wiley PRUETT shot at a night prowler last Sunday night as the intruder was driving his hogs thru the gate. It was heard that a physician was called a little later, but no names have been given out.

- Orie WAINSCOTT assumed his new position as Assistant Engineer in office of Chief Engineer of the Ill. Central R.R.

- Alma News: A dance at MAZANEK’s Hall was well attended Saturday night.

Sept. 4, 1919:

- Mrs. J.H. BAYLIS and son, Walter, and Perry NEAVILLE and wife attended the funeral of Mrs. BAYLIS’ brother, Lee EAGAN, in Centralia. Mr. EAGAN was a resident of Kinmundy for a number of years.

- Married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. CHANCE was daughter, Miss Bessie CHANCE, and Mr. Edward AUMILLER last Sunday. The groom is the son of Wm. AUMILLER, a successful farmer in Iuka.

- George MOTCH, son of John MOTCH and wife, returned home from France after being discharged.

- A family reunion was held at the home of J.W. McCULLEY near this city. Also attending were 7 children and 13 grandchildren - this being the first time they have all been together. From out of town were Harry MORRIS and family of South Bend, and Rev. Lloyd LOVELL and family of Browns.

Sept. 11, 1919:

- Dr. W. P. McLEOD was injured when the airplane he was a passenger in collided with a haystack at the Alma Fair.

- Harry NEIL arrived home from France after being discharged.

- Mr. and Mrs. Lou McGEE had an 11 pound baby boy born Tuesday morning.

- Mr. R.J. ANDREWS was given a party in honor of his 28th birthday.

- Rev. Jas. W. WILLIS, a former pastor in Kinmundy, died in Centralia. He was born in Townsdale Co., Tenn. on Dec. 15, 1858, and came with his parents to Illinois in 1860. He married Nancy J. HENRY on May 1, 1881, and they had 3 children: Myrtle WILLIS BAKER, Gracie WILLIS WILLIAMS, Ralph E. WILLIS, all living. Mrs. WILLIS died Oct. 4, 1890. He married second to Miss Lauretta CARR on Oct. 20, 1892, who survives. Interment in Centralia Cemetery.

- Mr. Clarence GRAY will open a meat market in the GARRETT building in Kinmundy.

- On Sept. 8, 1919, Mr. J. GRAY and Miss Bertha HANNA were married in Salem. This was a triple celebration becasue the date also marked the 24th wedding anniversary of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. HANNA, as well as a birthday of the bride.

- A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Loyd CROSSETT on Sept. 10. The mother is at the home of her parents, L.M. ROTAN and wife while the father is in the hospital at Camp Taylor, Louisville, Ky.

Sept. 19, 1919 (or Sept. 18th):

- Dellie PRUEWETT MARKLE was born near Kinmundy on Nov. 11, 1847, and died Aug. 30, 1919 at Cherrydale, a suburb of Washington, D.C. She married Richard MARKLE on July 14, 1881, and lived in California about 22 years, and in Marshall for 5 years. Her husband died Dec. 7, 1917 in San Jose, she will be buried next to him there.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ed DILLON were given a surprise party in honor of their 12th wedding anniversary by neighbors and friends.

Sept. 25, 1919:

- Sept. 21st was the 72nd birthday of F.M. ROBB, and his family honored him with a birthday dinner.

- Stella Mildred DEIWERT was married at the home of her parents, Myron DEIWERT and wife at Everett, Wash. to Elmer Michiel MARIOTT on Sept. 11. She is a former Kinmundy girl, granddaughter of Mrs. E.E. NELMS, and a niece of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. NELMS.

- Veteran businessman F.W. KILLIE sold his business to J. Raymond MAHAN, a hustling young man.

Oct. 2, 1919:

- The last outdoor band concert of the season played last Friday night.

- Homecoming will be Oct. 20 at Shanghai for the 10 boys who served from this district.

- Columbus WILLIAMS, son of Green and Elizabeth WILLIAMS, was born Jan. 1, 1857, and died Sept. 21, 1919 at his home in Foster twp. His father, 3 infants and 1 brother preceded him in death. He married Mary TAYLOR on July 29, 1880 and they had 13 children, 2 preceding him in death. He leaves a wife and 11 children: Nettie GEORGE, Pearl McWHIRTER, Alva WILLIAMS, Louie STIPP(?), Gale WARREN, Forrest WILLIAMS, Lottie COLE, Lena SWIFT, Yada Eva and Loren WILLIAMS, the last 3 who make their home with their mother. Burial at Sandy Branch Cemetery.

- The last boys have returned: John BARBEE returned last week, and Ray HAMILTON returned just a few hours before Clyde PERRY - the last soldier from Kinmundy to arrive home.

- Booker Briefs: Benjamin BUTTS, son of Wm. BUTTS, and Miss Grace, daughter of Telford COURSON, were married at Salem on Sept. 27.

- Married in St. Louis were Miss Oneta BOUGHERS to Mr. Edward EASTER of St. Louis. She is the daughter of J.S. BOUGHERS and made her home with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will EAGAN, since his death. She is also a niece of Dave BOUGHERS and sister of Delbert BOUGHERS of this city.

Oct. 9, 1919:

- Dr. Hugo MILLER reports the arrival of a baby girl at the home of Abbie COX and wife on Tuesday. Also a little girl was born at the home of Emmett GRAY and wife on Wednesday.

- William T. COLEMAN was born in Franklin Co., Tenn. on November 3, 1832, and came to Illinois when a young man, teaching school in the country east of Salem. He was involved in the war of the 60's and enlisted in the Ill. Inf. In 1866, he left the farm and came to Kinmundy, going into the grocery business with his father. He married Mary Elizabeth ALDERSON in Sept. 1855, and they had 3 children: James R., Addie C., and Edward A., two of which survive. His wife preceded him in death. He died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Addie MELROE in Grayville on Oct. 2, 1919. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- St. Peter had a big fire. It started in the home of Wm. GLUESENKAMP from an unknown cause, and spread to the SNARKEY and COLEMAN residences. Some of the Walter ZIMMER family barely escaped from upstairs at the GLUESENKAMP home.

- A surprise party was held for Miss Pansy CHAPMAN on her 17th birthday

- James Erasmus JONES died on Oct. 3, 1919, after an illness of several months. He has lived at his present home for over 70 years, most of his entire life being spent on the farm. He came to his parents at this home on July 31, 1849, son of Jackson C. and Margaret WHITESIDE JONES. On Sept. 21, 1870 he married Mahala FOSTER, and they had 9 children. Three preceded their father in death: Elizabeth, at the age of 18; William and Florence in infancy. Surviving are J. Edward, Orlanda, Okla.; Mary Josephene GREEN, Farina; George Frank, Kinmundy; Miss Nellie and Rena Mildred CROSELY, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Alta DISS, Kinmundy. Also a sister and brother, Mrs. Anna LOWE and Samuel JONES. Interment at the family cemetery near the home.

Oct. 16, 1919:

- Miss Amy OVERTON, daughter of Mrs. Rose NORTHWOOD, married Walter Ray HAMILTON on Oct. 7, 1919 in Wheeling, W. Va. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R.F. HAMILTON. He is also the grandson of the late D.A. PORTER, and nephew of Mrs. J.H. NELMS.

- Dr. J.D. CAMERER and wife have moved to San Diego.

- A dentist is to locate here - Lieut. Dr. E.B. RATLIFF.

Oct. 23, 1919:

- On Oct. 19th, the 6th birthday party of Valda PENETON was held with a number of little girls present.

- A birthday party was held for Miss Demova MARTIN for her 7th birthday with lots of little friends present.

- The Omega and Allen schoolhouses were broken into with a number of books and other school supplies taken.

Skipped Oct. 30 and Nov. 6.

Nov. 13?, 1919:

- Mr. Marlin DISS, a young farmer residing northwest of this city was met with a painful injury Wednesday as he was assisting in filing a silo on the Abbie COX place, and his forearm was caught in the belt. Many bones were broken including all of the bones in his wrist, making him a cripple for life.

- Dr. H.L. HANNA, local veterinarian, recently purchased the old Gustin EAGAN property in the north part of the city and also the Chas. HOWELL farm.

- Joseph EMMEL, farmer 5 miles south of this city, died Wednesday. The cause was dropsy, and burial in the old Baptist Cemetery.

- The housewives of Kinmundy in their sugar shortage are not alone in their trouble. Caught without warning by a paper shortage, we have been put to our wit’s end to find a way out of the dilemma. As soon as the delayed paper arrives we’ll be put back on it’s usual cycle.

Nov. 20, 1919:

- On Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. James W. ARNOLD (Jeems as he’s familiarly called) celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. It was to have been a surprise, but some one talked too loud and they found out. All their children and grandchildren, neighbors and friends gathered with well filled baskets. Miss Mary E. FRENCH read a poem about their anniversary.

- Lucy A. BURLING, daughter of Wm. and Alice BURLING was born in Kinmundy in 1862 and died Nov. 13, 1919 at a hospital in Chicago. In 1878 she married Alonzo B. EAGAN, and they had 5 children, 3 of which preceded her in death. She leaves a husband, daughter and son, and 2 sisters. The body was brought to Kinmundy, with burial in Evergreen Cemetery. She was a former resident, and sister of the late of Mrs. C.B. FRENCH.

- Rev. A.D. HOCKER a former Kinmundy minister, died at his home in Detroit. He was born near Hartford, Ohio Co., Ky and died on Nov. 15, 1919. He married Miss Elizabeth GARRETT in Waynesville, Ill. on Aug 26, 1879, and they had 6 children.

- Elder News and Omega: Luarel Irene CHEELY, oldest child of Forest and Minnie CHEELY was born Oct. 27, 1901, and died on Nov. 9, 1919. She married Martin HITE on Dec. 24, 1918, and they had a son born on Oct. 24, 1919. She also leaves besides her husband and son, a father, mother, 2 sisters, 1 brother, as there was 1 brother who preceded her in death. Interment in Lovell Grove Church Cemetery.

Nov. 27, 1919:

- James B. SCULLEY, only child of James and Permelia SCULLEY was born in Washington Co., Ind. on Aug. 8, 1855, and died Nov. 15, 1919 at his home in St. Louis, Mo. His father died when James was a small boy, and his mother married James GRAVES, and they moved to Fredricesburg, Ind.(?) On Jan 16, 1881 he married Margaret C. POTTER, daughter of the late Thomas POTTER of Marion Co., Ill, and they had 5 children. For a few years the family engaged in farming in Marion county near Kinmundy. Burial in New Dickers Cemetery.

- Miss Rauline SIMMONS married Mr. Arthur MESSNER(?) in St. Louis. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. SIMMONS, former Kinmundy residents. Uncles of the bride are J.E. and Ed BOUGHERS of Kinmundy.

Dec. 4, 1919:

- John HAMMERS, a former resident, returned to Kinmundy and purchased the barber shop of O.E. WATT.

Dec. 11, 1919:

- Mrs. Elnora LIVINGSTON died on Dec. 3, 1919, two days after surgery at the Mt. Vernon Hospital, where a 12 pound tumor was removed. She was born Oct. 4, 1885, and married Willard LIVINGTON on April 28, 1902. They had one child who died in infancy. She was the sister of Mrs. Myrtle SHERWOOD, Will LANDRETH, and Frances LANDRETH.

- Amos BOSLEY, died at his home near Kinmundy on Dec. 7, 1919. He was born on Sept. 24, 1843 in Harrison Co., Ohio, the son of Thomas and Sarah BOSLEY. On Feb. 19, 1867 he married Miss Mary WOOD of Carrol Co., Ohio, and they had 2 children: Edward of Kinmundy, and Mrs. Cora ARNY of Venice, Ill. In 1879 he moved with his family to a farm in Marion county where he has resided since except few years spent in East St. Louis. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mrs. Carrie L. BOUGHERS of West Frankfort, daughter of Henry BOUGHTON of this city, died. Her husband, Clyde BOUGHERS is a barber in West Frankfort. When he arrived home late that evening, his wife was with their 4-year-old dau in bed. He thought she was asleep as the child was entwined in her mother’s arms sound asleep. To his great surprise he found she was dead. She had been afflicted with heart disease for some time, and that was the cause of death. Interment in East Lawn Cemetery.

- Mr. Ralph CROSSET was discharged from the army after spending over a year in the hospital.

Dec. 18, 1919:

- Mrs. G. ANDERSON received message of death of her niece, Miss Nora DONAHUE, of Chicago, who died suddenly of heart disease.

- Andrew JACKSON received a letter from Will L. BRUCE, on old Kinmundy boy, part of which is published.

- There will be a revival at Shanghai.

- A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold WILCOX in Battle Creek, Michigan last Saturday. The mother is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lou BARBEE of Kinmundy.

- A daughter named Jessie was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chester BOYCE in Minnesota. The mother is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. EMBSER residing near here.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.O. COX sold their restaurant to Mrs. May M. SAVELY of Clinton.

- (From the "Clark County Democrat:): Angeline, daughter of Stokes and Minerva PREWETT, was born on Aug. 3, 1851 in Kinmundy and died on Nov. 28, 1919 at the home of her daughter in Marshall, Ill. She married Simon COCKRELL on Sept. 3, 1881 at Kinmundy, who died Sept. 3, 1891. They had two children: Mrs. Ave TAUBENECK of Marshall, and Frank M. of New York City. Also surviving are: one sister, Mrs. Margaret O’BRYANT of Ashley, Ill.; one brother, Dr. G. W. PREWETT of Marshall; and 2 grandchildren, George Frank TAUBENECK and Margaret Helen COCKRELL.

Dec. 25, 1919:

- The old ice house, formerly used by TELFORD and WILKINSON, was found to used as a gambling den recently. The drag net was thrown out and when pulled in it revealed that 14 of our citizens of varying ages and occupations. Each was fined $4. Assisting in the raid were Mayor PRUETT, night watchman Guy BARBEE, and aldermen, C.R. ALDERSON and A.C. DUNLAP.

- Mrs. Josephine EASTLAND died in Centralia, Wash. on Dec. 9, 1919. She married T.S. PARKINS on March 4, 1848, and they had 1 daughter and 2 sons. Also surviving is an only sister, Mrs. Martin HOWELL of Kinmundy.

- Mrs. D.O. CHAPIN surprised here friends when she went to Salem and married J.O. HEFLIN of near Salem on Dec. 18.


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

Compiled, transcribed, and printed by Dolores Ford Mobley. (March 1999) Questions, comments, suggestions should be directed to the e-mail address below.    Permission to copy,  is requested.

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