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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

"The Kinmundy Express", Kinmundy, Ill. (Microfilm Roll #2)

Jan. 1, 1920:

- Wm. Henry MAXEY, son of Rev. Wm. and Elizabeth MAXEY, died Dec. 24, 1919. He was stricken with paralysis on Nov. 1, 1917 and never recovered. He was born near Mt. Vernon, Ill. on Sept. 6, 1859, and married Lucinda HARVEY on Jan. 8, 1880. They had 6 children: 4 boys, George Wayne of Monte Vista, Colo; William Walter of Polo, Ill.; Harry Henry; and Robert F., both of Kinmundy; and 2 daughters: Bessie M. THOMPSON of Findley, Ill., and Nellie M. SPENCER of Rariden, Ill. His wife died on Sept. 21, 1897. He married second to Julia O. WILLIAMS in Aug. 1898, and they had 4 children: Harold, Helen, Burdette, and Mary, all of Kinmundy. Surviving are his wife and children; 2 brothers: Allen MAXEY of Mt. Vernon, and Chas. CLAYBORN of Texico; 2 sisters, Mrs. Laura MEYERS of Kell, and Mrs. Mary MAXFIELD of Centralia. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- George A. CONANT died on Dec. 18, 1919 at his home. He was born Sept. 25, 1848, and married Catherine EAGAN on April 14, 1865. They had 2 daughters - one dying at 2 years of age, and one dying in infancy. Burial at Doolen Cemetery.

- Mr. Chris JASPER and Miss Blanche CORNELL were married on Dec. 25 at his home. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve CORNELL near this city. The couple will make their home in Centralia.

- Mr. Forrest JOHNSON and Miss Fern McCLURE were married last Sunday. They will go to housekeeping on the Alonzo BAYLIS farm southwest of town. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. JOHNSON south of town, and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McCLURE residing southeast of this city.

- Samuel WHITE died at his home at West Frankfort on Dec. 27, 1919. He was born near Kinmundy on April 9, 1851, the son of William and Agnes WHITE. His parents had 5 children - 3 dying in infancy, and one brother Geo. WHITE of this city survives. Later the mother married C.M. WHITSON and 6 children - 2 dying in infancy. The four surviving are: Mrs. Susan ELLER, Texico; John WHITSON , Texico; Mrs. Mary E. SATTERFIELD, Fayetteville, Ark.; Mrs. Belle KIEL, Dallas, Tex. The deceased married Anna WILLIAMS on July 10, 1874, and they had 6 children: 2 dying in infancy; Agnes at age 11, and Guy at 21; and surviving are William of West Frankfort, and Mrs. Bettie EVERETT of Staunton. He also leaves a wife. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

Jan. 8, 1920:

- There was a birthday gathering at the home of W.G. WILLIAMS and wife on Jan. 3, that day being the 62nd birthday of Mr. WILLIAMS. Two children were present - Fred, who lives at home, and Jessie NICHOLS and family of Salem.

- On Dec. 28 relatives and friends of Jake BOUGHERS gathered at his home to give him a great surprise, it being his birthday.

- William R. PEARSON died at his home near this city on Jan. 3, 1920. He was born Jan. 12, 1845 in Kinmundy, and married Emily J. ANGLEN on Nov. 8, 1872. They had 6 children, 1 dying in infancy. Children surviving along with the mother are: Joseph V. PEARSON, Mrs. Margaret A. EAGAN, Mrs. Florence MORGAN, Mrs. Susan JONES, and Mrs. Corda GREEN. Burial in Sandy Branch Cemetery.

- John EAGAN of McClure, Ill, a former resident of this community, was called here by the death of his brother-in-law, Geo. CONANT, a few weeks ago, and while here contracted pneumonia, from which he never recovered, and died at the home of his sister, Mrs. Sam MORRIS of Patoka. The body was taken to his home in McClure in Alexander county for burial. He was the son of William and Martha EAGAN, and was born Sept. 17, 1845. He was one of 11 children, all who grew to maturity. He married Elizabeth HALL and they had 6 daughters and 1 son - the son and 2 daughters preceding him in death. His wife died about 5 years ago. He leaves 4 daughters, 10 grandchildren; 2 sisters - Mrs. Geo. CONANT and Mrs. Sam MORRIS; 4 brothers - Harrison, Wesley, Andy and Sam EAGAN; an aunt, Mrs. Sallie BRATCHER; and an uncle, John D. HOLT of Oklahoma.

- Brought here for burial was Othnial WILLIAMS, who was born in Silver Springs, Tenn. on June 22, 1838, and departed this life at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nellie ROSS of Tuscola. He removed with his parents to Illinois in 1845 where spent remainder of his life except for 3 years in the Civil War. In 1864 he married Margaret BENSON at Raleigh, and they had 4 children: T.V. WILLIAMS, Mt. Pleasant, Texas; Clara STEIN, of Altamont; Paschel WILLIAMS, San Francisco; Ollie HARVEY, of Kinmundy. His wife died at Mt. Vernon in 1880. He married second to Anna TACKWELL, and they had 4 children: Leona HAWORTH of Salem; Nellie ROSS; Mollie HUGHES of Desota; Opal PARKER of Chebause. Also surviving are 2 brothers: T.W. WILLIAMS of Salem, and F. O. WILLIAMS of Broughton; 3 sisters: Elizabeth WILLIAMS and Mary CARMEAN of Kinmundy, and Josie RICHIE of Nelson, Missouri. Services were held from the home of Clyde B. HARVEY of this city.

Jan. 15, 1920:

- Rev. Tennis A. MARTIN and wife of this city left for Carbondale where Mrs. MARTIN entered the hospital for surgery, being afflicted with gallstones and appendicitis. The operation was difficult and she died. Rev. MARTIN is left with 2 small children, Denova, about 7, and Robert, about 3. The family has resided in Kinmundy just over a year. Mrs. MARTIN chose Carbondale for the operation because it was her former home. Services in Carbondale.

- Claude WILKINSON of this city has bought a large sawmill in Carlyle.

- After a big snow recently, Ora SCHWABE began telling his wife of how he used to catch rabbits after a big snow. On Saturday morning he arose, got all bundled up in winter clothing, got a good club for protection, and set out to show his wife he really did know how to get them. He got into the woods near the city cemetery, and found a track. Right there, Ora thought, is where we have baked rabbit, brown gravy, etc. for Sunday dinner. He could taste it in his mind. Following the track a distance the bunny had gone under a snow drift, and ready to pick him up, his foot gave way and he found himself in the bottom of an old well, 10 foot deep. With water up to his armpits, he began to think of something else besides rabbit. After scrambling and clinging to imagination, he got back on top of the snow, but he lost his rabbit. It was a narrow escape for both Ora and the rabbit, but he has decided to by his rabbits from now on, and stay by the fire.

- William CAWREY, for many years a resident and businessman of Kinmundy, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Earl CROSSETT of Blue Island, Ill. after an illness of pneumonia. He had for some years made his headquarters in Alma, and he decided to visit his daughters for the holidays. "Bill" CAWREY was one of the pioneers of Kinmundy. He settled here in an early day, and for many years conducted a bakery and restaurant. He was born in Liecessershier, England on Nov. 28, 1836 and came with his parents to Canada when 7. He came to the United States in 1862 settling in Shobonier, Ill. While there, he married Miss Elizabeth GOWDY in 1863, and they moved to Kinmundy in 1865. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters, all of whom are living. His wife died on Dec. 16, 1892. Burial is in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Elmer HEISTAND, a former resident of Alma twp. arrived here for a few days from Montana to visit with his mother, Mrs. Columbus HEISTAND.

- Chas. SHUFELDT has become owner of the Josh BASOM farm in Alma twp., 7 miles south of this city.

Jan. 29, 1920 - "The Kinmundy Express":

The paper has now changed from the "Marion County Express" name to it’s original "The Kinmundy Express" title. The Editor is now J. Lem BALLANCE.

- Mrs. Theodosia WHITAKER HASTINGS died at the home near Raddle, Ill. of cerebral hemorrhage, at 56 years, 8 months, and 29 days. The body was taken to Arthur for burial. She was the daughter of John WHITAKER, now a resident of Vincennes, Ind. She married John HASTINGS on Nov. 28, 1880, and they had 6 children, 4 of whom along with the husband and father survive. Mrs. HASTINGS at one time resided with her family southwest of this city on the HASTINGS farm.

- Fifty years ago last Sunday, on Jan. 20, a wedding took place at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Lydia TUCKER, at her home in Alma twp. The parties were Miss Martha V. TUCKER and Hon. John M. ROTAN. The couple still lives in Kinmundy. Since Mrs. ROTAN didn’t feel up to as an elaborate celebration as she would have liked, just the immediate members of the family including children and grandchildren gathered at the parental home to celebrate with the bride and groom of 50 years ago.

- Adah F. BROWN, daughter of William and Elizabeth DOOLEN BROWN was born on a farm near Steeleville on Aug. 18, 1876, and died at a hospital in Evanston, Ill. on Jan. 19, 1920. Adah was left an orphan when at 1 years old, the father passed away on Christmas and the mother the New Year’s following. There was an older sister, Mollie, now deceased, and a brother James T., one of our townsmen. Also 2 half-sisters, Mrs. Nellie WHITHROW and Mrs. Dollie HART of Steeleville, and an only aunt, Mrs. Adaline JOHNSTON of Kinmundy. Adah and her brother were taken into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Steele with whom they remained until their death. They came here when she was about 3 until she was almost grown when the Steele family moved to Raymond. The family later moved to Elmhurst. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery. This obituary was written by Mrs. A.E..W. PREUETT, a former teacher of the deceased.

Feb. 5, 1920:

- Mary, daughter of Israel and Anne JENNINGS was born on Nov. 1, 1838 and died Feb. 1, 1920. She married John GREEN on Nov. 18, 1862 and moved from her home near Salem to a farm 8 miles west of Kinmundy. They had 5 children, and her husband died 39 years ago. She leaves 4 sisters and 1 brother: Sarah NICHOLS and Eliza SHARPE, Odin; Susan WHITE, Seattle, Wash.; Belle STEVENS, Patoka; and Rufus JENNINGS of Rosette, Mont. She leaves 5 children: Genora LUHR of College Springs, Ia.; Lenora CARSON of Tabor, Ia.; Edward GREEN of Chicago; Lizzie SWIFT of Kinmundy; and Dosie SWIFT of Brooking, S.D.

- Harry H. HILL was born in Kinmundy on May 10, 1904 and died Jan. 31, 1920 at his home in St. Louis, Mo. He was the son of Homer and Cleda HILL. His mother passed away in his infancy, and he was born a cripple, and was an invalid all of his life. His grandmother was Mrs. Alice Ryan. He leaves his father; foster mother, Mrs. Rose HILL; his aunts, Mrs. Brenice ELDER and Mrs. Will RYAN; and 2 half brothers. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Manson WILLIAMS was born Jan. 15, 1837 in Wilson Co., Tenn., one of 11 children, and died Feb. 2, 1920. He married Miss Julia HALL who was soon called away leaving him alone for 52 years. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Last Friday while Walter BAYLIS and Robt. INGRAM were delivering feed to the home of Wiley PRUETT, Mr. INGRAM was invited into the house in collection of the bill, Walter remaining in the wagon. Soon after INGRAM’s entrance, Mr. PRUETT got his gun and looking out said, "I am going to get Walter", and immediately leveled his gun on INGRAM, telling if he did not get out of the way he would kill him. Bob ran around the house and gave warning that PRUETT was coming with a gun, but before Walter could jump out of the way, PRUETT was on the ground 10-12 feet from him saying to Walter, "Let’s go rabbit hunting." As Walter started to get out of the wagon, PRUETT fired the entire charge lodging into Walter’s left arm. He was taken to his home and Drs. MILLER and BOSTON though he’d get along alright, but on Sunday, it looked like an amputation of the arm was necessary as blood poisoning had set in. He was unable to survive the operation and died later that afternoon. Walter Reese BAYLIS, son of James and Harriet EAGAN BAYLIS was born on Oct. 9, 1890 in Kinmundy, and died on Feb. 1, 1920. He married Charlene HERRICK on Oct. 22, 1911. He had served in the World War and was stationed in England, France and Germany. He leaves a wife, father, mother, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. At the funeral, all of his fellow servicemen were in full military dress to honor him. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Daisy May EASTMAN, daughter of Daisy and Arthur EASTMAN was born Feb. 2, 1919 and died Feb. 1, 1920. One year ago today, her mother was laid to rest near Kinmundy in Phillips Cemetery. She leaves a father, 4 brothers, 1 sister, and grandparents.

- Orville DISS and Miss Bessie ARNOLD, both prominent people of Shanghai, were married Feb. 3. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan ARNOLD, and the groom is son of Chas. DISS and wife. The couple will reside 3 miles north of Kinmundy.

- On Feb. 1, 1920, at the home of Mrs. Anne STOKELY, were married her daughter, Miss Fern to Mr. Geo. H. SPIESE. They will reside 3 miles south of this city.

- Tom MEADOR, a young farmer residing near Fosterburg, died Sunday at the hospital in Centralia undergoing an operation for appendicitis.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ATKINS celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on Feb. 1. In honor of the occasion, a few friends gathered a the home for a 5-course dinner to help celebrate the event. The guests wishing that "Dock" and "Hattie" live to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, with promises from "Dock" that it would be some spread.

Feb. 12, 1920:

- Rosa RICHARDSON PARRISH, wife of Robt. M. PARRISH, was born March 28, 1883, and died Feb. 20, 1920 of the flu. She leaves a husband, 4 boys, and 5 girls. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery. All was done that could be by the Dr., husband, and one neighbor, Chas. JOHNSON, who had the flu in his family.

- Herman, son of Henry WEUBLER, and who lived 8 miles southwest of Kinmundy, was found Monday after he had hung himself in his workshop. He had suffered from poor health. Services were held near Vernon.

- Helen Corrine, daughter of Daisy and Emery PALMER, was born Aug. 6, 1919 and died Feb. 2, 1920. She was only sick a few hours and so her untimely death was a shock for all. Burial in Freedonia Cemetery. The parents and grandmother are sick with the flu so they were unable to attend the funeral.

Feb. 19, 1920:

- Mrs. Noah WILLIAMS died Friday. She had suffered from the flu which had turned into pneumonia. She was about 32 years of age, and leaves a husband and 3 young sons. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Irma Lucille REED was born July 12, 1890, and died in the East St. Louis Hospital on Feb. 12, 1920. During her infancy her parents moved to Odin where she has since resided except a few months of her early married life in Kinmundy. She was daughter of Hawen and Lydia REED, and married James MITCHELL on Dec. 2, 1907. They had 2 children: Helen Pauline, and Oliver Reed. Also surviving are her mother; 1 sister, French; and 3 brothers, Rowens, Carl and Pearl. The deceased is daughter-in-law of James and Helen MITCHELL of this city.

- The Electric Light Plant was purchased by the city of Kinmundy.

- Rosa Etta RICHARDSON, daughter of Laura and James RICHARDSON, was born at Kinmundy on March 28, 1883, and died Feb. 8, 1920 of the flu. She married Robt. PARISO on Dec. 25, 1900 and they had 11 children, 2 dying in infancy. 9 children survive with the father. She also leaves her father and mother of Farina; 3 brothers, Ed Glenn, and Carl of Champaign; Lewis of Kinmundy; 4 sisters: Elsie and Grace of Champaign, Mrs. Ed LOGAN of St. Louis, and Mrs. H.L. HOLLISTER, of Whitcha Falls, Texas. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

Feb. 26, 1920:

- A baby girl was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom BARNES of Mattoon. She was named Eileen Elizabeth and was born Feb. 21. The mother is the former Miss Gail WOODS. The grandmother is Mrs. Jim WOODS of this city.

- Blance ENGLISH WILKINSON was born in Jasper Co., Ill. on March 6, 1895 and died at her home near Rantoul on Feb. 22, 1920. She married John Herbert WILKINSON on Jan. 8, 1916, and they had one child, Raymond, age 3, who along with the husband survives. She also leaves her father, mother, 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Burial in Phillips Cemetery.

- W.M. SIMPSON was born in Medora, Ill. on Oct. 14, 1841 and died at Gillespie on Feb. 20, 1920. He married Nancy WHITSON at Kinmundy in 1866, and they had 7 children, 4 of whom passed in infancy. Surviving are Mrs. Henry SCRUBY of Gillespie, Ill.; Chas. E. of Detroit, Mich.; and Eulah LAROCUE of Youngstown, Ohio. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- The infant son of Wayne MAXEY of Colorado was buried on Sunday.

- Mrs. Lizzie SWIFT was in Odin on Tuesday attending the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. Sarah NICHOLS, who died on Monday at the age of 83 years. She was a sister of Mrs. Mary SMITH who died here recently. They have another sister, Mrs. Susan WHITE, in Washington, who is 85 years old.

March 4, 1920:

- Cornelia Jane DEUEL was born at Saratoga Spring, NY on Jan. 22, 1845, and was one of a family of 4 children. She came with her father to Kinmundy in 1867 and married McKendree M. PRUETT on March 22, 1870. She died at her home in this city on March 1, 1920. She leaves 6 children: 5 boys - Horace, Robert, Harry, Clyde, and Floyd; and 1 daughter - Mrs. Blanche PATTERSON of Stonington. Her husband passed away some years ago. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- A letter was printed from R.F. LAWSON to J. Lem BALLANCE, Editor of the paper. Mr. LAWSON was the founder and first editor of "The Kinmundy Express" which began on Oct. 3, 1883.

- Herbert Max SEE was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy SEE at Clifton. Grandparents are R.C. ROBB and W.H. SEE of this city.

- News from Brown: Word was received that Everett CRAIG of Iola, formerly of this community, died Feb. 28, aged 32 years. He leaves a wife, 5 children, father, mother, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

March 14, 1920:

- Matilda WAUGH, daughter of Abner and Francis WAUGH, was born in Maxon Co., Va. in 1852. She was the 5th child of 8 children. All have died expect one brother, John, who lives in Oklahoma. The family came to Marion Co. in 1854 when Tillie was 2 years old. The mother died at her home near Alma in 1865 and the father at his home in Missouri in 1878. After her parents’ deaths, she made her home with an aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Eldred SHELDON. She married Benjamin F. GEE in 1883, and they had one child, Elsie. Her husband died in Kinmundy in 1895. She died March 6, 1920 aged 68 years.

- S.J. ALLEN and wife got word of a new granddaughter born Monday to their son, U.S. ALLEN, and wife of Chicago.

- Alma is growing was a cider factory is operating for Midwest Products Co. The headquarters for the company is in Milwaukee, Wis.

- News from Brown: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Norvill SILL died March 2, 1920.

March 18, 1920:

- John Edward WILKINSON was born in Greenville, Ky. on Feb. 25, 1848, and died at the home of his son, Percy WILKINSON, in Mattoon on March 14, 1920. He had been a sufferer of Bright’s disease. He moved from Kentucky to Illinois when 18 years of age with his parents. He married Abbie JONES on July 1, 1869 and they lived on a farm near Kinmundy until Sept. 1911 when they moved to Centralia, and he served as police magistrate for Central City. He leaves a wife, 7 sons and 2 daughters: Denver, Ellis, and Ray of Kinmundy; Dorus and Percy of Mattoon; Chas. of Paxton; Wm. E. of Urbana; Mrs. Bertha KRUTSINGER of Centralia; and Ada SONGER of Kempton. He also leaves 2 brothers: Robert and Ruben. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- An article was printed by a woman of the community titled "What Prohibition Means to a Mother."

March 25, 1920:

- Hubert M. FISHER and Miss Pearl SEXTON were married in Kinmundy last Saturday. He is the son of Mrs. E.W. FISHER, and the bride is daughter of Mr. J.T. SEXTON.

- Miss Charlene SEE of this city married in Kinmundy on Sunday to Geo. W. MILLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pete MILLER, also of this city. The couple will live in South Bend, Ind.

- On Sunday in Kinmundy, Clyde PERRY and Miss Mattie McHATTON were married. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.V. McHATTON of this city. The groom is a young, prosperous farmer living 3 miles southeast of Kinmundy, and is son of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. BERRY.

- A letter from C.T. WADE in Ft. Myers, Florida was sent to Editor, J. Lem BALLANCE.

April 1, 1920:

- Miss Ida RUTHERFORD is back home after returning from work in the service of her country at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, and the Debarkation Hospital, Newport News, Va. She has been gone for about 18 months.

- J.N. EMBSER purchased an International tractor. All of us are a little skeptical when something new is added to our work but we had just as well get ready to make use of all machinery that increases our production, as an increase in production is needed, and a lowering of the cost of producing by using less of the products as feed, and being able to do the same work with less man power.

- The mother of Hon. L.M. KAGY of Salem died today.

April 8, 1920:

- Mrs. Ella Josephine STEVENS, mother of Mrs. J.O. LOWE of Hercules, died at the home of her daughter on Wednesday. She was a native of Alabama and had just turned 74 years of age on the day of her death. Besides Mrs. LOWE, she leaves another daughter, Mrs. Myra ERLANDSON of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Services were in Richmond with burial in Sunset View Cemetery. She was well known from here as Mrs. STEVENS was an aunt of R.P. McBRYDE.

- Emma Frances HOLT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel HOLT, was born near Kinmundy on April 29, 1869, and died April 1, 1920 in a Sanitarium in San Antonio, Texas, where she went for treatment. She married James A. ARNOLD in Sept. 1887 and they had 2 sons: one - Murr Marion, died in youth; and one son, Dr. Loyd ARNOLD survives. She leaves her mother, Mrs. Susan HOLT; her husband, James A. ARNOLD; 1 son, Loyd ARNOLD; 4 sisters: Mary Elizabeth, Amilrilla and Luin; and 1 brother, John. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Elder School and Omega: Willard BARKSDALE and Miss Maude BASS were married. She has been a school teacher for a number of years, and Mr. BARKSDALE is one of Bee Branch’s most successful farmers.

April 15, 1920:

- A baby girl was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne WHITTOCK of Spearfish, South Dakota. The mother is the former Miss Anna SEXTON of this city.

- Salem has lost a physician. Dr. O.E. KELL was treating a slight wound for a lady, pricked his finger with a pin which resulted in blood poisoning causing his death.

- Orie WAINSCOTT and wife who were married on Sunday in Memphis, Tenn., stopped off here to visit relatives while on their honeymoon.

- Brubaker News: The infant daughter of Clyde SHUFELDT was buried here on Tuesday.

- C.B. ROHRBOUGH and mother, Mrs. A.M. ROHRBOUGH, left for Carthage, Ill. on Saturday to attend the funeral of Mrs. ROHRBOUGH’s sister, Mrs. Mary WILLIAMS. She had made her home several years here with her sister.

April 22, 1920:

- On Friday afternoon, two comparatively young tramps entered the H.L. WARREN home but were frightened away. That same afternoon they traveled to the L.M. ROTAN home and carried off a birthday cake that Mrs. ROTAN had baked for her daughter and a purse containing some money. Reports show that they tried other places but were frightened off. The next time they come, some of the ladies should be calm enough to notify an official.

- Maxey SUGG, former Kinmundy boy, is making good. After working his way thru Millikan University, he has been employed as Supt. of Schools at Creighton, Neb.

- John MILLER and Joe FIELDS took quick action and gave a passenger train a narrow escape. A trestle caught fire on the Chicago and Eastern Ill. railroad 3 miles north of this city on Saturday night by the train’s fire box. John and Joe, farmers who live near the site, waited and signaled the passenger train which came thru after the fire, and the train was able to stop just 30-40 feet from the ruins.

- The home of John CARMAN caught fire on Wednesday.

April 29, 1920:

- News from Brown: Married at the residence of W.J. SIMER last Sunday, were Mrs. Ota BEARD and Cecil BOUSEMAN.

- News from Brown: Born April 24, a baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. Elry KRUTSINGER.

- Mr. and Mrs. Guy BARBEE had a 7 pound baby girl.

- John ROBB and wife of Clifton are the parents of a baby boy named Howard Leroy.

- Misses Rena and Cleta BRANSON spent Friday in Brubaker attending the funeral of Mrs. EAGAN.

May 6, 1920:

- Mesdames Kate SONGER and Fenster were in LaClede on Monday attending the funeral of Mrs. FENSTER’s sister.

- On last Friday, the 3 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Mack ROBB, Jr. created some excitement in the neighborhood by going to G.C. DOOLEN’s for breakfast without his parents knowing his whereabouts. To the great joy of all, he was found at the above mentioned neighbor without a scratch.

May 13, 1920:

- Uncle Bud NEEPER, who resided north of this city, died May 10, 1920. He was born on Aug. 26, 1834 in Ohio, and married Miss Mary KEITH of Maysville, Ky. on April 2, 1856. They had 2 girls and 4 boys - 2 of whom are gone. The 4 living are: Mrs. Will BURKETT of Farina; Thomas of Idaho Springs, Colo.; Noble and Guy of Farina. Mrs. Mary NEEPER died on Aug. 26, 1886. He married second to Matilda HULL of Peterburg, Ind. on Aug. 9, 1894. He leaves a wife, 4 children, 13 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Plans for a Community Building are getting underway for a memorial to the preservers of our liberties.

May 20, 1920:

- An ordinance was passed by the City Council in relation to the building a system of sidewalks in the city of Kinmundy.

- Miss Annabel VERHOEKS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. VERHOEKS of this place, married Thamer SIMER, who is formerly from Kinmundy. The couple surprised friends when they motored to Kankakee and were quietly married on Wednesday. A party was given in their honor on Saturday at the bride’s home. A mock wedding was performed after which the young couple was charivaried.

- May 16th was the 77th birthday of David HEADLEY, and the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren gathered at the old home where chicken pie, country ham, and all the trimmings along with birthday cake.

- Memorial services and Decoration Day will be held on May 30.

- Prof. W.A. WAINSCOTT was re-employed as Supt. at the Patoka schools.

- On last Friday occurred the death of Mrs. Frank SULLENS of Alma. Her death was due to hemorrhage of the lungs. Mrs. SULLENS was Mr. PUFFER’s daughter, formerly of Kinmundy.

- William PUFFER of O’Fallon came to Kinmundy on Tuesday from Alma where he attended the funeral of his daughter, Mrs. Frank SULLENS.

- Somebody’s dog needs watching. Mr. McCARTY had his sheep killed and damaged to the extent of $186.00 last week. It certainly is bad that these kind of dogs are allowed to live and the man who keeps a dog that looks suspicious has something wrong with him and should consult a physician and have his head examined.

- Shanghai News: Joe FIELDS had a birthday on Monday and to his surprise 6 families had prepared cakes, pies, ham and chicken and other good things to eat and helped them after church at Shanghai on Sunday.

May 27, 1920:

- The Memorial Monument Fund money has to be returned to contributors, as the Alderman of the City Council unanimously refused to grant permission to have a memorial built on public ground.

- Corporal Byron Emmett STOKELY married Miss Mary Ann STARK on May 22, 1920 in Effingham. The groom’s mother, Mrs. S.F. STOKELY gave a dinner for them the next day in Kinmundy.

- Henry JACKSON who resides 5 miles northwest of here broke a collar bone. He was starting to plow potatoes and the colt became entangled in the harness and he threw Henry.

June 3, 1920:

- The growing scarcity of food is even more serious today than it was during the recent war.

- Married last Friday in Salem, Oswald MILLER, son of Dr. MILLER of this city, and Miss Gayle VINCENT of Farina.

- Mt Carmel: A birthday dinner was held for Van ALDERSON’s 32nd birthday.

- News from Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Elmee NEAL had a baby girl on May 18.

- News from Brown: A number of neighbors got together and built a fence around the Parker Cemetery last week.

June 10, 1920:

- Ruby C. HADDEN, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. HADDEN, was born near Bee Branch, Marion Co., Ill. on Feb. 25, 1895. Ruby answered the first call for volunteers to service in the great world’s war. On Nov. 3, 1917, he married Opal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John WALKINGTON. When he landed in England Sept. 30, 1918, he had contracted a severed case of influenza, and that turned into a fatal case of bronchial pneumonia which took his life on Oct. 10, 1918. He was buried with Military Honors in the American Cemetery in Winchester, England, leaving behind a father, mother, 2 sisters, a brother who is now serving in France, and Opal his wife. The funeral was held on May 8, 1920 after the body arrived in Kinmundy under military escort.

- D.R. HASELDEN of Idaho writes a letter about the area.

- Married last Wednesday, Mr. Burdette CHAPMAN, son of Mrs. Ella CRAIG of this city, and Miss Irene SMITH of Arcola. They will live in Muncie, Ind.

- Married in Salem on June 5, 1920, Ones HENSLEY of Chicago, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence GRAY, and Charline BAYLISS of this city. The couple will live in Chicago.

- Charles C. MISSELBROOK died June 5, 1920 at his home in Meacham twp. He was born at South Hampton, England on May 5, 1830, and the age of 14 he emigrated with his parents to America, living in Canada where he grew to manhood. At the age of 30, he married Fanny SPRAY, and they had 10 children, 7 of whom preceded him in death. He leaves 2 daughters and a son: Amanda BARTLET of Indianapolis; Nettie McDOWEL of near Terre Haute, Ind.; Roy MISSELBROOK of Kinmundy; and a loving wife. In 1860 he moved with his family to Kinmundy where he has since lived. Burial in Cockrell Cemetery.

- Elder School and Omega: The funeral of Green BEARD was held at Loverell on Thursday.

June 17, 1920:

- A special election was held for the building proposition of the community building and it lost by 37 votes. Breakdowns by precinct and by men/women votes were published.

- Sam ALLEN, an old respected citizen of Kinmundy, died near midnight on Wed. night. Dr. BOSTON was summoned as he began to feel ill, but it was too late. Apoplexy was given as the cause of his sudden death.

- The school board has employed the following teachers for the coming term: Prof. ETHERTON, CRAIG, Miss Irene SEE, Pauline BAGOTT, Mildred WADE, Hattie CARPENTER, Helen MORGAN, Fannie K. EAGAN, and Pearle JACKSON.

- News from Brown: Over 150 had an excellent time at Robert HUDDLESTON’s on Sunday. It was his 43rd birthday.

June 24, 1920:

- The remains of William MENEELY, who was killed by an automobile running at a high rate of speed in Springfield, arrived here on Nov. 5 and was taken to Eastland Cemetery where services were held. We are told that when the car struck Mr. MENEELY, his body was thrown onto the hood and that the driver maneuvered his car so as to throw the body off and drove on anyway. As yet the murderer has not been captured. William MENEELY was born on Apr. 3, 1865 at Port Kenneby, Penn., and died June 19, 1920 in Springfield, Ill. He leaves his wife, Laura; a son, Glenn, of Fisher, Ill.; a mother; a sister, Margaret of LaGrange, Ill.; and five brothers - Daniel and James of Champaign; John H. of Brooklyn, NY, Chas. S. and Robert of Chicago.

- Last Monday, Miss Pauline NEIL, daughter of Mrs. Chas. S. NEIL of this city, went to St. Louis where she met her fiancee, Mr. Benjamin F. JOHNSON of Fairview, Okla, and they were married. The couple will live in Fairview, Oklahoma.

- Samuel J. ALLEN died on June 17, 1920 at his home in Kinmundy. He was born in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio on June 8, 1840, and married Margaret E. HIGGASON on Dec. 25, 1870, who died on Sept. 29, 1878. He married Elzora WOLFE on Feb. 20, 1879, and they had 4 children: John W., Uriah S, Bertha M., and Eugene who died earlier in youth. The mother died April 19, 1903. He married Margaret E. HADDEN on Nov. 4, 1908, who survives.

- From "Springfield, Mo. Leader" - John C. SAWYER, 84, a contractor, died yesterday. He is survived by a widow and 5 children: Mrs. R.M. JOHNS, Fulton, Mo.; F.R. SAWYER, Humansville; J.F. SAWYER, Mrs. C.A. BOSLEY, and Miss Litha SAWYER, all of Springfield. Interment in Confederate Cemetery. (Kinmundy Express note: Mr. SAWYER was a resident of this community many years ago.)

- Mayor W.S. PRUETT and wife are the proud parents of Carl, a fine baby boy, who was born last Thursday.

July 1, 1920:

- North Fork and Arnold Chapel: Nelle WALKER has been employed to teach Chapel School the following term and Jane WALKER the Swift School.

- Brown News: On Monday, the residence of Mr. Andrew MULVANY caught fire and burned including the contents. Their many neighbors and friends made a nice donation including about $100.00 in money.

July 8, 1920:

- Two couples married in the past week. Last Saturday, married at the home of Earl SHANAFELT, the wedding of his sister, Miss Otta SHANAFELT to Noah WILLIAMS. Married at Salem on June 29, 1920, Chester MENDENHALL and Grace MERCHANT. Both couples are well known young people of Kinmundy.

- Thomas E. WANTLAND died July 4, 1920. He was born Feb. 20, 1835, the son of Epiam and Rachel WANTLAND. On July 26, 1865, he married Anna BRETZ, and they had 4 children: Alvin H. and Ethel ALDERSON, having passed away. His wife died Aug. 9, 1896. The funeral was at the home of Lou ALDERSON with burial in Rretts Cemetery.

- Warning was printed from Sheriff Lucian BEASLEY. He has received several severe and vicious complaints to poker playing and crap shooting and other gambling in and around Kinmundy and this giving all parties interested fair warning that this must be stopped at once. He referred especially to the old coal mine and the ICRR Reservoir.

- John W. GRISSOM, father of F.O. GRISSOM, our present postmaster and Lonis E., Editor of the Farina News, died at his home in Farina on July 3, 1920.

July 15, 1920:

- A letter was printed from J.W. BLAKLEE of Venice, California, who was a former resident of Kinmundy.

- Miss Harriet CADWALLADER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. CADWALLADER of Chicago, and Clark E. KLINE were married July 10, 1920 at the home of her parents. He was a local boy.

- Brown News: Byron MILLICAN of Omega will teach the Brown School again at 100 dollars per month, this making the fourth term.

- Elder School and Omega: Chas. SEE, Robert SCHOOLEY, and A.A. SOUTHWARD were in Ellsworth Thursday attending the funeral of Mrs. J.E. GRAMLEY.

July 22, 1920:

- Mrs. Sarah DILLON was given a surprise birthday dinner at her home on July 18th by her children and grandchildren in honor of her 82nd birthday. Present were: T.J. WADE, E.G. DILLON, and families of Meacham, J.R. DILLON and son of Farina, J.A. BROOM and family of Alma, C.B. WEST and family and Miss Anna DILLON of this city.

- Elder School and Omega: Graduation exercises were held here Tuesday. Graduates were Lucille COMBS, Eugene KLINE, Burmice LONG, Nell LAYMAN, Bertha MIDDLETON, Velma MARLOW, Burdette WALKINGTON, Ross HAMPSTEN, and Max KELLER.

- Ed DILLON and T.J. WADE and families attended a birthday dinner of Mrs. Sarah DILLON on Sunday for her 82nd birthday.

July 29, 1920:

- From the "Delphos Republican": John F. CHINGENPEEL was born March 5, 1851 in Decatur Co., Ind., and died July 2, 1920 in Delphos, Kansas. At 20 years of age he came to Kansas settling on a farm with his parents southwest of Delphos where they resided until 1876, when the family moved to Kinmundy, Ill., where he met and married Miss Mattie R. SPYKER on Oct. 16, 1877, returning to Kansas in 1878 where they have resided for the past 42 years near Delphos. He leaves a wife, and 2 sons:Raymond and Delphos of Delphos; 3 brothers: W.E. of Roseburg, Ore.; Sorenso D. of Delphos; and Chas. F. of Santa Maria, Calif. Burial in Delphos, Kansas.

- O.J. HANSON of Royal, Ill. writes the paper.

- A reunion of the BEAVER family was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.A. NELSON in Tolono, Ill. on July 25, 1920.

- On July 18, 1920 at the home of W.A. NICHOLS southwest of Kinmundy, a basket dinner was given in honor of his sisters, Mrs. Minnie STERN and Ora NICHOLS of Harlowton, Montana, Mrs. W.I. ADAMS of Spokane, Wash.; and Mrs. Bud ADAMS of Centralia, and brother, C.H. NICHOLS of Odin.

- Elder School and Omega: Henry SIPES has a narrow escape Saturday while topping a stack of hay for C.M. WANTLAND. The top slipped off with Mr. SIPES and it was about 3 hours before he finally recovered.

Aug. 5, 1920:

- Mr. and Mrs. D.N. MERCER will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on August 10 at their home, 3 miles east of Carter, Ill.

- Mr. and Mrs. P.J. VALENTIN and daughters, Jean and Eileen, have moved from Chicago to Kinmundy.

- A baby girl was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert MAXEY.

- Mariam Margaret was born to Mr. and Mrs. H.J. CLINEBELL on July 10 in Springfield. The mother is the former Miss Clemmie WHITTENBURG of this city.

- Meacham News: Mrs. Laura BALKE and daughter, Neta, attended a birthday dinner for her brother Mel SAPP near Iola on Sunday.

- Meacham News: A baby boy made his arrival at the home of Ellis PARRILL and wife on Friday.

- Word was received about the arrival of a baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. SNOW of East St. Louis. The mother is the former Miss Josephine O’BRIEN of this city.

- Gossip: Some people seem to have the idea that the oil for the streets is handled by individuals for profit, but this is a mistake. It is handled through the Businessmen’s Assoc. for just what it costs. All these men get out of it is some extra work seeing that its put on the streets. When your conversation lags and you try to think of something to talk about, ask your neighbors if they have paid their subscription to the Express and leave these people who do this gratis work alone.

Aug. 12, 1920:

- On Tuesday, Wm. GARNER, one of Kinmundy’s old stand by barbers and Frances FILE of Centralia were married.

- A new daughter, Mary Catherine, arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. Joe GUNNING, of Tolono, Ill. on Aug. 4, 1920. The mother is the former Miss Agnes CRAIG of this city.

- Mr. PRUDEN, a mail carrier in Iuka, had a new set of harness stolen in the locaity by some men named BRANDT. Two men were taken to Salem Monday where they pleaded guilty.

- Floyd Francis PRUETT died in Shawneetown, Ill. at the home of his niece, Mrs. Ethel WOOD, on Aug. 5, 1920. He was born in Kinmundy on Aug. 7, 1886, and leaves 4 brothers and 1 sister. The mother died a few months ago. He was stricken with the flu the past winter and returned to work before fully recovering, which resulted in a physical breakdown from which he never rallied.

- Mt. Carmel: Mildred Marie, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elra KRUTSINGER, died on Aug. 8, 1920 at the age of 3 months, 13 days. She leaves a mother, father, 2 brothers and 3 sisters.

Aug. 19, 1920:

- Louis WILSON, resident of Kinmundy, while working in the Odin mine last week was seriously injured while at work in his room of the mine when the roof of slate gave way covering Mrs. WILSON. He broke 3 ribs and was bruised.

- This afternoon, the Number 28, a southbound passenger train leaving Kinmundy at 4:30, struck an automobile at the crossing 1/2 mile north of Alma, killing 2 people. The car contained 6 people - Mrs. Fayette MAXFIELD, Mrs. M.A. GLICK, Mrs. Glenn WADE and 2 children, one five year old, one just a baby, and Francis SCHMIDT, all of Farina, except Mrs. MAXFIELD of Centralia. Mrs. MAXFIELD and Mrs. M.A. GLICK were killed instantly. Francis SCHMIDT, who was driving the car, had a broken leg, and one hip dislocated. Mrs. WADE was bruised and unconscious for a time. Her 5 year old son was bruised and had a fractured skull requiring an operation and he’s in serious condition. The baby escaped with minor injuries. They were on their way from Farina to Salem to attend the Soldiers and Sailors Reunion. This is one of the worst crossings in this part of the country.

- A 10 pound baby boy was born at the home of James E. WILLIAMS on Aug. 15, 1920.

- A 9 pound baby boy was born at the home of Abe OWENS and wife on Tuesday.

- News from Brown: On Friday evening, at the home of Al HANKS, a barn was struck by lightening and burned down. 4 tons of hay, one thousand feet of lumber and several bushel of oats were destroyed.

Aug. 26, 1920:

- The 10 year old daughter of Mrs. Will THOMAS, who was formerly Mrs. DONOHO, was accidently shot by a child, the son of Mrs. Lou SULLENS, when he was examing a rifle while no one but the children were at home. She died Aug. 18, 1920, and burial was at Hickory Hill Cemetery near Alma.

- Charles Fletcher, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. COLE was born July 16, 1920 and died Aug. 21, 1920. The funeral was held Sunday.

- Last Thursday evening, Leland BRASEL, a young farmer living northwest of here, accidently pushed a rusty nail into his hand which caused local blood poisoning that has caused him a great deal of suffering, but he is reported improving at present.

- Elder School and Omega: The infant son of Fred MULVANY and wife of Siloam died on Saturday.

Sept. 2, 1920:

- W.H. GRAY and his family moved to Champaign.

- On Aug. 28, 1920, a surprise was given by neighbors and friends of Ray GEORGE, north of Kinmundy, in honor of his 29th birthday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry JACKSON celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at their home northwest of this city with a surprise by relatives and friends.

- C.R. HESTON and family moved Monday to their new home in California.

Sept. 9, 1920:

- The Alma Fair was held this year on their new 90 acre fairgrounds recently purchased.

- Word was received of the death of Mrs. V. SHADER of Detroit, Michigan. She was the mother of Mrs. G. W. SNELLINGS.

- Lela SWIFT went to Alma on Monday where she began her work as teacher in the public school the coming term.

- Brubaker News: Roy BUCANAN and wife are the parents of a baby girl.

- Elder School and Omega: Miss Adda ALDERSON has returned home from Battlecreek, Michigan where she has been employed and will soon go to East St. Louis and teach school near there the coming winter.

Sept. 16, 1920:

- Married last Saturday was Mr. Glenn ROBB and Miss Mildred WADE. The groom is son of Mr. R.C. ROBB living northwest of Kinmundy, and the bride is daughter of T.J. WADE living east of here.

- F.O. GRISSOM sold the Hubert farm of 135 acres to Walter JOHNSON.

- John ROBB, who has been living near Clifton the past few years, decided to return to this part of the state and purchased the Harmon ENGLEBRECHT farm 3 miles east of town.

- Brubaker News: Jerome EMBSER Jr. is suffering from an attack of typhoid fever.

- Meacham News: Marjorie WADE has been employed to teach at the Oak Ridge School for the coming year.

- (From "The Montgomery News): A 10 pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert ZUMWALT on Tuesday named Robert WRAY. Robert’s daddy is a compositor at the Montgomery News plant and believes Robert Jr. is destined to become a printer.

Sept. 23, 1920:

- Last Friday evening a number of friends helped R.J. ANDREWS surprise his wife for the wedding anniversary. There was piano playing and singer, and all were served watermelon.

- Jim LOWE moved from California to Carthage, Ill.

- A negro employee of the ICRR who has been working here this summer died Saturday due to stroke of paralysis. Burial in the public section of Evergreen Cemetery.

- Friends of Mildred MOTCH gathered at her home for her birthday.

- John MERCHANT sold to Tony YOUNG, our young hustling Horticulturist, 20 acres east of town.

- Elder School and Omega: About $30 was taken in at the entertainment at Pleasant Grove Church on Friday night.

- News from Brown: Tuesday night John VAUGHN’s barn burn’t to the ground. Cause unknown.

Sept. 30, 1920:

- Tony YOUNG and D. GRAY were among those held up by robbers on the ICRR Friday near Chicago.

- Mrs. Elizabeth HOCKER was born near Cynthian, Kentucky on Jan. 6, 1854 the daughter of John and Mary GARRETT. She died at her home in Detroit, Mich, on Sept. 26, 1920 with burial in Evergreen Cemetery. In 1869 her parents moved to near Atlanta, Ill., where she resided until her marriage. On Aug. 26, 1879 she married Rev. A.D. HOCKER, and they had 6 children: Nellie, Carrie, Horace, Charles, Grace and Frannie.

- The wedding of Eugene Francis PRUETT and Miss Emma SAWTELL took place on Sept. 24, 1920 in Oshkosh, Wis. They met after he was seriously wounded while serving in France in Sept. 1918 and was a patient in the Fort Sheridan hospital. Their engagement was announced shortly before he was discharged from the hospital in July 1920. The couple visited the mother and PRUETT families in Kinmundy before making their home in Denver.

Oct. 7, 1920: no paper

Oct. 14, 1920:

- (From the Lincoln Co., Colorado Democrat"): The community was badly shocked to learn of the tragic death of Mrs. Emogene WHITE of Amy last evening about six o'clock. The accidental discharge of a shot gun in a truck at the Stoney Point Bridge about sixteen miles southwest of town, he had stopped to get some water for his radiator. While out of the car the gun was accidently discharged, practically the full load entered the left side of Mrs. WHITE’s body at the shoulder. Their three-year-old son was seated by the side of Mrs. WHITE and escaped with slight injuries. Mrs. WHITE was born at Farina, Illinois, June 26, 1895, and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.G. FORD, who resided at that place. She was 25 years, 3 months, and 12 days old. The couple was married about four years ago, the injured lad being their only child. The body was brought to Alma where funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon and interment made in Alma cemetery.

- O.N. TYNER left Saturday for Chicago for a few days visit and to celebrate their 78th birthday on Oct. 10, 1920.

- (From Centralia Sentinel): On Tuesday at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ed RITTENHOUSE of Centralia took place the wedding of Mr. Moses WAINSCOTT and Mrs. Anna E. WOLEY. The couple will make their home in Kinmundy.

- On Sept. 29, 1920, at the home of C.P. BALKE and wife occurred the marriage of their daughter Nyta Grace to Mr. Wm. Carr TRACY at Platteville, Wis. They will make their home in Platteville.

- George EVANS was killed when he was attempting to pass between a load of hay and the belt from the engine to the separator last Monday. He was caught by the belt and hurling into the pulleys of the separator which caused almost instant death. He leaves a wife and 3 children.

- Wm. Wright PUFFER was born in Kinmundy on March 6, 1852, and grew to manhood here. He married Nancy J. CLARK in Oct. 1886, and they had 6 children. His wife died in 1895 leaving him to care for the 6 children. Two of the children preceded the father in death: Florence, wife of Frank SULLENS, who died last April; and the wife of Fred ERRING who died 4 years ago last February. The 4 surviving children are: Mrs. Emma TULLY of Chicago; Mrs. Lara MITCHEL, John PUFFER, and Mrs. GREINER of O’Fallon. Mr. PUFFER lived with his youngest daughter and departed this life on Oct. 2, 1920. Also leaves 4 sisters: Mrs. Agnes NEAVELS of Sims, Ill.; Miss Matilda HAMMERS of Kinmundy; Mrs. Fannie TUCKER of Mt. Vernon; Mrs. Debby GIESEKING of Delphin Organ; and a brother, John PUFFER, of Kinmundy.

Oct. 21, 1920:

- Miss Dora JOHNSON and Xon NICHOLS were married at the home of the bride’s parents in Alma on Saturday. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jabe JOHNSON of Alma, and the groom is the son of Andrew NICHOLS of near Kinmundy. The couple will leave soon for Rock Falls, Ill.

- A wiener roast was held on October 13 by the Royal Neighbors at the home of C.H. WEST and wife. This has been an event for several years at this time as it’s also their wedding anniversary.

- Shanghai Church: Last Wednesday, the barn owned by the Commercial Orchard Co. was destroyed by fire and burned five buggies and harness owned by the boys who were assisting in gathering the fruit.

- Shanghai News: Mrs. Lizzie DOOLEN returned home last week from an extended visit in Idaho with the Massie ARNOLD and family.

Oct. 28, 1920:

- News from Brown: Mr. Ed WINDERS and sister have moved to the northern part of the state.

- News from Brown: Aunt Betty NUGENT died at the age of 83 here at her home Thursday after a 4 week illness. The funeral was at Old Union on Friday. Interment in Stifi Cemetery.

Nov. 4, 1920:

- A boy was born at the home of W. Earl MORRIS and wife on Wednesday.

- Dr. J.B. MORGAN, wife and sons of Cleveland, Ohio returned home after visiting here with his parents, Wes MORGAN and family.

- Warren G. HARDING and Calvin COOLIDGE elected President and Vice President of the United States.

- For the last number of years, a fellows wife would scold because he would stay out late for election returns but this time she was right there with him.

- Arnold Chapel: Several of the boys left Sunday for the north to husk corn.

- Aunt Mat HOWELL went to Odin on Friday to attend the funeral of her cousin, Homer ALEXANDER.

Nov. 11, 1920:

- James MITCHELL, and old resident of Kinmundy, was seriously injured while working in the Odin mine when a large amount of slate fell on him mashing his shoulder, tearing the ligaments loose from the spine, and mashing one hand.

Nov. 18, 1920:

- William T. BAYLISS was born in Franklin Co., Ind. on March 3, 1854, and died at his home one and one-half miles west of Kinmundy on Nov. 13, 1920. He married Laura BOCKOVER on Feb. 10, 1874, and they had 5 children, 2 dying in infancy. He leaves a wife, 1 daughter and 2 sons: Mrs. Rose ORGAN of Salem; Edward and Quince of Clarksburg, Ind.; 2 sisters: Mary CRAFT of Seattle, Wash.; and Malissa MAYORS of Mt. Carmel, Ind.; 2 brothers - J.A. and James H. of near Kinmundy. Interment in Eastland Cemetery.

- Charles M. NEAVIL was born Jan. 24, 1855 in Indiana, and was the youngest of a family of 8 children, all passing except for Artemecia RAY of Tonti, Ill., and Mrs. Talitha MOODEY of Alburquire, New Mexico. In 1862 he moved with his parents to Kinmundy where he has since resided. He married Miss Elizabeth BISEONETT on Apr. 21, 1881, and they had 6 children - James, Samuel, John, Thomas, Kittie, and William, all surviving. While caring for his sister in Tonti he was stricken with pnemonia from which he never recovered. He died Nov. 11, 1920 at the home of his sister, Mrs. RAY. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mt. Carmel: Miss Marie GREENE received the prize at Mt. Carmel for being the best speller present, Miss Mulvany being the teacher.

- Elder School and Omega: A revival meeting is in progress at Pleasant Grove Church.

Nov. 25, 1920:

- Sunday being the 27th birthday of Marlin DISS, a surprise dinner was given in his honor by his wife at their home west of Kinmundy. Present were Clarence HANNA and family, Chas. DISS and family, Homer HANNA, Dan ARNOLD, Orville DISS and their wives, and Mrs. Mahala JONES.

- Chas. ERBINGER, an old resident and merchant of this city, died recently in the K of P home in Decatur. Interment in Benton.

- Kinmundy is to have 2 banks. The Kinmundy State Bank is now organized.

- Many of her friends will regret to hear that Mammie TULL of Windsor, Ill. died on Saturday. Interment was made at Windsor. She was the daughter of J.W. TULL who was a resident of this city.

- Meacham News: T.J. WADE was given a surprise party for his birthday.

Dec. 2, 1920:

- Lulu Althena PURDUE BOUGHERS died on Nov. 24, 1920. She was born on Oct. 3, 1873 in Marion Co., Ill. 3 miles from Kell, the daughter of John W. and Harriet PURDUE. She has 4 sisters - Mrs. RUICK of Villa Grove; Mrs. McDANIEL of Oakland; Mrs. SENTERS of Kell; and Mrs. MALONE of Decatur; 2 brothers - John PURDUE of Murphysboro; and Alfred PURDUE of Harvey, Ill.; and several half brothers and sisters survive. She married James W. BOUGHERS on Aug. 19, 1890, and they had 5 children; 4 sons - Clyde, Glenn, Avery, and Harold; and 1 daughter - Ruth. Also a grandson, Glenn, son of Glenn; and a granddaughter Eugenia, daughter of Clyde. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- (From Decatur Review): Miss Mayme TULL of Windsor died at the home of her grandfather, John W. TULL on Saturday after a 2 weeks illness. She had been living with her grandfather since the death of her mother 20 years ago, and since the death of her grandmother, she has been a housekeeper for her grandfather. She was born in Kinmundy on Aug. 8, 1893, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter TULL. Her father, who lives in Missouri, and one brother, J.H. TULL at Windsor, survive her.

- Married on Saturday in Salem, F.B. WILLIAMS and Miss Alta SUTTON. The groom served in the World War and is the son of Gray WILLIAMS. The bride is the only daughter of Wm. SUTTON and a graduate of Kinmundy High School’s Class of 1920.

- Word was received last week by Mrs. R.P. McBRYDE announcing the death of Mrs. Earl CROSSETT of Chicago. She died only a few days after contracting pneumonia, and was formerly Miss Anna CORA of this city.

- Lyman A. COX was born July 7, 1871 and died Nov. 26, 1920. He married Ruth COCKRELL on Jan. 23, 1894, and they had 5 children - Edna, Bertha, Igo, Ray, Bernard, and one grandson. He also leaves 2 sisters - Belle and Stella, and 2 brothers - Frank and Lewif. He had been ill for sometime, and had gone to Detroit Michigan to live, hoping the climate would help. His sister, Stella, joined him there 2 months ago, and was with him until his death. The body was brought here, and interment in Elder Cemetery.

Dec. 9, 1920:

- Edna May, daughter of Thomas and Matilda E. SMITH, was born March 14, 1883, and died Nov. 30, 1920. She married Alvin D. HILL on Nov. 8, 1905, and they had 2 children - 1 daughter, Margaret, age 14, and one son, Floyd, who died in infancy. She leaves a husband, daughter, mother, Matilda E. PYLES of this city; 3 sisters - Laura CARMAN of DuQuoin; Myrtle JAY, of Hunt City, Ill.; and Georgia GREEN, of Champaign; 2 brothers - Sam SMITH, of Antioch, Neb.; half-brothers - Carl A. PYLES, of Decatur; and Willis, of Alliance, Neb. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Annie CONREY was born in Shobonier, Ill., and when a child she moved with her parents to Kinmundy, where she grew to womanhood. She married E.L. CROSSETT, also of Kinmundy, and came to Chicago to live, but as Mr. CROSSETT, an engineer on the Rock Island Railroad, it was more convenient for them to live in Blue Island, where they resided 18 years. She died Nov. 23, 1920 after a brief illness of pneumonia. The funeral was held at the home, and interment was in Greenwood Cemetery.

- John HARPER was born in Scotland on March 3, 1874, and died Dec. 3, 1920. He came to the United States with his parents at 4 years of age, and married Adalia THREEWIT on Jan. 27, 1896. They had 8 children, 2 dying in infancy. He leaves: Eva, John, Howard, Nelda, Agnes, and a devoted wife. He was a resident of Kinmundy for several years, and about 8 years ago moved with his family to Centralia and was employed by the Junction City Mine. He was known as "Jack" to his friends.

- Mr. Jesse Franklin VAUGHN was born in Marion Co. on June 20, 1899, and died at the age of 21 years, 5 months, and 12 days. He leaves a father, John VAUGHN of Omega; 4 brothers - Harry VAUGHN and Willie VAUGHN of Joliet, Ill.; Turner VAUGHN of Chicago, Ill.; Johnnie VAUGHN of Omega, Ill.; 2 sisters - Ruby VAUGHN of Omega, and Ollie MILLS of Joliet; 3 uncles - Henry and Harm MULLEN of Omega, and Wessely MULLEN of Walnut Hill; 2 aunts - Lizzie MEEKS of Washington, and Maggie WILCOXEN of Omega. He died from fractured skull caused by the turning over of an automobile 20 miles north of Wilsenburg. He joined church in Greeley, Colo. about a month ago. The remains arrived on the I.C. train with services at Brown Church. Interment in Parker Cemetery.

- Katherine Irene WILKINSON was born in Carbondale, daughter of Hershel B. WILKINSON. Mr. and Mrs. W.T. WILKINSON of here are the grandparents.

Dec. 16, 1920:

- Anna LENHART was born in Mansfield, Ohio on Dec. 24, 1845. Here with her brother John, and sister, grew to womanhood. After the death of her mother and sister, she, her father, and brother, and family came to Kinmundy, Ill. in 1878. She lived on a farm a mile south of town, and in 1882 married Mr. Simpson DOWNS. After a few years she became a widow. In Nov. 1901 she married Wm. BREWER and in the east part of town, made her home. Her parents were of sterling Germanblood.

Dec. 23, 1920:

- Mrs. H.L. HANNA was seriously wounded becoming partially paralyzed while doing the family washing. The stroke was at first thought it might be fatal as it was caused by a bursting of a blood vessel on the brain.

Dec. 30, 1920:

- Nancy Jane CARRIGAN, daughter of Robert and Sarah CARRIGAN, was born Dec. 10, 1835 near Odin. She married Michall SEE on Oct. 9, 1854, and they had 9 children, 4 dying in infancy. One daughter, Mrs. Cornelia SEE ANNA died Aug. 26th leaving a little son, Hermann, who was left in this home until he served his country and paid the supreme sacrifice. She is survived by 4 daughters - Adaline YATES of Altamont; Florence WHITE of Amy, Colo.; and Misses Harriet and Clara SEE; and 1 grandson Carl WHITE of Amy, Colo.; a granddaughter, Miss Rhea WHITE; and great-grandson, Carl Ford WHITE of Amy, Colo; 1 brother - Samuel CARRIGAN at Carrigan Twp. She died Dec. 21, 1920, and had lived in this county for 89 years.

- Wedding took place between Charles CONANT of this city and Miss Daisy FROST of Ashland, Kansas. They were married in Ashland on Dec. 23, 1920. We have often wondered why Charles has always been so eager for harvest time to come, but now the secret is told.

- Married at the home of Rev. Monroe SMITH in Patoka - Mr. Roy JONES and Miss Gladys MARTIN. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emmett JONES of Foster twp., and the bride daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. MARTIN of Foster Twp. Roy is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. ROBB of this city.

- Mr. G.W. CONANT and Miss Grace BASSETT were married at the office of W.S. Chance on Dec. 24, 1920. The groom is son of Mrs. Valinda CONANT, and the bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lafe BASSETT. The couple is from Foster. (DFM note: Grace BASSETT was not the daughter of Lafe BASSETT but of Elmer BASSETT.)


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

Compiled, transcribed, and printed by Dolores Ford Mobley. (March 1999) Questions, comments, suggestions should be directed to the e-mail address below.    Permission to copy,  is requested.

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