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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

"The Kinmundy Express", Kinmundy, Ill. (Microfilm Roll #2)

Jan. 6, 1921:

- Mr. and Mrs. Cecil LOWE of Foster twp. are parents of a boy born Jan. 1, 1921.

- R.P. McBRYDE is retiring from active service as cashier at the First National Bank of Kinmundy.

- Elder School and Omega: The funeral of Mrs. Green BEARD was held at Lovell Grove church on Sunday with interment in the Church cemetery.

- Mt. Carmel: About 70 were present on Wednesday at the masquerade party at the home of Mr. Arvie MULVANY and family.

- Mt. Carmel: Last Saturday, Mr. Vernon ODELL of Omega twp. and Miss Hester DAVIS of Songer twp. were married. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ODELL, and the bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer DAVIS. A dinner was given at the home of the bridegroom.

Jan. 13, 1921:

- Services are to be held at the M.E. Church South in honor of the first anniversary of the National Constitution Prohibition.

- (From Knisely newspaper): Miss Clara JOHNSON of Alta, Iowa married Mr. Chas. P. HAMMER of Kingsley on New Years Day. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Swan JOHNSON of Alta. (Express note: The groom is formerly a Kinmundy boy.)

Jan. 20, 1921:

- Rev. T.A. MARTIN, pastor of M.E. Church was married on Tuesday in Centralia to Miss Ruth RUSH of Litchfield.

- Arthur Alexander SOUTHWARD, son of William and Mariah SOUTHWARD, was born Feb. 5, 1873 near Omega, and died Jan. 16, 1921 He married Myrtle GRAMLEY of Omega on March 4, 1897 and they had 4 children, 1 dying in infancy. The wife has also died. He married second to Kate WANTLIN on March 26, 1913 and they had 1 child. He leaves a wife and 4 children: Willie, Mabel, Ruth and Elizabeth. Also 1 brother and 2 sisters. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- (From The Centralia Sentinel): Wayne WHITTENBURG and Marjory NELMS, both of this city were married at the home of Rev. CUMMINGS on Jan. 14, 1921. The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank NELMS of Centralia, and the groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. WHITTENBURG.

- News from Brown: Olin MULVANY and Miss Nana LAMBIRD, former residents of this vicinity, were married in Carbondale on Jan. 8, 1921.

Jan. 27, 1921:

- Alma News: Mr. W.S. ROSS celebrated his 81st birthday on the 11th of this month.

- Meacham News: The new home of Edwin HARRELL and wife is near completion. The carpenters and painters are putting and finishing touches on it later this week. It is modern in every respect. It has a basement 30 x 44 feet, furnace heat, a complete water system, an up to the minute bathroom outfit, electric lights, and in fact everything to make a home comfortable.

Feb. 3, 1921:

- J.W. ATKINS and wife celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, and on Tuesday evening a number of friends and neighbors gathered at their home.

- The Gem Cafe was robbed Thursday night while Mae SAVELEY was in Centralia and $250 was taken while she was gone. The robbers came thru an upstairs window. Everything was left untouched until the blood hounds could arrive on Friday evening from St. Elmo. The dogs took them to the residence of one of our citizens - although this is no evidence as to who the robbers were - Gail McGRUE and Xon SIMER were arrested.

Feb. 10, 1921:

- A write up was printed titled "We Could Do Without Them - A Lot of Old Gossips and Busy Bodies Here."

- An article was printed about students smoking cigarettes that "if you never used one, don’t".

- Class #13 of the M.E. Church Sunday School surprised their teacher, Mrs. G.W. NEWELL on Jan. 11 by invading her home at supper time taking well filled baskets and a gift. They had also surprised their former Sunday School teacher, Mrs. A.E.W. PRUETT, last Tuesday with a potluck dinner.

- Mr. BLEDSOE while attempting to make his fire burn better with kerosene received bad burns about the arm and hand. Mrs. BLEDSOE’s brother was seriously burned.

- According to W.J. BRYAN, "The closing of saloons is sending many young people to college".

- News from Brown: Chas. HAMPSTEN and wife are parents of a baby girl born Feb. 4, 1921.

- Alma News: As their isn’t any sickness in this neighborhood, Dr. LASWELL has gone on a vacation.

- The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eli ROBB was buried Saturday at Sandy Branch.

Feb. 17, 1921:

- Minnie BOLANDER was born Sept. 26, 1867 in Sweden and died Feb. 14, 1921. She married July 29, 1887 to Andrew WATERBURG, and they had 1 daughter, who preceded her mother in death about 12 years ago. She leaves a husband and an aged father. She came to Kinmundy Oct. 1, 1920, and had been a sufferer for some time and was finally taken to the hospital in Effingham. Services held at the M.E. Church with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mrs. John HAMMERS received a message Wed. from her sister, Mrs. Oscar RAINEY of Shenandoah that her son Paul was killed.

- Jim RAINEY died at his home near Brubaker Tuesday.

Feb. 24, 1921:

- (From Shenadoah, Iowa newspaper): Paul Edward RENNIE was killed Wed. by a car driven by Edwin GORDON. GORDON, son of John GORDON, was leaving school when RENNIE was hit, and the boy was taken to the nearby FISHBAUGH home, where he died soon after the doctor arrived. Funeral at the Baptist Church. He leaves his father, mother, a sister, Thelma, aged 10, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James A. RENNIE and Mr. and Mrs. W.A. MAXWELL.

March 3, 1921:

- John R. HENSLEY, son of Walter and Eliza HENSLEY, was born at Marble Corner, Ind. on March 19, 1846, and moved with his parents to Kinmundy in 1860. He married May M. REYNOLDS on Dec. 20, 1898, and they had 2 sons - Edwin R. and Walter Earl. His wife died Aug. 10, 1907. He died Feb. 21, 1921 leaving 2 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren, and 1 sister, Amanda MOORE of Center, Ind. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- The 88th birthday was celebrated for Grandma CHEADLE on Feb. 23, 1921, and a number of the members of the Christian Church joined her at the home of her son, J.R. CHEADLE, with whom she is living.

- On Feb. 26, 1921at the home of Rev. O.L. HAWKINS, occurred the wedding of A. Otis CHARLTON and Miss Fern McCULLEY. The groom is an employee of Uncle Sam and has carried the mail for a number of years, and the bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. McCULLEY, a farmer northwest of this city.

- On Feb. 9, 1921 in Webster City, Iowa occurred the wedding of Dwight SWIFT and Miss Myrtle WANG. The groom is son of Mrs. Lizzie SWIFT of this city. Miss WANG is of Webster City where the couple will make their home.

- A letter was printed from J. Harvey BROWN of Branson, Colo.

- Anson BRANSON and wife are parents of a 10 pound baby girl born Feb. 27, 1921.

March 10, 1921:

- Martha J. LYNCH, daughter of James and Rosamaah LYNCH was born in Salem on Feb. 14, 1843. She married Dan R. LOVELL on Feb. 8, 1860, and they had 7 children. Mr. LOVELL and his family came to Kinmundy about 1882, and the husband and father died in 1885. She was stricken with paralysis about 2 years ago, and since that time she has been cared for at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Rose WHITTENBURG, where she died March 6, 1921, leaving 4 children: Van, Will, Rose, and Lily. Three children preceded her in death: the eldest (twins) and her "baby boy" Dannie. Services were at the Christian Church with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- 30 friends and neighbors of Mr. Lyman BISHOP gave him a pleasant surprise on March 7th for his 60th birthday.

- Last Saturday at Odin occurred the wedding of Virgil TROUT of that place and Miss Nellie NEAVILL of Kinmundy. They will make their future home on a farm near Odin.

- Mr. and Mrs. REINHERT of Cleveland, Ohio are parents of a baby born of 9 pound boy. The mother is the former Miss Maggie MILLER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore MILLER.

- A baby girl was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew JACKSON Saturday.

- Elder School and Omega: We wondered why he was in such a hurry to get the car in running order, but the puzzle was solved on March 5 when Lester YOST and Myrtle SIPES quietly went to the nearby town of Alma and were married by Rev. WATSON at the M.E. Church. The groom is son of Mrs. Will SHAFFER, and the bride is daughter of Clabe and Serelda SIPES. The couple will reside on a farm east of Bee Branch.

- Crutchfield Prairie: Sam MULVANY and children motored to Olney Saturday to see their wife and mother who is in the sanitarium.

- Mr. and Mrs. Avery ROUGHERS have a baby boy born March 7.

March 17, 1921:

- The Farina Bank was broke into last Thursday and robbed of several $1000 of bonds.

- Mrs. Elizabeth PORTER was born in Ypsilanti, Mich. on Feb. 16, 1840 and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ella PEASE in Norcatur, Kan. on Feb. 19, 1921. Two children, James Clay VAN ARNON and Mrs. Ida M. SHARP preceded her in death. Surviving are 2 children, Mrs. Evie WORRAL and Mrs. Ella PEASE. For many years she was a member of the M.E. Church in Kinmundy, while her last days were spent in Kansas.

- Last Friday in Salem, Ralston HANNA and Pearl JACKSON both of Kinmundy twp. were married. The groom is son of Mr and Mrs. Clarence HANNA, a farmer northwest of this city. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry JACKSON, a farmer residing northwest of our city, and she has taught a number of terms in the township public schools. The couple will reside north of town.

- Last Wednesday at Champaign occurred the wedding of Lorentz WORMLEY of this city and Miss Gene STILLMAN of Farina, Walter BLUE of Iowa and Miss Ruth ROHRBOUGH of this city acting as bestman and bridesmaid. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. E. WORMLEY and one of Kinmundy’s young men and is attending the University at Urbana. Miss STILLMAN is from Farina. The couple will live in Urbana.

- Friday, March 11, was the fifty-fourth birthday of Mrs. Theodore GARRETT and in memory of the day a surprise was planned for her in the nature of a basket dinner and all day visit. She had planned to spend the day with Mrs. Noah THOMAS, but before she was ready to start, Mrs. THOMAS and two children arrived, she thought nothing of this as Mrs. Thomas often came to visit the home of her childhood, but when Mr. and Mrs. Dal GREEN and Mr. and Mrs. Orie ATKINS arrived she began to be suspicious. Before long Chas. DOOLEN, Mrs. J.W. ATKINS, Claude GARRETT and family, Mrs. G.T. BALLANCE and son, Dale, Mrs. Sam LOWE and daughter, Katherine, Mrs. H.M. FISHER, and Mrs. M.J. ATKINS came. All the children were home but one son Gene, who is agent for the C & E.I. R.R. at Brubaker and he was unable to get away from duty. The surprise was complete and a very happy day was spent. A splendid dinner was served at the noon hour and after dinner, this being a musical family, splendid music was enjoyed on the piano and stringed instruments. The day was ideal and the gathering of this family at the home where so many happy hours had been spent with loved ones, the love and friendship shown by all, the hum of conversation, the laughter of the children made one feel that life was worth while, and will be a day long remembered by the mother.

- Miss Katherine ATKINS celebrated her 56th birthday last Monday, and a number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of the ATKIN’s sisters.

- Elizabeth Maude COMBS died after a brief illness. She was the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee COMBS of Omega twp. She was born Sept. 23, 1915 and died March 14, 1921. Services were held at Bee Branch Church with burial in Phillip Cemetery.

- Mt. Carmel: While Ollie MULVANY was chopping kindling Saturday, he let his axe fall in such a way as to hit his little sister on the forehead. The doctor was called and 2 stitches were taken.

- Mrs. LEMONS received word Wed. that Mr. and Mrs. Horace ASHLEY are parents of a baby girl.

March 24, 1921:

- Dan ARNOLD’s home was destroyed by fire last Saturday evening. The fire no doubt started from the flue of a summer kitchen just after Mrs. ARNOLD had started a fire to get supper. The family with the assistance of the neighbors were able to carry out a part of the household goods which were immediately taken to the Geo. REESE farm now owned by Mr. ARNOLD. It is certainly a hard blow to any family to have their home destroyed and if possible a little worse for a farmer to have his home burned at this time of the year just as he is beginning the planting of his crops.

- A large number of farmers and neighbors gathered at the home of Dan ARNOLD and family on Tuesday night and presented them with many useful things to take the place of those destroyed when their home burned Saturday evening.

- Monday was the 67th birthday of J.B. GARNER, who was born March 21, 1854 at what was known as the Whitson Ford, just northwest of where J.T. BAYLISS now lives, with his parents whom moved to Kinmundy on Apr. 6th of that same year. He is Kinmundy’s second oldest inhabitant who was here in 1854. (A picture accompanied this article.)

March 31, 1921:

- Ben PHILLIPS, son of J.S. and Nancy BOUSMAN PHILLIPS, was born Dec. 23, 1863 in Marion Co., Ill., and died at the train station in Edgewood on March 22, 1921 quietly falling asleep. He married Dec. 24, 1884 to Florence LAUCHNER of Louisville, Ill., and they had 2 daughters, Nellie and Jennie. Nell died Dec. 26, 1918. He leaves a wife, Florence; daughter, Mrs. Jennie CASSIDY of St. Louis, Mo.; an aged mother; 2 brothers and 1 sister namely, Mrs. J.J. PHILLIPS, Charles and James PHILLIPS, Mrs. Amanda RAMSEY of St. Louis; and 2 grandsons, James and Paul FILSON of Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. PHILLIPS moved with his wife to Kinmundy about 16 years ago. He was elected to the House of Representatives in the Illinois Legislature in the Fall of 1920. Services at the M.E. Church with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Alma News: People here were shocked by the sudden death of Mrs. B. NIELSON. Funeral at the Baptist Church with burial in Alma Cemetery.

April 7, 1921:

- Township election results are:

For Supervisor: Democrat C.B. SMITH - 310; Republican C.B. ROHRBOUGH- 214

For Justice of the Peace: Democrat B.J. ROTAN - 320; Republican G.W. WHITE - 157

For Constable: Democrat H.L. HANNA - 283; Democrat Eli ROBB - 287;

Republican J.T. BROWN - 189

For School Trustee: Democrat J.A. BAYLISS - 255; Republican W.W. LOWE - 237

- Last Friday the little son of Mr. and Mrs. R.J. ANDREWS, while playing around his home, fell into a well 20 to 25 feet deep, but the mother saw the boy fall in. She called her brother Earl MORRIS at the bank, as her husband was away from the house, and told him what happened. She hurried to the well, secured a rope that was nearby, and making one end fast at the tops, she tied the other end around her waist and leaped into the well. At first she could see nothing of her child but soon he rose to the top where she seized him and climbed onto a pipe. She was able to reach far enough to push the child out of the well after he showed he was alright. Soon Earl MORRIS and Pleasant ROBINETT arrived, and Mrs. ANDREWS was taken from the well without a scratch, but somewhat scared. Both are fine now.

- Married on Sunday at the parsonage of the Church of Immaculate Conception in Mattoon were J.T. BOYLE and Mrs. Zella BARNHART GEORGE. The groom is son of John BOYLE, and the bride is daughter of T.E. BARNHART. Miss Helen BOYLE and Richard BOYLE, sister and brother of the groom were the attendants.

- Mrs. Ellis WOLFE and daughter, Edith, and mother, Mrs. NELMS left Monday for Centralia where they plan to make their home. Mr. WOLFE is employed there.

April 14, 1921:

- Cyrus Anson PORTER, oldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. D.A. PORTER, was born in Kinmundy on July 4, 1865. Here he grew to manhood getting his education in the public school and learning the trade of carpenter with his father. On July 20, 1885 he moved to Kansas City, and from there to various places, settling in St. Louis 21 years ago. There he established a home for himself and his 2 brothers, Frank and Chas., and his sister, Lenora. His health failed him about 5 months ago, and he died on March 31. He was buried in a cemetery about a mile from the home he loved in St. Louis county.

- On Thursday, 13 Effingham boys were in our city, and created such a disturbance, that the city marshal arrested them and locked them up. While the marshal was on one of his beats, 12 of them broke out and escaped. The one that was left told the names of the others, and was turned loose. The Effingham sheriff delivered the boys to Sheriff Beasley here on Wednesday. Beasley took them to Salem and there they are now to await the action of the Grand Jury.

- On April 6, 1921, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. CHANCE of Patoka celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and their children were all present as well as 5 grandchildren, and several neighbors and friends. Several useful presents were received. Among the oldest present were Eli W. BOREING, 87, of Salem, and John ARNOLD, 84, of Patoka. After dinner a social time was enjoyed and then all went to the parlor to sing.

- Last Friday, Mrs. Lyman BISHOP, wife of a farmer residing 3 miles east of here, took her own life by swallowing Carbolic Acid. Mr. BISHOP and his son were returning from doing chores and found her unconscious and the bottle containing the acid. A note was found stating that she was tired of living and telling where and how she wished to be buried, and to notify all of her friends. She had undergone a surgical operation some years ago from which she never recovered, and this no doubt was the cause of her unbalanced mind. The body was taken to Wenona, Ill. where interment was made.

- Alma News: Mrs. ROADS, one of our old citizens, died last Wednesday at 90 years of age. She leaves a daughter, Kate ROADS of this city, Jess and Nora ROADS of this city, and John Roads of Kinmundy. Interment in Borling Cemetery.

- News from Brown: Mrs. John SANDERS died at her home on Thursday. Old age was the cause of death. Her husband is seriously ill.

- A great big 10 pound boy made his arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wes ROBB Saturday morning. Mrs. ROBB and baby are doing fine, but Wes refuses to listen to anyone telling him their boys are anything like his boys equal.

- Margaret Lee, 7 pound girl, was born to Mr. and Mrs. William POWELL at Anita, Iowa on April 9.

April 21, 1921:

- After attending services at the M.E. Church in Kinmundy, Cecil SHREFFLER and Miss Lillie BLACK quietly withdrew to the parsonage where they were married. The groom is a prominent farmer and fruit grower of Tonti twp. The bride is daughter of Mr. George BLACK also of Tonti. They plan to make thier home with his mother just west of Alma.

- W.S. PRUETT was relected Mayor without opposition.

April 28, 1921:

- April 21, 1921 was Mary L. HANNA’s 89th birthday. The children and grandchildren met at the home of Gray WILLIAMS and wife with well filled baskets to help her celebrate.

- Next Tuesday, Alma is to vote on a community high school.

- Elder School and Omega: A school election was held Saturday. The 2 candidates receiving the greatest number of votes were the 2 elected: Chas. WANTLAND - 8; Francis SIPES - 6; W.C. SOUTHWARD - 3; W.H. SHAFFER - 1.

May 5, 1921:

- KHS Alumni elected officers: Ray HAMILTON - President; Hattie CARPENTER - Vice President; and Helen MORGAN - Secretary-Treasurer.

May 12, 1921:

- Gordon and Edward LOWE left for Collinsville where they took charge at a Garage recently purchased by them.

- Mrs. Martha ZINC residing 5 miles northwest of this city buried their 10 month old baby on Friday may 6th. On Wednesday the child in it’s baby buggy being near the stove when the mother was preparing the meal caught hold of a coffee pot that was boiling.

- Alma News: E.G. FORD and wife and son, John, attended the funeral of Mr. Ford’s mother in Farina last Monday.

May 19, 1921:

- David HEADLEY celebrated his 78th birthday on May 16th, and his children, grandchildren and great-granchildren met at his home in Foster twp. on May 15th in honor of the occasion. There being church services at the North Fork Church, the men folk attended church while the ladies prepared dinner. Although Mr. HEADLEY is now short one hen and ham, he was well pleased and enjoyed the occasion very much.

- Fred B. GEORGE, son of Jessie and Louisa GEORGE was born in Kinmundy on Feb. 10, 1875, and died in Mercy Hospital in Burlington, Iowa on May 9, 1921. He married Esther CASE on Dec. 24, 1897 who survives with their 3 children: Mrs. Florence JASPER of near Kinmundy; Mrs. Eva RUPE and Mrs. Lydia BALDRIDGE of Centralia. He also leaves 2 grandchildren, 1 sister and 5 brothers. He spent most of his life near his birthplace, but moved to Centralia a little more than 4 years ago, and from there to Burlington, Iowa about a year ago. He took ill suddenly with bowel trouble on Friday and was hurried to the hospital. Services were held in Burlington, and then the body was brought to Kinmundy by his brother, Richard GEORGE. Services were held here at the Presbyterian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Nancy Jane, daughter of James T. and Maria STEEL BROWN, was born near Steeleville in Randolph Co. on Nov. 17, 1847, and died on May 16, 1921. When quite young she experienced the death of her mother. She suffered keenly by the sudden death of her father and only brother while they were engaged in their country’s service. She married Martin JERNIGAN of Steelville on Oct. 13, 1864 and they had 1 daughter who only lived 2 years. About 40 years ago, she and her husband came to Kinmundy to make her home where she has since resided until 2 years ago when poor health made it necessary to move into the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.G. DILLON near this city, with her beloved niece and adopted daughter, Grace. She is survived by a niece, grand-niece, and aged aunt. Services at the M.E. Church.

- Miss Cleta BRANSON entertained a number of friends at her home last Tuesday in honor of her 22nd birthday.

- The engagement and approaching marriage of Millicent Marion SWISHER, daughter of F. Ernet SWISHER of Vermillion, South Dakota, and B. Bryan HOWELL, son of Charles H. HOWELL of Kinmundy, was announced. Mr. HOWELL will receive his liberal arts college degree at Drake University in June.

- Thos. SHAFFER and wife, residing south of town, are parents of twin 7 and 9 pound baby boys.

May 26, 1921:

- Mary A. SONGER, daughter of Frederick and Jane HELM SONGER was born on a farm in Marion Co. six miles from Xenia on Aug. 27, 1840 and died at the home of her brother, A.W. SONGER in Kinmundy on May 15, 1921. "Miss Mollie" was one of a family of 11 children, all except 1 living to a good old age. Two brothers, Dr. S.T. SONGER of Ashland, Ore. and Mr. A.W. SONGER of this city, are still living. She taught in public schools in Xenia and Kinmundy, but for many years later was in the Dry Goods and Millinery business in Kinmundy. She came with her parents to Kinmundy in 1872.

- Wessly CLOW was born in Kinmundy on March 10, 1875, son of Robert and Mary CLOW, and died in Madison, Wis. after a surgical operation. He married Miss Harriett SMITH ABBOTT in 1897, and they had 6 children, 5 of whom survive him: Mrs. George HUBERT of Peoria, Ill.; Mr. William CLOW, aviator at Kelly’s Field, San Antonio, Texas; Mrs. Paul FENRICK, Beloit, Wis.; and a little son and daughter, Leo and Adelaide of Peoria, who are with relations; and one child dying in infancy. He and his family moved to Kinmundy and vicinity until about 4 years ago when he moved to Beloit, Wis. where their oldest daughter, Mrs. George HUBERT, resided. At this place domestic troubles separated Mr. and Mrs. CLOW after which Mrs. CLOW married an Army Captain, and now lives in San Francisco, Cal. His brother Charley CLOW of Farmer City was with him in his last hours.

- The Kinmundy Lumber Yard has been purchased by D.F. NEATHERY and two out of town partners.

- Married on May 5 in Chicago, Ill. were Miss Rochelle BAYLISS and Mr. Thomas DURKIN of Chicago. The bride is youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. BAYLISS of this city.

- Alma News: Mr. and Mrs. Jim KENNEDY are the proud parents of a baby girl.

- Elder School and Omega: Sunday being Melvin MAXEY’s 12th birthday, his Sunday School Class spent the day with him and all report a nice time.

June 2, 1921:

- Miss Irene SEE, Assistant Principal of Kinmundy High School the past term, surprised her many friends this week when she announced that on April 6 in St. Louis occurred the wedding of Mr. Glenn BRASEL of Carter, Ill., and Miss Irene SEE of this city. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. SEE. Mr. BRASEL is a respected school teacher of his community, being a graduate of Carbondale Normal Schools.

- Jewell, 22 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred ALEXANDER, died on Tuesday with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Born to Alfred LAMAY and wife, a boy born on May 29.

- Floyd CRAIN and wife are parents of a baby girl born May 31st.

- Alma News: Mrs. Opal BRUBAKER died May 24 after being ill for some time. She leaves 2 boys, father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. FINCH, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. Services held at the M.E. Church with interment in Alma Cemetery.

- There will be an ice cream supper at Pleasant Grove Church in Alma twp. on June 9th.

- Decoration Day was held at Sandy Branch. The boys of the late war taking the place of Civil War Vets in firing the salute here and giving a demonstration of their training at Sandy Branch added to the program.

June 9, 1921:

- Mahalia C. FOSTER, daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth BULLOCK FOSTER was born in Fosterburg, Marion Co., Ill. on July 21, 1851. At the age of 2, she was left motherless and went to live with her grandparents. She married J.R. JONES of Kinmundy on Sept. 21, 1870, and they had 9 children: 3 boys and 6 girls, 1 son and 1 daughter dying in infancy, and a daughter Lizzie dying at 18 years of age. Children surviving are: J.E. JONES of Orlando, Okla.; Josie GREEN of Farina; Frank of Kinmundy; Nellie of Oklahoma City, Okla.; Rena CROSSLEY of Denver, Colo.; and Alta DISS of Kinmundy, and 12 grandchildren. Her husband died on Oct. 3, 1919. She had been seriously afflicted some time ago, for about 2 months unable to leave her bed, and she died on May 30, 1921. She leaves 1 half-brother, Robt. FOSTER of Brubaker, and 4 half-sisters: Sarah YOST of Alma; Mary WEARIN, of Hastings, Iowa; Mattie BURTIS, Akron, Colo.; Lizzie ROBB, Charter City, Iowa; Ella MARTIN, Little Rock, Iowa; and Mamie STEWARD of Xenia. The funeral was held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Marland DISS with burial in Jones Cemetery.

- The wedding of Harry WEST and Vera HOYT took place on May 28 in Effingham. Mr. WEST is a mail carrier of this vicinity. Miss HOYT has been Mr. WEST’s housekeeper for the past year.

- Minnie E. SMITH MULVANY died on June 6, 1921 after a long illness. At the age of 17 she married Robert Wesley MULVANY, and they had 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls, all of whom survive. They are: Louis of Shattuc, Marshal of Marseilles, Fred and Andrew of Kinmundy, Alfred and Jesse of Xenia, Mrs. Ruby RITTER and Mrs. Blanche MARLOW of Kinmundy. She also leaves 5 brothers, 3 sisters, and 20 grandchildren.

- June 5th being the 42nd wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry SEE, the girls at home planned a surprise dinner with 41 guests in attendance.

- On Sunday a surprise dinner was planned for Mrs. Earl BUNDY in honor of her birthday.

- Mrs. Riley WILLIAMS was in O’Fallon on Friday attending the funeral of her niece, Francis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy GARDENER.

- James Benjamin POSEY of Omega has been making frequent trips to Kinmundy since his return from Florida and Cuba. Jim says he had the time of his life down there mingling with such fellars as W.S. BRYAN, Billy SUNDAY, Sam SMALL, ROCKEFELLER, President HARDING and other men of note. He says that he had the chance to bring a beautiful blonde home with him but did not, and judging from his frequent trips here, it is surmised he is casting sheep eyes at one of the fair sex in this town, and it may be that a Kinmundy girl will get to live on the 100 acre farm, and spend winters with Jimmy in the south picking flowers, grapefruit and oranges, and learn to float and ride the big waves of the mighty deep.

June 16, 1921:

- Hazel Elzora, daughter of George and Mary READNOUR was born in Kinmundy on Nov. 8, 1896 and died at Pullman Hospital in Chicago on June 6, 1921. She was left motherless at the age of 9, and then a short time later was admitted to the Orphan’s Home in Evanston where she remained until she was 18 years of age. She married Herman KAZEN on Oct. 29, 1918, and on May 23rd, a baby boy named George Melvin was born, but the mother lived only 2 weeks to enjoy him. She leaves her father, who has been blind for a year to whom she was ever kind and attentive, a brother, Earl in the U.S. Navy, and a younger sister, Alice, who had been cared for in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert ROWEN since babyhood. The funeral was held at the home of R.S. ROWANS with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Delbert EAGAN, son of John and Mary SOUTHWOOD EAGAN was born in Kinmundy on Jan. 10, 1868, and died June 12. The family consisted of 7 children - 4 sons and 3 daughters, the latter reached womanhood and passed away some years ago. The brothers are: Sidney of Nathan, Ark.; Wm. of Kinmundy; and Charles of St. Louis. The grandfather, "Uncle Isaac" EAGAN, was an Elder and charter member of C.P. Church, and deeded the land on which the church stands for that purpose. The father, John EAGAN, was also an Elder in the church. "Dell", as the deceased was familiarly called, married Miss Alice WILSON at the M.E. Parsonage on Feb. 9(?), 1890. One son, Harry, was born to this union. Dell leaves a wife, son, 4 grandchildren, and 3 brothers. Services were held at the M.E. Church with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Ferdinand GREEN, a retired farmer near Xenia, took his life on Thursday by hanging himself. It is thought that the cause of his act was from worrying over the cashier running away with the money at the Xenia Bank. Mr. GREEN had his money in the bank at the time the cashier left.

- Jewell Annette ALEXANDER was born June 30, 1919 and died May 31, 1921. She leaves a father, mother, 5 brothers, and 2 sisters, and her grandparents. Two brothers, little Charles and Arno, preceded her in death.

- Harry Luzon PARKS, son of Harry and Mary PARKS, was born in Peoria on Oct. 29, 1919, and died on June 10, 1921 after a brief illness at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John HANSON in Kinmundy at the age of 1 year, 7 months, and 11 days. He leaves his parents, grandparents, and one brother. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with burial in Gray Cemetery.

June 23, 1921:

- David PARKS, Sr. was born in Kinmundy on April 1, 1859, and died at his home in Delphos, Kansas on June 1, 1921. He went to Kansas with his parents in 1875 with a wagon train, the trip lasting 30 days. He had since lived there with the exception of 1 year that he resided in New Boston, Texas. On Oct. 6, 1880 he married Miss Carrie Bell MARCHBANK, and they had 4 children, 2 daughters of whom have died. The youngest daughter, Hazel, died in early infancy on Oct. 10, 1892, and the older, Lillie May, who was Mrs. Logan SMITH, died on Oct. 29, 1918. The 2 sons are B.M. Jr. and David Dare PARKS, both of Delphos. Burial was in Delphos Cemetery.

- Four young people were united in a single ceremony at the Christian Church parsonage in Centralia. Miss Neva HOWELL married Fred PURVIS, and Miss Pearl MOORE married Fred SMITH. The young ladies have been teachers in Odin Schools, and the young men are engaged in business in that place. Miss HOWELL is the daughter of Chas. HOWELL and wife of Kinmundy.

- Silas Wright STEPHENSON was born in Crawford Co., Ohio on Sept. 29, 1851, and came to Kinmundy with his family in 1861, where he received most of his education. Soon after he went to Iroquois Co., Ill. where he made his home for several years, later moving to Cuba and Belleville, Kansas, and finally in 1900 he settled in Thomas Co., Kansas. On May 14 he received a stroke of apoplexy, and on the 21st, he received a 2nd stroke then passing away. His oldest sisters, Mrs. Olive MARQUIS of Dixon, Ill., and Mrs. Elizabeth JONES of Belleville, Kan., preceded him in death. He leaves 2 brothers: W.E. STEPHENSON of Watseka, Ill., and J.S. STEPHENSON of Decatur, Ill.; and a sister, Mrs. Sarah GUISER of Kinmundy.

- Goldie HERRICK LEWIS was born in Kinmundy on May 31, 1887, and died at her home in Meacham twp. on June 12, 1921. She married James LEWIS on Oct. 4, 1902, and they had 7 children, 2 dying in infancy, Viola Mae and Lyle. She leaves a husband, an aged mother, 3 sons, and 2 daughters: Halas, Lewelen, Hyram, Kenneth, Mary, and Dorothy, and an aged aunt in Dixon, Ill. He had been in poor health for about 2 years. The funeral was held at the mother’s home in Kinmundy with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Miss Millicent SWISHER and Mr. Bryan HOWELL were married at the home of the bride’s uncle, Mr. W.G. BURRUS. Bryan has been elected Supt. of Schools at Baxter, Iowa where the couple will reside.

- Elder School and Omega: During the electrical storm on Tuesday, H.H. MAXEY’s horse was killed by lightening, and Mrs. MARLOW had a mule killed. The residence of F.B. DAVIS was also struck and quite a little damage was done.

June 30, 1921:

- Henry GRAY, son of Samuel and Elizabeth GRAY, was born in Effingham Co., Ill. on Nov. 10, 1845 and died at the home of his son in Kinmundy on June 27, 1921. He married Mrs. Salrona STAFFORD in about 1874, and they had 6 children: Elsworth GRAY who died in infancy, Clarence GRAY of Kinmundy, Mrs. Jessie NEAVILL and Mrs. Frankie COX of Kinmundy, Mrs. Bessie MUNDY of Lovington, Ill., and Mrs. Louise RAMSEY of Springfield, Ill. The deceased moved with his family to Farina where the loving wife and mother died in 1890. After the death of his wife, the father with his little ones, kept house, the eldest being only 12 years of age. He leaves besides his children: 1 stepdaughter, Mrs. Effie DAVIS, of Farmersville; 3 grandchildren - Burdett and Charles NEAVILL of Kinmundy, and Thelma Ramsey of Springfield; and 1 sister, Mrs. Frank BLURTON of Farina. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mary Jane McCULLOUGH, daughter of Smith and Eliza CHEMBERS McCULLOUGH, was born in Savannah, Ashland Co., Ohio on Dec. 28, 1851, and died June 21, 1921. She married Orcelas SEE on Nov. 19, 1871, and they moved to a farm where they lived most of their 50 years together. They had 3 sons and 5 daughters, 2 of the sons preceding her in death - the oldest son dying in infancy and Doctor Clarence died Oct. 15, 1907 while in Frederick, Okla. practicing medicine. She leaves a husband, 1 son, 5 daughters, and 7 grandchildren. The children are: Mrs. Lida GAFFANEY of Sebastian, Florida; Mrs. Nellie MAZANEK of Alma; and 3 daughters at home - Florence, Carrie, and Gertrude, and Charley. One brother, John McCULLOUGH of Sesser, Ill. also survives. In June 1907 she was stricken with paralysis and the last 5 years confined to a wheelchair.

- The Manual BEAVER family reunion was held at the home of W.B. PRUDEN and wife. Five sisters were present for the first time in 30 years. D.C. BEAVER and wife, and Mrs. E.R. HENSLEY attended from this area.

July 7, 1921:

- The town of Kinmundy received a shock on Monday morning hearing that Job INMAN was dead. He had been in good health, and on Sunday night after his wife heard an unusual noise from his room, she found him lying unconscious in his room. Apoplexy was given as the cause of death. He was born May 18, 1866 in Logan Co., the son of Ezekiel and Bridget INMAN, and died July 4, 1921 in Kinmundy. On June 1, 1901 he married Susan D. EVANS. He spent most of his life in this community, and leaves a wife, son, and daughter. Burial in Sandy Branch Cemetery.

- Lyman BISHOP, a farmer residing 2 miles southeast of her suffered a stroke of paralysis on June 29th and died Saturday afternoon.

- On June 29th after prayer service had concluded at the M.E. church, Mr. Ruben ALIPHIN and Miss Esta CRAIN were married in the parsonage.

- Last Sunday, 40 relatives and friends gathered at the Sunny Slope farm at the home of Fred KLEISS and gave him a pleasant surprise for his 35th birthday.

July 14, 1921:

- James POTTER was born at Princeton, Ind. on June 28, 1841 and died at his home near Kerman, Cal. on June 14, 1921. At 12 years of age, he moved with his parents to Kinmundy. In 1878 he moved to Kansas where he lived until 1913 when he went to Kerman, Cal., where he remained until his death. He married Miss Eliza A. JONES of Salem in 1877, and they had 3 daughters and 3 sons, all of whom survive him, except 1 daughter who died in infancy: Miss Daisy, Randolph, Clyde A., and Lloyd W. POTTER of Kerman, Cal.; and Mrs. F.E. GOODALL of Emporia, Kansas. He also leaves a brother, B.P. POTTER, of Kinmundy, and 10 grandchildren.

- Word was received here that Geo. Herman ANNA was buried in Galena. He went into the service in the late war from this city, and died from wounds received in action.

- Saturday, at the home of Rev. W.R. BRADLEY, occurred the wedding of J.N. VALLOW and Jessie BACKENSTO. After returning to the bride’s home, refreshments were served to a crowd of guests. The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe BACKENSTO of this city. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. VALLOW and a graduate of Kinmundy High School. For the past 18 months he has been one of the Kinmundy Express force. Thee couple will reside on the east side of town.

- Lorentz WORMLEY from our town has just graduated from the University of Illinois and has been hired by the Boone Co. Coal Company at Sharples, W. Va.

- Camp Ground Items: Twins were born to Mr. and Mrs. Grover JOHNSTON on July 7th - a boy and a girl.

July 21, 1921:

- Geo. McGEE, son of Anderson and Nancy McGEE, was born in Carol Co., Va. on Sept. 2, 1868, and died July 17, 1921. He came as an infant with his parents to Indiana, and from Indiana to Illinois, settling in Sandoval, and after 4 years came to Kinmundy where he’s lived since 1889. In Sandoval he met Miss Kate O’BRIAN where they were united in marriage. One child was born who died in infancy. Mr. McGEE worked in the mines as long as his health permitted, but became an invalid several years ago, and was confined to an invalid chair. He leaves a wife, an aged mother, 4 sisters: Mrs. Sarah MILLER and Mrs. Victoria BAILEY of this city, Mrs. Etta SELLERS of Breese, and Mrs. Maggie DAVIDSON of Odin. Also 3 brothers: William of Ind., Alex of West Frankfort, and Joe of Breese.

- A letter was printed from Beatrice HAMMER LONG in McGrath, Alaska who is working at the Government Radio Station there.

- Mr. and Mrs. Orville DISS are parents of a 10 pound boy, Charles Daniel, born on Sunday.

- George SWAIN fell off of a scaffold at the light plant and broke a collar bone and received a bad cut on his head.

- Meacham News: Ed DILLON and family, and Marjorie WADE spent Sunday in Kinmundy with his mother in honor of her 83rd birthday.

July 28, 1921:

- George Herman ANNA, only child of Geo. W. and Cornelia ANNA, was born Oct. 28, 1893 in Chicago. His mother died when he was 8, and he made his home with his grandparents in Kinmundy. He graduated from Kinmundy High School at the age of 16, and entered Wesleyan University and completed a 4 year law course in 3 years, graduating at the age of 20. He enlisted in June 1917, being first rejected on account of light weight, and a month later he enlisted and was accepted. At Camp Logan in Houston, Texas, he was made instructor due to his proficiency in the use of the rifle, but as his division was ordered overseas, he was granted permission to accompany them, even though the Dept. wished to retain him at Camp Logan. He landed in France in May 1918, and it was at the Battle of Argonne that he was mortally wounded by a gunshot and high explosives on Nov. 10, 1918. The day before Armistice, he was carried cheering his comrades on to victory, to a Hospital in France where he died Nov. 13. He was buried in France by his comrades on that same day. At the request of his father, the government of the USA has brought from overseas the remains of this soldier. The funeral was held at the home residence at Galena, Ill. on July 2, 1921. Burial was made with full military honors in Greenwood Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. Luther BARNES of northwest of this city buried their little 18 month old daughter, Jennie Ruth, on Thursday. Burial was at Mound Chapel Cemetery west of Patoka.

- On July 23rd occurred the marriage of Miss Ruth WILLIAMS of Patoka and Mr. William R. DOOLEN of Kinmundy at the parsonage of M.E. Minister in Patoka. On the Sunday following, Mrs. Theodore GARRETT, an aunt of the groom, gave the Infair Dinner for about 50 of their friends. After dinner a musical treat was prepared and carried out by Claude, Cecil, and Gene GARRETT. The groom is son of Chas. DOOLEN of this city and a graduate of Kinmundy High School, and the bride is daughter of Riley WILLIAMS residing near Patoka. The couple will make their home on the Chas. DOOLEN farm 7 miles west of this city.

- Last Monday the business men met and voted funds for the erection of a band stand on the public square. Different carpenters generously offered their services so that the materials will be the only expense.

- Geo. F. SWAIN was born on Oct. 27, 1852 at Mt. Washington, Ohio, and departed his life in Kinmundy on July 25, 1921. He married Mary J. HAWKINS on Oct. 25, 1875, and they had 8 children. Surviving are Sherman SWAIN, Elsie M. SWAIN, Letha D. SWAIN, and Eva E. SWAIN. Eva C. and Willard SWAIN preceded him in death. The news of this sad accident was a shock to all. He died after receiving injuries from a fall. Burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Florus CARMEAN is suffering from a serious injury received while swimming in the C.E.I. Lake on Monday. He received his injury by diving off the bank where the water was shallow, striking his head on the bottom and injuring the ligaments in his neck.

- The remains of Willie REYNOLDS were brought from France. Burial was in Alma Cemetery on Sunday.

Aug. 4, 1921:

- The remains of Joseph DOWNS were buried here on Sunday. He was born in our city on March 22, 1889, son of Melvin and Mattie DOWNS, and was gassed in France May 27 during the war, and died in a hospital that same day, leaving a widowed mother, 5 brothers, and 3 sisters. His sister are Gladys, Mattie Bell, and Thelma, and the brothers are Ruby, Harry, John, Clifford and Tracy. Joe had enlisted in the service in 1917 while living in Patterson, Iowa. He lived here until he was grown. On the day that Joe DOWNS and Russell SALSBURY, a chum, were leaving for camp, they erected a flag pole in front of the SALBURY home planting it in cement, and before the cement had hardened each inscribed his name and underneath wrote "Killed in action in France". They were both killed in France on the same day. Burial with full military honors was made in Evergreen Cemetery. (A picture of Joe DOWNS accompanied this article.)

- Mr. William P. CARD and Miss Helen Francis MEEKS were married in San Antonio, Texas on July 6, 1921. The bride is the daughter of W.H. MEEKS and is a former Kinmundy girl. The couple will live in San Antonio.

- The third bandstand for Kinmundy is just being completed. Tuesday night will be the dedication night.

- Chicken thieves are growing bold in this neighborhood as Mr. WATERBURG has seen the thieves at two different times trying to get his chickens.

- Irma CROSSETT, youngest daughter of Earl CROSSETT of Blue Island, Ill. was buried at that place on Aug. 1, 1921.

- Eugene M. CRAIG was in Effingham on Tuesday to assist in funeral of Theodore HUFFMAN who made supreme sacrifice on Nov. 17, 1917.

Aug. 11, 1921:

- Lincoln Hugh SPENCER, another son of Marion Co., and son of Wm. J. and Eva STORMENT SPENCER, was born near Salem on Jan. 8, 1894 and died in Rowen, France on Nov. 13, 1918. He came with his parents to Kinmundy when 14, and was a graduate of Kinmundy High School. He enlisted on Oct. 3, 1917, and while at home on furlough he married Miss Virgie BRASEL on Dec. 31, 1917. He left for France in May 1918, and was sent to Belgium and entered the firing line in early July, and was gassed Sept. 2, and sent to the hospital, reporting back Oct. 6 in France. Hugh was sent to the hospital on Oct. 26, suffering from influenza and Bronchial Pneumonia. He walked 2 days to get to the ambulance and was 3 days on an ambulance before reaching the hospital where he passed away on Nov. 13, 1918, 48 hours after signed armistice, and was buried in Roueu, France. The remains were brought back to the home place and then taken from the home to the cemetery on a wagon drawn by 4 white horses and a casket draped in a flag. Burial was at Evergreen Cemetery. (A picture of L. Hugh SPENCER accompanied this article.)

- The post office in Farina was robbed Monday night after the glass in the rear door was broken. A small amount of money and a few books of stamps were taken.

Aug. 18, 1921:

- On Aug. 14, in honor of his 70th birthday, about 150 neighbors and friends with well filled baskets met at the home of Steward HANKS, 8 miles east of Kinmundy, where he was given a surprise party.

- Frank GREEN of Kinmundy and Sarah SWARMS of Loogootee drove over to Vandalia on Aug. 10 and married at the county courthouse. Then driving to her home and after having a good supper, they enjoyed the jingles of the charivari bells in the hands of about 50 persons, returning at noon on Aug. 11. Frank is one of our successful businessmen having been blacksmithing for several months. She comes from Loogootee.

Aug. 25, 1921:

- On Aug. 21, at the home of F.M. ROBB and wife 6 miles west of Kinmundy, relatives and friends numbering 38 gathered with well filled baskets in honor of Mrs. ROBB’s 23rd birthday.

- On Aug. 21, Mrs. Robert SMITH asked Mr. SMITH if he would take her to the country to get her mother and bring her to spend the day, which he did. No sooner was he out of sight that she began to prepare good things to eat and to decorate. After Mr. SMITH and his mother-in-law returned, there were 53 relatives and friends gathered to remind Mr. SMITH that it was his 33rd birthday.

- Mrs. Sarah BURLING, known to everyone as Sallie, was born near Salem on Feb. 28, 1866, and died in Centralia at St. Mary’s Hospital on Aug. 19, 1921. She married William BURLING on Dec. 10, 1893, and he died Jan. 27, 1902. She leaves 3 sisters, 3 brothers, 3 nephews and 6 nieces. The funeral was held at the home of Dolph HAMMERS on Sunday with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- J.H. and J.A. BAYLISS left Wednesday for Mt. Carmel, Ind. to visit their sister that J.A. says he has not seen in 50 years.

Sept. 1, 1921:

- Mary Ellen, daughter of William and Esther ROSE, was born June 26, 1832 in Fredericksburg, Ohio. There she grew to womanhood. On June 24, 1859 she married David JACK, and he died July 13, 1902. They had lived near Pittsburgh, Penn. for several years prior to coming to Illinois in 1867. They located on a farm 2 miles east of this city where she lived until 6 years ago when her health failed, so she spent her last years with her daughter near Maple City, Kansas where she passed away Aug. 28, 1921. She was a teacher at one time, and taught in Kinmundy school for about 11 years as well as area rural schools about as long. One son, Robert, died when 5 years of age. Surviving are: a son, William R., and his daughters, Florence and Mary who live on the old home place; her daughter, Mrs. Jessie POTTER and 2 sons, John and Harry, who reside on their farm near Maple City, Kansas; and 1 brother, David ROSE of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

- Mrs. Loyd CROSSETT was surprised Sunday by her neighbors and friends as they came with well filled baskets for her 63rd birthday.

- Mrs. Harriett DEW celebrated her 83rd birthday last Monday, and about 30 relatives took dinner to her.

- A poem written by J.H. MENEELEY of Brooklyn, New York that was dedicated to Alma on Homecoming Day Aug. 31, 1921 was printed.

- The many friends of Ebb McBRYDE will be sorry to hear that he died at his home in Chicago on Aug. 27.

- The remains of Mrs. John POWELL of west of Alma was brought here for burial on Monday. She had resided with her family in this community for several years.

Sept. 8, 1921:

- Mrs. Elsie Lavina GEORGE was born in Effingham Co. on Oct. 16, 1854, and married John POWELL on Sept. 11, 1870 at the age of 16. They had 9 children, all of whom are living except 2 - 1 small child, Johnny Emmit, and Isaac Ephram who reached manhood. She leaves a husband, and a sister, who had been at her bedside for some time, and 7 children: Elmer, Minnie, Willie, Mattie, Harry, Perry, and Maggie; 29 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

- Last Thursday, the Vallow families gathered at the home of Rev. W.R. BRADLEY and held a reunion.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.R. TELFORD of Decatur are the parents of an 8 pound boy born on Tuesday.

- Miss Elsie SPROUSE died at her home in LaClede on Sept. 3. She has been an invalid for years and is the girl whom the I.C.R.R. gave presents to last Christmas.

Sept. 15, 1921:

- On Monday, Glenn LEE started from the light plant for home on his motorcycle going west toward the I.C. Track not seeing the crossing was blocked by freight train until he was within a few feet of the track. He turned the cycle down and tried to stop the machine but had to jump off. He received a broken arm and several bruises.

- C.M. MITCHELL of Fredonia, New York visited over Sunday with his sister-in-law, Mrs. W.H. FORD and family.

Sept. 22, 1921:

- P.F. ROBINETT is erecting an ice plant adjoining his garage.

- On Wednesday at the Catholic Church occurred the wedding of Frank KOLB and Katie MEYER, young people residing south of town. Frank is one of our own boys who has grown to manhood in this community. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. MEYER.

- Several from this community attended business meeting of Anti-Chicken Thief Association in Farina.

Sept. 29, 1921:

- Elizabeth JONES was born in Kinmundy on Dec. 10, 1855, and grew to womanhood in her Illinois home. In 1874, she married Henry REYNOLDS who died in 1881, and the same year a child of this union died at the age of 5 years. She married Willis B. JONES on Jan. 1882, having come from Kansas in the year 1875, and settled in Dephos. To this union 5 children were born - 2 daughters and 3 sons. One daughter, Oda, died Nov. 10, 1893 at the age of 2 years. Surviving are: Eddie O. of Nebraska; Clement Otto of Colorado Springs, Colo.; Bennie B. of Delphos, and Mrs. Nellie CLARK of Colorado Springs, Colo. Also 1 step-son, Geo. W. JONES of Hot Springs, Ark.; 2 brothers, Geo. W. and B.M. PARKS, Sr., and 1 sister, Mrs. Jane ROCKHOLD all of Delphos; and 7 grandchildren. She died at her home in Delphos on Sept. 16, 1921.

- Last Friday while W.H. GRAY was looking at cattle, he was attacked by a bull and narrowly escaped injury.

- Mr. and Mrs. Gray DAVIS had a 9 pound baby girl born Monday and named her Martha Margaret.

Oct. 6, 1921:

- Clement GREENE, son of Edmond and Synthia GREENE, was born in Harrison Co., Ind. on Apr. 17, 1840, and died Oct. 1, 1921. He was a veteran of the Civil War from the state of Indiana, and spent 25 years teaching in the public schools in both Indiana and Illinois. He also practiced dentistry for 7 years with his brother, Dr. J.W. GREENE of Chillicothe, Mo., who preceded him in death. In 1774 he married Ettie POWERS and they had 4 children - 3 sons and 1 daughter: Seward of Kinmundy, Morton and Edward of Kirksville, Ill., and Gertie WILLIAMS of Union Pier, Mich. He also leaves a wife, 5 grandchildren, 2 brothers, Billy and Henry - both of Kinmundy. "Clem" died during the night in his sleep. He was an old resident of this community having retired from the farm and moving to our city a few years back. Burial was in Phillips Cemetery.

- The flag pole will be erected soon at the public square in honor of our veterans. The names of several of the citizens who donated money were listed.

- George HOFFMAN showed the winning herd of Holsteins on Friday and captured the pure bred Holstein bull given by the I.C.R.R. D.A. ARNOLD was a close second, and J.T. ARNOLD was third.

- Joe BACKENSTO went to St. Elmo Wednesday to attend the funeral of his uncle, George WEBER.

- Meacham News: Mrs. F.S. HARRIS attended a family reunion near Casey, Ill. on the 25th of September.

Oct. 13, 1921:

- Postmaster GRISSOM’s house was nearly destroyed by fire Wed. night. He had been having work done on his house yesterday, and the painters had thrown down some rags saturated with turpentine and paint, etc. in a pile on the floor. During the night a fire started and a hole was burned thru the floor two feet in diameter.

- On Oct. 2, the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren along with a few friends gathered at the home of Grandmother HUMPHREY to celebrate her 93rd birthday. A 4 course dinner was served, and Grandmother made the pumpkin pies and bread.

- Mrs. Wm. SIMPSON of Gillespie, Ill. was brought here for burial last Wednesday. Remains were accompanied by her children: Mrs. H.J. SCRUBY of Gillespie, O.E. SIMPSON of Indianapolis, and Mrs. Eulah LAROGUE of Youngstown, Ohio. She was the sister of J.P. WHITSON of Salem, Chas. WHITSON and Mrs. WILLIAMS of Alma. Services were held at the home of Mrs. Alice SEE with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. Luther BARNES are the parents of a 11 pound baby girl born last Saturday.

- Mt. Carmel: Maset BROWN and wife have a new baby girl born on Saturday.

- Mt. Carmel: The Rola MARLOW’s are the proud parents of a baby born Tuesday.

Oct. 20, 1921:

- L.M. KAGY, one of Marion county’s leading attorneys, died at his home in Salem on Wednesday.

- George SPIESE’s Ford car and garage were burned last Thursday night in a fire.

Oct. 27, 1921:

- Mr. and Mrs. Ray BRITTON and son, Dean, Mrs. BRITTON’s mother, Mrs. Geo. LYNCH, and Linnie AUSTIN, all of Salem, were turned over in a Ford car on Sunday while traveling on the oiled road south of this city. When Mr. BRITTON undertook to pass another car, the struck a small wash out on the other side against the embankment which turned them over. Mr. BRITTON received a large gash under the chin and another on the abdomen, the boy a broken arm, and Mrs. LYNCH 2 or 3 broken ribs. There is one thing for sure, when a car is driven at a speed of 30 or more miles an hour, the occupants of the car must trust in fate that all will end well.

- W.B. KAGY celebrated his 80th birthday, and his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and his only living sister, Aunt Doll BRUBAKER met at his home where the day was spent in feasting and social talk interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. Late in the day the guests departed wishing Uncle Bill and Aunt Jane many happy returns. This venerable old couple was born and raised in Alma twp. where they have spent most of their lives. The have 8 children, 30 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

- Wm. B. DAVIS, uncle of J.L. DAVIS north of our city, took his first air trip at the age of 91 years.

- Meacham News: Last Sunday evening while driving west of town, Abie BAYLISS turned his Ford over but no serious injury done. The lights were not working good and a miscalculation at the nearness of a ditch caused the accident.

Nov. 3, 1921:

- Columbus MULVANEY, a farmer living near Omega after trying to kill his wife, cut his own throat with a razor. During the quarrell, Mrs. Mulvaney received a blow that broke her arm, and also what she claims to be a gunshot wound on one side of her face, which also tore the top of one ear off. After receiving the wounds, she took the baby and went to one of the neighbors, after which Mr. MULVANEY was found in the home with his throat slashed. The coroner was called and the jury’s verdict was that suicide was the cause of death. Mr. and Mrs. MULVANEY were married about 1 year ago. She was considerably younger than Mr. MULVANEY, and from rumors it seems that they had had a number of quarrels during their married life.

Nov. 10, 1921:

- Dr. Scott M. DAVIDSON and Miss Vera BARGH, both young people of Kinmundy, were married in Kansas City, Mo. on Nov. 1 in the American Legion Convention Hall. Fourteen other couples were married at the same time.

- Miss Nellie Eiline LANDRETH was born Jan. 16, 1916, daughter of Jackson and Pearl LANDRETH of Loogootee, Ill. She had been ill for 2 weeks and died Nov. 2, 1921. She was the 7th in a family of 8 children, and the first to pass away. She leaves a mother, father, 2 sisters, and 5 brothers. Services held at the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Farina.

- Selby GARRETT, a young farmer residing about 6 miles west of here happened upon a very painful accident last Friday morning. A colt had entered the barrow feed way of the barn, and Selby climbed in to drive it out, and in trying to get out the colt knocked a heavy piece of timber down which fell on Selby’s ankle. The colt then stepped on the timber and mashed the ankle to the ground while Selby stood against a wall unable to lean over to keep the ankle straightened. The ankle was dislocated and the ligaments torn and bruised which was very painful for a while but his is getting along nicely at present.

Nov. 17, 1921:

- Early MARSHALL died on November 11, 1921. His wife Rosannah, two sons, Emry and Ira, one daughter, Etta; grandchildren, Marshall, Burdette, Charles, Glen, Mary, Helen, Kenneth, and Velma McCARTY; Ruth, Virgol, Robert Garnette MARSHALL; one brother, Monroe, and two great-grandchildren, Max and Rex McCARTY, and several nephews and nieces, and innumerable friends are left to mourn their loss. He was born in Marshall county, Tenn, February 16, 1847. He moved to Ill. while yet a young man. He married Miss Mary BASSETT in 1868, two children, Emry and Etta came to bless their lives. In 1871 they moved to his present home, where he spent the rest of his life, having the misfortune to lose his wife. He later married Miss Armilda BASSETT, to them were born one child, Ira. After Mrs. MARSHALL’s death, he married Rosannah ORGAN, March 12, 1884 who survives him. Mr. MARSHALL served his country by enlisting April 1865 serving in Company H, 7th Cavalry until receiving his honorable discharge. At another time in life he again enlisted but this time in the army of the Lord being baptized by Elder L.C. MOORE, into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He remained a faithful man of God and passed to his reward at the age of 74 years 8 months 26 days. Funeral at the family residence with burial at Sandy Branch Cemetery.

- Michael ROONEY, son of William and Catherine ROONEY, was born in Kinmundy on Oct. 23, 1868, and died at his home in this city on Nov. 7, 1921. Mike was the 1st of 9 to pass away leaving 6 sisters and 2 brothers, namely: Wm. ROONEY and Mrs. Mary DONAHUE, both of Chicago; Mrs. Wm. LYONS, Mrs. B. ANDERSON, Mrs. Catherine CRAIG, D. O’BRIEN, Miss Ellen ROONEY, and Pat ROONEY, all of Kinmundy. At the age of 21, Mike left Kinmundy to go to Chicago. He married Margaret FOLAN on Nov. 8, 1904 at the St. Columbkille Church. They had 2 daughters - Helen and Margaret. Margaret preceded her father in death. On account of ill health, he returned to Kinmundy 6 years ago where he remained until his death. In December 1916 he received a position at the I.C. Water Station at this place. He leaves a wife, daughter, 6 sisters, and 2 brothers.

- Last Sunday in Salem, Miss Rochelle INMAN of this city married Mr. Hollis BAKER, son of L.B. BAKER, a farmer near Omega. The bride is a graduate of Kinmundy High School and has been employed as a teacher, which work she will discontinue. The groom has a number of good dairy cows and expects to make dairying his chief part of farming.

- Last Monday at Vandalia, Marion DAVID of Farina, and Ruth BOUGHERS of our city, were married. The bride is the daughter of James BOUGHERS. The couple will make their home in Farina.

- The marriage of Charles WOODS and Miss Clara BRAND at Champaign took place last Christmas. They are making their home in Champaign.

- A farewell surprise was given at the W.R. LESEMAN home by several friends and neighbors. They will make their new home in Centralia.

Nov. 24, 1921:

- Miss Norma R. JOHNSON and Paul E. HAMMER were married last evening in Centralia at the private parlor at the Presbyterian Church. The only witnesses were immediate relatives of the bride. The bride is the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. JOHNSON of Centralia. The groom is formerly of Kinmundy but for the last 5 years made his home in Centralia being employed at the Fair Furniture Store where he is charge of the credit department.

- A hay barn which contained about 80 tons of hay owned by C.E. WILKINSON was destroyed by fire Tuesday night. The cause is unknown, but it sits near the I.C. tracks so it could have been sparks from a passing train which started the fire.

- Eldo WAINSCOTT is farming in Wyoming.

- Mr. and Mrs. Arno MILLER are the parents of an 8 pound baby girl named Helen Martin born last Friday.

Dec. 1, 1921:

- "The Kinmundy Express" has changed hands. J.N. VALLOW, a highly respected young man who has grown up among us and is one of us, has purchased the newspaper from J. Lem BALLANCE.

- Bryan DOOLEN and Miss Bernice BRIM were married on Thanksgiving day in the home of the bride in Springs, Ill. near Carbondale. Bryan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. DOOLEN of this city and served in the World War. He attended school at Carbondale graduating in 1921, and is now employed in the high schools of Platsmouth, Nebraska, where the couple will reside. She is formerly from Creal Springs.

- Miss Josephine BUSWELL and Mr. Nat WILLIS were married in Parsons, Kansas. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles BUSWELL of Kinmundy, and he is son of Mrs. M.A. WILLIS. The bride left 3 years ago for Parsons, Kansas to work in the railroad office at MK & T. Her uncle, John SCHOENBORN is employed in same office.

- Fred Melvin GRAY was born Oct. 9, 1901 and died Nov. 26, 1921. He leaves a father, mother, one brother Emmitt, and a sister Beth OWENS. His pallbearers were 6 first cousins: Ray GEORGE, Claude and Clyde HANNA, and Marvin, Elvin and Willie CONANT. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery.

- Word was received of the death of Mrs. HARWOOD, a former resident of this city. Professor HARWOOD was at one time Supt. of our schools. She was sister of Mr. Archie KILE of Odin. Burial in Carlyle.

- Last Wednesday, the home of Dan O’BRIEN was about to be burglarized but was discovered before the thief gained entrance into the house. On the same night, Chas. WHITE had a set of harness stolen from his barn.

- Bro. and Mrs. HAWKINS were given a complete surprise on Nov. 29, when about 82 neighbors and friends gathered at their home with well filled baskets and packages of most everything good to eat.

- Last Thursday Mr. Henry METZGER and Miss Florence LIKE of LaClede were married by Father Marion in Edgewood. The groom is a young farmer northwest of this city and the youngest son of Chas. METZGER. The bride is the daughter of John LIKE of LaClede twp. The couple will reside on a farm northwest of here.

- A baby girl was born at the home of T.B. REESE and wife of Stratford, Iowa named Lola Loranne.

- Meacham News: Nov. 27 was Percy BALKE’s birthday and he and his wife took dinner with Fred HEWITT and wife.

- Mrs. George FIELDS was in Centralia Monday attending the funeral of her nephew, Lesley SHAW.

Dec. 8, 1921:

- Delilah PREIST was born in Warren Co., Kentucky on Feb. 27, 1834. She came with her parents to Illinois when she was about 3 years old and settled near Xenia. In about 1860 she married James A. COLEMAN, and they had 2 sons - Charles, dying in infancy, and Henry. She died Dec. 5, 1921 with burial in Evergreen Cemetery.

- At the ME Parsonage on Sunday occurred the wedding of Mr. Otis HINES of Alma and Miss Ethel Amy JOHNSON living west of this city. He is a young farmer residing in Alma twp, and she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. JOHNSON living west of this city. The best man was a brother to the groom and the bridesmaid was Alice READNOUR of this city.

- Perry LEWELLEN and Company of Neoga will open a general merchandise store on Saturday. Last Saturday marked the opening of a new store in Kinmundy called James Bros.

Dec. 15, 1921:

- Word was received Saturday from Denver, Colo. that a boy was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence CONANT on Dec. 6 named Kenneth Edward.

- Alma News: The Alma Bank was broke into last Sunday night, but the thief was scared away before getting into the vault.

Dec. 22, 1921:

- Baby John Max, son of John Roy and Pearl WILKINSON TELFORD, was born Sept. 6, 1921 and died Dec. 18, 1921 in Kinmundy. Burial at Evergreen Cemetery.

- Dec. 15, being Mr. Chas. LOWE’s 73rd birthday, about 30 of his friends and relatives gathered at his home to give him a pleasant surprise.

- A letter was printed from Miss Nan C. GEE, a former Kinmundian, as she writes to her niece, Elsie, from Shawnee, Okla. which she has seen grow from infancy.

- Maude KINNEAR PUGNER was born near Madison, Ind. on Sept. 18, 1884 and died Dec. 8, 1921 at Garfield Park Hospital in Chicago. She was stricken with pneumonia while working at the hospital as a nurse. Interment at Rose Hill Cemetery in Chicago.

- The Iuka State Bank was robbed at gunpoint at about 3:45 on Tuesday. Miss Mildred KELLY, a cashier proved to be the heroine of the occasion. After the robbers fled the bank, she jumped into her father’s Essex and raced the robbers north to the state road fast to the county line. After getting stuck they ran into a wooded area. Latest reports are that the Sheriff’s forces are combing the 400 acres of woods assisted by Clay county officers and farmers.

Dec. 29, 1921:

- Robert GREEN residing west of this city had a barn struck by lightening and burned Friday night.

- Elder School and Omega: Last Monday morning the house on the J.L. GRIFFIN farm that was occupied by Edgar STOWERS and family was burned to the ground.

- Mt. Carmel: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DANIELS of Salem, formerly of Crutchfield Prairie, are parents of a baby girl.

- Mt. Carmel: Mr. and Mrs. Loran ALDERSON, formerly of near here now living at Salem, are the parents of a new girl.

- Mt. Carmel: Mr. Robert MULVANY and family who had made their home in Penn. for the past 2 years are now returned to their old home in Crutchfield Prairie.


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

Compiled, transcribed, and printed by Dolores Ford Mobley. (March 1999) Questions, comments, suggestions should be directed to the e-mail address below.    Permission to copy,  is requested.

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