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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

"The Kinmundy Express", Kinmundy, Ill. (Microfilm Roll #2)

Jan. 3, 1924:

- Joseph BULLMAN, son of Lot and Jane BULLMAN, was born Sept. 12, 1851 near Bunker Hill, Ill., and died Dec. 14, 1923 at Kinmundy. He married Miss Lou AMENT on Oct. 25, 1887 in Litchfield, Ill., and they had 1 child - Von J. S. BULLMAN. He leaves his wife, son, and 2 sisters. Services were held at the MYERS Funeral Home parlor.

- Miss Lorene STORMENT, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. STORMENT of this city, and John W. DOOLEN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan DOOLEN, were married Dec. 23, 1923 at Vandalia by the pastor of the Christian Church. The couple will reside in Salem.

- Chas. SCHERMERHORN died last Saturday at his home in Flora where he had resided for a number of years. When only a boy he had moved with his parents to this city where he grew to manhood. Services were held at the M.E. Church in Flora.

- Mr. Cecil HAMPHILL of Pana and Miss Josephine PARKER of Nokomis were married at Hillsboro on Dec. 24. The couple will make their home in Nokomis where the groom is employed.

- On Thursday a baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. William DOOLEN of Vernon. The next day the baby died and was laid to rest in DOOLEN cemetery.

- Mrs. Nora SHAHAN died at her home in Arcola on Dec. 10. The cause of death was heart trouble and dropsy.

- A letter was printed from Mrs. A.E.W. PRUETT.

- 4 year old, Eileen, daughter of S. Wayne WHITLOCK of Spearfish, South Dakota, died Friday morning where she had been taken for an operation for obstruction of the bowels. Burial was in Spearfish. The mother is the former Anna SEXTON of this city.

- Katherine WORMLEY is able to slide with out either snow or ice. She demonstrated the fact Sunday morning by sliding down the church steps.

- Mt. Carmel: Freddie MULVANEY and Bertha HARELL were married Christmas Eve. They will make their home with the groom’s father, W.F. MULVANY.

- St. Peter: BERNHARD and FORD sisters returned to St. Louis Sunday after a short visit with home folks.

- Cordelia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. NABOR died Thursday after a short illness with blood poisoning. The funeral was held at St. Paul.

Jan. 10, 1924:

- Oliver Perry, son of George W. and Jane KENNEDY VALLOW was born July 11, 1848, in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, and died at home of her daughter, Mrs. James WILLIAMS, on Jan. 6. He spent his boyhood days in Ohio, and married Clarissa Ann SCHOOLEY on Oct. 15, 1869 moving to Marion county in 1870. They had 12 children - 5 of whom died in infancy. His wife died Aug. 13, 1905, and he lived in his own house until 5 years ago when he made his home with his daughters, due to his ill health. He leaves 3 sons: Charles of Nokomis, Ellis of Livingston, and Herschel of O’Fallon; 4 daughters: Ida and Cora WILLIAMS of Kinmundy; Bertha BROWN of Kansas City, Mo.; and Mabel GARDNER of St. Louis, Mo.; 2 brothers: John of Denver, Col., and Emmett of Lajuanta, Col.; 4 sisters: Tillie MAXWELL and Mandy BRANCH of Kinmundy; Mary BRADLEY of Detroit, and Lizzie BATES of Shenandoah, Iowa; 36 granchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Harry WHITTENBURG married Miss Mary COMPTON of Morgansfield, Ky. on Dec. 25 at home of the bride in Morgansfield. She is a music teacher in the high school at Benton, Ky. where they will make their home. The groom is a graduate of the class of 1918 at K.H.S., and of the University of Illinois in the class of 1923. He is presently teaching high school in Benton, Ky., where the couple will make their home.

- Announcement of the birth of a 6 pound daughter, Margaret Eileen, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LYONS in Ashkum on Jan. 7.

- A Klu Klux Klan meeting will be held on Jan. 11 at the Gem Theatre. A prominent speaker of Atlanta, Georgia will give a Klu Klux Klan lecture. Everyone over 18 years of age is invited and the lecture is free.

Jan. 17, 1924:

- On Jan. 9 at the Presbyterian manse in Salem occurred the married of Mr. Lester VAN SCYOC and Miss Hazel LANE, Rev. MAHR officiating. The groom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe VAN SCYOC, and a young farmer residing south of this city. The eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin LANE. On Thursday a number of their friends went to their home and charivaried them.

- T.M. SMITH celebrated their 66th birthday on Saturday. He states present he received was a long distance phone call from his daughter, Georgia EAGAN of Denver, Col.

- Mrs. Scott MATTHEWS of Murphysboro died in Centralia while she was visiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank ANDERSON at Centralia, where she contracted pneumonia. She died Tuesday and services were held in Centralia.

- Mrs. Sarah CHASE BOGGY, a former resident of Kinmundy, died at her home in Lebanon on Jan. 14, at about 55 years of age.

Jan. 24, 1924:

- Charles Saulsberry SCHERMERHORN was born in Edgewood on July 8, 1862, and died on Dec. 29, 1923. He was a resident of Flora for about 28 years during which time he was employed with the Baltimore and Ohio R.R. Co. as a locomotive engineer. He married Miss Clara WURM at Athens, Ohio on March 9, 1895. Soon after his marriage he moved to Flora where they have since they made their home. He leaves his wife, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters as follows: A.V. SCHERMERHORN of Ridge Farm, Ill.; Lewis of Spokane, Wash.; L.S. of Miles City, Mont.; Mrs. S.L. MOORE of Los Angeles, Cal.; Mrs. Caroline TYSON of Santa Monica, Cal.; and Mrs. Ellen SQUIRE of Aurora, Ill.

- Jan. 19 being the 77th birthday of Aunt Julia ROBB, her children, grandchildren, and near relatives met at her home and surprised Aunt Julia. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. R.C. ROBB, Mr. and Mrs. J.T. ARNOLD, Eli ROBB and family; C.I. DOOLEN, and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. LOWE. Uncle Mack had plenty of coal and it was good old summertime in the house.

- Grandpa and Grandma O’BRIEN and Grandma VALLOW received word of the arrival of Jack O’BRIEN, who was born Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. VALLOW of Detroit, Mich. weighing 8 pounds.

- (From a Jan. 12, 1912 edition): Four railroad officials were killed at Kinmundy. One I.C. and 3 Rock Island men were crushed to death while asleep in a Rock Island private car. Four men in the car escaped injury. This was the most disastrous collision in history, considering the prominence of those killed. Three railroad men were hurt.

- Otto BROCKSMIDT, a farmer residing north of this city, died on Monday at the age of 45 years. Services were held at the St. Peter church.

Jan. 31, 1924:

- Julia Arlena, daughter of Lewis and Martha COMBS, was born in Marion county on March 27, 1850, and died Jan. 27, 1924. She lived with her parents until she married Lorenzo Dow PHILLIPS on May 14, 1881, and they had 1 daughter, Maud (Mrs. Grover JONES). They resided on the farm until they moved into the city in 1919. Her husband died July 26, 1919. She leaves 5 sisters: Frances GARNER of Salem; Mary HANKS of Kinmundy, Nellie DRAVANTZ of Farina; Ellen SMITH of Ziegler; Bessie HANKS of Staunton; 3 brothers: Arthur COMBS of Louisville; Logan COMBS of Farina; and Lee COMBS of Salem. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with interment in Phillips Cemetery.

- A 7 pound baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.N. VALLOW on Tuesday. Gwendolyn Annette is her name.

- Mrs. Ike MILLER of Loogootee died. She had been in ill health for about 2 weeks having suffered a stroke of paralysis. She was the mother of Mrs. Lem BALLANCE.

- Mrs. August WHITTBRAUCH of Steelville, sister of J.T. BROW, died at a hospital in E. St. Louis on Wednesday. Services were held in Steelville with interment in Steelville Cemetery. Mrs. WHITTBRAUCH was formerly, Miss Nellie BROW, who made her home here with the STEEL family for awhile.

- Booker: Mrs. Bert HAMPSTEN received a message last week of the death of her brother, who lived in Jasper county.

- Booker: Charles RUSH received a message on Thursday that his grandson, Russell FOGLER, had been killed by a train that evening in St. James.

- Booker: A little son was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Loren NORMAN. Mrs. NORMAN was Miss Gladys GAMBILL of this place.

- Booker: Jack PHILLIPS received word on Monday that his father, Henry PHILLIPS of Alma was dead.

- St. Peter: Mrs. Lewis GERKIN of Farina, died on Saturday after a stroke of paralysis. Burial was in Vandalia.

- Adolph VOLKER of near Bethlehem died on Friday with heart trouble. Mr. VOLKER was a farmer and church member of that vicinity. He leaves a wife, 7 sons, and 1 daughter.

- St. Peter: Otto BROCKSMITH died after a long illness and buried in St. Peter Cemetery. He leaves a widow, 3 brothers, and 1 sister.

- St. Peter: Russell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam TEGLER accidently killed at St. James by jumping from a fast freight train one day last week.

- Shriver: On Jan. 23, about 50 neighbors and friends gathered at the H.K. LANE home and had a kitchen shower for Mr. and Mrs. Lester VAN SCYOC.

- Campground: Monroe MARLOW drove his goat to school Monday.

- Word was received of the death of Mrs. John McGEE at her home in Breese. The cause of death was pneumonia.

Feb. 7, 1924:

- Mrs. Grover BAILEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N.H. CARPENTER, died at her home in the northern part of Centralia on Wed. She had suffered from tuberculosis for a short time, and leaves her mother, father, husband, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers. The body was taken to Kinmundy and services were held at the M.E. Church. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Mrs. Bailey was a former resident of Kinmundy.

- W.W. LOWE has traded his property in the east part of town to M.H. SEE for his property. Mr. SEE moved Monday.

- Bert GARRETT has been appointed deputy tax collector for Foster, Kinmundy, and Meacham twp. The books will be open in a few days.

Feb. 14, 1924:

- Born to Paul MAGNUS and wife on Feb. 8, a 9 pound boy.

- Mrs. W.T. WILKINSON went to St. Louis Tuesday to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law, Will BROWN.

-Wes MORGAN was called near Patoka Friday morning owing to the death of his sister, Miss Sally MORGAN, which occurred at the home of her sister, Mrs. Betty NICHOLS.

Feb. 21, 1914:

- Ada B. SKILLING was born Nov. 16, 1859 in Kinmundy, daughter of Dr. L.D. and Mary A. SKILLING, and died Feb. 3, 1924. She resided in Illinois until 1865 when she moved to Hazelton, Kansas where her parents had located in the early pioneer days. She was engaged in public school work for 32 years, and is survived by brothers: William L. SKILLING of Richmond, Cal.; and Charles C. SKILLING of Wichita, Kan. Interment was at Riverside Cemetery beside her parents in Kansas. She was a member of the first class to graduate from Kinmundy High School, and one of our primary teachers for several years.

- A letter was printed from F.G. ALEXANDER, Dwight, and Nelma who are in Orlando, Florida.

- The residence of Geo. REESE caught on fire Wednesday and much damage done. Mrs. REESE lay in bed sick and was not removed from the house. Of course, if the flames had not been under control, she would have been carried out.

- John H. CRAIG was elected president of the South Dakota Press Association. He is the son of Mrs. Frances CRAIG, and received his first training as a printer in the office of the Kinmundy Express.

- Born to Abe OWENS and wife on Tuesday, a fine boy.

- Booker: Mary KIRBY BURKETT died at her home on Feb. 10, after a long illness of Tuberculosis. She was daughter of Lewis BURKETT about 8 years ago. She leaves her husband, 3 children, mother, step-father, 3 sisters, and 3 brothers. Interment in Phillips Cemetery. Mrs. Alice COOK, Mrs. Anna DRINKWATER, Charles KIRBY and wife, and Robert KIRBY and wife returned to their homes in Jasper county after attending the funeral of their daughter and sister.

- Mt. Carmel: Uncle George LEAMONS passed away he was one of Jasper county’s oldest residents.

- Meacham News: C.P. BALKE and wife were in Farina attending a birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. BALKE’s mother.

- Word was received by Mr. and Mrs. Lee BARBEE of the marriage of their granddaughter, Miss Dorothy DAVIS, of Kansas City, Mo. to Mr. Chas. CLARK also of that place. They were married in Kansas City on Feb. 8. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank DAVIS of Kansas City.

Feb. 28, 1924:

- Allen James CHAMBERS was born in Hull, England on Jan. 6, 1884, and died in Kinmundy on Feb. 19, 1924. He came to this country 20 years ago coming to Kinmundy 19 months ago. He leaves a father, mother, 1 brother, and 1 sister in Skegness, England, and a wife and 4 children in Kinmundy. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- James GROSE was born in England on July 2, 1846 and came to America at the age of 23. In 1876 he married Miss Sarah BENNETS of Hancock, Mich., and they had 7 children - the wife and 3 children having preceded him death. He is survived by 1 sister living in England, 1 son, John GROSS of Frankfort Heights, Ill.; 3 daughters, Mrs. Ellen DUNN of Joplin, Mo., Mrs. Ethel MASSA of Iron Mountain, Mich.; and Mrs. Bessie BOUGHERS of Kinmundy, from whose home he passed Feb. 22, 1924. Services held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Permelia Angeline HOLMS was born Apr. 26, 1850 and died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert MAXEY on Feb. 25, 1924. She was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Martha Jane HOLMES, and married E.R. WHITSON on May 14, 1868. They spent the greater part of their married life on a farm in Shanghi district, and moved to Kinmundy about 16 years ago. Her husband died March 17, 1919. She leaves 1 sister and a number of nieces and nephews. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- On Feb. 22, the friends and neighbors of Mrs. R.C. ROBB, who formerly lived near Break Neck and North Fork, but now resides in Kinmundy, met with Mrs. ROBB for an all day quilting.

- Uncle Ben DOOLEN celebrated his 81st birthday last Friday. A dinner was prepared by his daughter, Mrs. Hattie ATKINS. Several relatives were present. Those from out-of-town were Isham DOOLEN of Champaign and Eli DOOLEN of St. Louis. Everyone enjoyed the day immensely and especially Uncle Ben. He says he is just about as young as ever.

- Born to Harry EAGAN and wife of Galton, a 9 pound girl born Feb. 25 and named Opal Louise.

- Born to Frank C. KOLB and wife, a fine baby girl born last Thursday.

- St. Peter: Mrs. Emelia WOODTKE, wife of Julius WODTKA, was accidently struck by a fast west bound train at Altamont while on her way to visit her daughter and husband, Rev. and Mrs. HAASE. The funeral was held at AMBUEHL Church with interment in Farina Cemetery. She leaves her husband, 4 daughters and 3 sons.

March 6, 1924:

- The funeral of Nancy Clarissa GEE, better known as "Aunt Nan", died at Shawnee, Okla. Services were held at the First Methodist there with interment in Fairview. She was born near Harding, Ind. on July 13, 1838 moving with her parents to Marion Co., Ill. in early childhood where she spent her young womanhood, later moving to Shawnee, Okla. with other members of her family in about 1889. She is survived by 2 sisters, Mrs. C.C. BEARD of Sapulpa, Okla., and Mrs. Martha KERR of Fresno, Cal.

March 13, 1924:

- A letter was printed from Mrs. A.E. W. PRUETT who is spending the winter in DeForest, Wis.

- Robert EASLEY sold his barber shop to Mr. Ed PERRY of Centralia on Monday.

- Loyd CROSSET, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday received over 80 cards, letters and mementoes in honor of his day.

March 20, 1924:

- While on duty at Herrin recently, Lieut. E.M. CRAIG fell on the icy pavement and severally injured himself tearing loose some ligaments. He entered the hospital in Danville, and his brothers, Chas. and Frank, and his sister, Jessie CLAYTOR, were visiting him.

- Mt. Carmel: William DRINKWATER was born in 1851 and died in Farina on Feb. 29, 1924. He leaves a brother, Milton. His father, mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters preceded him in death. He came with his parents to Illinois when he was a small child where he grew to manhood. He went to Texas and engaged as a mail carrier, when he carried on horseback, a distance of 40 miles, and came to Marion Co., Ill. more than 20 years ago. Interment in Debord cemetery in Jasper county.

- Claude Smith, son of Col. SMITH of Flora, and nephew of Mrs. Martha ROTAN of this city, died at his home on Saturday.

- There was church at Brown Sunday the first for 3 months on account of weather and roads.

- St. Peter: The Democrat and Republican conventions were held in the town hall on Sat. Democrats elected: Hy REISS - Supervisor; E. JASPER - Town Clerk; Otto KNAUER - Commissioner; Chas. MILLER - Assessor; and vacancy for Trustee of Schools. The Republicans elected: James LOWRY - Supervisor; G.A. NEUBAUER - Town Clerk; H.G. HOLMAN - Commissioner; A.F. HIEKRONS - Assessor; and H.G. RUNGE - Trustee of Schools.

March 27, 1924:

- Nancy ALSUP, daughter of Leonard and Celina ALSUP, was born in Jackson Co., Ind. on oct. 20, 1850 and died March 23, 1924. She was educated in the schools in the neighborhood, and taught school for a short time. On Jan. 22, 1874 she married George W. POWELL who died Apr. 15, 1905, and they had 8 children, 3 of whom preceded her in death. The family moved from Indiana to Kansas in 1880, and the following year moved to Cumberland and Shelby counties, until March 1, 1901 when they moved to Marion county, where she resided ever since, except 5 years spent near Decatur with her son, H.F. POWELL. Children are: Everett POWELL of Salem; Rev. H.F. POWELL of Decatur; Mrs. Edward E. PARRISH of Schafer, N.D.; George W. POWELL of Kinmundy, and Ruth POWELL of Elgin. Also surviving are 1 sister - Alcesta ALSUP of Menora, Ind.; and 5 grandchildren.

- Mrs. Melvina NEAVILL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bud NICHOLS was born Dec. 25, 1845 and died March 22, 1924. She married George W. NEAVILLE on Feb. 28, 1870, and they had 9 children, 1 dying in infancy. Her husband died Dec. 28, 1910. She leaves a step-daughter, Mrs. Dora N. YUNKER, and the following children: Bert, Perry, Lemon, Fred, Mrs. Mabel BARTON, Lloyd, Mrs. Jessie NEWMAN and Walter; also 8 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Services were held at the Christian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- On March 25, a number of neighbors and friends met at the home of John HANSON after he had gone to work to celebrate his 75th birthday. On his return at the noon hours, he found about 20 in number who had spread the table loaded with good things to eat.

- Meacham News: More mud than news.

- In Kinmundy township, the following were listed on the Sample Ballot:







Township Clerk


Highway Commissioner

School Trustee

Justice of the Peace








April 3, 1924:

- J.H. MENEELEY wrote from Clifton Springs Sanitarium in Clifton Springs, New York.

- James Thornton SEXTON, son of James and Sarah Francher SEXTON, was born in Effingham Co., Ill. on Sept. 25, 1848 and died at his home in Kinmundy on March 25, 1924 after a lingering illness of an abscess in his left plural cavity. He married Julia Ann HOOTEN on July 24, 1874, and they had 8 daughters, all surviving him. Mr. SEXTON moved with his family to Kinmundy on Dec. 9, 1886 and has resided in the home until his death. His wife died on Dec. 9, 1906. He leaves 8 daughters: Gertrude HUNT of Denver, Colo.; Anna WHITLOCK of Spearfish, S.D.; Julia PENETON, of Lafayette, Ind.; Bessie HARGRAVE of Centralia; Alice MANGNER, of Elgin; Della SEXTON, Pearl FISHER, and Nettie HARGRAVE of Kinmundy. Also surviving is a brother, H.B. SEXTON of Pana; 7 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mt. Carmel: The stork visited this neighborhood and left 3 little babes, one at Boud MULVANEY’s, one at Gray HANKS, and one at Warren SMITH.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. KNIGHT, a fine baby boy on April 1.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee JENKINS, a fine boy on March 29.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom JONES this a.m., a fine baby boy. Richard Lavern is his name.

April 10, 1924:

- F.O. GRISSOM has purchased the J.S. EVANS Hardware Store. He took charge on Friday.

- Mrs. Francis CRAIG celebrated her 72nd birthday in this city on April 7. Gathered around her were her children and grandchildren. A lovely dinner was prepared by herself. Those present were: R.W. CRAIG and son Russel of Belleville; Mrs. B.O. CRAIG and daughter, Maxine of Centralia; Mrs. Jessie CLAYTOR of Pesotum and C.W. CRAIG of Danville. Eugene CRAIG is still in the hospital in Danville, but is doing nicely.

- Twenty-eight neighbors gathered in the Effie DOOLEN woods last week and cut and hauled enough logs to build the framework of a new home. They also hauled lumber from the mill. As we stated last week, the Effie DOOLEN home, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Claude HANNA, burned to the ground. Mr. and Mrs. HANNA are making their home with his parents at present.

- St. Peter: Mrs. Aug. RUBIN, after a long illness, died at her home near Augsburg on Tuesday, April 1, and was buried at Augsburg Cemetery. She leaves a husband, 1 son, and 4 daughters.

- St. Peter: Elected last Tuesday were: J. LOWRY, Rep., for Supervisor by 1 vote; NEUBAUER, Rep., for town clerk; Chas. MILLER, Dem., for Asst. Town Clerk; H.G. HOLMAN, Rep., Highway commissioner; H.G. RUNGE, Rep., School Trustee.

- Born to Oliver ZUMSTEG and wife on April 9, a baby boy.

April 17, 1924:

- J. Lem BALLANCE of Salem was here Wednesday crying the sale of R.P. McBRYDE. Lem accidently got too fresh with his Ford while cranking it, and it kicked him. Consequently, he is carrying his right arm in a sling.

- The Kinmundy City Council met and purchased a La France Fire Engine. This engine is a motor truck equipped with a 40 gallon chemical tank and 2 gallon fire extinguisher. It also has a rotary pump ran by the engine of the truck and will throw 90 gallons of water per minute. It cost the city $1000.

- Booker: Last Monday was Charlie KELLER’s birthday and in the evening about 20 of the neighbors came in and gave him a surprise. They had plenty of music and they left at a late hour.

April 24, 1924:

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank EMBSER on Thursday, a fine baby girl. Helen Marie is her name.

- April 18th in Salem occurred the marriage of Miss Eva SEE of this city to Mr. Harold STEVENSON, of Salem. The bride is youngest daughter of Mrs. Sadie SEE of this city, graduated from the K.H.S. Class of ‘22, and was attending S.I.N.U. at Carbondale. Since her graduation she had taught 2 terms in the rural schools of this vicinity. Mr. STEVENSON is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar STENSON of Salem, and is a proprietor of a barber shop in Salem. The couple will make Salem their future home.

- St. Peter: Walter SCHNAKE feels very proud over the arrival of a baby girl.

- St. Peter: Mr. Aug. STORK, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. STORK, and Miss Ella REISS were married on Sunday. The couple will move to a farm near St. Peter.

- St. Peter: Ernest SCHUR and Edna MULLER were married Monday. They will moved to a farm here near St. Peter.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. WAINSCOTT on Saturday, a fine baby girl.

- B.J. ROTAN and wife, L.M. ROTAN, Merta ROTAN, E.O. TOMILINSON and wife, T.M. SMITH and wife, Mrs. G.M. NIRIDER were in Flora Tuesday attending the funeral of their uncle, Col. Dolph SMITH. Col. SMITH’s son, who resided in California was brought to Flora and 2 funerals were held together.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herschel WILKINSON of West Frankfort on Sunday, a fine baby girl.

May 1, 1924:

- Mary Louise FOSTER was born Jan. 23, 1861 in Marion Co., Ill., and died at her home in Malvern, Iowa on Apr. 9, 1924. She married Adelbert Josiah WEARIN on Sept. 8, 1885, and they had 2 sons - Josiah Foster, who with her husband survives, and another son who died in infancy. Also surviving are: 2 grandsons: Josiah Foster WEARIN, Jr., and Edward Anderson WEARIN; 5 sisters: Mrs. Sarah YOST of Alma, Ill.; Mrs. Elizabeth ROBB of Charter Oak, Iowa; Mrs. Mattie BURTIS of Akron, Colo.; Mrs. Ella MARTIN of Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Mamie STEWART of Xenia, Ill.; and 1 brother, W.R. FOSTER of Salem.

- N.T. STONER, aged 77 years, died at his home in Alma Friday. Services were held at the M.E. Church in Alma. The deceased was father of Mrs. Chas. GAMMON of this city.

- Shriver: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. WAINSCOTT are the proud parents of a baby girl born April 17 named Della Mae.

- Mt. Carmel: Miss Maud MONICAL and Floyd BRANSON were married Tuesday.

May 8, 1924:

- Mr. and Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER received the news of the marriage of their son, Fred Darrell ALEXANDER to Miss Frances ONSEE of Chicago on April 19, 1924. The couple will reside in Chicago.

- Word was received by Mr. and Mrs. R.C. ROBB of the marriage of their son, Lloyd, to Miss Edna COOPER of Lansing, Mich. on April 19 in Charlotte, Mich. The couple will make their home in Lansing.

- Dr. Wilson H. MAHON died this morning in Cooksville. He was born near Vandalia, son of Jeduhen and Ruth HOOVER MAHON, both deceased, and married Miss Cecil BEHR. There were no children from this marriage, but an adopted son, Edwin MAHON, preceded his father in death by 10 years. Besides his wife, he is survived by brothers and sisters: Mrs. Henry HARPSTER of near St. Peter; Mrs. Addie HAROLD of Cleveland, Ohio; George MAHON of Visalia, Cal.; and Eber E. MAHOL of Chicago.

- While Dr. Hugo MILLER was peacefully slumbering last Thursday night, somebody was at work at the garage downtown, just north of his office. Yes, they worked until they got his Ford Roadster started and then drove it away. It was found 3 miles north of Iola standing in the road. A farmer living near where the car was found said the rogues had stopped in from of his place at about 4 o’clock Friday morning. He looked out the window and noticed his garage door opened. He immediately got out his shotgun and went out after the thieves. They heard him coming, jumped in the Roadster and drove it down the road a little way. There the engine died. The car was found to be out of water. The farmer then presumed that the fellows were out after water instead of his car. An old wrapper of package was found with the doctor’s address on it, and it disclosed the owner of the car.

- Alma News: Mr. C.M. SEE and daughter, Lois, attended the funeral of E.L. WELTON on Sunday.

- Mrs. JOHNSON and daughter of Madison, Wis. was here Monday calling on old friends. This was Mrs. JOHNSON’s first visit for 44 years. She is the step-daughter of the late Dr. Tom FORSHEE.

May 15, 1924:

- Miss Lela SWIFT left Friday for Kankakee where she visited until Saturday morning. From there she went to South Bend, Ind. where she and Mr. Tom HELPINGSTONE of that city were married at the Presbyterian Church. The bride has grown to womanhood in our midst, and is a graduate of our local high school class of ‘18. She has taught in rural schools in our community since graduation with the exception of 1 year when attending at Brown’s Business College. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Lizzie SWIFT of this city. The couple will make the home in South Bend.

- Miss Ruth MARSHALL, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. MARSHALL of this community, and granddaughter of Mrs. L.B. COLLINS at Vandalia, took 3rd place in the district in the Globe Democrat National Orator Contest.

- St. Peter: Mrs. Hy BERTRAMONE died on Saturday after a long illness with dropsy.

- St. Peter: John SCHOON is now holding his head higher than ever on account of the arrival of a new baby girl.

- St. Peter: Gust SCHULTZ, who has been ailing past year with cancer of the stomach, died last Thursday in St. Louis hospital.

May 22, 1924:

- In Flint, Michigan on Sunday occurred the marriage of Mr. Harry NEIL formerly of this city, and Miss Elizabeth MANGNER, of near Farina at the M.E. Parsonage. The groom is the youngest son of Mrs. Nancy NEIL of this city, employed by Buick Automobile in Flint, Mich. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Mary MANGNER of near Farina, and has been in school teaching profession the past few years. The couple will make their home in Flint.

- T.M. SPYKER of Streator, Ill. wrote a thank you for all of the cards sent for his 71st birthday.

- On May 10th while playing about the house, little Elsie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dave BOUGHERS, picked up a loaded revolver, which in turn exploded. A bullet pierced the fore finger of her right hand but did not injure the born. The wound is almost healed now.

- A Box Supper will be given by the Pleasant Grove Sunday School at Elder School House Friday evening, May 23. A short entertainment will be given and a good time is promised to all. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

- St. Peter: Mrs. P.A. WITTE, who took suddenly ill with a rupture and was hastened to the hospital in St. Louis, died several days after the operation. She was shipped here and the funeral was held Tuesday. Rev. NEWENDORF officiated in English. This was one of the largest attendance ever witnessed here and the floral offering was so great, it requested a large automobile to carry the flowers, and 8 ladies to take care of them. Mrs. WITTE was a helper in the meat market and grocery store.

- Elder School and Omega: Mrs. Charley ROSE died on Saturday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W.H. SHAFFER. The funeral was held on Monday conducted by Rev. YECK of Alma.

- Mr. and Mrs. Earl SHANAFELT are parents of an 8 pound boy who made his arrival May 16.

May 29, 1924:

- Mrs. Sam LOWE died Sunday morning after many friends had just seen here the day before. Mrs. LOWE and her husband had attended a barn dance given at the home of Mark SWIFT on Saturday night, but they did not dance as she complained of not feeling well. Laura Kathryn, daughter of Theodore and Icydora GARRETT, was born at North Fork on Oct. 22, 1895, and married Samuel E. LOWE on Dec. 23, 1916. They had a daughter, Kathryn Laureita, aged 4 years. After her marriage, the young husband took her to the home from which she passed away. She leaves an aged grandfather, "Uncle Ben" DOOLEN; 5 brothers and sisters: Emma BALLANCE, Claude GARRETT, Eugene GARRETT, Hattie GREEN, Minnie ATKINS, Lela and Dorothy GARRETT, all of Kinmundy; and a cousin, Allie THOMAS, who was raised in the home with her, and whom she loved as a sister. Funeral services were held from the family home on Monday. The deputy coroner, Dr. H.L. HANNA, headed the inquest and the jury returned the verdict that her death was cause by internal hemorrhages which were caused by riding over rough roads.

June 5, 1924:

- Alford Brunson STOKLEY was born in Mercer Co., Penn. on April 14, 1837, and came to Illinois with his parents in 1860. In 1865 he married Anna LEWIS, who died Dec. 2, 1902, and they had 1 child, Fay, who died Oct. 11, 1913. Mr. STOKLEY lost his eyesight some 5 years ago. He leaves a brother-in-law, C.J. LEWIS of Mt. Ayr, Iowa, nieces and nephews. Services were held in M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.F. McGUIRE of Fort Smith, Ark., a boy on May 30th. The mother formerly Miss Mary WOOD.

- Elder School and Omega: Thomas FIELDS, a highly respected citizen of this community, died at his home Wed. after an illness of long duration.

June 12, 1924:

- Sarah C. HOLBROOK, daughter of Leonard and Rosetta PHILLIPS, was born near Milford, Mich. on May 19, 1840. Here she spent her childhood and young womanhood. On Jan. 11, 1867, she married Ferdinand S. HOLBROOK, and came with in the then virgin prairies of Ill. near Farina, where they farmed. There they lived until 1891 when they purchased a home in Mason. Mr. HOLBROOK died in Mason in Feb. 1900. Twelve years ago, due to her failing health, she moved in with her daughter, Mrs. BARGH, of Kinmundy. Mrs. HOLBROOK died June 4 while visiting relatives in Chicago. She leaves 3 children: Nellie H. BARGH of Kinmundy; C.J. HOLBROOK of Keokuk, Iowa; and A.D. HOLBROOK of Chicago; also a granddaughter Mrs. Vera DAVIDSON of Chicago, a grandson Lawrence Hunter and granddaughter Lois Hunter of Riverton, Wyo.; and other grandchildren and relatives. Services were held in Kinmundy and Mason with interment in Mason.

- In Gillette, Wyo. on June 1, at the Presbyterian parsonage occurred the marriage of Howard BUNDY to Miss Margaret Janice HAMAKER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.M. HAMAKER of Savageton, Wyo. The groom is eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S.L. BUNDY. The couple will reside at BUNDY Ranch 20 miles south of Gillette.

- On Wednesday at the home of Rev. W.R. BRADLEY occurred the marriage of Mr. Clyde SIPES of Chicago and Miss Helen MAXEY of this city. The bride is daughter of Mrs. Julia MAXEY, and has grown to womanhood in our midst. She is a graduate of the K.H.S. Class of ‘20, and has been teaching in the rural schools, and for the past 2 terms in our grade school. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Gracen SIPES of near Salem, and is a graduate of Salem H.S. Class of ‘18. After graduating, he moved with his parents to a farm south of this city, last year moving back to their farm in Salem. He is employed as a Railway Mail Clerk in the Terminals in Chicago. The couple will make their home in Chicago.

- Martha Ellen ARNOLD CONANT was born Oct. 15, 1858 at Lebanon, St. Clair Co., Ill., the daughter of John Fletcher and Lucy BARTEN ARNOLD. In the late 60's, Martha Ellen moved with her family to Fayette Co., where they resided on a farm 1 mile southwest of St. Paul, until her family moved to Kinmundy where she continued her education. In 1876, Martha Ellen married Gibeon Henry CONANT, and they took up their home and farm 3 miles northeast of Kinmundy, and had 5 children, the first dying in infancy. Gibeon Henry CONANT died Dec. 9, 1912, and Martha Ellen died June 4, 1924. She leaves: 1 daughter, Minnie Florence, wife of Charles SALTER of St. Peter; 3 sons - George Fletcher, married Ruth PICKENS of Pickens, S.C., and now living in Memphis, Tenn.; Frank Everet, single, also living at Memphis, Tenn.; and Charles Emmett, married Daisy FROST of Ashland, Kan., and residing in Kinmundy; 5 grandchildren; one sister, Emma, wife of Wesley EAGAN, of Shenandoah, Iowa; and 2 half sisters: Lucy, wife of Harry FRENCH, of Centralia; and Mary, who lives in Denver, Colo. Allie, a third half sister, was wife of Alvin CHANDLER, and is deceased. Services at the M.E. Church South with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

June 19, 1924:

- Mr. Raymond GARDNER, formerly of this city, married Miss Bertha WENDLER of Lebanon, Ill., at Kansas City, Mo. on May 24. The couple will make their home in Kansas City where the groom is employed with Dempster Plumbing Co.

- The body of Glen GAMMON arrived here Sat. morning and was taken to the home of his aunt, Mrs. Allie SIMER, near Omega. The funeral was held at the 1880 Christian Church with interment in Lovell Grove Cemetery. Glen was in the company of Frank SIMER, Cleo COPPLE of Omega, and 2 boys from Iuka, when they were driving near Belleville on Thursday and attempted to go around a transfer truck loaded with tent poles. It was foggy and the driver did not see the truck until he was upon it. Glen was taken to a hospital in Belleville but died soon afterward. He was 16 and had made his home with his aunt.

- James R. BROWN, son of Henry and Nancy Jane BROWN, was born near Westfield, Clark Co., Ill. on Oct. 9, 1862, and died June 8, 1924. He moved from Clark to Cumberland county then to Marion, where he spent the remainder of his life. On Dec. 18, 1890 he married Mary Elvira MULVANY, and they had 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. The first child, a boy, died in infancy. Otis, the youngest, died at the age of 14. Masel and Flossie survive. Mr. BROWN had 3 brothers and 3 sisters, and 1 brother and 1sister preceded him in death. Remaining are: Liza RARDIN and Katie HOWARD of Mattoon; Sharrell and John of Janesville, Wis.; and Robert of Mattoon. He also leaves a wife. The funeral was held at his home in Omega twp. with interment in Phillips Cemetery.

- Booker: Word was received at this place last week of the marriage of Miss Rosa HAMPSTEN to Arthur HEISTAND of Salem. The bride is formerly of this place.

- Swift School Items: Neighbors and friends of George COLE and wife gathered at their home on Thursday to celebrate his birthday. Angel food cake and ice cream were served.

June 26, 1924:

- Jane STEWART was born at The Castle, Ballintoy Parish, County Antrim, Ireland on Dec. 21, 1835. At the age of 12 she accompanied her parents to the United States residing at Port Kennedy, Penn. where in 1857 she married James MENEELY. Ten years later the family migrated to Illinois and settled on a farm in Kinmundy twp. Here she resided for 28 years, here her 4 youngest children were born, and here all but the youngest grew to maturity. In 1879 her husband died. She left the farm in 1895, and resided 2 years in Kinmundy, and 12 years in Champaign and Effingham. In 1909 she accompanied her daughter to Chicago and in that city and in it’s suburbs, and lived here until her demise when she died Apr. 3, 1924. She had 9 children: one who died in early infancy, and 2 who preceded her in death - the former in 1898 and the latter in June 1920. The following children remain: 1 daughter, Margaret, of LaGrange with whom she resided since 1898; 5 sons: Daniel and James of Champaign; John H. of Brooklyn, NY; Charles S. and A. Robert of Chicago; 1 step-daughter, Mrs. Isabella RHOADES of Champaign who preceded her to That Better Home just 6 days; 5 daughters-in-law; 8 grandchildren; and 4 great-grandchildren. The body was brought from LaGrange to Alma on Friday with interment in See Cemetery.

- On June 14 at the Christian Parsonage in Danville occurred the marriage of Melvin HORTON and Iva CLAYTOR, both of Champaign; and Ray W. WHITE of this city and Nita WINKS of Alma. The bride is daughter of Mrs. Rosa WINKS of Alma and a graduate of the K.H.S. class of ‘20. She had taught in the rural and public schools of Alma. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W WHITE of this city. He grew to manhood here. The couple will reside in West Frankfort, Ill.

- Miss Genevieve MORGAN and Dr. Paul Stanley CURRAN were married June 18 at St. Clement’s Church in Lakewood, Ohio. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. MORGAN of this place, and is a graduate of the K.H.S. class of ‘14. She later went to Cleveland, Ohio and took up Nurse’s Training and has been a nurse at St. John’s Hospital in Cleveland. The couple will reside in Cleveland.

- Jeff FOGISON, living east of town celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday. About 200 neighbors and friends gathered at his home and spread their dinner on tables in the yard. Geo. MAYER hauled Jeff around all morning and arrived home at the noon hour where Jeff was very much surprised.

- St. Peter: Grandma MALEHOW, oldest settler of Fayette Co., died Friday aged 94 years, 9 months, and 14 days. She leaves 1 son, Louis, and 1 daughter, Mrs. Hy LANGE, with whom she’s made a home for the past 6 years.

July 3, 1924:

- Mrs. W.E. HARVEY met with a very painful accident Sat. afternoon when she was struck by a Ford car owned by Mr. John DYER, an employee at Western Union Telegraph Co. She was picked up unconscious with blood running from her ear and taken to the office of Dr. A.J. BOSTON. A bone was fractured behind her ear and she also had a scalp wound. She was taken to the home of Mrs. Julia MAXEY.

- The 80th birthday of Mrs. R.H. FENSTER was held at the home of Mrs. L.M. HAYWARD on June 22nd.

- Mt. Carmel: On June 29, a surprise dinner was given for W.L. ENGLISH it being his 63rd birthday. About 80 relatives and friends were present.

- Booker: Last Wednesday occurred the marriage of William BUTTS and Miss Ethel FINKBONE of Alma at the home of Rev. Emmit MULVANEY.

- Booker: Charles KELLER, wife, and daughter, Marjorie, and Mrs. Margaret SCULLEY of Champaign attended the funeral of Mr. James YOUNG at Iola on Sunday.

July 10, 1924:

- Mrs. Katherine Jane CAMPBELL, age 74, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jas. JONES, living east of town, Tuesday morning. Services were held at the Baptist Church in Meacham twp. with interment in Elder Cemetery.

- Doug WILLIAMS of Toledo, Ohio died on Thursday with burial in Toledo. He was a victim of small pox.

- Miss Elsie SOMMERS, daughter of Mrs. Hannah SOMMERS of Beardstown, married George W. HALEY on June 25. The wedding of Miss Edna HALEY, daughter of Florence HALEY of Beardstown and H.F. ROE of Rugless, Ky, was celebrated at the same time at the First Methodist Church in Springfield.

- The marriage of Miss Nelle BOWERS and Carl RICHARDSON took place June 17 at St. Mary’s rectory in Champaign. The bride is daughter of Mrs. Lois BOWERS. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. RICHARDSON, and is former Kinmundy boy.

- Vivian Naomi CONANT, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles CONANT, was born March 16, 1924 and died July 1, 1924. She had been riding in the car with her mother, and when they returned home, the mother laid the baby down on the bed, and realized she didn’t look right. After checking she found the baby was dead. Vivian leaves a mother, father and 1 sister, Dorothy Florence, aged 2. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with interment in Evergreen.

- Booker: Nathaniel BASSETT and wife entertained relatives from Olney Saturday night and Sunday.

- Kinmundy celebrated the fourth of July with a celebration. There was a parade 3 blocks long, ending in the park where the exercises were held. The following program was rendered: Concert - Kinmundy Band; Song "America" - By audience; Prayer - Rev. T.J SMITH; Song - HARVEY Trio; Address of Welcome - Mayor R.L. INGRAM; Reading - Lora Elsie DOOLEN; Address - Hon. C.H. HOLT. In the afternoon: Concert - Kinmundy Band; Reading of the Declaration of Independence - Chat CONANT; Reading - Mrs. Pauline CONANT STEWART; Saxaphone Duet - Webster LOWE and Orlando SCHWABE. Next came the amusements: Mrs. Frank WILSON won 1st in the ladies whistling contest and Mrs. Leroy KNISELEY 2nd. After this Miss Gertrude TYSON of San Monica, Cal. whistled 2 selections, accompanied by Mrs. Charlotta HEINRICH on the piano. Next was the cracker eating contest for boys and girls in which Homer MAXEY took 1st place and Art CLAYTOR 2nd. Clyde HAMILTON won a free for all race, and Walter CONANT 2nd. In the boys race under 15 years of age: Walter CONANT - 1st, Glen WALTERS - 2nd. Girls race under 18 years of age: Gene SMITH - 1st, Flora BRIMBERRY - 2nd; Fat man’s race: Leland SMITH - 1st, Loyd HAMMERS - 2nd; Shot put: Loyd HAMMERS - 1st, John LEE - 2nd; Three legged race: Forrest JONES and Ira WILLIAMS - 1st, Burdette SHAFFER and Claude ROSE - 2nd. The band concert start about 7:15 in the evening and played until a late hour. The fire works display was very nice as far as it went. By evening about 4000 people were on the streets with cars parked on every street in the business section of town.

July 17, 1924:

- Wednesday night, the late J.T. SEXTON home was broken into and almost anything of value was taken.

- Catherine Jane COURSON CAMPBELL, daughter of George and Susannah COURSON, was born in Marion county on Jan. 27, 1850, and died July 8, 1924. She married John CAMPBELL in 1871, and they had 10 children, her husband and 6 children having preceded her in death. She leaves 4 children: Mrs. Jas. JONES of Kinmundy; George CAMPBELL of Farina; Mrs. James PHILLIPS and Mrs. Alonzo WOODS of San Jose, Ill; and 11 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. She was stricken with paralysis on Jan. 30, and on April 13 moved to her daughter’s Mrs. Jas. JONES. Services were held at Meacham Baptist Church.

- Anna C. KAYSER was born in Athens Co., Ohio on Sept. 27, 1855. She was the daughter of Michael Roberts KAYSER who came to Illinois when she was about 6 years old to Jefferson Co., later moving to Marion Co., where she married Samuel SCRUTCHFIELD on April 17, 1871. They had 9 children, the husband and 3 children having preceded her in death. Her husband died on Nov. 2, 1923 at the home of their daughter, Mrs. J.M. DECKER, where Mrs. SCRUTCHFIELD also died on July 12, 1924. She leaves 6 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, 2 sisters, and 3 brothers. Interment in Phillips Cemetery in Omega twp.

- Last Wednesday, July 9th, neighbors and friends of Fred STOCK gathered to surprise him for his birthday. After playing games, everyone enjoyed ice cream and cake.

- Shriver: Grandma BUSWELL received a telegram Tuesday announcing the arrival of an 8 pound baby girl at the home of Mr. and Mrs. WILLIS of Parsons, Kan.

- Born to Glen BOUGHERS and wife, a 10 pound girl on Monday.

- Elder School and Omega: July 9 being Mabel SOUTHWARD’s birthday, her Sunday School class with their teachers gathered at her home to celebrate the occasion.

- Booker: Mrs. Ann CRUTCHFIELD was found dead Saturday morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jake DECKER, near Salem. Interment in Phillips Cemtery.

- The remains of John POWELL of Alma were brought here Saturday morning. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

July 24, 1924:

- St. Peter: Fred BEHRENDT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BEHRENDT took suddenly ill with meningitis while in St. Louis last Saturday and was at once taken to the city hospital. He died on Tuesday and was brought home for burial. He was aged 30 years old and was a World War veteran. He will be missed by his parents in the hardware store.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GREGORY entertained on July 20 in honor of her son, Dr. H.F. CRAIG and family of Marcus, Wash. It was planned by his mother and wife as a surprise on the Doctor who had been taking a course in surgery the past month in Chicago and had just returned to Alma on Saturday evening. At noon the guests partook of a delicious dinner the like of which only artists like Mesdames GREGORY and CRAIG in the culinary art can prepare. Besides the Doctor and family those present were: E.G. FORD and wife, J. McCARTY, wife and 2 children, Mrs. Kate CRAIG and Harry McCARTY of in and near Alma; Ed HARRELL and wife, Henry JAHRAUS and family of near Kinmundy; Dr. Noah DEAN and famil and mother of Sumner, Ill., and Frank McCARTY of Salem.

- Meacham News: Ed DILLON and family and T.J. WADE and wife spent Friday evening with their mother, Mrs. Sarah DILLON, in honor of her 86th birthday.

July 31, 1924:

- Betty Lou GRAY of Urbana, announced her engagement to Willard H. ABNEY yesterday. Miss GRAY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. GRAY. She graduated from West Belmont H.S., graduated from Chicago Normal School in Physical Education this year, and was captain of the Hockey team and on the basketball team at the University. ABNEY is a cost accountant in Chicago, and is son of Mr. and Mrs. A.G. ABNEY. The wedding is set for Sept. 10 at the home of the bride.

- On July 17, Mrs. Mathilda HAMMERS received a message that her sister, Mrs. GIESEKING of Chicago, had died at a hospital there. The cause of death was an operation for a tumor. Deborah Ann PUFFER was born in Kinmundy on Nov. 22, 1861. She married Henry W. GIESEKING on Apr. 19, 1888, and they had 4 children: Walter E., Mary, Mrs. Edna MERSDEN, and Mrs. Florence SUGART, all whom survive her. Also surviving are: her husband; 3 sisters - Mrs. Agnes NEAVILLE, Mrs. Matilda HAMMER, and Mrs. Fannie TUCKER; and 1 brother - Mr. John PUFFER.

- While fishing in the I.C. Lake Sunday, John NEAVILL accidently hooked a 6 pound bass. John was so excited that if Buck MILLER had not been with him, he probably would have fallen in the lake. He was pulling out bass all that night in his sleep. Wes HARRIS landed a 5 pounder the same day, but did not get so excited as this is a common occurrence for him. The heads are on display at GRISSOM’s hardware store.

- The Marion county fair will be held in Alma next week, Aug. 6 - 9.

- The K.K.K. Meeting: Between two and three thousand people witnessed the burning of the first Fiery Cross to be burned in the vicinity of Kinmundy on the night of July 25. An open air naturalization was staged in the G.W. NEWELL pasture just south of the city limits. A class of 16 candidates were admitted to the Invisible Empire.

Aug. 7, 1924:

- May 24, in Detroit, Mich., Bernie R. BAILEY and Nettie HARGRAVE were married by Rev. Wm. COLEMAN, pastor of the First Baptist Church. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Walter WILDER of Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. BAILEY were reared in Kinmundy. The groom is employed by the H.W. Harding Lumber Company in Detroit, where the couple expects to make their home.

- Last Monday evening, Miss Dorothy PRUETT married Dr. H.A. LANDESS, both of this city. Miss PRUETT and Dr. LANDESS were accompanied to Salem by Miss Edith WOLFE of Centralia, Mr. James MORGAN, and Mr. and Mrs. R.J. ANDREWS of this city. The marriage was performed at the M.E. parsonage in Salem. The bridal party was entertained afterwards at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. DOOLEN of that city. The bride is graduated from K.H.S. in ‘23, attended 1 semester at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind, and this spring attended S.I.N.U. at Carbondale. "Doc" is a popular young dentist in this city. Dr. LANDESS is the only son of Mrs. J.O. WILLSEY of Ashley, Ill. He graduated from St. Louis Washington Dental College in ‘23. The couple will make their home here.

- The Marion County Women’s Democratic Club cordially invite all Democrats and their family and friends to visit the rest room at the Democratic Headquarters located on the Fairgrounds at the Marion County Fair at Alma.

- Last Sunday, 10 robed Klansmen attended church at the M.E. Church. We were about to call them unusual visitors but they are usual visitors of the church because they are church going people. This was done merely to let people know that the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are church going people.

- Booker: While attending church at Shilo last Sunday night, Dee LAMBIRD had the misfortune of having about 100 white leghorn chickens stolen.

Aug. 14, 1924:

- Mrs. Steve HAGANSEE met with an auto accident Tuesday near Teutopolis and was instantly killed. Mrs. HAGENSEE was formerly Miss Kate HAMMERS of this city. Mr. and Mrs. HAGENSEE and their 4 children had been visiting here with relatives the past 2 weeks and started for home in Chicago accompanied by nephew, Raymond MARTIN, of this city. Mr. HAGENSEE is a proprietor of a restaurant in Chicago and was in intention of making their home on a farm here in the near future. The body was brought back here Tuesday. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Booker: Thursday afternoon Loren CHASTEEN, son of Silas CHASTEEN, had the misfortune to be kicked by a horse and is now in serious condition.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry METZGER, twin boys on Saturday. One weighed 5 pounds and the other 4 pounds.

- Shriver: Mr. and Mrs. Lester VAN SCYOC are the parents of a 9 pound baby boy born Aug. 10, and named Lester Jr.

Aug. 21, 1924:

- W.J. BRYAN spoke in Salem last Saturday. About 12,000 people were on the grounds, and both Democrats and Republicans listened to his speech. In his one part of his speech he told us about his brother, Charles, candidate for Vice President. He talked for about 2 hours.

- Catherine, daughter of Wm. and Mary HAMMERS was born near Kinmundy on May 10, 1896 where she spent her girlhood. In 1917 she married Stanley HAGANSEE, and they had 4 children - Charles - 7, Marie - 5, Madeline - 4, and little Helen - 14 months. She was killed in an automobile accident near Teutopolis on the way back home to Chicago from Kinmundy. She had lost her parents, 6 sisters, and 1 brother, and she was the last sister. She is survived by her husband, 4 children, 2 brothers - Burt and William HAMMERS, of Kinmundy. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

Aug. 28, 1924:

- Aug. 26 at the St. Simone Church, Chicago, occurred the wedding of Lettie H. SNELLING and John DeRoy ORME of Chicago. The bride in recent years had made her home with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Fred SNELLING of Chicago. She came from Kinmundy.

- The First Baptist Church at Niagara Falls, New York was dynamited last Thursday morning Aug. 14. The explosion is believed to be the work of the denizens of the underworld in revenge of the pastor, the Rev. A.B. MERCER fighting against vice and liquor. Rev. MERCER married Miss Pearl PRUETT of this city.

- Arthur Bennett MERCER Jr., son of Rev. and Mrs. A.B. MERCER, died at his home in Niagara Falls, New York last Saturday. The remains were brought here Wed. and taken to the Chas. PRUETT home. Services at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen.

- Alma Township will hold their annual Sunday School convention on Sunday, Aug. 31, 1924 at Pleasant Grove Church. This will be an all day meeting beginning at 10 o’clock with basket dinner at the noon hour.

- Simon J. CARLISLE, an old and highly respected citizen of Farina, died Sunday aged 87 years and 4 months. He was a successful farmer.

Sept. 4, 1924:

- Mrs. Harriet DEW celebrated her 86th birthday last Friday. Relatives had planned for sometime to spend the day with her, and came from town and country bringing baskets loaded with good things to eat.

- On Sept. 28, 1918, the son of Mr. and Mrs. MERCER died. He was given his father’s name, Arthur Bennett, but was always known as "Buddy" or "Bud". His sister, then 2 years old, called him "Buddah" (Brother) when he was born.

- Rev. Monroe SMITH will preach at Sandy Branch Shed Sunday Sept. 7th. Big Basket dinner. Preaching at 11 a.m., and 3 p.m. in the evening. Everybody come. Everybody invited.

- A home wedding occurred when Miss Vivian E. BARBEE, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl BARBEE of Taylorville became the bride of Mr. Wendell W. BOARD, son of Mrs. Estel BOARD of Moweaqua, Ill. at the home of the bride’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee BARBEE of this city. MR. and Mrs. CONANT were the attendants.

- In the county judge’s office at Effingham occurred the marriage of Mr. A.N. GRAY and Mrs. Kate McGEE Aug. 27. Both the bride and groom from Kinmundy. Mrs. GRAY is employed as manager of the store of Perry LEWELLEN and Co. in this city, while the groom is employed on a section of the I.C.R.R. The couple will make their home in Kinmundy.

- The O.N. TYNER property on Quality Hill, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Bernie BAILEY, caught fire Wed. morning and burnt to the ground. The fire was caused by light wires in the ceiling. The fire was noticed by Mrs. Arno MILLER who lives next door.

- Several attended the Wallace-Hagenbeck Circus which was held in Centralia on Friday.

Sept. 11, 1924:

- George W. GILMORE was born June 20, 1843, and died in St. Louis. He joined the Louisville, Ky. M.E. Church Conference in 1868 until he was transferred to the Illinois Conference serving Pana and Lewiston Stations, and to the Kinmundy Circuit in 1878. In 1879 he married Addie B. BOOTH. For 13 years, Mr. GILMORE was in business in Kinmundy. He lived in Sulfur, Oklahoma for several years, but for the past 6 or 7 years he has lived in St. Louis.

- On Sept. 3 occurred the marriage of Mr. Gordon McKinley LOWE of Collinsville to Miss Charity Catherine CONANT of this city at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Airs CONANT performed by Rev. George CONANT. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Airs CONANT, graduated in 1919 from K.H.S. and in 1921 from the Chicago Normal School of Physical Education. Since that she has taught in Kalamazoo, Mich. The groom is youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. LOWE of this city, and graduated with the class of 1916 from K.H.S. He is a veteran of the World War. After the war, he and his brother, Edward, purchased a garage in Collinsville, which they made into a success. Immediately after the wedding, a 3 course breakfast was served by the bride’s mother assisted by Mrs. Etta VALLOW. The couple will reside in Collinsville.

- Mr. and Mrs. Claude CROSSETT and daughter motored out from Granite City to visit his parents, call on old friends, and celebrate his birthday.

Sept. 18, 1924:

- A letter was printed that was sent from C.J. LEWIS in Mount Ayr, Iowa to C.A. BOONE.

- Macij (Mike) NANCHMAN, a resident of this community for the past 20 years, died at his home 3 miles west of this city on Friday. He had been suffering for the last 15 years from an abscess on the lung following typhoid fever. He was aged 57 years and 7 months, and leaves a wife, 3 sons, and 5 daughters. Services were held at St. Philomena’s church in this city with interment in the Catholic Cemetery.

- Phyllis Elaine HUBBARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry HUBBARD, was born May 21, 1924 and died Aug. 28, 1924. She is survived by her mother, father and sister, Mary Louise, grandmother, Mrs. Mary L. MESSER. A brother preceded her in death. The funeral was held at Villa Grove with interment in Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy.

- Mr. and Mrs. Joe BACKENSTO witnessed a peculiar experience while separating their milk. Did you ever have your separator blow up? Well, this did, and the way the bowl looked, you might have thought there had been a stick of dynamite in it.

- A number of high school pupils attended a surprise party Sept. 9 in honor of Miss Francis BOYD’s 17th birthday.

-Elder School and Omega: A revival meeting is now in progress at Pleasant Grove.

- Mr. and Mrs. Fred ORKUTT of Champaign had a baby girl born Tuesday. Grandma ORKUTT was called there to help care for the mother and babe. Grandpa BAYLIS also wears a smile. The mother is formerly Miss Delia BAYLIS at this city.

Sept. 25, 1924:

- Henry Fredric BALKE was born July 4, 1836 at Kochingen, in a small village in the Duchy of Braunschweig, Germany, the second in a family of 3 boys, sons of Christopher and Mary BALKE. Early education was in the common schools of the village of his birth, and later in Martini College for boys in Brunswick. At the age of 18 he was drafted by the German government for military service. His mother secured his release from army duty by paying $400 for a substitute. He came to America in May 1864 landing at New York proceeding to Pittsburg where he lived with his brother, Frederic, who came to America in 1861. He then came to St. Louis, Atchison, Kan., and later Denver and Central City, Colorado. In 1865 he drove a 4-horse team with a train of provisions to Denver. On this cross country drive, he saw more than 1000 Indians actually fighting on the plains. In 1866 he went back to Pittsburg, and on April 14, 1867, he reached Illinois, and together with his brother, Frederic, settled upon 160 acres 4 miles east of Kinmundy which has been his home for 60 years. He received his citizenship papers in 1869 after which he served 3 terms as supervisor of Meacham twp. Henry died Sept. 17, 1924, leaving his nephew and family, Percy BALKE, wife, and 2 daughters, Hazel and Nyta, with whom he has always made his home. Also 2 nieces in Germany - Mrs. Marie BRANDES and Mrs. August HEINSAND. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- James Alexander PERRY, son of Alexander and Matilda PERRY, was born near Dupont, Ind. on Apr. 1, 1864, and died Sept. 20, 1924 at his home. He was youngest of 9 children - 5 boys and 4 girls. He married in 1888 to Izora BEAR who survives along with their 5 children, 2 boys and 3 daughters, and 2 little granddaughters. "Jim" came with his parents when he was 2 years old to the old home southeast of Kinmundy where he spent 58 years of his life. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Sept. 21, being J.D. BARBEE’s 63rd birthday, his children and grandchildren and other relatives gave him a pleasant surprise by gathering around the family table again.

Oct. 2, 1924:

- On Sept. 24 occurred the marriage of Mr. Dewey LACEY to Miss Gladys SILL of Omega twp. at the Presbyterian parsonage in Salem. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis SILL of Omega twp, and the groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram LACEY residing east of this city. The couple will make their home at the Cal KLINE farm south of the groom’s parents.

- Police Magistrate, A.C. DUNLAP, had two unusual visitors Wed. noon. They were Mr. Eddie HARRIS and Miss Alta Dorothy DECKER, both of Meacham twp, who stated their desire to be man and wife. After presenting the necessary papers, Mr. DUNLAP performed the necessary ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony the bride and groom departed for their home in Meacham twp.

- Ye, scribe had a birthday last Thursday. Yes it was his last one because he was 25. He did not think anyone knew about it but lady-like, his better half told the members of the Pleasure Hour Club and consequently he was made the goat of a pleasant surprise party. Just before partaking in the refreshments, Mr. C.R. ALDERSON in behalf of the Club, made a rather lengthy speech after which he presented the subject with a beautiful Masonic ring. (Note: C.N. VALLOW was editor of the Express at this time.)

- Mr. Charles HEATON of Hiattville, Kansas died on Sept. 20, 1924. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Noble HEATON and was in his youth, a resident of this vicinity.

Oct. 9, 1924:

- Arthur JASPER of Kinmundy and Alice GORDON of Charleston, Ill. were married on Oct. 7, after which supper was served at the home of the groom. The couple will make their home on a farm near Kinmundy.

- Miss Leone WARREN of this city and Mr. Frank BOSLEY of Centralia were married in St. Louis Wednesday.

- It has been a practice of somebody the last few Sundays at both the M.E. and Christian Churches, to fool around with cars that are standing in front. Some had leaves and sticks put in gasoline tanks while other had gasoline shut off at the carburetor. This may be the work of some mischievous boys but we believe the boys are a little overgrown.

- John MERCHANT and wife and daughter, Mrs. C.B. MENDENHALL left Tuesday for Crawfordsville, Ind. to answer the message announcing the death of their daughter, Mrs. Olive CLEMENTS.

Oct. 16, 1924:

- On Oct. 7 in St. Louis occurred the marriage of Mr. Frank A. BOSLEY of Centralia to Miss A. Leone WARREN of the city. The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.L. WARREN, and graduated with the class of ‘23 from K.H.S. She attended business school in Quincy afterwhich she was employed as a clerk in the local post office. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed BOSLEY residing south of town, and is employed with the Tillman Construction Co. of Centralia. The couple will make their home in Kinmundy.

- A farewell social was given for Mr. and Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER by the Ladies at the Christian Aid at the home of Chas. GAMMON. They will make their home in Champaign.

- Mr. Henry C. DISS was born July 7, 1858 in Buffalo, New York. He was married to Laura C. WILLIAMS of Kinmundy on Feb. 6, 1878, and they had 14 children - 11 girls and 3 boys. All helped care for him during his sickness except 1 son who lives in California. This was the largest family recorded in Macon Co. He is survived by his wife, 14 children, 48 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, 1 brother - Chas. DISS of Kinmundy, and 1 sister - Mrs. Mary TRIMBY of Odin, Ill. He was a resident of Decatur for 38 years, and died Oct. 8, 1924.

- R.J. ANDREWS purchased the stock and fixtures of Paddy GRAY last Thursday. He will continue the business in the same old stand.

- Two new doctors will now be in Kinmundy. Dr. N.C. RISJORD of Chicago sat up practice in Dr. A.J. BOSTON’s former office, and Dr. M.M. FOWLER of Mortons, Ky. came here with the intention of buying Dr. BOSTON’s office, but upon arriving found it was sold. He will set up in a different office. The third doctor is our old stand-by, Dr. MILLER.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl LEWIS of Sesser, a baby girl on Oct. 8. Mrs. Lewis was formerly Misss Zola HAMILTON of this city.

Oct. 23, 1924:

- Mr. N.J. ROBNETT’s barn, located just west of the Star Garage, caught fire Sat. evening and was burned to the ground. Fire started in the hay mow. It is supposed that it started by spontaneous combustion.

- Mrs. Theodore ESENBURG passed away Monday at the age of 29 years. She was sick 24 hours, and the cause of death of acute indigestion. Short services were held at the home on Tuesday, and the body was taken to Taylorville for burial. Mr. ESENBURG came here a few months ago and set up a garage and the wife came later.

- The marriage of Miss Dolorus JACOBS to Mr. Earl MULLER occurred on Oct. 18. The couple will make their home in Decatur. Mrs. MULLER is a former resident of this city.

Oct. 30, 1924:

- On Oct. 23, 1924, in the pastor’s office at the Christian Church in Charleston, Ill., occurred the marriage of Mr. Maurice J. EDMAN of Charleston and Miss Martha L. DOOLEN formerly of this city. The bride is daughter of Mrs. Effie DOOLEN of this city. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. EDMAN, graduated from Charleston H.S., and is employed as a mail clerk. The couple will reside in Charleston.

- Kinmundy Lodge No. 398 A.F. & A.M. celebrated their 60th anniversary on Oct. 22.

Nov. 6, 1924:

- Jacob NELSON was killed last Thursday by I.C. Train No. 2. The train was very close when he started to cross the Northbound tracks, and he slipped on the first rail and fell onto the platform. He turned to pull his right leg with his hand which he was dragging. He succeeded in getting his leg clear but the drain cock on the cylinder of the engine struck him in the forehead, and the train rolled him about 35 feet on the platform. It was found by Drs. MILLER and FOWLER that his chest was crushed and a large hole was in his right side. His right leg had also been broken which is supposed to have been broke when he fell. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. He was our local watchmaker and Jewelry man, coming here at the age of 22. He was Kinmundy’s oldest businessman. Jacob NELSON was born in Alborg, Denmark on July 13, 1851. The men in his family were seamen. Mr. NELSON, as a lad, became a sailor on his uncle’s vessel, but because of the rigors of that cold climate he was unable to keep a grasp on the ropes of the ship’s rigging and had to abandon sailing. In Denmark he learned his trade that of a watchman. In 1872 at the age of 21 came to U.S. coming out to Chicago, where he was without friends and could not speak English. He found work but in a short time was stricken with small pox. After lying in a quarantine hospital for 6 weeks he was discharged, but he was penniless. One day he came upon an advertisement in a Chicago paper from a Mr. BERTHOL of Kinmundy who was a druggist having a drug store and a small stock of jewelry and was in need of a jeweler. Mr. NELSON came to Kinmundy 52 years ago in answer to that advertisement with only a small kit of jeweler’s tools. He was one of the organizers of the First Nat’l Bank in 1902. On Aug. 10, 1875 he married Miss Lizzie HOOTS and they had: Iva, Larus, Kairstena (known as "Stena"), and Olga. Iva died Nov. 6, 1896; Larus is in Spokane, Wash.; Stena, then Mrs. Edward PRICE died Nov. 30, 1909; and Olga is wife of R.W. WATWER of Champaign. (Note: This obituary was accompanied by a picture.)

- Mr. William B. ROSS and Miss Ruth WINTERS both of Salem were married on Saturday in Salem. She is chief operator of the Bell Telephone Co. in Salem. The groom, being a Kinmundy boy, for several years owned and operated our local telephone exchange. He is now manager of the Salem Exchange. The couple will make their home in Salem.

- Wm. MORRIS, residing west of town, received a painful injury by falling off of a load of corn fodder last Thursday. He tore some of the ribs lose from the breast bone.

- John Clement LAMBORN, son of Isaac and Margaret LAMBORN was born in White Co., Ind. on Oct. 23, 1869 and died at his home in Brubaker on Oct. 28, 1924 after a lingering illness over a year. He was married Sept. 5, 1909 to Frances HOWELL, and they had 3 children: 2 sons - Curtis and Robert; and 1 daughter - Beda. He also leaves an aged father in Bloomington; 2 brothers - Major and Lemuel of Vernon, Ill.; 2 sisters - Irene DENTON of Bloomington; and Lewella MORRIS of Kinmundy. (This obituary was accompanied by a picture.)

- Mr. A.W. SONGER spent his 92nd birthday with relatives near his boyhood home where a sumptuous dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul YOUNG.

- Swift School Items: Mr. and Mrs. Harry WAINSCOTT, formerly of this place but now of Springfield, had their home and contents destroyed by fire last Friday night.

Nov. 13, 1924:

- A letter was printed from Mrs. A.E.W. PRUETT who was in Olney, Illinois.

- William Jasper HOWE, son of Crawford and Jane HOWE, was born in Marion Co., Ill. on Feb. 5, 1854 and died at his daughter’s home near Xenia, Ill. on Nov. 8, 1924 after a year of suffering. He married Nancy Emma VICKREY on Oct. 19, 1876, and they had 3 sons and 1 daughter - 2 sons preceding him in death. Besides the daughter, Mrs. Croy HOWARD, and a son, Forest, he leaves 2 grandchildren, 1 son-in-law, Croy HOWARD, and 2 daughters-in-law, Mrs. Forest HOWE and Mrs. Virgil HOWE.

- The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah KNISELEY of Champaign died at the home of Wm. KNISELEY near Omega on Sunday, aged 7 days. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank JONES, an 8 pound girl on Nov. 12.

- An 8 pound boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan HOWELL in Baxter, Iowa on Nov. 6. Burl BRYAN, Jr. is his name.

- Swift School Items: A birthday dinner was enjoyed at the home of Marvin CONANT and wife last Sunday, it being Marvin’s birthday. Those present were: Tack GREEN and family, Elsworth HARVEY’s, Orie ARNOLD and family, Mack ROBB and family, Willie CONANT and family, and Mrs. Valinda CONANT and son Elvin.

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond MAULDING, an 8 pound girl on Monday.

Nov. 20, 1924:

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert MARTIN of Champaign, Nov. 16, a fine 3 lb. boy. Robert Lemuel is his name. The mother is formerly Miss Leona ODELL of this city. (Note: Should this be 8 lb.?)

- Chas. C. SPENCER of Chicago came Wednesday to visit his brother, W.J. SPENCER and wife, and attend the funeral of Mrs. Doc WILSON of Alma.

- Swift School Items: Frank JONES and wife are parents of a new daughter born Nov. 12.

- T.M. SMITH and wife, Mrs. Jas. WOOD and Mrs. Hattie COCKRELL attended a funeral at Lake Watson near Iola Sunday.

Nov. 27, 1924:

- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman SCHNEIDER on Tuesday Nov. 25, a fine 10 lb. baby girl.

- Meacham: E.G. DILLON and T.J. WADE and wives were in Alma on Thursday attending the funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Rebecca WILSON.

Dec. 4, 1924:

- John H. CRAIG was elected President of the South Dakota State Press Association for 1924. He is editor and publisher of "The Tripp Ledger", and was born in Kinmundy on Jan. 22, 1883, completing his education in Kinmundy schools. He worked at "The Kinmundy Express" learning the printers trade, at the age of 17 went to Kansas and taught school for 1 year, came back to Illinois and went to Champaign, leaving for Kansas in 1903. In 1907 he went to Pennington Co., Kan. and homesteaded, and in 1908 moved to Hutchison Co., Kan. where he bought "The Tripp Ledger". On Sept. 6, 1905 he married Miss Minnie KLATT of Tripp, and they have 2 daughters - Muriel and Roberta.

- Mr. and Mrs. A.J. FOSTER received a message Thursday stating that their son, Lewis W. (known as "Wash") of Fort Worth, Texas was killed on Wed. He was employed as Yard Master at the Frisco Yards in Fort Worth, and leaves a wife, father and mother, 2 brothers - O.C. and Clyde of Chicago, 2 sisters - Mrs. Etta DARDEN of Little Rock, Ark. and Mrs. Geo. TOMLINSON of Salem. Services were held in the M.E. Church in Fort Worth with interment in Fort Worth.

Dec. 14, 1924:

- Mr. Lem KENNEDY and Mrs. Martha KLINE both of this city surprised their many friends by going to Mt. Vernon and being married on Dec. 6th. Immediately after the ceremony, the couple was entertained to a dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred CRAIG of that place. On Saturday they went to Richview to visit the groom’s sisters, Mrs. Effie McCAREY and Mrs. James GILLIAM. The couple will make their home in this city.

Dec. 18, 1924:

- (Taken from the "Villa Grove News"): Mr. Thomas Edward BRUCE and Miss Irene Merene MESSER were married at the Baptist parsonage on Nov. 20. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George MESSER, who’s former home was in Kinmundy. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. BRUCE, and is a railroad fireman on the C. & E.I. Railroad. The couple will make their home in Villa Grove.

- Archie BASS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe BASS met with a painful accident on Monday while shooting an old muzzle loading gun. When the charge exploded the gun barrel bursted shattering the bone of his thumb on his right hand. The wound was dressed by Dr. MILLER. Archie will probably lose the use of his thumb forever.

- Dr. P.E. PARKS of St. Elmo is our new jeweler. He is located in the F.J. NIRIDER Drug Store.

- Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. PIPER are parents of an 8 pound boy born Dec. 14.

- Swift News: We are very sorry to lose O.E. GARRETT and family from our neighborhood, but wish them good luck in their new home.

Dec. 25, 1924:

- There is much diphtheria around our neighboring town of Alma. There is only 1 case in our township that we know of and that is Valda SWIFT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell SWIFT.

- Mt. Carmel: Mr. and Mrs. Delbert SMITH are parents of a 6 pound baby boy born Thursday.


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

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