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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

Jan. 6, 1927:

- William Lloyd NEAL of Champaign who has been employed 5 years as ticket agent in the Champaign ticket office, has accepted a promotion with the Great Northern Railroad in Chicago as city passenger agent. He is a former Kinmundy boy.

- Pumpkin Center: Last Friday evening was enjoyed very much by the patrons at Camp Ground School. A large crowd was gathered there for the splendid program which had been prepared by the teacher and pupils. There was a Christmas tree also with Santa Claus present.

- Wilson School (from last week): A splendid program and tree was held at our schoolhouse Thursday night. Much praise is due to the teacher, Miss Velma MARLOW.

- Elder School (from last week): Most of the children’s parents gathered at the school house Friday afternoon to enjoy the tree and program. Those present were: Francis SIPES and family, G.W. and W.H. SHAFFER and families, Alvin RHOTAN and family, John CHAPMAN, Mrs. Leroy KNISELEY, and Lyman WALKINGTON.

- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL entertained her sister and family of near St. Peter to Christmas dinner.

Jan. 13, 1927:

- Isaac Morris LAMBORN was born in Kokomo, Ind. on Aug. 2, 1842, and died Jan. 7, 1927. He was visiting his daughter, Mrs. Edwin DENTON in Bloomington when he was taken ill during the holidays. At the age of 9 years with his parents he left Kokomo to live in Pennington, Ind. In 1861 he enlisted as a volunteer for the Union in the Civil War, and fought in the battles of Chicamauga, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Gettysburg, and was with General Sherman in the March to the Sea. On Apr. 5, 1866 she married Miss Margaret J. TIMMONS, and they had 7 children: William died at 10 years of age; Amber, who died in infancy; Irene (Mrs. Edwin DENTON) of Bloomington; Lovella (Mrs. Ira MORRIS) of Kinmundy; Major LAMBORN of Clinton; Lemuel LAMBORN of Vernon; and John W., deceased. The family came from Indiana in 1898 to live in Kinmundy twp. Services will be held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Letters were received by Editor J.N. VALLOW sent by various officials concerning his questions about the hard road status.

- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. BARGH are parents of a 9 lb. son, Geo. H., Jr. who was born Jan. 10.

- Meacham News: Arthur WEISS had the misfortune of stepping on a pitchfork and running it in the side of his foot.

- East Side Items (from last week): John BOUSEMAN and wife returned from Centralia Sunday. They were called to the bedside of their son, Don, there, who is in the hospital suffering loss of an eye. The accident occurred while he was working on the railroad.

Jan. 20, 1927:

- The Farina High School Gymnasium burned to the ground on Saturday evening about 1 hour after the Farina boys had defeated the Effingham High School. The cause of the fire was an overheated stove and a defective flue. Coach HARTLY of Farina met with the Board of Education of this city on Monday and completed arrangements where by the Farina High School will use our gym for practicing and also to play their games.

- A 6 lb. son, William Allen, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Millard LANE of St. Louis on Jan. 8. The mother is the formerly Kinmundy girl, Miss Stella WAINSCOTT.

- Edward KAGY died at his home south of Brubaker Monday after an illness of several weeks at the age of 65 years. Services were held at Summit Prairie Baptist Church. The deceased was brother of Mrs. Frank ROGERS of this city, also a brother-in-law of Mrs. Harve BRANSON of this city.

- The marriage of Miss Iva V. SWAIN and L. Paul GILMORE, both of Cleveland, took place Jan. 15 in Cleveland. The bride is a former Kinmundy girl.

- Pumpkin Center: The dance at Alva MULVANY’s last Saturday night was well attended. Uncle Putt POTTER won the prize in the Charleston contest.

- Pumpkin Center: Jim POSEY is ready to start on his trip - a tour of the world. J.B. says it is almost the same as a honeymoon, the only difference he being by himself.

- Swift School: Miss Mamie GARRETT and Pid BASSETT spent Saturday night and Sunday with Chas. FORD and wife.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ed HARRELL were Sunday dinner guests at the WADE home.

Jan. 27, 1927:

- Marlin DISS, G.F. JONES, J.W. GARRETT, and W.R. DOOLEN loaded their household goods Friday and they and their families left Wednesday for Almosa, Colorado, where they will make their future home. We are very sorry to see these good families leave our community and hope that they will regain their health in a short time that they will see fit to come back and be with us again. We might add here that Mr. GARRETT is leaving the home where he was born and lived his entire life, which amounts to 66 years. Not many people have this record.

- A poem was printed titled "A Dream" which was written by the late Miss Kate ATKINS.

- Over the Line: Gene KLINE, our school teacher, received a painful injury when a horse rared up and struck him with it’s hoof, cutting a gash near the eye, which required medical attention.

- Len SELLERS, a former resident of this city, died last Friday while at work in the Breese coal mine. Heart trouble was given as the cause. The funeral was held in Breese. Mrs. Theodore MILLER and Mrs. J.H. JACKSON are sisters of Mrs. SELLERS, who was formerly Miss Etta McGEE.

Feb. 3, 1927:

- Elizabeth Jane PHILLIPS, daughter of Samuel PHILLIPS, was born in Marion Co., Ill. on May 30, 1844. Here she grew to womanhood. She held her membership in early life until her death at Pleasant Grove. In 1860 she married William B. KAGY with whom she lived more than 66 years, and her husband preceded her in death less than 60 days before. They had 13 children, 9 sons and 4 daughters. Six of her sons preceded her in death, four dying while quite young. Tony, so well remembered, died in early manhood, and Edgar L., the oldest child at the time of his death, preceding her by just 5 days, leaving: John, Roy, and Marshall, and 4 daughters who are Mary, Lillie, Nora, and Ella. She also leaves 33 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. She died Jan. 21, 1927.

- Joseph Guin, 4 year old son of ye editor and wife, tried to pull a strong arm stunt Wednesday by juggling a 150 pound safe and letting it fall, mashing his big toe on his left foot. Toe and safe are getting along nicely.

- The 5 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil POTTER of near Omega, died Sunday morning after a very brief illness. An inquest was held and the jury returned a verdict of spinal meningitis. Funeral services were held on Monday and the body was laid to rest in Phillips Cemetery. Little Leonard POTTER was born Jan. 17, 1922 and died Jan. 30, 1927. He was the third child born to Cecil and Lena POTTER. He leaves a father, mother, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and an aged grandfather and grandmother. One sister preceded him in death.

- Brown: The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eura KRUTSINGER died at their home on Jan. 23 aged 11 months and 13 days. She leaves a father, mother, and 1 brother. Less than 2 weeks ago the twin sister passed away.

- Swift School: While working in the woods last Wednesday, a dead limb fell from a tree and hit Mark SWIFT across the shoulders and back. He has been suffering quite a bit but at this time is thought to be some better.

Feb. 10, 1927:

- Five generations: Mr. and Mrs. Theodore MILLER have in their possession a photograph in which 5 generations are represented. They are as follows: Mrs. Nancy McGEE, age 90; Mrs. Theodore MILLER, daughter of Mrs. McGEE, age 68; Mrs. Herman KNECHT, daughter of Mrs. MILLER, age 41; Mrs. Paulie HOSKIE, daughter of Mrs. KNECHT, age 22; and Howard HOSKIE, son of Mrs. HOSKIE, age 1 year.

- The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.C. DOOLEN, who resides west of this city and who is a graduate of the class of ‘27, married the son of Mr. and Mrs. Win HEADLEY, residing west of this city. The couple will reside west of this city on a farm. (The first part of this article was unreadable.)

- Swift School: 15 neighbors and friends of Mark SWIFT went in last Wed. and got up 25 or 30 loads of wood, which were very much appreciated by he and his family.

- Mr. and Mrs. Darrell ARNOLD announce the arrival of a 9 lb. daughter, Emma Colleen, on Feb. 3.

- Mrs. W.F. GRESHAM and son departed Monday for their home in England after an extended visit here with her mother, Mrs. E.V. FISHER and family.

- Big Party of Illinois People Arrive in the San Luis Valley: The population of the great San Luis Valley was augmented this week when a party of Illinois people, numbering twenty-two, arrived at Monte Vista to make homes in surrounding sections of the Valley. They came highly recommended from their home section in Southern Illinois, and are most desirable acquisitions for the Valley. The party arrived with their household goods in Monte Vista the first of the week, and through the efforts of Charles P. GRAESER and M.T. HANCOCK they found temporary homes that will serve until they establish themselves. All of the men are farmers and expect to acquire land here as soon as they become familiar with conditions. The party is from Kinmundy, Illinois. The families are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Frank JONES and five children; Mr. and Mrs. J.W. GARRETT and two children - grown son and daughter, Clyde and Mamie; Mr. and Mrs. Merlin DISS and a young man, brother of Mr. DISS; Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DOOLEN and two children and a relative, Clyde DOOLEN. Like the children of Israel of old, the party was preceded to the Valley by two scouts. Two of the men came out here last year and looked the country over. They went home as did the scouts of Bible times, and reported that they had found a land flowing with milk and honey. Accordingly the party was made up and moved out here as soon as it was possible to arrange their respective affairs in the home community. The men expect to acquire land and wisely decided to spend awhile here becoming familiar with conditions in an irrigated country. Farming conditions have become so unsatisfactory in the central states that more and more people are casting their eyes westward. Colorado will get a large share of the multitudes that will be coming to a country where conditions are easier, and of this multitude the greater part would come to the San Luis Valley if they did as these folks and sent scouts ahead to find the best places. Our broad acres will support thousands more people than we have now, and they will come in the near future. Monte Vista Tribune

Feb. 17, 1927:

- On Feb. 11, 1877, Mr. Louis BARBEE and Miss Belle GARNER, both of this city quietly went to the home of the groom’s uncle, P. BARBEE, and at the appointed hour Justice James HAWORTH arrived on the scene and pronounced the young couple man and wife. Miss Rebecca ELDER and Mr. Frank CLYMER served as attendants. The young couple was born and raised in this community. They went to housekeeping in this city soon after their marriage. On Feb. 11, 1927, this couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. The gifts received were $80 in gold, $7 in paper, and nice tea pot, a cut glass water set, and a wedding ring. There was a delicious meal was served at the noon hour which received ample justice by 45 people. After dinner the couple were remarried by Rev. E. Grey WININGER, the ring ceremony being used. The eldest granddaughter, Mrs. Venice HAMMERS FOWLER and the youngest granddaughter, Miss Venetta WILCOX, were ring bearers. Mr. Lee BARBEE was the only one present who witnessed the ceremony 50 years ago. Mr. BARBEE is 72 years old, and Mrs. BARBEE is 67 years old. They are the parents of 13 children, namely: Lizzie, deceased; Etta HAMMERS of Chicago; William, deceased; Fred of O’Fallon; Margaret DAVIS of Sturgis, Mich.; Viola, deceased; Bertha, deceased; Guy of Kinmundy; Byron of St. Louis; John, deceased; Harry, deceased; Lenora WILCOX of Chicago; and an infant, deceased. (Note: This article was accompanied by a picture of the couple.)

- From some unknown cause, Chas. CONANT’s residence was practically destroyed by fire at 2 o’clock Sunday morning. All were asleep and Mr. and Mrs. CONANT were awakened by smoke in their bedroom. They snatched up their 2 children, and escaped thru the window. Practically all contents were ruined. The family is making their home with Mr. and Mrs. Aires CONANT at present.

- Mrs. Anna STOKELY died at her home southeast of Kinmundy after only a few days illness. She suffered a stroke of apoplexy. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Swift School: Mr. and Mrs. G.C. DOOLEN entertained a few friends to supper last Wednesday in honor of the marriage of their daughter, Laura, to Mark HEADLEY.

- Wilson School: A 7 lb. son was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elsworth HARVEY in Villa Grove, but formerly of this vicinity.

Feb. 24, 1927: (no weekly newspaper on microfilm)

Mar 3, 1927:

- Rev. N.B. COOKSEY, veteran minister of the Southern Illinois M.E. Conference died at his home in Olney on Monday. He was born on May 25, 1846 in Madison Co., Ill., and married on Dec. 25, 1867 to Miss Mary F. KEOWN. His wife died June 6, 1913. The surviving children are: C.H. SCOTT and B.R. COOKSEY of Olney, A.L. COOKSEY of St. Louis, and Mrs. T.J. MITCHELL of Mt. Vernon. He married second in 1917 to Mrs. Katherine HAIN, who survives. Services were held at the M.E. Church in Olney.

- James HAWORTH died at his home in Flora on Tuesday after several weeks illness with heart trouble. The funeral and interment were held in Flora.

- Our New School Teacher: Betty Georgean is her name. She weighed 8 lbs. and was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BARCROFT on Feb. 27. Daddy is sure neglecting his chickens now, and Grandpa NIRIDER keeps much shorter business hours.

- Swift School: Charles FORD and wife spent Sunday with his father and family.

- Swift School: Last Sunday being the birthday of Mrs. Valinda CONANT, 35 neighbors and friends went with well filled baskets to surprise her. The way she acted one could tell the surprise was carried out o.k. In the afternoon games and music were played.

- Over the line: Joe STOKELY of Sheridan, Wyoming, and Mrs. Jessie PEARCE of Champaign, who were called here by the death of their mother, departed for their homes last Tuesday.

- Wilson School: Lon PRESGROVE and wife are entertaining a new daughter at their home who was born last Saturday.

- Wilson School: Several of our younger folks attended the birthday dance on Robert SILLS Saturday night.

- Albert HILLER and wife spent Wednesday evening here with his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth HILLER, enroute to their home in Collinsville from Farina where they had been called by the death of Mrs. HILLER’s stepmother, Mrs. N.J. REITZ.

- G.N. HAWORTH was called to Flora Wednesday by the death of his brother, James.

March 10, 1927:

- A letter was printed which was received by Mrs. Elizabeth DOOLEN from E.Mass ARNOLD of Kimberly, Idaho, who is spending the winter in Coronado, California. He is also a brother of J.T. ARNOLD of this city, and his wife is the daughter of Mrs. Susan HOLT of this city.

- Mrs. Betty Lee TULLY of Salem aged 62 years, committed suicide last Friday by drowning herself in the city reservoir. The reason given for such an act was worry over her daughter, who is at present in the hospital. The funeral was held Sunday from the M.E. Church in Salem with interment at Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy. She was a former resident here for many years.

- Birthday Dinner: On Feb. 27, a group of Illinois people at Sunshine Valley, met at the home of Marlin DISS to celebrate the birthday of 2 of the young men, Lowell DISS and Clyde DOOLEN. At the noon hour the ladies unpacked their baskets and everyone enjoyed the bounteous dinner which was served. The afternoon was spent with music, visiting and taking pictures. At a late hour all departed wishing the boys many more happy birthdays. Those present were: J.W. GARRETT, W.R.. DOOLEN, Frank JONES, Wayne MAXEY and families, Lowell DISS and Clyde DOOLEN.

- Alexander WILSON, aged 83 years, died at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Robert OUTHOUSE, living east of town on Monday. A cerebral hemorrhage was the cause of death. The funeral was held at the Baptist Church in Meacham twp. with interment in Elder Cemetery.

- Omega: Miss Lois LONNON and Lown SWALLEY were radioing at Leroy KNISELEY’S Wed. nite.

- Over the Line: Tourists from Troy, Ill., being unacquainted with our State Aid roads, got stuck in a mud hole and were forced to remain overnight at Loren KLINE’s Sunday night.

- Meacham News: A birthday party was given at the OUTHOUSE home last Friday night in honor of their daughter, Eva.

- Mrs. Wes ROBB and Dora ROBB were Centralia visitors Tuesday.

March 17, 1927:

- Mr. Eugene KLINE and Miss Dora ROBB were married at the M.E. parsonage on March 12. Attendants of the bridal party were Mr. and Mrs. John ROBB. The bride is the youngest daughter of R.C. ROBB. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Cal KLINE, and a graduate of K.H.S. class of ‘24. He is presently teaching at Young School southeast of this city. This couple has grown to manhood and womanhood in our midst, and will now make their home on the W.T. WILKINSON farm south of town.

- Alma, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley JONES, and Pearl ALVIS, little granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. EAGAN, wandered away from home Wednesday evening of last week which caused quite a bit of alarm. They came to town on an errand but never returned home. They were eventually found at the Howard WILLIAMS’s home 2 miles southeast of town. They stated that they were on their way to Alma’s grandmother’s who lives near Alma.

- Word has been received here that Fay D. YOUNG of Seattle, Washington died in Minor Hospital a few days ago from injuries received Feb. 26 when he was struck by an automobile at the intersection of 2 streets. He is survived by his widow, who resides in Tacoma, Wash., and 2 daughters. Mr. YOUNG was about 65 years old and formerly lived on a farm 3 miles southeast of this city. He was a cousin of Mrs. F.V. DAVIS.

- Mr. and Mrs. Arno H. MILLER are the parents of a 7 lb. baby girl born yesterday evening.

- Omega: A large crowd attended the funeral at Mr. Wm. ROGERS Friday.

- Elder School: Some of our citizens attended the funeral of Will Rogers at Lovell Grove Church on Friday.

- Elder School: Miss Mildred CHAPMAN our school teacher, was united in marriage to Berthal D. MIDDLETON on March 5, 1927.

- Swift School: Last Friday being the birthday of Mrs. Roy WILLIAMS, a large crowd of neighbors and friends went to spend the evening with her. Music and singing were enjoyed thru out the evening, and candy was served.

- The letter printed in last week’s paper from E. Mass ARNOLD, was concluded.

March 24, 1927:

- William Micheal LYONS, son of William and Mary LYONS, was born in Anna, Ill., and died March 15, 1927 at his home in this city. When a young lad, he with his parents moved from their home in Anna to Decatur, from which place he later moved his residence to this city. His entire life was devoted to railroading. For the past 17 years he has held the position of section foreman for the I.C.R.R. in this city. On July 22, 1895 he married Mrs. Anna THOMPSON (nee ROONEY) of this city. They had 2 sons, James of Chicago, and William Jr. of Kankakee, and 1 daughter, Thelma of this city. Besides the wife and above mentioned children, he also leaves 1 stepson, Edward THOMPSON; 1 brother, James of Decatur; and 1 granddaughter. Services were held at St. Philomena’s Catholic Church with interment in the Catholic Cemetery.

- On March 11, fourteen little girls and boys gathered at the home of Helen Elizabeth GARRETT in Chicago for her 8th birthday.

- Mrs. Fannie LOWE, Mrs. Icy GARRETT, Mrs. Hattie ATKINS, and C.I. DOOLEN were in Vernon Sunday helping to celebrate Isam DOOLEN’s birthday.

- C.M. ROBINSON, 55, a veteran railroad engineer of Salem, and C.M. FARLOW, 34, Brakeman, and T.E. BRUCE, 30, Fireman, both of Villa Grove were instantly killed Tuesday morning when engine 1928 on the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad exploded 2 miles north of the Salem Yards. The train was coming in from Brubaker north of Salem and was traveling about 35 miles per hour when the explosion occurred. The engine was practically destroyed. Parts of it were scattered 100 yards along the right-a-way. Otherwise the train was undamaged. None of the cars had even been derailed. Harry BARNETT and I.B. LONG, brakeman and conductor who were in the caboose, rushed to the front of the train and found the bodies of the 3 men, mangled and scalded almost beyond recognition.

- Meacham News: Several neighbors and friends gathered at the John WEISS home on Tuesday as a surprise of Mrs. WEISS in honor of her birthday. Coffee and pie were served.

- Wilson School: C.R. HEATON and family and Chester KLINE and family were among those in this vicinity attending the party Saturday night at Loren KLINE’s in honor of Eugene KLINE and wife.

- Over the Line: The bad mud holes do not improve much. One day last week, Cal KLINE and wife struck the hole by the STOKELY home in such a manner that they were both thrown from the wagon, but not seriously injured.

- Alma News: Mr. and Mrs. A.I. ROSS and Mr. and Mrs. T.J. DAY spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Jess WILSON, it being the birthday of Mrs. WILSON’s mother, Mrs. A.I. ROSS.

March 31, 1927: (No weekly newspaper on microfilm)

April 7, 1927:

- Mrs. Edie EASLEY of Cartter, Ill. was born Feb. 25, 1849, daughter of Judge Durham TRACY and a member of a large family all whom have died except Mrs. Arthulia STONECIPHER of Cartter, Ill. Judge TRACY was one of the pioneers of Marion county. He was very aggressive in promoting schools, churches and good government. Mrs. EASLEY was twice married and reared 9 children, all of whom are living except Mrs. Hester MIDDLETON. She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. I.D. INGRAM of Kinmundy, leaving 8 children, 32 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren, and a sister. She was 78 years, 1 month, and 5 days old. Services were held at Cartter Church with interment in Harvey Point Cemetery.

- J. Lem BALLANCE, has installed a new DeLaval 2 unit milking machine. He now has 10 cows in his herd and expects to add several more.

- Mr. and Mrs. Guy BARBEE entertained a number of little friends on April 1st, in honor of their son, Lyle, it being his 9th birthday. Those present were: Dwight, Bobbie, and B.L. HANNA, Walter and Perry Leonard NEAVILLS, Elwin, Wilma Dean, and Christene TROUT, Emerson JONES, Wanda ZUMSTEG, Dorothy CONANT, Loren and Orville SPURLIN, Wydale and Wayne PIGG.

- Town Election Results:

For Supervisor: E.W. DOOLEN - 149

For Justice of the Peace: A.L. VALLOW - 80; J.R. CHEADLE - 26; Chas. WARREN - 15

For Constable: J.B. MAXEY - 120

For School Trustee: J.A. BAYLIS - 134

One precinct had 78 votes cast and the other one 79 votes cast.

- W.W. LOWE and wife went to Collinsville Sunday to visit their sons, Mack and Ted, and to get the full particulars of the robbery of Mack’s garage. Last Wednesday night the garage was held up and the night watchman killed. Mack and Chat left the garage at 10 p.m. emptying the cash register and leaving about $8 in cash. The robbery took place at about 11:30 p.m. The night watchman was found soon afterward stabbed thru the heart. Suspicions lean toward a negro, who has not yet been located.

- Over the Line: Orville DISS and John ROBB attended the funeral of Mrs. S.W. JONES Monday of last week.

- Wilson School: A large crowd attended the dance at Dave WOODEN’s Saturday night.

- Meacham News: Mrs. F.S. HARRIS spent part of last week with her daughter in Casey and with her mother near there in honor of her birthday.

- Mrs. Fred YOUNG is seriously ill at her home southwest of town having suffered from a stroke of apoplexy.

April 14, 1927:

- Sarah E., daughter of John and Rebecca HULL SHEPARD, was born Oct. 21, 1867, and passed away at her home near Alma, Ill., April 9, 1927, aged 59 yrs, 5 months, and 19 days. Between the dates of her birth and death, as in every life, great experiences and changes have taken place. Her mother once said to me, "Sarah was a good child and as soon as she was any size began to take some of the burdens off of me and increased in helpfulness as she grew older." She kept this up - doing for others all through her life. She was once a pupil of the late Prof. J.B. ABBOTT, the beloved instructor of the Alma and surrounding schools for many years. She, as many of his pupils, chose school teaching as her work for a time. She was married to E.G. FORD March 8, 1892. Three children came to bless this union, Emogene, John, and Chester, each named for a grandparent. The first real sorrow came to them on Feb. 5, 1915, when the Death Angel came and took Chester from them. Oct. 8, 1920 another great sorrow fell to their lot in the tragic death of their only daughter, who was then the wife of Carl WHITE of Amy, Colorado. Each time the clouds of sorrow visited them, Mrs. FORD showed great bravery such as only a true Christian woman could possess. John was left to them and she must be cheerful for his and Mr. FORD's sake.

So she lifted her head and went her way

Before the world with scarce a tear.

And bravely unto those she met

Gave smiles or messages of good cheer.

She gave her lips to laugh and song

And somehow went on thru each day,

But Oh, the tremble in her heart,

Since Gene and Chester went away.

Mrs. FORD leaves to mourn their loss besides the devoted husband and son, one grandson, Carl Ford WHITE; three sisters, Mrs. Mary HARRELL and Mrs. Jennie JAHRAUS of near Kinmundy, Illinois; and Mrs. Grace CRAIG of Marcus, Washington. Twenty-three years ago Mr. and Mrs. FORD came to Alma to make their home where they have continued to live until the present time, excepting two years spent in Texas. Ever since she has been among us, she has been one that could always be depended on to give efficient help in all the activities of the Church and Sunday School. She was an enthusiastic worker in the ladies' aid where her pleasant manner and ready wit made her a favorite of all and often the life of the gathering, yet she was unassuming - rather shrank from leadership, insisting that others could fill the place better than she. She served as secretary of her Sunday School Class since it was organized. She united with the Church in 1915 during the pastorate of Rev. Pierre DELAIN and was a faithful Christian. She was one of the few of whom it can be truthfully said that we could count her friends if we knew the number of her acquaintances, also that those that knew her best loved her most. She will long be missed - so sadly missed - not only in the home and by her relatives, but in the Church, the Sunday School, the Ladies' Aid, the Fancy Work Club, and the entire community.

God gave her strength for sorrow's cup

She drank with no complaint,

We should not have less strength than she

For treading on life's stormy way,

But now the tremble's in our hearts

Since she has gone away.

- Sarah E. PURCELL

The funeral services were held Monday morning at 11 o'clock from the M.E. Church in Alma, Rev. MAYS officiating. Interment was made in Alma cemetery.

- Joseph E. BRIMBERRY was born in Clay Co., Ill. on Aug. 7, 1841, and died at his home in Kinmundy on April 7, 1927. He was united in marriage to Martha COLLISON on Nov. 23, 1871, and they had 4 children: Clara CARTER of Oskaloosa, Henry who died several years ago, Arthur, and Mrs. Cora KEEN of Kinmundy. The wife and 3 children are left, as well as 30 grandchildren, and 23 great-grandchildren. He served 4 years in the Civil War. Services were held at the Church of God with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. Maxey SUGG of Hartsburg announce the arrival of a baby boy at their home on April 13, named James Stanley.

April 21, 1927:

- Cerilda E. SIPES, who before her marriage was Cerilda RHOTAN, was born May 8, 1858 in Jackson Co., Tenn, and died April 13, 1927. She came to Marion Co., Ill. in 1883, and on March 7, 1888 married Clabe SIPES. They had 4 children: Mrs. Ethel KENLEY of Belleville, Kansas who came those many miles to administer to her mother in this, her last illness; Mrs. Dillie HEISTAND and Mrs. Ruth TROUT of Salem, and Mrs. Myrtle YOST of this vicinity. She moved her membership from the Christian Church in Salem to Pleasant Grove Methodist Church over 30 years ago. Besides her husband and children mentioned, she leaves 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Two children by a former marriage, John and Rosa SLATER, and 1 sister preceded her in death. Services were held at the home conducted by Rev. MAYS, pastor of the Pleasant Grove Church. Interment in Alma Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. F. Daryl ALEXANDER of Effingham, announce the arrival of a 5 lb. baby girl, Gertrude Annette at St. Anthony’s hospital on April 14.

- Carl HEICHER departed Monday for Colorado, where it is hoped the climate would benefit his health. He was accompanied by his brother, Ed.

- Over the Line: A serious accident happened at the bridge near James LEWIS’ Tuesday evening. Dess PAINTER and wife were returning from Salem and on account of high waters could not the condition of the bridge. The horses and buggy were plunged into the water where the horses were drowned, and if had not been for the help of James LEWIS, Mrs. PAINTER would have also lost her life.

- Swift School: George COLE and wife, Fletch COLE and family, and Ren WAINSCOTT and family spent Sunday with Mort SPURLIN and wife. The men attended the funeral of Bryan EAGAN’s.

- Trainload after trainload of sand bags are going south on the I.C. on account of water. Yesterday the merchant in this city received a call for empty sacks to be sent to Effingham to be filled with sand.

- Mr. and Mrs. John HOLT attended the funeral of Mrs. Henry HARPSTER in Loogootee Sunday afternoon.

April 28, 1927:

- Mrs. R.P. POTTER, living 6 miles southeast of Kinmundy, died Monday after a short illness, aged 65 years. Interment in Phillips Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. H.W. HUBERT of Centralia announce the arrival of a 6 lb. baby boy on April 26.

May 5, 1927: (No weekly newspaper on microfilm.)

May 12, 1927:

- Bertha Ellen HEISTAND, daughter of Columbus and Florence HEISTAND, was born Oct. 24, 1888 in Marion Co., Ill., and died May 7, 1927. As a young girl she became a member of the Methodist Church at Pleasant Grove Church, taking an active part in Sunday School and Church work until she became prey of ill health. She was very devoted to her mother, and suffered nervous shock, also mental depression, at the time of her death 5 years ago, from which she never completely recovered. She spent the last several years with her Uncle Sam HEISTAND. She plighted her troth with George CRIST several years ago, but the course of love never does run smoothly and the marriage was never consummated. While all were enjoying Mother’s Day, her overburdened mind failed under the strain and she took her own life, her infant son dying a few minutes later. The note found by the nurse expresses her true feeling and reads as follows: "Dear Ladies, If I only had a sweet home like all you ladies have, a kind husband and some babies dear, to call my very own, this world would be all sunshine, if I only had a home sweet home. Pray for me that I may be forgiven for the sin I have committed. Yours in trouble, Bertha." She leaves 1 sister, Mrs. Nora BURKETT of Kinmundy; 2 brothers, Arthur of Salem; and Elmer of Bremmerton, Wash. Services were held at Summit Prairie Baptist Church.

- Mr. R.C. ROBB and Mrs. Effie DOOLEN gave their many friends quite a surprise when they went to Salem Wednesday of last week and were married. The remainder of the week were taken up with charivari parties. The couple will make their home at the R.C. ROBB residence in the southeast part of town.

- Mr. and Mrs. Albert COFFIN of near Salem will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on May 15.

- Our new Marshal, Seymour CHANCE, went on duty Tuesday evening and made 1 arrest Wednesday. He arrested a hobo who was drunk and disturbing some of our citizens in the southwest part of town, but he is in the jail-house now.

- Wm. PYLES has fixed the mud hole in front of his place on the Kinmundy-Patoka road. He donated his labor and material to fix this. He says he was tired of pulling cars thru it.

May 19, 1927:

- Word was received here Tuesday of the death of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. MARTIN of Champaign. Death was caused by diphtheria. Interment was in Champaign. The mother is the former Leona Odell of here.

- Word was received here Wednesday of the death of Elsie ROBB. She was the 12 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam ROBB of Lansing, Mich. She, along with 19 other children, lost their life, when a maniac dynamited the district school building which she was attending.

- Arvilla PARRISH, age 16, daughter of Robert PARRISH living southeast of Farina, was severally burned Wed. morning after starting a fire with kerosene. The kerosene exploded igniting her clothing. She died at noon on Wednesday. Arvilla had made her home with Mr. and Mrs. Ed COLE living north of this city since her mother’s death, until last year when she went to keep house for her father.

- Monday the 16th of May, being the 84th birthday of Mr. David HEADLEY, all of his children, most of the grandchildren, and some of the great-grandchildren met at the old home on the farm May 15 to celebrate the event. He would have liked very much to invite all of his friends and neighbors, but the house would have been too small for that, he has too many good friends. However, there were about half a hundred present who partook of good things to eat at high 12. Grandad being an old soldier, Mildred LOWE decorated an angel food cake with flags and Veda JONES INGRAM made an angel food cake with 84 candy drops on it.

- Pearl JACKSON celebrated her 10th birthday by giving a little party to her friends. Games were played and all had a jolly time.

- Rev. and Mrs. WININGER entertained their daughter, Helen, Monday, it being her 13th birthday. After gifts and extending congratulations, the jolly crowed was surprised when Brother WININGER announced that they would drive to the C. & E.I. Lake to be entertained.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph FEATHERS of Salem are the parents of a 9 lb. son born May 13 named Joseph Richard. The mother is the former Vivian ARNOLD of this city.

- Vera SCHOOLEY was a lucky winner in a school contest. She won the 2nd prize of $15.00 on an essay.

May 26, 1927:

- Elsie Mildred ROBB, 4th daughter of Samuel and Ethel ROBB, formerly of Kinmundy, was born Dec. 20, 1914 in Kinmundy, Marion Co, Ill., and died at Bath, Mich. on May 18, 1927. She leaves 1 brother, and 4 sisters: William, Agnes, Alice, Edith and Lorene; and 1 grandfather and 2 grandmothers of Kinmundy. She died when an explosion occurred at her school in Bath. Services and interment were held in Detroit, Michigan. There are 44 dead and several others seriously injured from the accident.

- In Memoriam: Lieut. Surgeon Samuel Kenly SPILLMAN, Civil War Veteran, died May 31, 1862.

- Marion SHUFELDT, a farmer residing south of this city, was seriously injured Wednesday morning when a horse fell on him. He had started on horseback to Mr. CRIPPEN’s, a neighbor, to help sheer sheep. He stopped only a few minutes to talk to George HEISTAND. He started his horse, the horse stumbled, throwing Marion off. As Marion laid on the ground, the horse fell on him. Dr. FOWLER was called and pronounced a crushed hip and internal injuries.

- Mr. and Mrs. Henry JAHRAUS and C.P. BALKE passed Sunday at the Ed HARRELL home.

- Alma News: Mr. and Mrs. A.H. BASSETT visited Sunday with their son, Ernest and family.

June 2, 1927:

- The many friends here of John FORD of near Alma, will be surprised to learn of his marriage on last Thursday, May 26, to Miss Lelia GARDNER of Murphysboro. The ceremony was performed in Centralia. Immediately after the ceremony, they departed for St. Louis, where they spent a short honeymoon, returning to Alma where they will make their home on the groom's farm. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reynold GARDNER of Murphysboro, and for the past two years has been one of the competent teachers of the Centralia grade schools. The groom is the only son of E.G. FORD of near Alma. He attended Kinmundy High School and is held in high esteem in this community. The Express extends heartiest congratulations.

- E.O. HUBERT and wife of Beloit, Wis. announce the arrival of a fine boy born May 26.

- Carl Andrew HEICHER, son of John and Christina HEICHER, was born in Columbus, Ind. on Oct. 16, 1882, and died at his home near Kinmundy on May 26, 1927 after a long and serious illness. He married Dora LEONHARD on Nov. 29, 1905, and they had 6 children: Eva, Leonard, Merle, Orville, Herman, and Geneva, who with his wife, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters, survive. Services were held at Union Church with interment in Elder Cemetery.

- Swift School: Mrs. Beth ATKINS and Mac ROBB, wife and son, Kenneth, ate Sunday dinner at the Valinda CONANT home. This being Kenneth’s birthday, there was a large cake with 10 candles on it.

- Swift School: Decoration was observed at Sandy Branch Sunday. A good program was given and there was plenty of good music.

June 9, 1927:

- John L. CONANT of Kinmundy was appointed coach of all sports at Ridgefarm, Ill. and will be graduated from University of Illinois with a 4 year course in athletic coach and Physical Education. CONANT was a star athlete in high school and has participated in intramural athletics at Illinois.

- Miss Nelle DOOLEN and Chas. KENNINGTON of Chillicothe, Ill. were married May 29 in Peoria. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. DOOLEN of this city, and a former pupil of Kinmundy school. She graduated from Champaign H.S. and afterwards attended Southern Ill. Normal University at Carbondale. She has been a teacher the past 2 years in Chillicothe. The groom is a traveling auditor for the Santa Fe Railroad. The couple will reside in Chillicothe.

- Another old landmark went away Wednesday when the HUMPHREY home, better known as the HUMPHREY and GRAMLEY home located 2 miles south of Kinmundy, burned to the ground. The cause was thought to be a defective flue. Very little of the contents were saved. The home was occupied by Emil MEYER and family. Elizabeth GRAMLEY sustained quite a loss as did Mr. MEYER.

- Omega (from last week): A 4 lb. girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed AUMILLER on May 23 and has been named Mildred Louise.

- Meacham News: June 5th being Mrs. T.J. WADE’s birthday, her neighbors to the number of 25 came in the evening with their baskets filled with lovely cakes and gave her a pleasant surprise. If they had given her a little warning, she would have had strawberries gathered to go with their cakes.

- Wilson School: Charles McCARTY and bride are visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. McCARTY.

- Mr. and Mrs. Robb GREEN of Decatur, announce the arrival of a fine baby boy born on June 5.

June 16, 1927:

- Miss Mildred ROBB entertained her little friends Tuesday afternoon June 14 at a party, it being her 9th birthday. All had a jolly good time, dainty refreshments were served and at a late hour all departed wishing Mildred many more happy birthdays.

- On June 13, Miss Maxine MAHAN entertained a group of her young friends in honor of her 8th birthday.

- Mrs. Paul PIPER entertained a party of friends of her son, Burton, at their home June 9, in honor of his 9th birthday.

- Henry HOHLT, 19, of Farina, was found dead this morning near Farina on the Fred HEWITT road. He was found face downward in a ditch of water and his car was standing in the middle of the road. From all appearances, it is either a suicide or a homicide case.

- Jerome EMBSER, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. EMBSER living south of Kinmundy, graduated from the University of Illinois School of Ag on Wednesday. He has been employed to teach at Newton schools.

- J.T. BROWN has been laid up this week from injuries sustained from a fall. After returning home from a trip to Steeleville Sat. night, he went to duty at the Ice Plant. Some mechanism of the plant went wrong which necessitated a trip to the work bench in the back part of the garage. Mr. ROBNETT reports that he must have stepped on a bearing on the floor which caused him to fall striking his head against the work bench. After the repair had been made, he and P.F. ROBNETT, who was with him at the time, sat down and talked for awhile. Mr. BROWN went for breakfast, and in returning he remarked that his head hurt but he could not remember anything about the fall. Dr. MILLER was summoned and he’s been recuperating.

- Last Thursday W.M. BALL was found dead in his home located in the extreme northern part of this city by Raymond ATKINS, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.M. ATKINS. As Raymond was delivering milk to the BALL home, he noticed that Mr. BALL had not picked up the milk outside his door from the day before. Mr. BALL died from dilation of the heart. The remains were taken to Cave-in-Rock, Ill. for services and interment. Mr. BALL and his 2 sons, Orville and Bertus, came to Kinmundy 4 years ago. Washington Marion BALL, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob BALL, was born in Risingson, Ind. on Feb. 17, 1855 and died at his home in Kinmundy on June 8, 1927. At the age of 4 years, he with the family moved to Cave-in-Rock, Ill. where he grew to manhood. At the age of 21 years he married Miss Sarah SHUMAKER, and they had 7 children: Harry of Los Angeles, Cal.; Claude (deceased); Myrtle of Dallas, Texas; Walter of Vicksburg, Miss.; Bertha of Metropolis, Ill.; Henry of Ozark, Ill.; and Elsie of Dearborn, Mich. His wife died in 1894. He married in 1896 to Mrs. Anna MILLER, and they had 5 children: Ray (died at age 17); Donald of Metropolis, Ill.; Rura, a student at University of Ill.; Orville of Wood River; and Bertus of Dearborn, Mich. In 1918 he moved his family to Round Knob, Ill., and here his wife died in 1921. On Oct. 23, 1922, he and his 2 youngest sons moved to Kinmundy on the northern outskirts of town. Interment was in Claywood Cemetery at Cave-in-Rock, Ill.

- Swift School: Fletch COLE and wife attended Children’s Day at ARNOLD Chapel Sunday afternoon.

- Meacham News: Steve HAGANSEE returned from Chicago Saturday evening where he visited his wife and new baby boy.

- Meacham News: Minnie OUTHOUSE returned to her home Friday after being employed at the Jessie SINCLAIR home caring for the new baby boy.

- Over the Line: Hayes STOKELY, Noah MARLOW, and J.W. WHITTENBURG were witnesses in the LEWIS-PITTMAN trial in Alma on Tuesday.

June 23, 1927:

- Mattie R. SPYKER was born July 2, 1857 in Morrow Co., Ohio, and died in Delphos, Kansas on June 1, 1927. At the age of 7 years she moved with her family to Marion Co., Ill. Here she grew to womanhood and here she met and on Oct. 16, 1877 was married to John F. CLINGENPEEL. The next year, 1878, with her husband she migrated to Ottawa Co., Kansas and lived here and in Delphos until her death. Her husband died on July 2, 1920. She leaves 2 sons: Henry Elroy of Chapman, Kansas; and Raymond of Delphos; 1 granddaughter; and 1 brother, T.M. SPYKER of Streator, Ill. Interment was in Delphos Cemetery.

- "We" (ye ed and family) drove "The Spirit of Kinmundy" (our old Ford) to St. Louis Friday afternoon to take part in the welcoming home of Col. LINDBERGH. We stationed ourselves at the home of our uncle, Herschel VALLOW, who lives near Scott Field. We took in the parade in St. Louis Sat. morning and seeing that "Linde" looked natural, we returned to Scott Field. Sunday morning we made an inspection tour of Scott Field where about 30 planes, which accompanied "The Spirit of St. Louis" were stationed. We also viewed the dirigibles. The boss of our household claims that "Linde" has nothing on us as it took us much nerve to make our trip in "The Spirit of Kinmundy" as it did for Linde to fly across the Atlantic.

- Roy FENSTER of Champaign spent Wednesday here with his mother, Mrs. Rachel FENSTER, it being her 83rd birthday anniversary.

- Arthur STOCK and Miss Tina NICHOLS were married last Saturday at the Sacred Heart Church in Effingham. His brother, Fred STOCK, and wife were their attendants. The couple will reside in Vandalia. His mother, Mrs. Jennie STOCK, of this city attended the wedding.

- Miss Anna DILLON returned Monday from a trip to Muncie, Ind. with her brother, E.G. DILLON and family of Meacham. They attended the marriage on June 18 of their nephew, Clinton Eugene DILLON, to Miss Elizabeth Mae WILLIAMS in that city.

- A 7 lb. girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ora ATKINS on June 21.

- Scott and Charles DAVIDSON and George H. BARGH gave their first party June 21 at the home of their grandmother, Mrs. E.C. BARGH, their guests being Paul and John CURRAN of Cleveland, Ohio; Helen Marguerite SIPES of Chicago; Norma Louise MILLER, Kathleen BROWN and Betty G. BARCROFT; Thomas Richard FEATHERS, Pleasant ROBNETT Jr.; and Jean Louise LANDESS, accompanied by their mothers.

- Omega: The house on the C.L. MILLICAN farm north of Omega, accompanied by Bert KITCHEN and family burned Wednesday.

June 30, 1927:

- A Family Gathering: For a number of years, the Ford family has held a reunion in June. It began when the five sons of Mrs. Emogene FORD, with their families, met in this sunny month to celebrate "Grandma’s" birthday. Since her passing, they have continued the custom in memory of her. Sunday, June 26, was selected as the day for the gathering this year, which was held at the beautiful suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. John G. FORD of Farina, Illinois. In connection with it, this year a reception was given John S. FORD and bride, who were recently married. The weather as ideal, the roads so improved, all came by motor without anyone getting stuck in the mud. Many well filled baskets were carried into the spacious dining room and soon two long tables were filled with "everything to eat" from fried chicken to angel food cake and all that go with each, served cafeteria-style. During the day piano and Victrola music was enjoyed and letters from Mrs. H.F. CRAIG of Marcus, Washington, and Carl M. WHITE of Amy, Colorado, were read. They being unable to attend, sent greetings. Just before the home-going a number of snap shots of the crowd in different poses were taken. Those present besides John G. FORD and family were: E.G. FORD and son, John and wife, Chas. FORD and daughter, Miss Jana, and sons, Gilbert and Charles and wife, Eugene FORD and family, Will FORD and family, and Edwin HARRELL and wife. Those motoring from a distance for the day were: Miss Mary FORD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will FORD, and her friend, Richard COOK of Indianapolis, Ind., and Walter FORD, son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. FORD, of Springfield, Ill.

- The Anti-Poultry Thief Association met Monday night and held the election officers for the next year. Elected were: E.S. HOWELL - President; John HEICHER - Vice President; Glen WELLS - Secretary; Will ALLEN - Treasurer. The above are also the executive committee any one of whom should be immediately notified in case of theft. Annual dues are 50 cents per year. The Association still offers $200 for conviction of theft of poultry from a member in good standing, and offers liberal awards for most all other convictions of theft.

- Meacham News: A few of the neighbors gave Mrs. Grace DILLON a surprise the evening of June 21 in honor of her birthday.

- Over the Line - Billy HILL was unfortunate as to mash his finger in the cogs of a washing machine Monday of last week.

- Mr. and Mrs. Mark SWIFT and daughter, Bill SWIFT and wife, Fletch COLE and family, George COLE and wife, Mack ROBB and family, Ren WAINSCOTT and family, Mrs. Mary WILLIAMS, Jack and Relza WILLIAMS attended a birthday dinner on Sunday in honor of M. SPURLIN.

- Willie GARRETT and family returned last Thursday from Monte Vista, Colorado, where they had spent the past six months on account of Mrs. GARRETT’s health.

- Meadow Branch: Selby GARRETT and family and Virgil LIVESAY and daughter spent Wednesday evening with Wes ROBB’s.

- Meacham News: Mr. and Mrs. Ed HARRELL spent Sunday at the Ed FORD home near Alma.

July 7, 1927:

- Kinmundy’s 4th of July celebration had a record breaking crowd. The day started off with a band concert which lasted thru the morning. In the afternoon, a short concert was given by the band followed by the program where readings were given by Lora Elsie DOOLEN, Katherine WORMLEY, and Chas. MILLICAN, and the address was given by Hon. Elbert WALLER. Immediately after the program, the contests and amusements were held. Following were the winners:

Pole Race - 1st: James RICHARDSON, Joe SLOVICK, Mike HAMPSTEN, and Chas. BRIM.

2nd: Harry RICHARDSON, Theodore LEE, Wayne BANING, and Estes PARRISH.

Lucky ones catching the chickens were - Gus PORTER, Marion BANING, Jas. JONES, Wayne BANING, and Loren KLINE.

Pie Eating Contest - 1st: Chas. Wesley KING; 2nd - Louis BEARD

Ladies’ Hog Calling Contest - 1st: Mrs. Jed HARPSTER; 2nd: Mrs. John MERCHANT

Girl’s Egg Race - 1st: Elizabeth GEORGE; 2nd: Marie WEST

Water Fight - This was called a draw and the prize split among the teams which consisted of Burdette MAXEY, John SEE, John LEE, and Leonard ZUMSTEG.

After supper, another concert was rendered amidst a beautiful display of fireworks.

- Louis BARBEE is recovering nicely from a recent fall. He had been on top of the house mending the roof and when he attempted to get down the ladder slipped causing him to fall on the ground face downward. Drs. FOWLER and MILLER were summoned and he was found to has a dislocated shoulder.

- Mrs. Frank CLYMER died at St. Mary’s Hosptital in Centralia July 3. The funeral was held at NELM’s Undertaking Parlors. Interment was in Evergreen Cemetery.

- A home wedding was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. EVANS in Elvina where their only daughter, Bernice, became the bride of Fred SILSBY, only son of Mr. and Mrs. O.M. SILSBY of Flat River.

- Dorothy Janice, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. SPRAGUE of Detroit, Mich. on June 30 at the age of 15 days. The mother was the former Miss Amelia WAGGONER, a granddaughter of Mrs. Elizabeth HILLER.

- Gail HINES preached a very forceful sermon at the M.E. Church last Sunday. We are glad that Gail has been chosen to the ministry.

- Wilson School: Ice cream and cake were served to a number of friends and relatives of Fred KLEISS on Saturday in honor of his birthday anniversary.

- Mr. and Mrs. Frank GARRETT and children of Mitchell, Ill. spent the weekend here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett JONES and family and Mr. and Mrs. Willie GARRETT and family.

- Elmer BASSETT of St. Louis spent the weekend here, the guest of Vera MORRIS.

July 15, 1927:

- Matthew Simpson WALKER died at his home near ARNOLD Chapel Monday. He worked in the hay field in the morning and had started to work again in the afternoon. He began to feel sick and went into the house to lay on the couch. A few moments later he was dead. An inquest was held and the jury rendered a verdict of paralysis. He was born near Iuka on March 30, 1858, the son of Mary Jane MASSEY and David Edwin WALKER. He died at his late home near ARNOLD’s Chapel in Foster twp. on July 11, 1927. He married Mary S. ROBB on June 16, 1887 and they just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. He leaves a widow and 6 children: Martha Pauline, Mary Jane, James A., and Emma Elizabeth at home; Mrs. Nellie WALKER JONES living near home; and Samuel Edwin WALKER of Borwyn, Ill.; 3 grandchildren: Helen Ruth and Harold Walker JONES, and Robert Edwin WALKER; 1 sister, Mrs. Mattie E. KNIGHT of Salem; and an uncle, Alex MASSEY of Vernon.

- A birthday surprise dinner on a former Kinmundy lady was held near Villa Grove on July 10 in honor of Mrs. Ellsworth HARVEY. A dinner was served cafeteria style to 109 guests.

- Friends of Mrs. J.L. PERRY gathered at her home in Villa Grove on July 8 at her home in Villa Grove on July 8 to help her celebrate her 37th birthday.

- A wedding was held near Iuka on Friday with Mr. John S. SEE of this city and Miss Blanche NEEPER of Farina. The groom is son of Mrs. Sadie SEE. For the past several years he has conducted a harness shop in our city. For the past few months he has been employed as a mechanic for the SNELLING Motor Co. The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. T. NEEPER of Farina. The couple will reside with the groom’s mother for the present.

- Over the Line: Ellis WILKINSON and wife were called to Centralia Wed. night by the serious illness of his sister, Bertha. She died Monday morning.

- Meadow Branch: Miss Mamie GARRETT is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wes ROBB and family.

- Swift School: Pid BASSETT and Mamie GARRETT were Sunday evening callers at the Marvin CONANT home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Dewey LACEY are the parents of an 8 lb. boy who was born July 9.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB threshed his wheat Monday.

July 21, 1927:

- Charles Wesley ROSE, son of Jim and Peggy Ann ROSE, was born Omega twp. May 4, 1853 and died at the home of his step-daughter in Alma twp. on July 10, 1927. Thirty-six years ago he was married to Mrs. Lucinda YOST, who died more than 3 years ago. His health had been ailing for the past year. He requested that his step-daughter, Mrs. Will SHAFFER, care for him during his last illness. He was taken into their home and kindly cared for. "Charlie" is survived by 1 brother, Willis of Alma twp.; 1 half brother, Seth FOSTER of Oklahoma; a step-sister, Amanda FOSTER of Salem; 4 step-children, Mrs. Will SHAFFER of Alma twp.; J.H. YOST of Alma twp.; Mrs. Laura ROGERS of Humboldt, Ill.; and Arthur YOST of Gates, Oklahoma. Funeral services were held at the home of Will SHAFFER by Rev. MAYS of Alma assisted by Rev. WININGER of Kinmundy. Interment in YOST Cemetery.

- A future basketball star has made his appearance at the home of John LEE born on Thursday at 8 lbs. Papa Demon is prouder than when he made all-star, and grand-pop Curt is ready to teach him to run an auto.

- Ben CRAIG writes from Philadelphia, Pa.

- The fire alarm sounded Tuesday morning when Gene SHAFFER’s tractor was garaged in the old WARREN barn. Gene had filled the tank with gas and ran it over, and in attempting to start it, a wire jumped off igniting the spilled gasoline. The chemical soon extinguished it before the tank caught fire.

- Frank CLYMER, son of Reuben and Polly RINES CLYMER, was born Oct. 9, 1848 at Walnut Hill, Ill., and died July 12, 1927 at Kinmundy. At the age of 11 years, he with his parents moved to Kinmundy where he grew to manhood and spent his entire life. His family consisted of 4 sisters and 1 brother, Mrs. Sophrona GRAY, Mrs. Rebecca BARBEE, Mrs. Sarah PANCOST, 1 sister dying in infancy, and John CLYMER. Mr. CLYMER was the last one to pass away. On Sept. 21, 1896 at Fairfield, Ill., he married Miss Luvina SMITH of that city. They had no children. She died after a long illness just 10 days ago in St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia. Mr. CLYMER had been in failing health and cared for since Feb. 15 by nephews and nieces, Mr. and Mrs. Lee BARBEE and Mr. and Mrs. Earl BARBEE, and Mrs. Oscar COX (a daughter of his sister, Mrs. GRAY). He had been in the barber business for years.

- W.H. BREWER writes from Glenfield, North Dakota.

- Over the Line: Ellis WILKINSON and wife accompanied by his uncle, Jas. JONES and wife attended the funeral of the former’s sister on Wednesday.

- Mrs. E.O. KILLIE and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. NEWELL, Rev. and Mrs. E.G. WININGER, Mrs. Pauline JOHNSON, and Miss Mary SHRIVER were in Farina Monday attending the funeral of Mrs. KILLIE’s brother, C.R. OSBORNE.

- Elder School: Word was received here Friday of the death of Mrs. Clarissa KELL of Salem, Ill. She was a sister to Mrs. Henry SIPES and an aunt of G.R. LONNON, both of this city.

- A surprise was given Mrs. Herman SOLDNER by her relatives, neighbors, and friends on July 17, the occasion being her 24th birthday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Wes ROBB and children visited Sunday afternoon with Otis HINES and family.

- Mr. and Mrs. Emmett JONES spent Sunday in Mitchell, Ill. with their daughter, Mrs. Frank GARRETT and family.

July 28, 1927:

- During the past 2 weeks of revival effort at the Sandy Branch Shed - 23 have been converted. The old time shouting of a new born soul is being heard as the serpent of sin is being defeated. Thank God.

- Mrs. B. ANDERSON received word that her grandson, John D. FREEMAN of Centralia, has been hurt while standing on a scaffold and hit by a lowering elevator, and caused him to fall. His jaw broke in 3 places and several teeth were loosened.

- The 5 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew TAYLOR residing 6 miles east of town fractured and dislocated a finger due to a fall.

- The editor being called to St. Louis, this week’s issue is being edited by his brother, understudy and general Flunky, Audrey. All errors are to be excused and bouquets will be gladly excepted.

- A family reunion was held Sunday at the home of Albert SMITH in Farina. Those present were Earl COURSON and family, Jess MULVANY and family, and Wilford SMITH and family of Farina; Harve BRANSON and wife of Kinmundy; Anson BRANSON and family of Meacham; Mrs. Paul PROVINE and children of Fisher and Roy MULVANY and family of Alma.

- Jake McCARTY, living south of town, reports having killed 68 snakes Friday while mowing hay. He saw one garter snake and killed it. He noticed quite a lump in it’s throat and cut it open only to find 67 baby snakes. He found out that when a garter snake becomes frightened, it puts it’s baby snakes in it’s mouth to protect them.

Aug. 4, 1927:

- The annual reunion of the PARRILL families was held on the lawn at the Dean PARRILL home 4 miles northeast of this city, Sunday, with members of the family from California, Missouri, and Michigan in attendance. Those attending from here were: Misses Eva and Ella PARRILL, Mr. and Mrs. F.O. GRISSOM, and Mrs. BASCOM.

- July 23, being the 6th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DOOLEN, 32 of their friends and neighbors gathered at their home July 24 to help them celebrate. A bountiful dinner was served at the noon hour with plenty of ice cream and cake.

- Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius SEBENS of Lawrenceville, announce the arrival of an 8 lb. son at their home on July 24 named Roscoe Jr. The mother was formerly Miss Hazel BRASIL of this city.

- There has been much propaganda here of late concerning the affairs of W.W. LOWE. It has been reported that he has retired from business. This report is erroneous. He says that he has not retired but was merely promoted to the position of delivery boy.

- This year the leading pest seems to be the horse fly. Forty-eight were killed in one place at one time of swatting.

- Burglars during the night or this morning entered the Wabash Grocery thru the west window and stole a lot of cigars and jewelry. Mr. C. GRAY, the proprietor, was formerly in the jewelry business in Kinmundy (Taken from the Litchfield Daily Union.)

- Saturday morning, while collecting milk to be delivered to the receiving station at St. Paul, Paul REBBE, living south of St. Peter, was instantly killed by the southbound C & E.I. Passenger Train. He was driving a truck and was crossing the grade crossing 2 miles south of St. Peter when the train hit him. The body was picked up by the train crew and brought to Kinmundy where it was taken to J.H. NELMS Funeral Parlors. The inquest was conducted by Coroner DYCUS of Fayette Co., Saturday afternoon. The body was considerably bruised, having both arms and both legs severed as well as the top of the head. It is presumed that Rebbe did not look for trains. He was 28 years of age, and leaves a wife and 2 daughters - one three and the other six years of age. Services and interment were made at St. Paul.

- Vernon News: Born July 26 to Mr. and Mrs. Guy JONES, a baby girl.

- Vernon News: Born July 29 to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin HATHAWAY, a baby girl.

- Vernon News: A few from here are attending the revival at Sandy Branch. Up to this time there has been 31 conversions.

Aug. 11, 1927:

- Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the late Abraham W. and Margaret NELMS SONGER, was born in Kinmundy on Dec. 25, 1871 in the home from which her body was born and in which she always lived. She died in St. Anthony’s Hospital in Effingham, Ill. on Aug. 6, 1927. Mamie SONGER was a graduate of Southern Illinois Normal University with the Class of 1893. After spending the summer that year in California, she began teaching in our public school. After teaching 2 years, her mother became an invalid and for 11 years she cared for her. The past 6 years she was again in our public school. She married James T. BROWN on Dec. 27, 1903. Two babies were born, but they preceded her in death. Mrs. BROWN was stricken with a fatal malady, and for months fought bravely. Her husband and her cousin, Mr. J.H. NELMS, were at the hospital with her prior to going to the operating room. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Chicken thieves are again making themselves felt in Fayette Co. stealing several hundred chickens in the past few weeks. A mass meeting has been called for Saturday night at the Lone Grove Schoolhouse to help perfect the local Anti-Poultry Thief Organization. There will be a speaker with slides about chicken thieves. Everyone except chicken thieves are invited to come to hear this talk.

- Arad Monroe HOWELL was born Knox Co., Ky. on Oct. 15, 1852 and died Aug. 4, 1927 at his home about 2 miles west of Kinmundy where he has spent the last 26 years of his life moving here from Watson, Ill. in 1901. On Nov. 19, 1874 he married Miss Mary Jane SANDERS, who died Jan. 16, 1919, and they had 9 children. Later he married Mrs. Hanna KING CARLTON of Bedford, Ind. on Feb. 5, 1923. The deceased leaves his wife; 1 sister, Mrs. Fannie CHESTNUT of Bedford, Ind.; 5 children; 28 grandchildren; and 9 great-grandchildren. There were 9 children, namely: Joseph Curtis, Mrs. Nettie McCLURE, Mrs. Raddie BASS, all of Kinmundy; Mrs. Fannie LAMBORN of Brubaker; and Mrs. Amy TRUEBLOOD of Decatur. The deceased children are Murtie Ellen, Burtie, Edward, Minnie Deliah, and Mrs. Tarcie CARSON. Services were held at the Christian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Ener ZIMMER met with a painful accident Monday while loosening the cap from a fruit jar. He twisted it with such force that it broke the can, severally cutting the left wrist.

- Meacham News: Frank BRITTON recently received news of the death of his brother, T.P. BRITTON of Mitchell, Ind.

Aug. 18, 1927:

- A poem written by Nettie McCLURE entitled "Father" was printed along with a picture of him.

- Revival Meeting at Pleasant Grove: A Revival Meeting will begin at the Pleasant Grove Church in Alma twp. Monday night, Aug. 22. Everyone, who can, attend the services and by your prayers help make the revival a success.

- A fine dinner was given by Mrs. Hattie ATKINS Tuesday in honor of her brother, C.I. DOOLEN’s birthday. It was quite an affair with only the immediate family present. Chas. says he is growing younger every year and he surely must be, as the cake contained only 35 candles, so he says.

- An announcement has been received by Mrs. Maude PORTER of the marriage of her niece, Miss Georgia WEST to Mr. John Charles BIGDA of Chicago, taking place on Aug. 15. The bride is a former Kinmundy girl who graduated with the class of ‘21.

- Descendants of the late Henry and Sophia HASSEBROCK held a family reunion in the park of Centralia on Aug. 7, 1927, with 161 in attendance. The day was spent playing baseball and other games. Officers elected for the coming year: W.F. GLUESENKAMP - President; Mr. C.F. HASSEBROCK - Treas.; and Mrs. Paul A. WITTE - Secretary.

- Meacham News: Steve HAGENSEE and family are leaving this week for Decatur, where he has purchased a restaurant.

Aug. 25, 1927:

- The wedding of John Stafford BUSWELL and Miss Mildred MONAHAN occurred Aug. 16 at the Catholic Church in Peoria. The bride is the daughter of Mr. MONAHAN of Champaign, and is employed at the Agriculture Building at the University of Illinois. The groom is son of Mrs. Katherine BUSWELL, formerly of this city, but now of Champaign. He was educated in Kinmundy Schools, and has been a train dispatcher for the Illinois Central Railroad in Champaign. The couple will reside in Champaign.

- The marriage of Miss Margaret MENEELY of LaGrange, Ill. to Rev. Delmar Ray BEBOUT of Jackson, Miss. took place in LaGrange, Ill. on Aug. 17. Mrs. BEBOUT is a former Kinmundy resident.

- Last Sunday was the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Martin METZGER and to celebrate the event, their daughters planned a surprise for them. About 11 o’clock friends and relatives to the number of 40 gathered at their home in Kinmundy bringing plenty of good things to eat.

- Effie M. JONES was born in Williamson Co., Ill. on July 9, 1869, and died at the age of 58 years and 1 month. She spent her early life in Ill. and married E.A. VALLOW at Trinidad, Colorado on Aug. 22, 1899. The following month they went to LaJunta where they have since resided. She is survived by her husband, E.A. VALLOW; 1 daughter, Oma; and 2 sons, Eugene and Raymond, all at home. One son preceded her in death 21 years ago. She also leaves 2 sisters: Mrs. C.K. HUDDLESTON of Memphis, Tenn., Mrs. Martha STEEL of St. Louis, Mo.; and 2 brothers, S.C. JONES of Marion, Ill., and J.R. JONES of Advance, Mo.

- Meacham News: Sunday dinner guests at the Ed HARRELL home were Mr. and Mrs. Henry JAHRAUS, Ed FORD and son, John and wife. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GREGORY and son, Rolia and family at Alma.

Sept. 1, 1927:

- Martha Jane, daughter of Isaac D. and Elizabeth GRAY, was born Feb. 7, 1877 near Kinmundy, and died Aug. 23, 1927. She married Dr. H.L. HANNA on Sept. 8, 1895, and they had 12 children: Bertha L., wife of Gray DAVIS of Chicago; Gail F., Clyde D., Paul G., Mary E., Ruth V., Leona M., Leota (dying in infancy), Ada M., Dwight H., Bobbie E., and B.L., also 3 grandchildren. She is survived by her husband; 11 children; 1 brother, Mr. Melvin GRAY; and 2 sisters, Mrs. Owen GEORGE, and Mrs. Clarence HANNA. Services were held at the M.E. Church South with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Pallbearers were her children: Clyde, Paul, Gail, Ruth, Mary, and Leone. Flower bearers were her nieces: Bessie and Beulah DISS, Ruby HANNA, and Nettie GRAY.

- Last Thursday a crowd of girl friends surprised Wanda ZUMSTEG it being her 12th birthday. Those present were: Eva Maxine GEORGE, Geneva MALINSKY, Genevieve HAMMERS, Mary FIELDS, Eileen SHANAFELT, Marie KNIGHT, and Pearl ALVIS.

- John LENHART, only son of John and Catherine LENHART, was born in Germany on Sept. 3, 1843 and died at his late home 1 mile south of Kinmundy on Aug. 24, 1927. At the age of 6 months, he came with his parents to the United States in a sail vessel requiring 6 weeks to make the voyage. They located in Mansfield, Ohio where he grew to manhood. At an early age he learned the carpenter’s trade and was employed by the government as a carpenter during the Civil War. Later with his parents he moved to Bryon, Ohio, where he married Caroline KAISER on Feb. 17, 1872. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters born, 2 daughters preceding him in death - the eldest daughter dying in infancy and Cora passing away Sept. 24, 1896 at age of 13. He leaves 3 sons, 1 daughter, 4 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. The children are: George W., Harmon W., Russell S., and Mrs. Vera McCULLEY, all of Kinmundy. In 1878, he with his family, aged father and sister, the late Mrs. W. H. BREWER, came to Illinois and located on a farm 1 mile south of Kinmundy, where he spent the remainder of his life. Services were held at the Christian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. James WALKER and Miss Freda DOOLEN, in company with Clyde GARRETT and Mona LUCAS, motored to Ramsey Wednesday where the former couple was united in marriage by Rev. C.H. CARLETON. The groom is son of Mrs. Mary WALKER, residing near Arnold’s Chapel, while the bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. DOOLEN residing near Vernon. The young couple will make their home on a farm near Arnold’s Chapel.

- Mrs. Harriett DEW celebrated her 89th birthday Aug. 29.

- Omega: About 20 young people gathered at the home of Paul SEE on Aug. 30 as a surprise to their son, Virgil, to celebrate his 17th birthday.

- Mrs. Alice EAGAN has received an announcement of the birth of a 9 lb. daughter at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BLALOCK of Webster City, Iowa. Mrs. BLALOCK was formerly Miss Stella WILSON.

- Mr. and Mrs. Earl LANE are parents of a baby boy born Aug. 27, named Robert Earl.

- Swift School: School opens at Break Neck on Sept. 5.

- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. PRUETT and Mr. and Mrs. G.W. NEWELL were in Lawrenceville on Monday attending the funeral of J.B. STOUT.

- Mr. and Mrs. Wes ROBB and Mr. and Mrs. Otis HINES attended the State Fair a few days last week.

Sept. 8, 1927:

- William Jesse, son of Marshall S. and Sarah SPENCER, was born Jan. 13, 1856 in Tamoroa, Perry Co., Ill., and died Sept. 1, 1927 at his home 1 mile south of Kinmundy. When a small boy about 7 years of age, his parents moved to McLean Co., and later to North Fork, Marion Co. where he resided until 1885 when they moved to a farm 5 miles from Salem. In 1889 he married Miss Eva STORMENT, the daughter of a neighbor, and they had 4 children, 3 of whom have passed away. His wife and Marshall, the oldest child are left. Also 1 brother, Mr. Chas. SPENCER of Chicago. He was a rural mail carrier for 15 years. Services were held at the Christian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- W.H. BREWER writes from Champaign.

- At the home of Mr. and Mrs. James E. WILLIAMS occurred the marriage of Mr. Harry SEMRO of Chicago to Miss Clarence WILLIAMS of this city on Sept. 4. The attendants were Maurice WILLIAMS, brother of the bride and Miss Tillie SEMRO, sister of the groom. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. J. SEMRO of Chicago, and is employed at the Frigid Fluid Co. of that city as a machinist. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. WILLIAMS residing northwest of this city. She is a graduate of Kinmundy High School with the class of ‘24, and employed as accountant clerk for the Ill. Bell Telephone Co. The couple will reside in Chicago.

- Over the Line: Wm. SPENCER died Sept. 1. Services were held at the Christian Church in Kinmundy.

- Julian NOCHMAN met with a painful accident Sunday morning. His horse became frightened by a freight train, and backed down the embankment, causing the buggy to overturn. One of the wheels of the buggy was broken but Mr. NOCHMAN was fortunate to escape injury.

- Miss Emogene SHEPARD and brother, Carl, returned to their home in Pittsburg, Kansas, Wednesday, after spending 2 weeks with their cousins, John FORD and wife, Edwin HARRELL and wife, and H.F. JAHRAUS and family.

- Miss Emogene and Carl SHEPARD of Pittsburg, Kansas, E.G. FORD, John FORD and wife, and Edwin HARRELL and wife spent Sunday with H.F. JAHRAUS and family.

- Meadow Branch: Miss Irma GARRETT has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. W.F. ROBB.

Sept. 15, 1927:

- A piano recital was given by Charlotta HEINRICH’s pupils last Saturday, which included: Willadean KNISELEY, Walter B. PRUETT, Elizabeth GEORGE, Paulene GARRETT, Alta GARRETT, Ella JACKSON, Elizabeth HOLT, and Wilma GAMMON.

- A letter sent from S.L. BUNDY of Gillette, Wyoming was printed.

- A son was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Orville BALL of Woodriver, Ill. named Robert Orville.

- Wilson School: J.C. McCARTY and family attended the funeral on Sunday of Mrs. John SANDERS of Alma, who was killed in an auto accident while visiting her sister at Poplar Bluff, Mo.

- J.C. LEE and sons, Frank and Ted, motored to St. Louis today to witness the baseball game between the World Champion Cardinals and the New York Giants. Curt is tired of rooting over the radio so he decided to go down and root for the Cards in person.

Sept. 22, 1927:

- Mrs. Louise WARREN died Sept. 19, 1927 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia, death following an illness of about a year’s duration. She was born near Salem where she spent practically all her life. She is survived by 1 son, Lowell, of Mt. Vernon; 2 sisters, Mrs. Etta NELMS of Centralia, and Dolph HAMMER of Kinmundy; 1 brother, Lawrence STEVENS, also of Kinmundy; and 1 niece, Marjorie NELMS of Centralia. Services were held at the Dolph HAMMER home with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- J.R. CHEADLE’s residence caught on fire but only a few shingles were burned.

- Hubert FISHER’s barn was destroyed by fire this morning.

- A baby girl was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. COLE on Sept.13, and named Joan.

- Mr. A.H. WILLIS has sold his Bakery and Confectionery to Mr. E.O. ZIMMER. Mr. WILLIS was forced to sell due to the ill health of Mrs. WILLIS. He and his family will leave tomorrow for Arizona to live. Mr. ZIMMER was one of our restaurant men for 5 years, "Ener and Marg" selling only a year ago.

- The 80th birthday of F.M. ROBB was observed on Sunday when 64 relatives gathered at the father’s old home. Mr. ROBB’s daughters, Mrs. J.T. ARNOLD, Mrs. Emmett JONES, Mrs. Guy ARNOLD, Mrs. Frank JONES and their husbands, and his son Eli ROBB and wife, 15 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren; 1 brother, R.C. ROBB; and 1 sister, Mrs. Mary WALKER were with him on this day. His eldest sister, Mrs. Jeems ARNOLD was unable to be with them. His aunt, Mrs. Harriett DEW, who is 90 years old, was also present.

- An 8 lb. daughter was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe COUGHLIN of Los Angeles, Cal. on Sept. 12 named Margaret Ellen.

- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BAGOTT had as their guests Sunday, some of their children, grandchildren, sisters and families, to a number of 44. At noon a bountiful dinner was served. Much laughter and conversation was enjoyed and kodaks kept busy.

- Thomas J., only son of John and Amanda E. WADE was born near Kinmundy on Nov. 19, 1864 later moving to this city, where his occupation was that of an engineer. On June 25, 1891 he married Miss Gertrude L. DILLON of Meacham twp. They resided in this city until 1897, when they moved to their home 4 miles east of here in Meacham twp. to engage in farming and stock raising. He served as Highway Commissioner for his township for several years. He died Sept. 19, 1927 and leaves a wife; 2 daughters, Mrs. Glen ROBB of Salem, and Mrs. Rob GREEN of Decatur; 4 grandsons, Richard and Daryl Gene ROBB, Thomas Leroy and Howard Keith GREEN; 4 sisters, Mrs. W.M. THOMPSON of Oakland, Cal., Mrs. Lydia WADE, Mrs. Mel BOYD of this city; and Mrs. Minnie Lux of Meacham twp. He was the Director of Kinmundy Twp. Mutual Fire Insurance Co., a member of the Modern Woodmen, and the Kinmundy Masonic Lodge. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Jacob VALESKE, age 72, died Wednesday at his home 6 miles southeast of this city after a few weeks illness of arteriosclerosis. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. T.D. MANGNER of Chicago announce the birth of a daughter born Sept. 15 and named Mary Ann. The mother is the former Miss Alice SEXTON of this city.

- Wilson School: J.C. McCARTY and family entertained to dinner on Sunday in honor of K.E. McCARTY’s birthday with E.O. Marquet of Troy, Ill. and J.M. McCARTY and family of Alma.

- Mr. and Mrs. Dow GREEN left Saturday by motor for Phoenix, Arizona where they will make their home.

- The RUSH Reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis THOMPSON near Fickle on Sept. 10. The lineal descendants of the Moses RUSH and Eliza Ann KELLEY RUSH union of Washington Co, Pa. came together to the number of 35. Mr. and Mrs. J.H. BASS attended from Kinmundy, Ill. (Taken from the Mulberry, Ind. Times.)

- Mrs. Gertie SHAFFER, son and daughter attended the golden wedding anniversary dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Curt SMITH’s Sunday.

Sept. 29, 1927:

- A letter written from Dr. J.D. CAMERER of Glendale, Cal. was printed.

- A bill was passed in the Illinois General Assembly about the future of the inflection of the death penalty which will now be by means of the electric chair. Three chairs will be installed in Illinois - one at Joliet, Chester, and Cook County Jail. Hanging has been the legal method of execution in the state of Illinois for 106 years.

- Swift School: Mose WAINSCOTT and wife, and Mrs. Ren WAINSCOTT were in Centralia last week attending the funeral of little 5 year old Roberta WOLEY.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ellis BUTTS announce the arrival of a daughter born Sept. 24.

- R.L. INGRAM and Carl DUNLAP motored to Anna Friday where they visited the State Hospital. On the return trip they visited the rendezvous of the notorious Birger gang’s Shady Rest. Although it was wrecked, it was at one time a very ornamental building. They each procured a brick from the building as a souvenir.

Oct. 6, 1927:

- Mary Talitha HOLMES was born in Marion Co., Ill. on Feb. 22, 1853 and died at her home north of Kinmundy on Oct. 2, 1927. On Oct. 18, 1876 she married Francis Marion ELDER, and they had 6 daughters: Mabel, Anna B., Josephine, Martha E., Edna A., and Eva, 3 passing in infancy and Eva at the age of 3 years. "Aunt Molly" leaves a husband; 2 daughters, Mrs. Amos WILBER of Decatur, and Mrs. Rob’t MAXEY of Villa Grove; and 9 grandchildren. Interment was in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Tuesday noon, Clark SCHOOLEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. James SCHOOLEY, while coming home from school, jumped backwards from a Ford truck driven by Helen BALLANCE, falling and hitting his head with such force that he was unconscious for some time. He is apparently all right again.

- A letter written from H.H. CRAYCROFT of St. Louis, Mo. was printed.

- On Oct. 4 at the M.E. Parsonage in St. Louis, Mo., the marriage took place of Miss Florence HINES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin HINES residing near Alma, and Austin WOOD, son of A.T. WOOD of Algiers, Ind. The groom is a street conductor in St. Louis.

- Mrs. Dave ZIMMER was painfully injured Tuesday when the wheel of a wagon passed over her abdomen. She and Mr. ZIMMER had spent the day at the home of her brother, R.M. BINGAMIN and started home. She attempted to get in the wagon and the team started, throwing her backwards. She is still at the home of Mr. and Mrs. BINGAMIN under doctor’s care.

- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BLOMBERG are the parents of a 10 lb. baby boy born Sept. 30.

- Mr. and Mrs. Cecil POTTER announce the arrival of a son born Oct. 3.

- Former Kinmundians, who are now residents of Southern Cal., met for their annual picnic at Garavaza Park, Los Angeles, Cal. on Sept. 25.

- George FEATHERS, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.H. FEATHERS, residing northwest of this city, and Glenn DAVIS, the I.C. Section Foreman, exhibited a collision with their cars Friday on Main street.

- E.O. ZIMMER was in Salem Tuesday where he had an x-ray taken of his hand. It will be remembered that Mr. ZIMMER sustained a cut on his hand sustained by a fruit jar. The x-ray revealed that 2 bones were dislocated. The bones were reset and it won’t be long until Ener can again get his hands in the dough.

- An announcement was made Saturday of the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Vera RAINES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. RAINES of Wood River, to Harry HANSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. John HANSON of Kinmundy. The wedding is set for Oct. 6.

- Mrs. Lizzie DOOLEN went to Vernon Sunday to visit her sister, Mrs. Isham DOOLEN, Sunday being the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. DOOLEN.

- Mrs. Irene BRUCE and babe, Clayton Messer and Beldon Bruce of Villa Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Norman BLACKBURN and son of Paris, and Mr. and Mrs. John BAYLIS of Columbia, S.C., were present at a family reunion held at the Mrs. Mary L. MESSER home in this city this Sunday.

- Swift School: Bill CONANT, Ren WAINSCOTT and wife, Bert GARRETT, wife, and 2 children, and Marvin CONANT spent last Thursday with Mrs. Valinda CONANT and son, and helped work on the house and paper. Mack ROBB and wife came in the afternoon.

Oct. 13, 1927:

- Dewey SHANK, 27, of Centralia, widely known thru the automobile racing circles of the state and especially as a dirt track driver, sustained fatal injuries yesterday afternoon at Breese while in a 40 mile race. SHANK resided with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward SHANK in Centralia, and is also survived by 5 sisters: Mrs. Thomas SWEARINGEN of Chicago, and Mrs. Erma, Texas, Leah and Marion SHANK all of Centralia, and a brother, Louis SHANK of Lincoln, Ill. His mother was formerly Miss Daisy EAGAN of this city.

- Lyndell Laverne GREGORY aged 14 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. GREGORY, died at the home 2 miles south of this city after the week’s illness of influenza and brain fever. Interment in Alma Cemetery.

- Ellis WAINSCOTT, former Kinmundian, is recovering quite rapidly from burn received a couple of weeks ago while working on electric locomotives. (Taken from Westward, Cal. SugarPine)

- Over the Line: The community extends sincere sympathy to Mrs. Edna MAXEY in her hour of bereavement.

- Word was received here of the death of Mrs. Addie MELROSE of Cleveland, Ohio. Interment in Grayville, Ill. on Oct. 2. She was formerly Miss Addie COLEMAN of this city.

- A letter written from Clay SIMER of Winslow, Ariz. was printed.

- Mr. and Mrs. W.T. WILKINSON entertained Dr. and Mrs. Guy WILSON and Rev. and Mrs. E. Grey WININGER to dinner, it being Mrs. WININGER’s birthday. She was presented a bouquet by her husband. (E.N. Gosh! But preachers get off easy when it comes to birthdays.)

Oct. 20, 1927:

- Miss Vera RAINES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. RAINES of Wood River, and Harry HANSON were married Oct. 6 at the home of the bride’s parents. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. John HANSON of Kinmundy, and is employed at Roxana Petroleum Corp. The bride is a graduate of Wood River High School, and has been employed at the Watson-Howard Agency.

- Alice Lucille, daughter of Halice and Sophia LEWIS was born June 1, 1927 and died Oct. 15, 1927. Services were held at Woodlawn Church with interment in East Lawn Cemetery in Salem.

- The O’BRIEN and VALLOW family received word Saturday that twins, a boy and a girl, were born at the W.B. VALLOW home in Detroit, Mich. on Friday and named Dan and Joan.

- Miss Virginia PIPER entertained 9 of her friends Oct. 15, in honor of her 11th birthday.

- Word was received of the marriage of Miss Zeva L. JACOBS to Andrew HOPPER of Decatur in that city on Oct. 6. Mrs. HOPPER was the local manager of the JAMES Brothers Store in this city a few years ago.

- Geo. FIELDS received word Wednesday that his father, J.R. FIELDS of Dix, died early this morning. Geo. and family, Mrs. Julia MAXEY, a son, Burdette, and a daughter, Mary, are in Dix today attending the funeral.

- Pictures of damage done by the St. Louis tornado were printed.

Oct. 27, 1927:

- An announcement was received of the marriage on Oct. 11 of Mrs. Junia HASELDEN and Mr. J.B. SAGE, both of Shelley, Idaho. Mrs. SAGE is a former Kinmundy girl. Mr. SAGE is a retired farmer of Shelley, where they will make their home.

- Mary Ann STEWART was born in Upper Alton, Ill. on Jan. 19, 1842 and died at her home near Kinmundy on Oct. 22, 1927. She married William H. STORRS of Marietta, Ohio on Apr. 19, 1865. To them were born: Frederick S. STORRS, Florence E. STORRS, and William H. STORRS. In the fall of 1865 they moved to their present home, and she has resided there continuously until her death. Her husband died in Nov. 1896. She is survived by 3 children, and 2 sisters, Mrs. T.F. WEST of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Mrs. F.P. BATCHELDER of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Ellis WILKINSON sustained a serious and very painful injury Monday when his ankle was dislocated and some of the bones were broken. He attempted to stop off a roadgrader while it was moving, putting his foot on a shovel which turned and threw him into the wheel. Mrs. Mabel EMBSER is assisting her sister in caring for him at present.

- Elder School: The Pleasant Grove ladies served lunch at the Kramer Sale on the Powell place Wednesday and over $22.00 was taken in.

- E.H. BOSEY broke both bones in his wrists while cranking his car Saturday.

Nov. 3, 1927:

- Mr. Gifford JONES, who is attending the Polytechnic Institute at Polytechnic, Montana, and who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. JONES, has recently been elected as Chief Justice of the Polytechnic State Students Government.

- Helen Mar, daughter of William B. and Elizabeth DRAPER was born Oct. 17, 1847 in Salem. In 1869 she married James D. BRUCE, and they had 7 children. Her husband and 1 son, Burrell, and 2 small daughters preceded her in death. She died Oct. 29, 1927 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O.F. HARLAN in Indianapolis, Ind. She leaves a son, Will; 3 daughters, Ida, Nora, and Mamie; 4 sisters, 2 brothers, 13 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Chas. CONANT has purchased the business interests in Kinmundy of J.P. OSBORNE’s Poultry House.

- Mr. Rolland ALLEN of this city and Miss Leona GRAHAM of Mt. Vernon, were married in Mt. Vernon on Oct. 8. The bride is a native of Mt. Vernon. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ALLEN residing east of this city. He is a graduate of Kinmundy High School Class of 1920, and has been employed in the shoe factory in Flora. The couple will make their home in Flora.

- The announcement has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ALLEN of the marriage of their son, Erman, to Miss Frances FLODER of Berwyn, Ill. on Oct. 20. The groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ALLEN residing east of this city. He is a graduate of Kinmundy High School class of 1918, and is employed with Western Electric Co. of Chicago. The couple will make their home in Berwyn.

- Swift School: There was a Halloween party held at the home of Bertha GREEN Saturday night. Games were played, jokes told, and dainty refreshments served by the hostess. Present were: Cecil GARRETT, Red HEADLEY, Tub WILLIAMS, Tommy GARRETT, Charles LOWE, Ralph BASSETT, Peck CONANT, Chester JONES, Mabel HEADLEY, Dorothy GARRETT, Godia SIMMS, Marcelline DOOLEN, Helen WAINSCOTT, Leona GARRETT, Marcelline and Loraine GARRETT, and George FEATHERS.

- Mrs. Harold STEVENSON of Salem, who has been receiving treatment for the past weeks at the St. Rose Sanitarium in St. Louis, came Sunday to remain for awhile with her mother, Mrs. Sadie SEE. She was accompanied by her husband and her sister, Mrs. Roy MILLICAN of Omega.

- The announcement was received of the arrival of a 10 lb. girl, Patsy Mardelle, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan MORRILL of Lansing, Mich. The mother is formerly Miss Rhea ROBB of this city.

Nov. 10, 1927:

- A letter was received from Dow GREEN who is now living in Phoenix, Arizona telling about how he and Mrs. GREEN were robbed in their car by a gunman.

- Mildred Irene, daughter of George and Leona HAWORTH, was born March 6, 1905 and died Nov. 6, 1927. She was a graduate of Kinmundy High School class of ‘24, attended Sparks Business College in Shelbyville, and worked in the J.M. BRIGHT store in this city. She leaves a father, mother, 2 brothers - Raymond and Donald. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. She had not been feeling well on Sunday and died right after having some ice cream and was talking with her mother. According to Dr. FOWLER her death was caused by acute congestion of the lungs.

- Ed BRASEL had his arm broken while cranking his car Monday.

- A letter written by W.H. BREWER who is wintering in Biloxi, Miss. was printed.

- On Nov. 6, a large number of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. CHANCE to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. CHANCE were away and upon returning found a large number in their home and the table loaded. Those present at their anniversary that were present at the wedding were: S.W. GRAY and wife, Mrs. Olive BRITT, Mrs. S.E. BLACK, and Mrs. C.E. McHANEY.

- Nov. 1 being the 60th birthday of Mrs. W.W. LOWE, and Nov. 6 being the 65th birthday of Mr. W.W. LOWE, the couple were entertained to dinner by Mr. and Mrs. E.R. LOWE. Those also present were Mr. and Mrs. G.M. LOWE and Mrs. GRACY of Collinsville, and Mr. and Mrs. Webster LOWE and children of this city. As the old saying goes, a woman is as old as she looks and a man is as old as he feels. Now Mrs. LOWE doesn’t look old and Mr. LOWE doesn’t feel old, consequently they are classed as a young couple.

Nov. 17, 1927:

- Bassett-Morris: Saturday, Nov. 12, being the 25th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. MORRIS, Mr. Chas. BASSETT of St. Louis and Miss Vera L. MORRIS of this city surprised many of their friends when they quietly slipped away to Salem and were married at 12:30 p.m. by Judge EINN. They were accompanied by the groom’s cousin, Clyde BASSETT, and the bride’s cousin, Miss Mamie GARRETT. The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. MORRIS of this city, and is held in high esteem among her many friends. She was a student in Kinmundy High School and has taught 4 successful terms in the rural schools. The groom is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer BASSETT of Foster twp, and is a highly respected young man with many friends also. He is a graduate of Rahe Auto School of Chicago, Ill., where he has had employment several years, but for the past year has been employment as a mechanic for the St. Louis County Water Co. in St. Louis. They departed Wednesday evening to make their home in St. Louis. The Express joins their many friends in extending heartiest congratulations.

- A Birthday Celebration: Monday, Nov. 14, was the birthday anniversary of Mrs. Edwin HARRELL and the occasion brought a series of surprises for her. Last week, Mr. and Mrs. Ed HARRELL, with other relatives, received an invitation from her nephew, John S. FORD and wife to spend Sunday with them. Upon arriving at the FORD home near Alma, they found a sumptuous dinner prepared with a delicious and beautifully decorated cake with other good eats appropriate for a birthday dinner which was enjoyed by all present. Part of the afternoon was passed with music on the piano and the singing of a number of old time songs. Mrs. HARRELL thought she had celebrated a day in advance. The following morning the R.F.D., which arrives at the HARRELL home by 9:00 a.m., brought greetings to Mrs. HARRELL from relatives and friends. Among the latter were twelve messages from pupils and three from ladies with whom she boarded while teaching in our public schools. An hour was spent reading the seventy messages that brought to mind many pleasant memories of those happy days of the past. The climax came later in the day when the lights were on and Mr. and Mrs. HARRELL sat reading, a number of cars came bringing twenty-eight relatives and friends to spend the evening. A social time was enjoyed, various games played and later refreshments, consisting of pie and coffee served, the ladies having brought the pies. The time passed rapidly and when the home-going came Mrs. HARRELL declared it had been a wonderful occasion for her and the guests upon departing wished her many more happy birthdays.

- Earl MOODY wrote his cousin, G.A. NEAVILL telling him that John MOODY, his father, had died Nov. 5 in Bakersfield, Cal.

- Meacham News: John WEISS was in St. Peter Monday on account of the death of the infant of his brother, Willie JASPER.

- Dr. and Mrs. P.S. CURRAN of Cleveland, Ohio announced the birth of a daughter on Nov. 9 named Helen Marie. The mother is formerly Miss Genevieve MORGAN of this city.

- James PAWLEY, age 74 years, died Saturday at his home 4 miles west of Kinmundy. Interment in Martin Cemetery.

- Sig KAUFMAN, one of Salem’s businessmen, died in the Battle Creek Sanitarium on Saturday. The funeral and interment were in Centralia.

- An 8 lb. boy was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. BRIGHT on Nov. 12 named James William.

- Hobart CHAPMAN was surprised at his home in Muncie, Ind. on Nov. 10 it being his 23rd birthday.

- Meacham News: Ed HARRELL and wife were visitors with Ed FORD and son, John and wife, on Sunday.

Nov. 24, 1927:

- Abe HEISTAND, a farmer residing south of this city, was killed instantly by an auto while walking on the hard road between Salem and Odin Sunday. He was on his way to visit his niece living near Sandoval. The car which killed him went on and another passer by found him. Both arms and the neck were broken.

- Michael BUTTS died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Chas. YATES, in Meacham twp. on Tuesday aged 85. Interment in Elder Cemetery.

- The CIPS Co. have attached us to the high line and we are now getting 24 hour service on our electric lights.

- A poem was written by Ella CRAIG in memory of her father, W.B. KAGY, who died Nov. 23, 1926.

- Swift School: Mack ROBB and family, Marvin CONANT and family, and Mrs. Valinda CONANT attended the 58th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jeems ARNOLD Sunday.

Dec. 1, 1927:

- Michael BUTTS was born Jan. 3, 1842 and died Nov. 22, 1927. He served in the Civil War, and married Nancy Jane LACEY in 1866. They had 10 children. The wife and 2 children preceded him in death, leaving 8 children: Wm. BUTTS of Patoka, Maude KRUTSINGER, Ellis BUTTS, Mary WILKINSON, Nettie GOENS, and Ida TIPSWORD of Kinmundy, Elsie LOGUE of Patoka, and Dicie YATES of Kinmundy. He also leaves 52 grandchildren, and 56 great-grandchildren. He had made his home for the past 3 years with his daughter, Dicie YATES.

- The Parker Bake Shop on the square in Sullivan changed hands Wednesday as it was purchased by A.H. WILLIS of Kinmundy.

- Noah JONES of Alma accidently shot his left hand with a shot gun while hunting Monday. He was taken to Centralia where his hand was amputated above the wrist. Mr. JONES has a family, and is son of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. JONES living west of this city.

- On Thursday the farm residence of J.J. DAVIS located southeast of Kinmundy caught fire. Mr. DAVIS was away from his home at the time, but Cal KLINE, a neighbor, happened to pass by and noticed smoke coming out of the house. The fire was quickly extinguished, but a large hole was burned in the floor.

- Dr. and Mrs. H.A. LANDESS announce the arrival of an 11 lb. boy at their home in Mt. Vernon on Nov. 30.

- J.R. MAHAN, A.J. JACKSON, and Wm. EAGAN were called to Salem Wednesday as witnesses, on the Wyatt WILLIAMS trial.

- Meacham News: Several neighbors gathered at the home of C.P. BALKE Sunday night to help him celebrate his (?) birthday. Apples, coffee, and pie were served.

- Swift School: Fletch COLE and family and Ren WAINSCOTT and family spent Sunday at the Selby GARRETT home.

Dec. 8, 1927:

- Carl DUNLAP had the misfortune of falling out of the truck Tuesday, dislocating his left wrist.

- The VALLOW and O’BRIEN families received a message this morning stating that Frances Joan, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. VALLOW, died on Wed. from whooping cough. The body will arrive here Friday morning.

- A.W. HEISTAND was killed Nov. 20 when he was struck by a car on the State Road west of Salem. "Uncle Abe", 3rd son of Solomon and Martha Ann HEISTAND, was born March 2, 1848 and died Nov. 20, 1927. He married Nancy C. HOWELL on Feb. 2, 1877, who with his daughter preceded him in death. He is survived by 2 sons, Will of Alma twp., and Marshall of Salem; 5 grandchildren, Irma, Virgil, Wilma, Marcelline, and baby Edna; 1 sister, Mrs. Amanda GIFFIN; 3 brothers, S.H., G.W., and Charlie. Services were held at Summitt Prairie Baptist Church.

- Workmen have been busy the last 2 weeks putting culverts on the road between Kinmundy and Farina. Evidently everything will be ready to begin laying the slab for the new hard road next spring.

- Swift School: Charles FORD and wife dressed geese and chickens to ship Monday.

Dec. 15, 1927:

- Frances Joan and Daniel O’Brien VALLOW, infant daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. VALLOW of Detroit, Mich. have passed away. Frances Joan died Dec. 7 aged 1 month and 24 days, and the remains arrived here Saturday afternoon accompanied by her father. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Mr. VALLOW left here Saturday afternoon accompanied by Misses Marie and Cornelia O’BRIEN. They reached Detroit at 9:30 a.m. only to find "Baby Dan" had died that morning aged 1 month and 28 days. The remains arrived here Monday and interment was in Evergreen Cemetery. Whooping cough caused the death of little Joan, and little Dan contracted pneumonia, which proved fatal.

- Mr. William J. HOYT of this city, and Miss Hazel L. HAYES of Alma were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Avery BOUGHERS in this city on Dec. 13. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Jess HOYT and employed on the I.C. Section. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William HAYES. The couple will make their home in this city.

- The remains of Eliza A. THOMASON, a former Kinmundy lady was brought here Wednesday and taken to the home of J.M. WILLIAMS. The body was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Jack MILLIGAN of Hoopstun and Mrs. William CUTLER of Rankin. The deceased died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jack MILLIGAN in Hoopstun on Dec. 11 age 78 years. Interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur STOCK announce the arrival of a son at their home in Blue Mound, Ill. born on Dec. 4.

- Mr. and Mrs. Frank KOLB are the parents of a new girl who made her arrival Dec. 7.

- A fine 9 lb. girl made her arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chris MEYERS on Dec. 12.

- Mr. and Mrs. Allen EDWARDS are rejoicing over the arrival of a 7 lb. girl who was born Dec. 14.

- Harry W. WHITTENBURG has been named County Farm Advisor in Madison Co., Kentucky. He has lived in Kentucky for 4 years, teaching at Benton, a western Kentucky town as agriculture teacher. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. WHITTENBURG who live southeast of this city. Harry was born and grew to manhood in our community.

- Alma News: The infant daughter of Robert SMITH died Thursday and interment was made in Alma Cemetery. She leaves a mother, father, and a sister.

Dec. 22, 1927: No weekly newspaper on microfilm roll.

Dec. 29, 1927:

- Rev. Richard BRADLEY was born Jan. 4, 1850 in the Silom neighborhood in Marion Co., Ill. being the eldest of 9 children of Middleton BRADLEY and Mary CHAPMAN. He died in Detroit, Mich. on Dec. 20, 1927. Ed attended schools of the neighborhood and a short term at State Normal in Normal, Ill. He taught 7 years in Marion county schools, and began his ministry in 1878. He had made his home in Kinmundy since 1917, and was a member of the Masonic Fraternity for 56 years. He married on Feb. 10, 1880 to Mary L. VALLOW and had 8 daughters, 4 of them preceded their father in death - Edith, Lulu, Mary and Noye. He is survived by his wife, and daughters: Elsie B. SAGER of St. Louis, Leona F. BURROUGHS of Detroit; Gladys V. BRADLEY of St. Louis, and Fern B. McGUIRE of Makanda; 6 grandchildren: Alice Louise and Charles Richard SAGER of St. Louis, and Vernon, Laurel and Vida BURROUGHS of Detroit; 2 brothers and sisters: Ryman BRADLEY, Jane HADDEN and Fanny HADDEN of the Siloam neighborhood; Bishop BRADLEY of Iuka, Emily MULVANEY of Independence, Kansas. 2 sisters, Maria and Elma, and 1 brother, James, having preceded him in death. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Word was received here by Mrs. E.V. FISHER that a fine boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. W.F. GRESHAM while on board the "Leviathan" coming from England to the U.S. The Captain christened the new arrival David Elihu. Mr. and Mrs. GRESHAM have made their home in London for the past few years but have returned to the U.S. to make their home. Mrs. GRESHAM is formerly Miss Laura FISHER of this city.

- Wm. HAMMERS sold his barbershop to Mr. Joe VANDELOO, who is formerly of Beckemeyer. Bill will continue to work for Mr. VANDELOO.

- News was received here Tuesday of the death of Mrs. Otto WILLIS of Salem. Besides her husband she leaves 5 children.

- Pumpkin Center: N.B. BASSETT of Olney was in this community last Saturday, and says he expects to move back to his farm in the near future.

- Pumpkin Center: Mrs. Clara ALDERSON spent part of last week at the Al EDWARDS home helping care for the new babe.

- Pumpkin Center: N.B. BASSETT of Olney was in this community last Saturday, and says he expects to move back to his farm in the near future.


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

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