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Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Newspaper Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

Jan. 5, 1933:

- Charles Emmett, youngest son of Gibson and Ellen ARNOLD CONANT, was born near Kinmundy, Illinois, Feb. 4, 1894, and entered into eternal rest at the Veterans’ Hospital, Memphis, Tenn., Wednesday, December 28, 1932, at 7:30 P.M., after an illness of five weeks. He served in the World War enlisting in Salem on May 28, 1918, and served overseas in Field Artillery, Battery E. He married Miss Daisy FROST in Ashland, Kansas, Dec. 23, 1920. To this union were born three daughters, Dorothy, Vivian, and Donna. Vivian preceded him in death July 1, 1924. He leaves his wife; 2 daughters; 1 brother, Fletcher CONANT of Memphis, Tenn.; and 1 sister, Mrs. Minnie SALTER, of Itasca, Ill. On Thanksgiving Day, he was stricken with an attack of the flu, which later developed into bronchial pneumonia. Services were held at Henton Bros. Funeral Home in Memphis. The body, accompanied by his wife and brother, Fletcher, arrived on I.C. Train No. 2 Friday, and interment was at Evergreen Cemetery here.

- Dan P. O’BRIEN, local Section Foreman of the Illinois Central Railroad, was retired from service Dec. 31, 1932, having attained the age of 70 years. His section was bid in by Mr. Fred BISEL, of Sigel, Ill., and Mr. BISEL moved his family here Monday and will take charge of the Section soon. Mr. O’BRIEN was 70 years of age on Dec. 12, but was not retired until Dec. 31. He has rounded out almost 52 years for the Illinois Central Railroad. He was born near Pesotum on Dec. 12, 1862, and began his railroad career as a section laborer on May 1, 1881. In October 1892 he was seen from DuBois, Ill. to Kinmundy as Extra Gang Foreman to lay the rails for the second track. While here, he met Miss Margaret ROONEY and they were married Nov. 22, 1893. He held various positions for the railroad in southern Illinois after that time which were listed. From 1905 to 1907, he was Section Foreman at Kinmundy, then took over the Tonti section, then the Alma section, coming back to the north Kinmundy section in March 1912. He kept this section until it was abandoned in Nov. 1930, at which time he was transferred to the South Kinmundy section, which he held at the time of his retirement. In Dec. 1930, he was given a Veteran’s Service Pass, good on the entire Illinois Central Railroad for he and his wife. This is among his most cherished treasures. Mr. and Mrs. O’BRIEN have 4 daughters: Josephine, Amelda, Marie and Cornelia. There are also 8 grandchildren, which are grandpa’s pride and joy.

- Mr. C.B. ROHRBOUGH, local chairman of the Red Cross, has received a request from State Headquarters for help in the Moweaqua Mine Disaster. Anyone wishing to contribute any money to these distressed families of Moweaqua may do so to Mr. ROHRBOUGH.

- Mr. Elmer BASSETT has presented us with a copy of The Kinmundy Register, dated December 7, 1882.

- Mrs. L.C. ROHRBOUGH of Salem was in an automobile accident when the auto in which she was riding ran into a moving train. She broke a rib and had many external bruises and cuts.

- Misses Ella and Evangeline PARRILL entertained a party of Miss Katherine WORMLEY’s girl friends Thurs. at dinner in honor of Miss Katherine’s birthday anniversary. Later the party, augmented by a few other friends, drove to Salem where they attended the second showing of a movie.

- Dode ARNOLD Dies: Mr. Dode ARNOLD, a highly respected citizen of the Arnold Chapel neighborhood, passed away Wednesday after a brief illness of pneumonia, we did not learn the hour of the funeral but in all probability, it will be tomorrow afternoon.

- The Third National Bank of Mt. Vernon, of which Governor EMMERSON is President and the only bank in that city, was closed Tuesday morning by the order of the board of directors, following a heavy run on Saturday. This run was closed by the closing of the Ridgely Farmers State Bank of Springfield, of which Governor EMMERSON was also a director. The State Bank of Waltonville, also located in Jefferson Co., was closed Tuesday morning by the State Auditor’s office. While other banks are closing their doors, our own local bank plugs right along and last week paid their usual semi annual dividend of 4% to the stockholders. This speaks mighty well of our bank.

- Mr. and Mrs. Herschel WILKINSON of West Frankfort, Ill. are rejoicing over the arrival of an 8 lb. daughter born Dec. 30, 1932.

- Sherman: Mr. and Mrs. Henry JAHRAUS gave a reception at their home Monday night for their son, Glenn, and wife, who were married Christmas Day. Their friends and neighbors brought them many beautiful and useful gifts, and joined in wishing them many years of happy wedded life.

- Meacham: Mrs. Susanna JONES received word Sunday of the death of her uncle, Mr. Wilson CAMPBELL, at his daughter’s home in Broadwell, Ill. Mr. CAMPBELL used to lived here but left in 1880 to go north to work and made his home in Homer, Ill.

- Meacham: Mr. Wes MULVANY is very ill at home with paralysis.

- John Robert ROBB, accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John ROBB, entered Effingham Clinic Saturday and had his tonsils removed.

- Shanghai: Several called on Shirley LEE’s Sunday to see the new baby.

- Mrs. Frank GARRETT of Patoka, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett JONES.

Jan. 12, 1933:

- Mrs. Sarah E. WHITE died on Feb. 5, 1933 after several years of failing health. Sarah Ellen, daughter of George W. and Esther Ann RAY, was born in Jennings Co., Ind. on Oct. 28, 1849. She moved with her parents to Missouri and later to Illinois, locating in Kinmundy in 1861, where she has since resided and for 52 years in the home in which her body now lies. She was married to George W. WHITE on Oct. 19, 1870. Her husband died in Aug. 1929. There is only 1 person left in Kinmundy who was present at the wedding ceremony of Mr. and Mrs. WHITE - Mrs. Martha ROTAN. The couple had 3 children: Florence of Kinmundy, wife of the late William H. SHRIVER; Charles who died Feb. 20, 1923 and Ray, of Sandoval. She also leaves 2 grandchildren: Glenn Charles, son of the late Charles, and Mary Ellen, daughter of Ray; 1 great-grandchild, Glenn Charles, Jr.; and 1 sister, Mrs. Mary E. CHEESLEY of Carthage, Mo. Services were held at the home. Mr. and Mrs. W.S. PRUETT sang "The City Four Square", and "Those Golden Bells". Interment was made in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Flags thru out the nation are flying at half mast for a period of 30 days, in memory of the 30th President of the United States, Calvin COOLIDGE, who died last Thursday from apoplexy at his home in North Hampton, Mass. He was 60 years of age

- Saturday being the birthday of Mrs. P.W. PIPER, her neighbors gave her a big surprise by going to her home at 6 p.m. with well filled baskets. After supper, a social hour was enjoyed. In fact, such a good time was had that those present decided to organize a social club to be known as the West Side Birthday Club. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. SNELLING, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. CHEADLE, Mr. J.R. CHEADLE, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. HELM, Mrs. Kate BOUGHERS, and Mrs. Emma SNELLING.

- Chas. P. CLINE, age 80, died at the home in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Thursday. Services were held at the Second Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, with interment at Rose Hill there. Surviving are the wife, Margaret; 1 daughter Mrs. Robert A. MARTIN of Tulsa; 1 son, Stanley of Michigan; and 1 brother, S. CLINE in Germantown, Pa. Mrs. CLINE was formerly Miss Maggie CRAIG, sister of the late Joseph CRAIG of Kinmundy. Mr. and Mrs. CLINE were residents of Chicago Lawn, Chicago, Ill. for 40 years, recently moving to Tulsa, Okla. to be with their daughter, Belle, now Mrs. Robert MARTIN. Mrs. CLINE and her sister, Helen, now Mrs. William WILSON, were both teachers at one time, in the Kinmundy schools.

- Meacham: About 35 relatives and neighbors went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer BUTTS and helped Mr. BUTTS celebrate his birthday Wed. Music on the violin and guitar were very much enjoyed.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. C.A. HAMPSTEN, esteemed citizens of our neighborhood, were married 50 years on Jan. 10.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Ruby GARRETT visited from Thursday until Saturday of last week in Kinmundy with her father, C.I. DOOLEN and other relatives.

- North Fork News: Irma GARRETT, Carl HEADLEY, and Marcelline GARRETT spent Sunday with Clyde GARRETT and wife.

- North Fork News: Gail GARRETT spent Sunday with Norma Dell GARRETT.

- Meadow Branch: Reindl BAYLIS sawed wood for Ira MARSHALL Friday. Others who helped were Merle BAYLIS, Wes ROBB, Charlie FORTNEY, and Mr. BLACK.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB, wife and son, Harold, spent last Sunday with L.E. GREGORY and wife.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. W.F. ROBB and daughter, Mildred, visited Sunday afternoon at the J.N. WANTLAND home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Charles PRUETT were in Mt. Vernon Sunday, helping their granddaughter, Miss Jean LANDESS, celebrate her 6th birthday. They were accompanied by Helen PRUETT.

- Omega: Mrs. Eva BEARD died at her home in the eastern part of Omega twp. last Thursday night. The funeral was held at the home with interment in Shadden Cemetery.

- Camp Ground: Several of the men of this community and hauled several loads of wood for Mr. BASSETT Monday.

Jan. 19, 1933:

- The Ira C. MORRIS store was again robbed sometime Sunday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.. Mr. MORRIS left the store at 10 a.m. that morning and his son, Loy, entered the store at 2 p.m. that afternoon. He noticed the door to the wareroom open and went to shut it. He found the lock broken and noticed a window in the wareroom broken out. Loy immediately notified his father, who, with his family, was spending the afternoon at the Eli ROBB home. A checkup was made and it was found that about $100 in cash, some cigarettes and some charge accounts were missing. Mr. MORRIS could not get in touch with the sheriff so he called for the blood hounds at St. Elmo. The hounds struck a trail which ended at the Arthur BRIMBERRY home. Bud and Joe BRIMBERRY were taken into custody for questioning. Bud proved that he had been at the Herbert KEEN home between 10 and 2 o’clock and was released. Other boys were rounded up, questioned and released. Joe BRIMBERRY was held over night. Deputy Sheriff HANKS came up Monday morning and after a little questioning, turned Joe loose. And so the mystery of the robbery still remains unsolved. This makes the 4th time Mr. MORRIS has been robbed since he has been in business and it is getting rather monotonous with him.

- Notice - Nimrods: A meeting of the Tri-City Fishing Club will be held at F.O. GRISSOM’s Store in this city at 7:30 p.m. on Wed., Feb. 1.

- Jan. 13, being the (?) birthday anniversary of Mrs. Emma SNELLING, 20 members of the West Side Birthday Club wended their way to her home in the late afternoon, while she was away, and the surprise was complete upon her return. A delicious dinner was served from the well filled basket of each member.

- The First National Bank has installed an electric lock on their door. This keeps the door locked at all times. Anyone wanting into the bank will naturally try to open the door. This attracts the attention of the employees. They see who your are, step on a button, buzz goes the lock, then you open the door and walk in. You see, if you happen to be a suspicious looking character, you don’t get in. The installation of this lock is another precaution against bank bandits. Our bank has escaped them so far and we hope that they will not encounter any.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Pearl LENHART and Mrs. Vera McCULLEY spent Wednesday at Clyde GARRETT’s.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT and Frank JOHNSON and family spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. LENHART.

- Meadow Branch: Lucille GARRETT spent Friday night with Mildred ROBB.

- Meadow Branch: Andrew ROSS and Leon RHODES of Alma were dinner guests of W.F. ROBB Thursday.

- Meadow Branch: Glenn ROBB and family, and Mrs. Gertrude WADE of Salem, J.B. ROBB and family, R.C. ROBB and family, Lester ROBB, and Valda SWIFT visited Sunday with W.F. ROBB and family.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Icy GARRETT, Carl DUNLAP and wife, and Dow GREEN and family, spent Sunday at Claude GARRETT’s. Orie ATKINS and family were afternoon visitors.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Freda GARRETT very pleasantly entertained the North Fork Club last Wednesday, Jan. 11. Nearly all members were present and several guests. Quilting was the work. A delicious dinner was served at noon. The Club will meet with Mrs. Ruby GARRETT Jan. 18.

- North Fork News: Virgil LIVESAY and family spent last Thurs. at Clyde GARRETT’s and helped butcher.

- North Fork News: Pid BASSETT, wife, and daughter visited Sunday with Willie GARRETT and wife.

- North Fork News: Clyde GARRETT and wife were guests of her parents, George LENHART and wife, Sunday.

- North Fork News: Charles FORD and family moved from the Guy ARNOLD farm to the late Wm. MORRIS farm. We are sorry to lose them from our neighborhood but wish them well in their new home.

- North Fork News: Bill GARRETT and Lyle GREEN spent Saturday evening at George COLE’s.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Hazel LIVESAY and son, Daryl Gene, visited Monday at Willie GARRETT’s.

- Meacham: About 40 neighbors and relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis BURKETT to celebrate her birthday Sunday. They all came with well filled baskets.

- Wilson School: Cecil LANE and family, and Jess CHARLTON and family helped their parents, J.T. CHARLTON and wife butcher Tuesday; also helped Mr. CHARLTON celebrate his (?) birthday.

- Elder School: The Pleasant Grove met with Mrs. Amy SIPES Wednesday.

Jan. 26, 1929:

- John Mass ARNOLD Dies in Iowa: John Mass ARNOLD passed away Sunday in Eylis Grove, Iowa, where he had gone three weeks prior to make his home with his son and daughter. Mr. ARNOLD was 73 years of age and is survived by two sons, three daughters and his brothers, William, of Salem; Charles, of Gateway, Montana; Cyrus, of Foster township; and Dan, of Kinmundy. Another brother, Theodore (Dode) passed away only a few weeks ago. The body arrived her on I.C. train No. 1, Wednesday and was taken to Sandy Branch, where the funeral services were held and interment made.

- Abie BAYLIS, while walking on the hard road Sat. night just north of town, fell breaking his leg just above the ankle. He pulled himself off of the road and yelled for help. His cries were heard by 3 men who were on a freight which was on the siding, who came to town and got help to bring him to his home.

- Charles HAMILTON, a former resident of this city, and for many years proprietor of Dad’s Hotel, died Wed. of last week at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Zola LEWIS in Centralia, Ill. Services were held Friday in Centralia and the body taken to Loogootee for burial.

- Alice, 17 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ank NICHOLS, residing west of this city, committed suicide Saturday by shooting herself. She left a note stating that she had a headache for the past month and it was unbearable. She was a Senior of the Sandoval High School and an honor student. Services were held at Zion Church with interment in Jones Cemetery.

- While everyone is watching the newspapers daily to see just what appointments are being made in the state under the new administration, Mr. Guy ARNOLD receives a letter from Springfield Sunday morning stating that his services would be no longer required as maintenance patrolman on the hard road, taking effect Monday. And in the same mail came a letter to Mr. John ROBB stating that he had been appointed to take Mr. ARNOLD’s place. ARNOLD was checked out Monday and ROBB was checked in. Both parties were as happy as a June bug, ROBB, because he got the job, and ARNOLD, because he had his anxiety relieved.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Wes ROBB spent Thursday with Clyde BASSETT and family.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. W.F. ROBB were Sunday afternoon callers at the George LENHART home.

- Meadow Branch: Those attending the party at Mildred ROBB’s Sat. night were: Willadean KNISELEY, Lora Agnes JONES, Pearl JACKSON, Lorraine BAYLIS, Edith DISS, Valda SWIFT, Richard LACEY, Ellis HOWELL, Maurice SMITH, Lloyd WANTLAND, Burton PIPER, John William McCULLEY, and Earl DOOLEN.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Wes ROBB attended the sale at Forrest HARVEY’s Tuesday.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur JOHNSON are parents of a son.

- Meacham: Mr. Orville BURKETT was taken to the Vandalia Hospital Tuesday and operated on for appendicitis Friday.

- Sherman: A group of friends and neighbors surprised Mr. and Mrs. George SOLDNER last Tuesday evening with a rousing old time charivari.

- Wilson School: In spite of rain and muddy roads, several neighbors and friends braved the elements and last Wednesday night and journeyed to the KLEISS home to give Mrs. KLEISS a very pleasant birthday surprise. A delicious oyster supper was enjoyed and the evening was spent socially and with games.

- Elder School: J.A. KAGY and the new minister of Pleasant Grove was calling in this vicinity 1 day last week.

Feb. 2, 1933:

- Mrs. Hulda SPYKER, 87, widow of Rev. Theodore D. SPYKER, died Friday at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. G.W. BONEBRAKE in Decatur, Ill., from a heart ailment. Mrs. SPYKER was born near Kinmundy in Marion Co. on Feb. 9, 1846. She and Rev. Theodore D. SPYKER were married there April 16, 1866. Her husband preceded her in death several years ago. She went to Decatur to make her home last October. She also leaves another daughter, Mrs. George L. STINE of Indianapolis, Ind., and a sister, Mrs. Mary GOOD, of Lawrence, Kansas. Services were held at the First United Brethren Church conducted by her only grandson, Rev. Lorin Spyker STINE, of Rochester, Ind. with burial in the family lot in Westfield Cemetery. Mrs. SPYKER was one of the early pioneers of Marion county, Ill. In her early girlhood, deer and other wild animals were common in Illinois. She and her husband traveled as pioneer Christian workers in Southern Illinois for about 50 years. Her parents were Richard Tilton and Elizabeth CORWIN WILSON, who came from Pike Co., Ohio in 1841, together with his father and other relatives to establish their homes in Illinois, settling on a farm in Alma twp., a few miles south of Kinmundy. Being a very religious family, they sought the nearby schoolhouse, where they worshiped with their neighbors over a period of several years. Later, Mrs. SPYKER’s father, together with other active members, decided to build a church and for that purpose Mr. WILSON donated an acre of his land on which was erected Pleasant Grove M.E. Church, which was her church home until her marriage with the Rev. T.D. SPYKER, when they moved to other fields of labor. All of her brothers and sisters preceded her in death, except her 1 sister who is nearing her 94th birthday. She has a host of relatives located in various places, but in this vicinity the nearest on the maternal side are Mrs. Elizabeth LANGDELL, C.F. and W.S. PRUETT, and L.J. HAMMER. On the paternal side are E.G. and Anna DILLON and Mrs. Gertrude WADE.

- Mrs. F. E. NELMS and Mrs. Della HANSON were in Salem Tuesday attending the funeral of the former’s cousin, Mrs. Anna ANGLIN, who died away at the home of her sister Miss Lotta LYNCH in Salem Monday.

- Miss Louise SPENCER of Kinmundy, and Mr. Eugene ERNST of Farina, were married Saturday, the ceremony taking place in Newton, Ill. by Rev. WININGER. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall SPENCER and a graduate of Kinmundy H.S. with the class of 1926. She later attended Eastern Teachers’ College at Charleston, Ill., and the past 2 years teaching at Shriver School. The groom is son of Mrs. Grace SOLDNER of Farina. The couple will make their home on a farm north of Farina.

- Mr. W.H. BREWER celebrated his 92nd birthday in Biloxi, Miss. Sunday.

- Mrs. Amelia DENNISON celebrated her birthday anniversary Sunday, it being her 88th. She had with her Mr. and Mrs. Charles BOYD; Mr. W.R. JACK and daughter, Miss Florence; Mr. and Mrs. Claude WILKINSON of Centralia; and Mr. Glenn BARKSDALE of Salem.

- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin WORMLEY had daughter, Miss Katherine, and Mr. and Mrs. C.B. ROHRBOUGH and daughters, Misses Ruth and Virginia, were in Salem Sunday attending a family dinner in honor of Mr. L.C. ROHRBOUGH’s birthday. Other guests were Mr. Charles KING and Mr. and Mrs. Lou KING and son, Charles Wesley of Champaign.

- Wesley H. MORGAN, Jr. celebrated his 24th birthday Sunday by working at his position at the cheese factory, although dinner was served in his honor at home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ira C. MORRIS, Vera and son, Charles, entertained to dinner Sunday, Jan. 29, Mr. and Mrs. Loy MORRIS, Miss Edith BASSETT and Mr. Charles JONES of Salem, in honor of Loy’s 21st birthday anniversary. Afternoon callers were Rada Garrett and Miss Maxine SWIFT.

- Little Miss Annette VALLOW celebrated her 9th birthday Sunday. She had as her dinner guests, Misses Helen PRUETT and Nancy LOWE.

- North Fork News: Jack GARRETT spent Saturday night with his cousin, Emmett GARRETT.

- North Fork News: Bert GARRETT, wife and sons, Junior and Floyd, and daughter, Norma Dell, and Mr. and Mrs. Dow GREEN visited relatives in Kinmundy Sunday.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Icy GARRETT has been visiting relatives here the past week.

- Meadow Branch: Clyde GARRETT and wife, and Frank GARRETT visited Sunday with their parents, Willie GARRETT and wife.

- Meadow Branch: Jan. 25 being Mrs. Milton BAYLIS’ birthday, her husband invited a number of neighbors in for the event. Games were played, and popcorn and candy served.

- Meadow Branch: Clyde BASSETT and family were callers at the W.F. ROBB home Sunday.

- Meadow Branch: Sunday P.M. callers at the Ira MARSHALL home were, John William and Dorothy McCULLEY, Harold ROBB and Betty Lou MURPHY.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. Tom CAMPBELL celebrated his 71st birthday with Mr. and Mrs. L.E. GREGORY on Tuesday.

- Meadow Branch: W.F. ROBB and family called on Mr. and Mrs. Don JACKSON, Sat. night.

- Omega: Mason ARNOLD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom ARNOLD, and Dorothy CHEESLEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.E. CHEESLEY, were quietly married at the CHEESLEY home Saturday night. Rev. MILLER performed the ceremony. Later that evening, the young people were charivaried at the ARNOLD home.

- Omega: Mrs. H.M. LONG died at her home near Siloam Saturday. The funeral was held at Siloam Church.

- Meacham: About 52 neighbors surprised Mrs. C.P. BALKE Tuesday it being her birthday. A program was prepared by Mrs. William HARRIS, and a luncheon of cake and coffee enjoyed.

- Messrs. Xon ALEXANDER and Arno SMITH and Misses Lucille GARRETT and Elizabeth ARNOLD attended the dance in Salem Wed. evening.

- Mr. and Mrs. Dow GREEN and Mr. and Mrs. Bert GARRETT of North Fork were Sunday guests of Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Mr. Charles DOOLEN.

Feb. 9, 1933:

- Mr. Carl CRIPPEN and Miss Alice BUNDY stole the march on their many friends when they slipped away to Sullivan, Ind. on Jan. 27, and were married. They were accompanied by Mr. Norman CRIPPEN, brother of the groom, and Miss Mildred BUNDY, sister of the bride. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. CRIPPEN. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl BUNDY and is a graduate of our high school with the class of 1931. They will reside on the farm northeast of Salem.

- (Taken from the Biloxi paper): 92nd birthday: Biloxi has had many unusual and interesting people join the community as winter citizens and W.H. BREWER of Kinmundy, Ill. is an outstanding member of this group. He has been coming down here for several winters, coming early and staying late. For 7 years he has made his home with Mr. and Mrs. D.E. BLODGETT on Main Street and they entertained with the 7th birthday dinner which they have given in his honor, on Sunday. Other guests in this home like apartment house were also guests for the birthday dinner.

- Omega: Virgil SEE and Bertha ROSE were married at Alma Wed. A large crowd of friends charivaried them Thursday night at the Pearl ROSE home.

- Omega: A Revival meeting is in progress at Pleasant Grove Church this week.

- East Zion News: Obituary of John Mass ARNOLD: John Mass ARNOLD, well known in this ____, died at Eylis Grove, Iowa, Jan. 27, 1933, where he had gone at the first of the year to make his home with his son and daughter. The body was brought back to Kinmundy for burial at Sandy Branch. John Mass ARNOLD, son of James and Caroline ARNOLD, was born in Foster twp., April 4, 1860, and departed this life Jan. 27, 1933 at the age of 72 years, 9 months, and 17 days. He was united in marriage to Katherine DICKENS and to this union were born 9 children, 4 children and his wife having preceded him in death. He was converted at Arnold Chapel about 20 years ago. He is survived by 5 children, Edith, Lily, Burdette, Georgie, and Pollin, 13 grandchildren, and 4 brothers. The funeral services were conducted by C.C. LOWE and burial in the Sandy Branch Cemetery.

- Meacham: A number of young people attended a party at the home of Theodore HANKS Sat. night.

- An announcement has been made of the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. I.O. IRISH of Champaign on Feb. 3, named Arnold Oliver Jr. The mother was formerly Grace MANGNER.

- Mr. and Mrs. Solon SMITHSON and Raymond SMITH were in Farina Tuesday, guests at a birthday dinner, in honor of Miss Marie SMITHSON.

- Mrs. Icy GARRETT spent last week in North Fork visiting her daughters and their families, the Dow GREENs and Orie ATKINS.

Feb. 16, 1933:

- Mr. Virgil SEE, age 22, and Miss Bertha ROSE, age 20, were married February 1 in the M.E. Parsonage in Alma. The groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul SEE, of the Omega neighborhood, and a very industrious young farmer. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pearl ROSE, of the Elder School neighborhood and for the past two terms has taught the Elder School. The young couple will reside on a farm located one mile south of Omega.

- Mr. S.G. COPPLE, of Omega, died at his home on Feb. 12 at the age of 83 years. He had been in poor health for the past several years. Mr. COPPLE was one of the older residents of the Omega community and has conducted a store in that place for the past 40 years.

- Mrs. Will MILLER died Sat. at her home north of Kinmundy after an illness of only a few weeks, death resulting from heart trouble contributory to kidney trouble. Services were held at the Evangelical Lutheran Church at St. Peter with burial in the new Lutheran Cemetery at St. Peter. Mrs. Rosa DORR MILLER, daughter of John and Susanna DORR, was born near St. Peter, Ill. on Dec. 22, 1870. She married Will MILLER on June 4, 1899, and they had 4 children. She leaves her husband; the children, Lou, Walter, Ida, and Fred; 1 brother, Phillip DORR; 1 son-in-law; 1 daughter-in-law; and 2 grandchildren.

- Mrs. Emma BRYAN died Feb. 1 at the home of her daughter in Oregon. Mrs. BRYAN will be remembered as one of the instructors in Kinmundy H.S. for several years. Previous to this time she had been County Superintendent of Schools in Jackson county for a number of years. Mrs. BRYAN and daughter, then Miss Bess BRYAN, made many friends while here.

- Gilbert DOOLEN and Jesse GEORGE, students at S.I.N.U., spent the week end at home with their parents.

- Mr. and Mrs. Elroy SNELLING gave a dinner in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary at the home of their son, Hallet SNELLING, in Chicago on Feb. 12.

- Omega: Mr. and Mrs. Virgil SEE were given a kitchen shower at the Leroy KNISELEY home Friday night.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DOOLEN are parents of a baby girl born Saturday. The mother was formerly Miss Vera KELLER.

- Sherman: Little Bobby SIGRIST had the misfortune of falling and cutting his nose on the oven door. He was rushed to the doctor and a few stitches were taken.

- Sherman: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse JONES have a new baby girl weighing 8 lbs. and named Pearl Lavern.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.T. ARNOLD and Mrs. E.E. BROWN were in Olney Monday where Mrs. ARNOLD received medical treatment at the Sanitarium.

- Mr. and Mrs. M.A. SONGER will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary at their home in Lawrence, Kansas. They were married in Xenia, Ill. in 1872. Mr. SONGER is now 86, and his wife 80. They have 4 children living: Dr. H.E. SONGER of Lawrence, Kan.; Mrs. W.W. JOHNSON of Long Beach, Cal.; Miss Margaret SONGER and Herbert L. SONGER at the home.

- Eldridge JONES, age 91, died yesterday in Kansas City, Kansas. He was born in Kinmundy, Ill. on June 10, 1841, and served in the Civil War in Co. F. 7th Regiment Ill. Calvary. After the war, Mr. JONES settled with his young wife in the vicinity of Cherryville, Kansas, where they were among the first white settlers. Mr. JONES in 1925 celebrated his 58th wedding anniversary. A short time later his wife died. They had 11 children, of whom 5 sons survive: R.K. JONES of Independence, Mo.; J.S. JONES of Pasadena, Cal.; T.A. JONES of Oklahoma City, Okla.; H.E. JONES of Kansas City, Kan.; and H.E. JONES of Ault, Colo.

- North Fork News: Irma GARRETT and Carl HEADLEY spent Saturday evening at Clyde GARRETT’s.

- North Fork News: Aunt Mary Walker spent Monday with Mrs. Willie GARRETT.

- North Fork News: Bill GREEN and family, Bud FEATHER and wife, Bill GARRETT and Merle HEADLEY spent Saturday evening with John PUFFER and family.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Mrs. Lela DUNLAP were callers at Dow GREEN’s and Orie ATKINS last Friday p.m.

- East Zion: Mr. and Mrs. Ankney NICHOLS and daughter, Dorothy McNICHOLS and Dean ARNOLD, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charley ARNOLD and daughter, Roberta. An evening caller was Carroll GARRETT.

- East Zion: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. LENHART.

Feb. 23, 1933:

- Carl HEADLEY and Irma GARRETT Married: Mr. Carl HEADLEY and Miss Irma GARRETT were married yesterday afternoon in this city at the M.E. Parsonage, Rev. E.T. CARROLL, officiating. They were attended by Mr. Carroll GARRETT, brother of the bride and Miss Dorothy McNICOL. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Winfred HEADLEY and the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Berthol GARRETT, both families living in the North Fork neighborhood. The young couple will make their home southwest of Springfield, Ill., where the groom has employment on a farm. We join their many friends in extending congratulations.

- John Newton WANTLAND, who was born in Marion co., Ill. on Nov. 10, 1865, died at his home just south of this city on Feb. 16, 1933. He married Martha TUCKER on Nov. 15, 1894. Surviving are: his wife; 2 daughters, Dorothy and Mary; a nephew, Lloyd WANTLAND, cared for in this family since he was 16 days old (following the death of his mother); 1 sister, Mrs. Kate RHOTAN; and 3 brothers, Calvin, William, and Charles. Services were held from the family residence with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- The employees of the Kinmundy Cheese Factory have been hitting the ball since the 16th of the month when additional trucks from Hoyleton and Ashley came in that day with 12,000 lbs. of extra milk. The Peevely Co. ceased operation on that day and the farmers had to have some market for their milk. Monday of this week marked the biggest day for our local plant when they received 23,042 lbs. of milk which made 2,205 lbs. of cheese, until yesterday when they received 23,833 lbs. of milk which made 2,228 lbs. of cheese.

- Mrs. Abbie BABCOCK celebrated her 81st birthday Sunday being entertained to a birthday dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilford SNELLING. Mrs. Emma SNELLING and Mr. and Mrs. N.S. SUTTON were also present. An angel food cake with 81 lighted candles formed the centerpiece at the dinner table. Needless to say, Mrs. BABCOCK enjoyed herself as this was her first visit to her old home place since she left it more than 24 years ago, and the 1st time she was able to leave her home since Christmas.

- While sawing wood Monday, Mr. R.F. MAXEY had the misfortune of having a small stick of wood fly up, cutting a deep gash in his cheek and tearing away the lower part of his nose. He was taken to a physician where his nose was plastered back in place, and the wound in his cheek treated.

- Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUNLAP entertained the following guests to a delicious chicken dinner at their home in this city, Tuesday, Feb. 21st. Mr. and Mrs. A.C. DUNLAP, Mrs. Icy GARRETT, Mrs. B.F. LOWE, and Mrs. Lewie SULLENS. The occasion was Mrs. Carl DUNLAP’s birthday anniversary.

- Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUNLAP spent the weekend in Villa Grove visiting Mrs. GARRETT’s daughter-in-law, Mrs. Gene GARRETT and daughters.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Fred PURVIS of Odin entertained to dinner Mr. and Mrs. C.H. HOWELL and son, and Mrs. Ruth COX, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL’s 42nd wedding anniversary which was Feb. 14.

- Wilson School: Last Thursday afternoon our pupils enjoyed a valentine party in honor of little Betty WILLIAMS’ 6th birthday. Mrs. KNISELEY, their teacher, prepared a large birthday cake with 6 candles on it.

- North Fork: Jack GARRETT spent last Wednesday night with Leroy GREEN.

- North Fork: Cleda and Bill GARRETT visited at home last weekend.

- Camp Ground: Those who helped out wood for Than. BASSETT were: Ace, Howard and Lester MULVANEY, Hayes STOKELY, Arthur JOHNSTON, Roy NEIL, Jack LEWIS, and Claude JIMMERSON.

- Omega: Dr. LASWELL of Alma, was called to the L.B. BAKER home Wed. to see Lue BAKER who had a light stroke of paralysis.

March 9, 1933:

- On Monday, word reached here like wild fire that Loy MORRIS was passing away. His folks were called to his bedside at St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia, and he died Tuesday. Loy was taken to Centralia Hospital early Monday of last week where he underwent and operation for appendicitis. From all reports, he was doing very well until last Friday when he developed unenduring pain. The incision was opened and it was found an abscess had formed around the appendix wound. A drain was left in the incision, and he looked like he was on the road to recovery until Monday morning when he took a turn for the worse. Ever since his graduation from our local high school in 1930, Loy has been employed in his father’s store. The funeral was held from the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Loy L. MORRIS, youngest son of Ira and Lulu LAMBORN MORRIS, brother of Billie and Vera MORRIS BASSETT, was born Jan. 29, 1912, and died March 6, 1933 in St. Mary’s Hospital in Centralia. He received his education in the public school of our town, graduating from Kinmundy H.S. with the class of 1930. Later he entered into business with his father. He married Miss Pauline NELMS on June 28, 1931.

- On Feb. 25, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. BAGWELL in Kilgore occurred the wedding of Miss Annalou ROTAN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.M. ROTAN of Kinmundy, Ill., who is visiting her sister, Mrs. G.H. WHITT in Kilgore, and Clyde HANNA of Kinmundy, Ill. Following the ceremony, Mrs. G.H. WHITT, sister of the bride, and Mrs. W.F. MITCHELL were hostesses of refreshments of Angel food cake, coffee and mints.

- Mr. Albert MAXWELL of this city, received word Saturday that his brother, John MAXWELL of Adelphos, Kansas had suffered a light stroke of paralysis. On Monday morning he received a message that John had died.

- Fanny CONANT, eldest daughter of John B. and Mary E. CONANT, was born May 1, 1862 near Kinmundy, Ill. where she grew to womanhood and married Isham LANSFORD on Oct. 13, 1881. They had 5 children, all of whom preceded her in death except 1 daughter. She was again married on Oct. 12, 1917 to Isaac LANSFORD, who with the daughter, Mrs. Nola YUND is left to mourn their loss. There are also 3 granddaughters, 1 great-grandson, 1 great-granddaughter, and 3 step-children, besides 2 brothers and 3 sisters who survive. She died Feb. 27, 1933. Services were held from the home with interment in Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy.

- Mr. Elliott THOMS of Effingham and Miss Florence McCULLEY of this city surprised their many friends by announcing their marriage which occurred in Edgewood on Feb. 19. They were accompanied by Paul SWIFT, nephew of the bride. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Lillie McCULLEY and a graduate of Kinmundy H.S. with the Class of 1931. The groom is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. THOMS of Effingham, formerly of this city.

- Vernon BURKETT took possession yesterday of the Restaurant formerly owned by Mr. HARVEY.

- Mrs. Ellis BUTTS entered Centralia Hospital where he underwent an operation for appendicitis.

- Miss Florence DOOLEN of Salem, was here over the weekend at the home of her mother, Mrs. R.C. ROBB.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. John WEISS attended the Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration at the Parrish house in Farina Thursday. The event was in honor of Mr. and Mrs. D.M. SACHAN and Mr. and Mrs. Claud HENNING.

- Swift: Mack ROBB and family, Selby GARRETT and family, and Ren WAINSCOTT and wife spent Sunday at the George COLE home. Fletch COLE and family were afternoon callers.

March 16, 1933:

- Dr. T.L. BUNDY, residing northwest of this city, died at his home Tuesday morning after suffering for the past several months with cancer. Services were held at Arnold’s Chapel Wed. and interment was made in Sandy Branch Cemetery. Dr. BUNDY, besides farming, was a veterinarian by profession. His practice covered many miles about, making him a wide scope of friends.

- Mrs. Margaret GRAMLEY and Mr. and Mrs. Orville GARRETT were surprised Thursday evening when 52 members of the Christian Church and friends called to spend the evening.

- On March 11, being the birthday of Theodore MILLER, the occasion was celebrated Sunday with a family dinner. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Herman KNECHT and daughter, Roberta of McLean; Mr. and Mrs. Frank WILSON of Decatur; Mr. and Mrs. Walter MILLER and little daughter and Mr. and Mrs. A.N. GRAY of this city. Afternoon callers were Mr. Mitchel KNECHT of McLean; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar YUND and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude HANNA.

- Celebrates Birthday Anniversary: Mrs. Icy GARRETT celebrated her 66th birthday anniversary Saturday, March 11, by having 20 of her close relatives with her during the noon hour. Needless to say, all present had a good time. In a way this was a surprise dinner but Mrs. GARRETT says that she rather expected it was she has had so many of them that she has gotten in the habit of expecting a surprise every year.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ralston HANNA have an 8 lb. baby boy who was born at their home yesterday morning.

- Former Kinmundians, now living in California, near Los Angeles, let their relatives and friends know that they were not injured in the recent earthquake suffered there. Most of them sent a wire and then followed up with a letter describing the tremors. In a letter to his father, C.I. DOOLEN, Eli DOOLEN compared the sensation as he would imagine the feeling of a rat when a dog was shaking it, and trying to walk was just like walking on a ship on rough seas. Mrs. DOOLEN was in a hospital in Los Angeles where she had undergone major operation on Tuesday. She, as well as the other patients in the hospital were hysterical for quite awhile afterwards, but from the last reports she is doing very nicely.

- Meacham: Mrs. Susanna JONES received word of the death of a cousin, Mrs. BACHMAN, of Broadwell, one day of the past week.

- East Zion: Charley LOWE and daughter, Roberta attended Sunday School at Greenridge Sunday afternoon.

- East Zion: Jim BASSETT, wife and children spent Sunday with Jim OSBORNE and wife.

- Young School: Noah MARLOW, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Donald MARLOW and children motored to Ohio, Ill. to attend the funeral of Mrs. MARLOW’s father.

- Mr. and Mrs. Forrest N. HARVEY entertained with a dinner Sunday in honor of the wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. HARVEY. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Sherman FRAZIER of St. Louis, Mo.; Mr. and Mrs. James T. WALTERS and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. HARVEY.

March 23, 1933:

- Mary Adeline, the oldest daughter of Eliza and Paris MANION, was born in Fayette Co., Ill. near what is now St. Peter, on July 28, 1858, and died at the home of her son, Charles F. ROBB, March 15, 1933. She was 1 of 14 children, and grew to womanhood on the farm where she was born. On Dec. 14, 1882, she was united in marriage to Mr. William W. ROBB, and they started housekeeping in Foster twp., west of Kinmundy, where they remained for 2 years before moving to Kinmundy twp, 4 miles west of Kinmundy. They resided on this place till the death of Mr. ROBB, which occurred 32 years ago. They had 7 children, 3 sons and 4 daughters: Samuel and Lewis of Lansing, Mich.; Charles of Kinmundy; Mrs. Anna DUNKEL of Avoca, Ark.; Mrs. Parmelia ATKINSON of Farmer City, Ill.; and Mrs. Margaret ROBERTS of Weldon, Ill. 1 daughter died in infancy. In 1914 Mrs. ROBB married William MORRIS, and resided on the MORRIS farm, 6 miles northwest of Kinmundy, until Mr. MORRIS died Sept. 21, 1932. Since the death of Mr. MORRIS, she has made her home with the children, having spent several weeks with her daughter at Farmer City, returning some weeks ago. Since returning to Kinmundy, she was living with her son Charles ROBB. Besides the children, she is also survived by 3 brothers and 7 sisters, the brothers being Wilson and Joshua, of Albany, Mo.; John, of Blackwell, Okla.; and the sisters are: Mrs. Margaret ROMACK of Jennings, Okla; Mrs. Sarah LEACH, Mrs. Ella COLLINS, Mrs. Para YOUNGER, and Mrs. Anna HISE, all of Missouri; Mrs. Ida WILEY of Calinda, Iowa, and Mrs. Emma LEACH of Washington. 1 brother, Frank, died Jan. 10, this year, and 1 brother, Isaac, and 1 sister, Nancy, died several years ago; and also 20 grandchildren. Services were held at the Christian Church with interment in Sandy Branch Cemetery.

- Herschel VALLOW died Tuesday morning after 2 years of suffering from cancer. Herschel S., son of Oliver P. and Clarissa SCHOOLEY VALLOW, was born in Omega, Marion Co., Ill. on May 26, 1885, and died March 19, 1933. When a small child he moved with his parents to Kinmundy, where he grew to manhood. At the age of 16, he became a coal miner at the Kinmundy mine, going to O’Fallon 3 years later where he followed the same occupation but only for a few years. He then became a farmer. About 10 years ago he assumed management of a large dairy farm and dairy business. He operated this farm and business to the utmost satisfaction of his employer for 6 years. He gave it up going into the grocery store business in connection with a sales and service station in Shiloh, Ill. On June 15, 1905, he married Miss Clara BRAUN of O’Fallon, and they had 4 children, 1 son dying in infancy. Surviving are his wife; 3 children: Howard Lewis, Margaret Mae, and Agnes Lucille; 1 daughter-in-law, Mrs. Howard VALLOW; 1 granddaughter, Nancy Lee VALLOW, 4 sisters and 2 brothers: Ida WILLIAMS of Kinmundy; Chas. VALLOW of Nokomis; Cora WILLIAMS of Kinmundy; Ellis VALLOW of Livingston; Bertha BROWN of Kansas City, Mo.; and Mabel GARDNER or Norwood, Pa. Services were held from the M.E. Church in Shiloh with interment in the Shiloh Cemetery.

- Mrs. Mattie DOWNS celebrated her 69th birthday March 22. Much to her surprise, relatives and friends arrived from Beardstown, Ill. to spend the day with her. She received a lovely birthday cake from her son, Harry, in Cheyenne, Wyo. During the afternoon, music by Messrs. SULLENS and DOWNEY was very much enjoyed. Guests included Miss Ellen SCALLION, Mrs. Ralph KESSLING and daughter, Shirley Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin HULTS and children, Danny and Billy, and Mrs. Dan SCALLION of Beardstown, and Mr. and Mrs. Hank WRIGHT of this city.

- Swift School: Marshall WILLIAMS and family, and Mack ROBB and wife spent Sunday at the Selby GARRETT home.

- Swift School: Mrs. PUFFER, Mrs. Selby GARRETT, and Mrs. Mack ROBB spent Tuesday with Mrs. Valinda CONANT.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. C.H. HOWELL, son Harold, Mrs. Ruth COX, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. BAYLIS and family, and Lloyd WANTLAND spent Sunday at the Willie WANTLAND home helping Mrs. WANTLAND celebrate her birthday. 37 partook at the noon day meal.

- Meadow Branch: March 17, being the birthday of Harold HOWELL, a few of his friends spent the evening with him.

- East Zion News: Mrs. Merle JONES and sister, Mrs. Pearl GARRETT, spent Friday in Kinmundy with their mother.

- Shanghai: C.W. HANNA and wife called at the R.D. HANNA home Friday to see their new grandson, Ralston Xon.

March 30, 1933:

- Last Friday afternoon a stray dog appeared on our streets acting rather peculiar. He was soon cited by Mayor FOX who watched his actions a little while and then went to his home to get his gun. He located him again at the Cecil PLUE residence near the C. & E.I. subway where he poured the lead into him. The dog had bitten several dogs about town including those belonging to Chas. COATNEY, Fred CHANCE, Ray GEORGE, Harry PRUETT, and we understand some others. COATNEY, CHANCE, and GEORGE killed their dogs. The head of the stray dog was sent in to the State Laboratory and a positive report sent back. Mayor FOX is now awaiting the arrival of a State inspector to investigate conditions here. If the conditions warrant, he will place a quarantine on the whole twp. Farina has had the quarantine on for some time and we see by the papers that mad dogs are numerous in other parts of the state.

- Mr. Don GRAY of this city, and Miss Anna REETER of Vandalia, were quietly married in Vandalia on March 25. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert GRAY of this city, and a graduate of the local high school with the Class of 1919. Until recently he has been employed by I.C.R.R. in the Signal Dept. The bride is a native of Vandalia. The couple will reside at a new home between Vandalia and Brownstown.

- John Wesley PUFFER, 83, died suddenly Monday at his home in Wilberton twp. from heart trouble. Services were held at the Center Church in Wilberton with interment in Wilberton Cemetery. He was a life long resident of Wilberton, and leaves a widow, Lucy M. PUFFER and 2 sisters, Mrs. Matilda HAMMER of this city, and Mrs. Orlando TUCKER of Chicago.

- Mr. and Mrs. P.F. ROBNETT motored to Lincoln Tuesday and were accompanied home by their son, Jimmy, who has been receiving medical treatment there for the past few months. He is apparently well in every respect.

- Young School: Beryl DISS visited Sunday at the home of his grandparents, D.A. ARNOLD and wife.

- Elder School: Paul SHAFFER had the misfortune to get hurt Thursday morning while enroute to school. The horses became frightened and ran away. Paul is getting along very well at this writing.

- North Fork: Orie ATKINS and Dow GREEN and families spent Sunday in Kinmundy with their mother, Mrs. Icy GARRETT.

- North Fork: Relza WILLIAMS spent Sunday with Carroll GARRETT.

- North Fork: Frank GARRETT and family, Clyde GARRETT and wife ate Sunday dinner at Willie GARRETT’s.

- Sample Ballot for Kinmundy twp. for the April 4th election:



Wesley MORGAN Jr.





Lester ROBB


Town Clerk


Justice of the Peace (2)

Constables (2)

School Trustee



George COLE







- Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DOOLEN and sons, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Miss Cleda GARRETT were Centralia visitors Thursday afternoon.

April 6, 1933:

- All dogs in Kinmundy township have been quarantined after the mad dog was found and killed last week.

- The township election was held Tuesday and resulted in 5 Democrats and 2 Republicans being elected. Pauline JOHNSON, Rep. was elected town clerk, and R.C. MAULDING, Rep. was elected constable, while the Democrats elected R.H. PIGG, assessor; B.J. ROTAN and W.S. GEORGE, Justices of the Peace; Lester ROBB, constable; and W.F. HARVEY, school trustee. Meacham twp. went democratic:

Supervisor: Ellis WILKINSON, D. - 187; Ed LACEY, R. - 147

Town Clerk: James KAGY, D. - 176; Glen WELLS, R. - 135

Assessor: Grover JOHNSTON, D. - 162; Roy MISELBROOK, R. - 157

Justices of the Peace, D. - Mary MAYER, D. - 154; Dean PARRILL, R. - 141; Chas. COX, D. - 142

Constables: Jack BOSTON, D. - 155; Noah MARLOW, R. -143; Walter LAMBIRD, R. - 132

School Trustee: Ed HEICHER, D. - 169; Clyde FRANCE, R. - 135

Foster twp. elected their entire democratic ticket. Those elected were: Chris NEILSON, Supervisor; Merle JONES, Town Clerk; Forrest WILLIAMS, Assessor; Frank DOUDERA and A.I. EAGAN, Justices; Leonard CRUTHERS and Robert NICHOLS, Constables; Tom HAYNES, School Trustee.

- Mr. and Mrs. R.M. BINGAMAN gave a 12 o’clock chicken dinner on March 26 in honor of R.M. BINGAMAN, Betty Arlene ZIMMER, Helen Lucille GEORGE, and J.T. BROWN whose birthdays were in March. Mr. and Mrs. E.O. ZIMMER were present and brought a large birthday cake.

- Mr. and Mrs. A.J. YOUNG were called to Edwardsville Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr. YOUNG’s uncle, Mr. George WOLF. They were accompanied by Mr. YOUNG’s sister, Miss Josephine YOUNG of LaClede.

- Shanghai: Sunday School was organized at Shanghai Sunday with 36 present. Officers elected were: Superintendent - E.H. GRAY; Ass’t Supt. - Mrs. G.F. JONES; Sec’y-Treas. - Harvey HANNA; Pianist - Miss Julia JONES. Teachers are Mrs. Mildred HANNA; Mrs. Mary BRASEL; Mrs. Margaret GRAY; and J.M. GRAY.

- Shanghai: C.W. HANNA and wife, Claude HANNA and wife, and Nora BRASEL spent Sunday at the Shirley LEE home helping Billie celebrate his birthday.

- Meacham: The Birthday Community Circle went to the home of Mr. John WEISS to help celebrate the birthday of their son, William.

- East Zion: Harvey BASSETT, Merritt DOOLEN and Herbert GREEN left Saturday for Montana.

- East Zion: Charley ARNOLD, wife and daughter, Roberta, and Mr. and Mrs. Will JONES spent last Sunday with Lewis JONES, wife and children.

- Meadow Branch: Alfred LEMAY and family, Julian, Florence, and Ann NOCHMAN, Joe and Sophia SLOVICK, Reindl, Lois, and Lorraine BAYLIS, Forrest JOHNSON and wife, and Ellis JOHNSON spent the evening of the 28th at the Milton BAYLIS home helping Milton celebrate his (?) birthday.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB and family spent Sunday with Clyde GARRETT and wife.

April 13, 1933:

- William Harold, son of Harry and Lela LOY MOTCH, was born in Kinmundy on Nov. 25, 1911, and resided in this city until about 2 years ago when the family moved to Sullivan, Ill. to make their home. He was an only child, and about 2 weeks he was stricken with intestinal flu and his condition became so serious that he was taken to the hospital in Mattoon, and he died Thursday. He is survived by the father and mother, grandfather and 2 grandmothers. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- For the first time in many months, the fire bell sounded Tuesday morning which sent the firemen to the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Riley WILLIAMS, just north of town. It was a false alarm but in a way Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAMS had plenty of room to think of their house on fire. When the fire department arrived, it was thought the house was on fire in the attic. But it proved to be the flue burning out. They had been burning green wood all winter, and the flue had become thickly coated with a gummy substance, and this substance had caught fire. The chimney soon became stopped up, filling the whole house with smoke. There was no damage done.

- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. CONANT were host and hostess to a group of Kinmundy people at their home in Englewood, Colo. on April 1. Those present were listed.

- Rex GAMMON returned to McKendree after spending the Spring vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles GAMMON.

- Guy BARBEE, our city marshal, was taken to Effingham Clinic Monday by Dr. Hugo MILLER, where he will undergo medical treatment. It is thought that he has kidney stones.

- Mrs. Frances CRAIG of Danville, Ill. wrote a poem thanking everyone for the cards she received in honor of her 81st birthday.

- Miss Audrey DUNCAN of Champaign is in Burnham City Hospital suffering from injuries received Monday when she was struck by a car driven by Morris McCORMICK. She had 5 ribs broken, 1 broken in 2 places, and a severe laceration on her head. She attended Kinmundy H.S.

- Joe, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. BARGH, had the misfortune to fall Tuesday and fracture his right arm.

- Shanghai: A number of relatives and friends enjoyed a basket dinner at the E.H. GRAY home Sunday. The event was to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs. Mildred HANNA, Lora JONES, Mrs. Lou JONES, Mrs. Nettie GRAY, Mrs. Vivian JONES, and the wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Leland BRASEL.

- North Fork: Pid BASSETT and family visited Sunday with her parents, Willie GARRETT and wife.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT spent Sunday with Virgil LIVESAY and family.

- North Fork: Cleda and Bill GARRETT spent the weekend with their parents, Bert GARRETT and family.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Harry SHORT and family attended the birthday basket dinner at the home of Mr. Grover JOHNSTON Sunday. It was Mrs. JOHNSTON’s birthday.

- Brown: This community was shocked to hear of the death of Mr. BEARD of Xenia.

- Brown: Several of the relatives and friends visited at the Sam MULVANY home Sunday and helped Russell celebrate his 22nd birthday.

- East Zion News: Mr. and Mrs. Tom NEAVILL of Ferguson, Mo., visited over the weekend with the former’s mother, Mrs. Lafe BASSETT.

- East Zion News: James BASSETT and family were callers in Vandalia, Saturday.

April 20, 1933:

- Mr. Sam HENSLEY died in the I.O.O.F. Old Folks Home in Mattoon on April 17, just 6 years to the day after entering the home. Services were held in the Chapel at the Home, and then the body was brought here by J.H. NELMS, where services were held from NELMS Funeral Parlors with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Samuel was born Nov. 10, 1850 at Oquawka, Ill, and died Apr. 17, 1933. His wife died several years prior.

- Relatives here have received word of the death of Mr. Lou NELMS, a former resident of this city, which occurred at his home in Brooklyn, New York on Apr. 10. Interment was made in Brooklyn.

- The West Side Birthday club surprised Mr. J.R. CHEADLE on his 75th birthday April 15th. When he came home to his dinner he found the lights out. As he opened the door the lights flashed on and he was greeted with a birthday song, and the table was filled with lots of good things to eat.

- Mr. and Mrs. John ALLEN have sold their residence in the north part of town to Ed BOUGHERS. They, with their son, Jake, and their daughter, Mary, and brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff ALLEN will move to Salem, Mo.

- Miss Florence DOOLEN of Salem, secretary to John L. KAGY, spent Sat. with her parents, the R.C. ROBBs.

- Lester HOWELL has been employed to teach at Shriver School, and Raymond ATKINS at Swift School.

- The city election was held Tuesday. There was no opposition so the entire ticket was elected: Mayor: Chas. FOX; Treas. - C.R. ALDERSON; Clerk - A.H. MILLER; Alderman (1st Ward) - Mel BOYD; Alderman (2nd Ward) - P.F. ROBNETT; Alderman (3rd Ward) - J.R. CHEADLE.

- Mr. and Mrs. Claude GARRETT and Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUNLAP motored to Decatur last Thursday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. GARRETT’s daughter, Mrs. Bud COWGILL.

- Omega: Mr. and Mrs. Myron HAMMER had an 8˝ lb. son born April 13 named Earl Leroy.

- Meadow Branch (from last week): Mr. and Mrs. W.F. ROBB and daughter were Centralia visitors Friday.

- Meadow Branch (from last week): W.F. ROBB and family were Sunday visitors at the R.C. ROBB home.

- Shanghai: Miss Cleda GARRETT spent the weekend with Miss Edith DISS.

- Swift School: Selby GARRETT, wife and daughter, Rada, and Mack ROBB and family spent Sunday with Mrs. CONANT, who is ill.

- Swift School: Mr. and Mrs. Earl FEATHER are parents of a baby girl born Saturday.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Robert SMITH of Farina buried a baby boy in Phillips Cemetery Sunday.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. HARRIS and 2 daughters spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL.

- Meacham: Last Wednesday, the Community Birthday Circle celebrated birthdays at the home of Steve HAGENSEE to help celebrate the birthday of their son, Charles, and also William HARRIS.

April 27, 1933:

- America Marcelia BRASEL, daughter of Mary COSS and Samuel MADDOX, was born at Chillicothe, Ohio on Feb. 20, 1852, and died Apr. 16, 1933. She came with her parents to Illinois at the age of 6 years, settling near Clay City. They came to this vicinity moving to a farm in Kinmundy twp., where she spent the remainder of her life. She gave several of her best years to teaching schools. On Feb. 10, 1872 she married John B. BRASEL, and they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on Feb. 10, 1922, then when just 10 days had passed the husband died. The couple had 11 children, 5 boys and 6 girls: Edward, Harry, John, Leland, all of Kinmundy; Roscoe, of Riverton, Wyo.; Mrs. Maude KELL of Benton, Ill.; Myrtle and Josephine at home; Marie BLACKBURN of Mattoon, Ill.; Bessie WEBER of Aurora, Ill. 1 daughter, May, died 5 years ago. She also leaves 25 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. She united with the M.E. Church at Shanghai some 40 years. Services were held from the home with interment at Evergreen Cemetery.

- Relatives and friends, some from quite a distance, came Sunday to help Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BURKETT celebrate their Silver Wedding day. The beautiful wedding cake was decorated with pink roses furnished by the Centralia Baking Co., and bore the inscription "25th Wedding Anniversary". The cake, some of the flowers and presents, including the 26 piece silver table set, presented by the sons, Vernon and Lowell, were placed on the table, and Mr. BENKE took pictures at the event. Mrs. Laura BASOM, who was a witness to the wedding of this couple, also of the bride’s parents 51 years ago, was considered guest of honor.

- Mrs. C.B. ROHRBOUGH received word of the sudden death of her brother-in-law, Mr. George E. PEDDICORD at his home in New York City. Besides his wife, he leaves a daughter, Miss Virginia, and a son, George, Jr. Mrs. PEDDICORD, nee Caroline WATSON, formerly of Fairmont, W. Va. Has visited her sister in Kinmundy several times.

- The many friends of Dr. H.A. LANDESS are pleased to learn that the doctor has been appointed dentist for the state institutions at Lincoln, Ill. which he will start May 1. Upon graduating, Dr. LANDESS set up an office in this city and remained here several years, going to Mt. Vernon a few years ago where he has a good practice.

- North Fork News: Orie ATKINS and family were Sunday guests of Pid BASSETT and family.

- North Fork News: Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUNLAP were callers at Orie ARNOLD’s and Willie GARRETT’s Sunday afternoon.

- North Fork News: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT visited Sunday with her parents, George LENHART and family.

- North Fork News: Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ROBB and daughter and Selby GARRETT and wife visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Willie GARRETT.

- North Fork News: Bert GARRETT and family were Sunday visitors at Virgil LIVESAY’s.

- North Fork News: Monroe LANSFORD and family visited Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Nancy GREEN and family. Afternoon callers were Bill GREEN and family, and Mrs. Etta JONES.

- North Fork News: Carroll GARRETT and sister, Miss Cleda, and Miss Dorothy McNICOL spent the weekend near Springfield with Mr. and Mrs. Carl HEADLEY.

- Wilson School: Fred KLEISS and family were among those who helped Chas. METZGER celebrate his 75th birthday. Ice cream and cake were enjoyed.

- Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Roy WHITNEY are parents of a baby girl.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Esta ROBB spent Sunday afternoon with her sister, Mrs. Mamie GARRETT.

- Young School: O.R. DISS and family visited Sunday at the D.A. ARNOLD.

- Mr. and Mrs. E.R. LOWE, son and daughter, David and Nancy, were dinner guests Sunday of their friends, Mr. and Mrs. E.G. FORD in Alma.

May 4, 1933:

- The First National Bank of Odin was robbed Friday morning and about $3500 in cash was taken. In the afternoon of the same day, the 4 bandits, as well as the loot was captured in a farm home a few miles east of Kell, by 25 police officers which included the sheriffs and deputies from Marion and Jefferson counties and the state police. 2 of the bandits gave their address as Centralia, and 2, Chicago. The farm home where these men were captured belonged to a Mr. FIELD, who, a few weeks ago, was robbed and beaten. One of the bank bandits is reputed to be a grandson of this elderly gentleman.

- Mayor FOX killed another mad dog Monday morning. It appeared to be a stray dog, as no one could identify it. It was foaming at the mouth and was loitering near the cheese factory.

- Chas. MAXON, for many years a business man in Farina, died at his home in St. Andrews, Fla., Sat. evening. The remains were brought to Farina where the funeral was held Wed. from the Seventh Day Baptist Church with interment in Farina Cemetery.

- The girls of North Fork met last Friday and organized a 4-H Club under the name of Merry Maids 4-H Club. The following officers were elected: President - Kathryn LOWE; Vice President - Bernice ARNOLD; Sec.-Treas. - Irma MOELLER; Reporter - Leona MOELLER; Committee Leader - Alta COX; Song Leader - Leona MOELLER; and Club Leader - Mira HEADLEY. The Club will hold its first meeting, May 10, and will meet every two weeks throughout the summer.

- The following has been received from Mrs. Mabel WOOD, Chicago, Ill.: Announcement has just been made of the marriage in Crown Point, Ind., on Dec. 2, 1926, of Mrs. Mabel KELLER of Decatur, Ill., and Grover WOOD of Kinmundy, Ill. Mr. WOOD’s present residence in Salem, Ill.

- Last Thursday evening at about 10 o’clock, 4 men entered the home of J.H. BASS, and robbed him of about $4.00 in cash and a cheap watch. They beat Mr. BASS considerably, but merely tied Forrest. 1 man waited in a car in front of the house. As soon as the robbers left the alarm was quickly spread and a hot chase was given. The State police at Effingham were notified and were waiting on the Watson Y but the robbers did not stop. The police then gave chase but the car driven by the robbers was just a little faster than the police car. The police stopped to phone ahead to Flora but by the time the Flora police could get to the Y, the robbers had either passed or turned off on a dirt road before reaching there. Some fellows who fitted the description given, were picked up the next morning in Evansville, Ind., and were held for questioning. C.S. FOX took Forrest BASS to Evansville to see if he could identify the fellows but he could not. The Evansville authorities are still holding the men, due to them not being able to give bond.

- Sheriff VOGT paid our city a visit last Thursday evening and he was accompanied back to Salem by George JONES and Joe BRIMBERRY. The grand jury returned an indictment on these 2 boys for larceny. A month or so ago, they paid the farm home of August JASPER a visit while he was in town and took away with them some cured meat, some lard and some vinegar. The boys were arraigned in the Circuit Court Monday and pleaded guilty to the charge. The received a sentence of sixty days on the State Penal Farm at Vandalia.

- 47 members and friends of the Junior Aid of the Christian Church surprised Mrs. A.J. JACKSON Thursday evening on her (?) birthday. The entertainment consisted of contests and an old fashioned spelling match.

- North Fork: On April 27, Miss Mira HEADLEY closed a successful term at school at North Fork. At the noon hour, 65 wended their way to school house for a basket dinner.

- North Fork: Clyde GARRETT and wife and Aunt Mary WALKER visited at Orie ARNOLD’s Sunday afternoon.

- North Fork: Bert GARRETT and family were Sunday guests of Frank GARRETT and family.

- North Fork: Cleda and Bill GARRETT were weekend visitors at home.

- North Fork: Harold ARNOLD has been employed to teach at North Fork School the coming year.

- Omega: The funeral processional of Chas. DUNN of Salem had considerable trouble getting thru the mud hole south of Omega Sunday. It took 4 hours to pull the hearse thru and several cars had to be pulled, thus delaying the funeral.

- East Zion: Mr. and Mrs. Loren ALBERT have a baby girl.

- Swift: Mack ROBB and wife, Marshall WILLIAMS and family, Ren WAINSCOTT and wife, Bob GREEN and family, Selby GARRETT and wife, and Relza WILLIAMS spent Sat. evening at the Geo. COLE home.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Lodema BAYLIS called on Mrs. Esta ROBB, Tuesday afternoon.

- Brown: Chas. E. DUNN, formerly of this vicinity, passed away at his home in Salem Apr. 28. The funeral was held at Brown Church with interment in Phillips Cem.

- Brown: Miss Lena BAKER closed a very successful term at school at Brown last Friday.

- Miss Florence DOOLEN came home from Salem and spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. R.C. ROBB.

May 11, 1933:

- Edgar Powell, son of J.C. and Sarah Ann KNISELEY, was born in Alma twp., 4 miles south of Kinmundy, on Oct. 6, 1862, and died at his home in Lanesville, Ill. on May 2, 1933. When quite a young lad, he went to the State of Kansas. Returning a few years later, he located in and near Springfield, Ill. He is survived by 2 brothers, W.A. KNISELEY, of Hunter, Wash.; and J.M. KNISELEY of Seattle, Wash.; 1 sister, Mrs. Ada SHRIVER, of this city; and 2 nephews, Clark COCKRELL, Detroit, Mich., and Eugene COCKRELL of Kingsley, Iowa. Services were held from the home of his sister, Mrs. Adah SHRIVER in this city with interment Evergreen Cemetery.

- Postmaster Geo. H. BARGH is reported some improved. He is able to come to the post office once each day to see how business is progressing. After being through several tests and under the X-Ray, the doctors have told him he was ulcers of the stomach. We know that will be bad for George because he will have to be on a strict diet and with the Chamber of Commerce feed just one week away.

- The City Council passed their ordinance regulating the sale of malt and vinous beverages within the city limits Monday evening. As it had been announced in our issue last week, a few spectators were on hand. Mayor FOX gave the spectators a chance to express their view. The main speaker was Rev. E.T. CARROLL, who advised the council to just ignore the matter and not grant any licenses or permits for the sale of beer. The beer is here and now it is up to us to take care of it. And the only way to take care of it and do it right, is to control the sale of it. Some thought a high license fee would be a good thing and then no one would want to sell it but this argument was soon knocked out because with a high city license, one could set up a joint just outside the city limits by getting a permit from the county. And Rev. CARROLL took the floor again and set forth the immoral part of granting a license and taking money for it. He advocated having those whom wanted to sell beer, merely register their names and abide by the regulatory ordinance and if they saw fit to make it a permit, not to charge any fee. An this was the kind of ordinance that was adopted. We were agreeably surprised to find 100 per cent of the council "dry".

- Mr. and Mrs. Claude HANNA have received appointments as attendants at the State Hospital in Anna. They are closing out their property and will take up their duties next week.

- On May 7th a few neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HEFLIN to help Mr. HEFLIN celebrate his 81st birthday.

- Mrs. Pete BUTTS, nee Carrie McELYEA, died at her home in Meacham twp. on May 7 after lingering illness aged 27 years, 2 months, and 27 days. She leaves a husband, 4 small children, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. C. McELYEA. Services were held at the Baptist Church in Meacham twp with interment in Elder Cemetery.

- Chas. FILSON, for many years Ag. Agent for the C. & E.I. died at his home in Salem after a brief illness. He had attained the age of 68 years.

- Henry HALL, a well known citizen of this county and for many years a resident of this community, died Sunday at his home in Sandoval at the age of 92 years. He was reported to be the oldest man in the county. Services were held at the Christian Church in Sandoval with interment at Salem Cemetery.

- Mrs. Martha DEW WATERHOUSE arrived in Kinmundy from New Jersey which was her former home. She will make her future home with her sister, Miss Lucy DEW.

- North Fork: On May 7, the Sunday School was organized at Sandy Branch. The following officers were elected: Superintendent - Charlie ARNOLD; Ass’t Supt. - Marie FORD; Sec.-Treas. - Marjorie GREEN; Organist - Virgie GARRETT.

- North Fork: Mrs. Icy GARRETT spent part of last week with relatives and friends in this vicinity.

- North Fork: Mrs. Lorene BENDER and babe visited last week here with relatives and friends.

- Brown: Mr. Hugo WAGNER and Miss Opal KRUTSINGER were married by Squire MULVANY May 8th.

- Young School: Mrs. Anna MARLOW closed a very successful term of school at Young, Apr. 26th. At the noon hour, the teacher and pupils enjoyed a wiener roast. Mrs. MARLOW has been re-employed to teach our school next year.

- Meadow Branch: Misses Mildred ROBB and Lorraine BAYLIS in company with several other friends from Kinmundy, were Salem visitors Sunday afternoon.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. LENHART spent Wed. with their daughter, Mrs. Clyde GARRETT and husband.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Esta ROBB and Mildred, Valda SWIFT and Darlene COLE were Salem visitors Sat. afternoon.

- Miss Evelyn KILLIE closed a successful term at school at Shanghai and has been reemployed to teach next winter.

May 18, 1933:

- A quiet wedding ceremony occurred May 18 when Mr. Nelvin GEILER of Loogootee and Miss Hazel KEEN of this city were married. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert KEEN attended the couple. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene KEEN of this city. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. GEILER of Loogootee but formerly of this vicinity, and is a ambitious, young farmer, and has employment on a farm, east of Loogootee, where he has taken his bride.

- A representative group of citizens of all the Churches of the city meet at the Christian Church Tuesday and arranged from a great Community Rally to be held May 28 at the Methodist Church at which meeting a strong effort will be made to get all the voters present to discuss the real issues that are before the people in regard to the Repeal of the 18th Amendment of the Constitution.

- Meacham: May 14, being the birthday of Mrs. William SLANE, near 100 of her neighbors and the community birthday circle gathered at her new home to help her celebrate. They came in wagons with 2 or 4 horses, horseback and on foot, the roads being very bad. After much merriment and uneasiness about falling out and upsetting dinner baskets, the crowd finally arrived. Mrs. SLANE was very surprised. Music was furnished by a quartet of stringed instruments. The ladies hunted ferms while the men played ball and pitched horseshoes.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB, wife and son spent Sunday at the Willy GARRETT home.

- Meadow Branch: Mildred ROBB spent the weekend with Cleda GARRETT.

May 25, 1933:

- Clyde COPPLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert COPPLE, residing southeast of this city, was killed Sat. afternoon in a explosion while working in a Standard Oil Refinery at Whiting, Ind. His co-worker was killed with him. The bodies were blown a great distance and were burned beyond recognition. He was 33 years, 7 months, and 26 days old. The deceased lived with his family in Hammond, Ind. The wife was formerly Miss Dorothy BLACK, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George BLACK, residing north of this city. They have 2 sons. The remains were brought here, and services held Wed. from the M.E. Church with interment in Phillips Cemetery in Meacham twp.

- Ray GEORGE reports to us that he has a chicken, hatched Monday, that has 4 legs. It is his intention to raise this chicken, if possible, and may be start a breed of four-legged chickens. It is an old saying that a hen makes half of her living with her feet and Ray figures if a hen had four feet, she could make all of her living.

- East Zion News: Mr. and Mrs. Tom NEAVILL and his sister, husband, and daughter spent the weekend with Lafe BASSETT and wife.

- Swift: Marvin CONANT and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Pid BASSETT and baby.

- Meadow Branch: C.H. HOWELL, wife and son, Mrs. Ruth COX, and T.A. McCULLEY and family, and Misses Dorothy and Mary WANTLAND and A.J. BAYLIS and family attended the surprised birthday dinner at the Leslie McWHIRTER home Sunday. There were 74 present including Mr. and Mrs. McWHIRTER and daughter, Helen.

- Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DOOLEN and sons, Mr. C.I. DOOLEN, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Mrs. Fannie LOWE motored to Vernon Sunday afternoon and visited with Mrs. Elizabeth DOOLEN who is quite ill at the home of her sister.

- Mr. and Mrs. John HELVEY of South Bend, Ind. are parents of a baby boy born May 20th weighing 8 lbs. named John Franklin. The mother is the former Miss Vivienne HAMMER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John HAMMER, former residents of here.

- Mr. and Mrs. W.W. LOWE, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. E.W. DOOLEN, and Mr. and Mrs. E.R. LOWE and children, Nancy and David, motored to the home of Mr. David HEADLEY Sunday where they entertained in honor of Mr. HEADLEY’s birthday anniversary. Mr. HEADLEY is one of the few remaining Civil War Veterans.

June 1, 1933:

- A romance which started during their high school career was brought to a happy ending Wed. morning when Mr. Maurice WILLIAMS, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. James WILLIAMS, residing north of this city, and Miss Rhea HILL youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harley HILL, residing south of town, motored to Salem, where they were married. Both parties are graduates of our local high school with the class of 1926. The groom is a graduate of an electrical school in Chicago and since his graduation, has worked at his trade in that city. The bride is a graduate of the S.I.N.U. at Carbondale and has been employed as teacher in our grade school for the past 5 years. They will reside in Chicago.

- Miss Alice FRENCH entertained a few friends at her home Monday evening in honor of Miss Rhea HILL to a linen pre-nuptial shower.

- Rev. C.L. HILL of Farina, and Miss Hazel FARRIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cord FARRIS of Meacham twp. were married Sunday in the groom’s home in Farina, his son performing the ceremony. The groom is the pastor of the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Farina, and the bride attended high school here.

- Marie SCHNEIDER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman SCHNEIDER, was taken to the Centralia Hospital Monday, where her appendix was removed. The appendix had bursted but she is reported as getting along as well as could be expected.

- Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUNLAP, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Miss Katherine LOWE motored to Villa Grove Tuesday afternoon and visited overnight with Mrs. Lyda GARRETT. Mr. DUNLAP remained there to paint the residence of Mrs. GARRETT. Mrs. DUNLAP, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Miss LOWE returned home Wed. morning accompanied by Miss Pauline GARRETT, who will visit here a few days.

- Wilson School: Mrs. Jennie STOCK, Mrs. Mary KOLB, son John and daughter, Anna, and C.A. STOCK and family visited Thursday at the Fred KLEISS home honoring the birthday of their daughter, Mildred.

- Meacham: About 36 members of the community birthday circle went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben CRANE Friday night to help Mrs. CRANE celebrate her birthday. A very enjoyable time was spent in games and telling stories. A luncheon of coffee, sandwiches, and cake was served.

- Dr. and Mrs. D.M. WATKINS and daughter, Betty, of Los Angeles, Cal., are here visiting Mrs. WATKIN’s mother, Mrs. Lafe BASSETT, and brother, James NEAVILL and wife, and many girlhood friends.

- Mr. and Mrs. Clyde BALLANCE of St. Louis, are now enjoying their wedding trip thru the west. When last heard from they were in Denver, Colo.

June 8, 1933:

- Andrew SLOVICK, eldest son of Anthony and Catherine SLOVICK, was born in Poland on Nov. 30, 1869, and came to America in 1905, locating at Johnston, Penn. In 1908, he moved to Chicago, where he spent 4 years, coming to Marion county in Aug. 1912 and locating on a farm 1˝ miles west of Kinmundy where he died June 4 after an illness of several months. He married Miss Mary JAROSZ on Feb. 6, 1899, and they had 6 children. He leaves his wife; 4 daughters and 1 son: Mrs. Lena KURTZER and Miss Victoria of Chicago; Miss Julia of Needles, Calif.; Sophia and Joe at home; also 5 brothers and 1 sister: John, Joe, William, and Lawrence of Chicago; and Anthony and Mrs. Mary ILASZ of Poland. Services were held at St. Philomena’s Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Wm. ROADMAN and Laverne GRAY of Alma were delivering a truck load of poultry to Chicago Tuesday night for A.M. WILSON. They got as far as Homewood, a suburb of Chicago, when they were forced to abandon the truck at the point of a machine gun. Another driver drove the truck away. The boys were forced to hitchhike back home, reaching here Wed. This game seems to be quite the rage around the cities now. What’s the use of stealing a dozen chickens when they can get them by the truckload, and the truck thrown in.

- Kinmundy votes Dry; County and State Wet - A quiet election was held Monday, that is, it was far as Kinmundy was concerned. Nobody seemed to be very much heated over it. There were 185 votes cast in precinct 1 and 160 in precinct 2, the Democrats registering 218 and the Republican 80. The twp. went dry with a vote of 126 for Repeal of the 18th amendment and 208 against.

- Miss Florence JACK and Ruth ROHRBOUGH entertained Wed. evening at Miss JACK’s country home their pinochle Club, in honor of Miss Edith REED of Salem, who is soon to be a bride. The members of the Club presented Miss REED with a beautiful coffee table.

- Mr. and Mrs. I.D. INGRAM attended commencement at Carbondale Friday. Their daughter, Helen, received her B. Ed. Degree.

- Elder School: Children’s Exercises will be held at Pleasant Grove next Sunday night, June 11th.

- Swift: Miss Lucille GARRETT spent this weekend with Helen WAINSCOTT.

- Wilson School: The children are busy practicing for Children’s Day exercises at Pleasant Grove.

- Shanghai: Miss Pearl ARNOLD of Springfield and Miss Ruby ARNOLD of East Moline, Ill. spent Saturday night and Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.A. ARNOLD.

- O.R. DISS and family spent Sunday at the D.A. ARNOLD home.

- East Zion News: Cyrus ARNOLD and family spent Sunday with Edwin ARNOLD and wife.

- Young School: Mr. and Mrs. H.H. MAXEY and son, Buddy Earl, R.W. MAXEY and family, and Miss Marian CUNNINGHAM of Polo, ate strawberry shortcake with R.F. MAXEY and helped him celebrate his birthday Sunday.

- Meacham: Sunday, members of the community birthday circle went to the home of Mrs. Dora HEICHER and surprised her son, Leonard, Monday being his birthday.

- J.H. and N.B. NELMS, C.F. PRUETT, R.C. ROBB, S.L. BUNDY, C.I. DOOLEN, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DOOLEN, and Mrs. Icy DOOLEN were in Vernon Wed. attending the funeral of Meredith DOOLEN.

- Miss Florence DOOLEN of Salem, spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. R.C. ROBB.

- Word was received Saturday by Mr. and Mrs. Melvin BOYD, that their son, Henry and wife of Collinsville have a baby son born to them that evening.

June 15, 1933:

- Elizabeth HOOTS was born in Marion Co., Ill. Nov. 25, 1851, and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Olga WITWER, at West Palm Beach, Fla. on June 7, 1933. She married Mr. Jacob NELSON in this city on Aug. 10, 1875, and they had: Iva, Larus, Kairstena, known to her friends as Stena, and Olga. Iva died Nov. 6, 1896; Larus is a successful business man of Spokane, Wash.; Stena, then Mrs. Edward A. PRICE died Nov. 30, 1909; and Olga is now the wife of R.W. WITWER of W. Palm Beach, Fla. Mr. NELSON died Oct. 30, 1924. She leaves besides the son and daughter, 1 granddaughter, Mrs. C. KOQUER of Riverside, Ill.; and 4 sisters, Mrs. Vina WADE, of Chicago; Mrs. Mary CLOW of Centralia; Mrs. Minnie WADE of Morris, Ill. and Mrs. Addie SWEARINGEN of Danville, Ill. Mrs. NELSON was an invalid for 20 years, her last illness being of 2 weeks duration. The remains arrived here on the I.C. Train Sunday and the services held from the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cem.

- Miss Evangeline PARRILL fell from a chair Wed. morning, breaking her right arm just above the wrist. She was putting a screen in a window and became overbalanced.

- Dr. MILLER has reported a fine boy making his arrival at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank HOYT Monday evening.

- The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford JACKSON, northwest of this city, was completely destroyed by fire Monday morning. Mr. JACKSON had started a fire in the summer kitchen to heat wash water. A spark set the summer kitchen on fire and the flames soon spread to the house. They were able to save only a few things. They are now making their home in the Clyde BALLANCE home, which is located just a little east of their home.

- M.B. NELMS received a telegram Wed. announcing the sudden death of Mrs. Mabel DEIWERT SWARM, 47, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Myron DEIWERT of Everett, Wash. Mrs. SWARM had gone to Wash. on Monday evening to attend a convention and was found dead in bed Tues. morning. She is survived by her husband and 2 children, also her father, mother, and 2 sisters. The DEIWERTs were former residents of this city.

- Mr. and Mrs. C.A. HAMPSTEN celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 11, at their home in Meacham. About 300 relatives and friends came with well filled baskets. Music was furnished by a trio of stringed instruments. A truck load of people came from Pope twp., Clinton Co., a bus load from Jasper Co., and some from Chicago and Ind. Mr. and Mrs. HAMPSTEN’s children and all of their grandchildren attended to celebrate.

- Meacham: Mr. Edwin HARRELL has been very ill in the past week, but is some better at this writing.

- Swift: Misses Lucille and Rada GARRETT spent Tuesday with Helen WAINSCOTT.

- Miss Helen MORGAN is home for her summer vacation where she is one of the teachers in the Rock Island schools, accompanied by her brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd THRASHER of Chicago.

- Meadow Branch: Darlene COLE spent Saturday with Mildred ROBB.

- Wilson School: A large crowd attended the Children’s Day exercises at Pleasant Grove Church Sunday night.

- North Fork: Mrs. Henry MOELLER had been receiving treatment in the Mark GREER hospital for a severe carbuncle under her chin.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Virgil LIVESAY children spent Sunday with Dow GREEN and family.

- North Fork: Misses Mildred and Leta ATKINS are spending this week in Kinmundy with their grandmother, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and other relatives.

- North Fork: Dow GREEN, Bert GARRETT, and Cecil GARRETT, and family spent Sunday evening at Orie ARNOLD’s.

- North Fork: Gilbert DOOLEN left Monday for Carbondale where he will attend school the next term.

- Omega: Several from here attended the Children’s Day program at Pleasant Grove Sunday night.

- Shanghai: Glen BRASEL had the misfortune of having a good horse which became overheated 1 day last week.

June 22, 1933:

- Mrs. William C. INGRAM died on June 16, 1933. Nancy Illinois, daughter of Colonel James W. and Elizabeth CLARK BOOTHE, was born Feb. 12, 1852. The other members of this immediate family have preceded her in death. Colonel and Mrs. BOOTHE came to Kinmundy with their family in 1858, their daughter, affectionately known as "Noie" was then 6 years old. Here she grew to womanhood. On July 19, 1875, Miss BOOTHE married James R. GRAY, and they had 2 sons: James Lemon, who died in infancy, and William Harvey of Champaign. On Sept. 8, 1880 her husband died. On March 1, 1887 she married Mr. William INGRAM, and she took to her heart his motherless children: Charles INGRAM of Oklahoma; Mrs. Nellie INGRAM HUSTON of Maroa, Ill.; and I.D. and R.L. INGRAM of Kinmundy. Of her own grandchildren, whom she so adored, were: Elizabeth GRAY ABNEY of Chicago; Anna GRAY DILAVOU of Champaign; and Lieut. James H. GRAY, Reserve Officer of the U.S. Air Corps. There are 2 great grandchildren: Betty Anne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ABNEY, and Joanne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. DILAVOU. Mrs. INGRAM lived 75 years of her life, with the exception of a year or 2 in Oklahoma, in Kinmundy. Of her intimate girl friends there are but 3 left - Mrs. Elizabeth DUNLAP, and Mrs. Abbie BABCOCK of Kinmundy, and Mrs. Harriett KING of Champaign. Services were held at the Methodist Church.

- Mrs. Rachel FENSTER celebrated her 89th birthday Sunday. At the birthday dinner were her daughters, Mrs. Nelson LINGENFELTER and Mrs. Kate SONGER; her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Roy FENSTER of Champaign; Miss Harriett DUNCAN of Champaign; and Miss Helen DICKENS of this city.

- Mr. and Mrs. Frank NELMS and grandson, Thomas LETTS, were fishing in a boat on the I.C. Lake Tuesday evening. Mrs. NELMS, in attempting to anchor the boat to some willows, fell overboard. And it is just as Mr. NELMS says, "No telling how many fish got away from me while I was getting her back into the boat."

- Shanghai: Last Wednesday a large crowd of neighbors and friends gathered at the home of E.H. GRAY and gave a shower for Mr. and Mrs. Cliff JACKSON, who’s home was destroyed by fire last Monday.

- East Zion News: Mrs. Cyrus ARNOLD and Mrs. Edwin ARNOLD were business callers and Vandalia Sat. afternoon.

- East Zion News: The ice cream supper at Arnold Chapel Saturday night was well attended.

- East Zion News: There will be an ice cream supper at Sandy Branch June 24th. Everybody is cordially invited.

- East Zion News: Irene LIVESAY and Lora BALLANCE were baptized Sunday afternoon after preaching at the East Fork Creek.

- East Zion News: Edwin ARNOLD and wife visited Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus ARNOLD and attended the baptism in the afternoon.

- Brown: Mr. Roscoe HOCKMAN and Miss Berniece MULVANY motored to Salem last Saturday and were married. They were accompanied by Russell and Letha MULVANY.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. W.F. ROBB entertained in honor of their daughter, Mildred’s birthday June 14, Fletcher COLE and family, T.A. McCULLEY and family, and Misses Martha and Ella JACKSON. Ice cream and cake were served.

- Mr. and Mrs. Harve BRANSON attended a birthday dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. J.P. FRANCE near Farina.

- Mrs. Grover JONES had the misfortune to fall Sunday on the porch of her home, and broke her collarbone.

June 29, 1933:

- Miss Lucille LUCAS entered the Effingham Clinic Monday where she underwent an operation for a hernia Tuesday.

- The Ray ZARLINGTON Comedians have pitched their tent in the City Park and are playing to good crowds. They have a very nice company and are playing clean shows. Just one of the many features of the show is a left-handed tuba player.

- On Friday evening the Community Birthday Circle wended their way to the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SOLDNER. All members were present, except 1 and with the guests the crowd number 78. The fine ice cream and cake were served until they cried, "No more, no more." As June was the birthday of several of the members, all were celebrated at this time.

- Meacham: Mr. Elmer BUTTS and family, Mr. and Mrs. E.G. DILLON called on Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL Sunday evening.

- North Fork: The ice cream supper was well attended at Sandy Branch Saturday night.

- North Fork: Harold ROBB spent from Friday until Sunday with his grandparents, Willie GARRETT and wife.

- Mrs. Ruby GARRETT has been seriously ill but is slowly improving at this time.

- North Fork: Pid BASSETT, wife and babe visited at Willie GARRETT’s Monday.

- Elder School: There will be an ice cream supper at Pleasant Grove Church Saturday night, July 1.

- Shanghai: Last Thursday, a number of friends and relatives gathered at the home of Howard DISS to help him celebrate his birthday. Cake and ice cream were served.

- Mr. and Mrs. Orville DISS and sons, Beryl and Charles, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. D.A. ARNOLD.

- East Zion: Mr. and Mrs. Tom NEAVILL are visiting with Tom’s mother, Mrs. Lafe BASSETT.

- Meadow Branch: Bob ROBB was a caller at the Wes ROBB home Monday.

- Marcelline, Gail and Roy GARRETT of North Fork are the guests of their grandmother, Mrs. Icy GARRETT.

July 6, 1933:

- Charles YOUNG, residing on a farm near LaClede, passed away Sunday evening at the age of 82. He had been ill for the past eight years. A few days ago he contracted smallpox, which was attributed to his death. The deceased was the father of Mr. Tony YOUNG of this city.

- Miss Mabel GARRETT of Wheeling, W. Va., is here for a visit of a week with her brother and family, the O.E. GARRETTs. Mr. GARRETT motored to Effingham Sunday, where he met his sister and accompanied her to Kinmundy.

- Mr. and Mrs. Victor SMITH of Farina are parents of a 7˝ lb. boy born July 1st, and named Ronald Keith. The mother was formerly Miss Ada HANNA of this city.

- Mr. A.J. JACKSON received word Sunday of the death of his aunt, Mrs. Frank GILLEY, of Patoka, who died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lester THALMAN, in Vandalia. Mrs. GILLEY was a former resident of Kinmundy, living here a number of years.

- Young School: R.F. MAXEY is on the sick list having an attack of appendicitis last week.

- Young School: Mr. and Mrs. Roy TELFORD, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. WILKINSON, and Mrs. Mabel EMBSER and daughter, Helen Marie, helped Mrs. WILKINSON celebrate her birthday Sunday.

- East Zion: Pid BASSETT, wife and babe spent Sunday with Selby GARRETT and family.

- East Zion: Rada GARRETT of Carbondale spent the weekend her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Selby GARRETT and family.

- Omega: Several from this community attended the ice cream social at Pleasant Grove Saturday night.

- Wilson School: A good number of relatives gathered at the KLEISS home Sunday and gave Mr. KLEISS a pleasant birthday surprise. Everyone did full justice to the delicious basket dinner, and ice cream, cake and lemonade was enjoyed in the afternoon. A list of those attending was printed.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Frank JOHNSON spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT.

July 13, 1933:

- Mr. Everett .J. DOWNEY died Monday in Hines Hospital in Dwight, Ill., where he had been taken just a few days before. He has been in very poor health for some time, due to lung trouble caused from being gassed while in the World War. The funeral was held at the Central Christian Church in Decatur, and the quartet composed of Rev. Lloyd LOVELL, Lewie SULLENS, Herschel ROGERS, and Leland BRASEL rendered the music. Interment was made at Glenwood Cemetery. Everett Jay DOWNEY, son of E.S. and Martha C. DOWNEY, was born in Decatur, Ill. on Dec. 23, 1894; and died July 10, 1933. He married to Miss Velva NIECE on Aug. 14, 1920, and they had 2 children,1 dying in infancy. He served in the World War. The deceased leaves his wife; and son, Jay, 8 years of age; 1 brother, E.S. DOWNEY; 2 sisters, Mrs. W.D. DAVIS and Mrs. Alden LEE, all of Decatur. Everett moved with his family from Decatur to Kinmundy about 4 years ago, where he was engaged in the Jewelry business.

- On June 30, the members of the Three K Club and their husbands with cakes, and ice cream freezers well filled, motored to the suburban home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry SCRUBBY to remind Mrs. SCRUBBY of her (?) birthday. Upon arrival, the guests were invited in, Mrs. SCRUBBY wondering all the while what it was all about. Guests busied themselves and lighted the Japanese lanterns. Then the fun began when Paul PIPER, Fred ALEXANDER and Wilford SNELLING began on the ice cream. All the rest were busy trying to at least keep up, but when they were served the 15th dish, all gave up.

- On July 11, the West Side Birthday Club met with Mr. and Mrs. N.S. SUTTON to celebrate Mrs. SUTTON’s birthday. A delicious potluck supper was enjoyed by all.

- Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT are the proud parents of a 9 lb. daughter, who made her arrival Wednesday, July 12th.

- Mr. and Mrs. Wallace HULTS are parents of a baby boy born July 9th.

- Mr. and Mrs. Bryan DOOLEN of Miami, Ariz. are parents of a baby daughter born Sunday in West Frankfort, Ill. hospital named Joanne.

- North Fork News (from last week): Dr. MILLER called to see Mrs. Bert GARRETT Sunday. She is some better at this writing.

- North Fork News (from last week): Mrs. Lora ARNOLD called on Mrs. Ruby GARRETT Tuesday p.m.

- Mr. and Mrs. Archie PATHEL and sons of Crete, Ill. and Mr. and Mrs. Harve BRANSON were in Effingham Friday at the home of Mrs. Tillie O’CONNELL for her birthday.

- Swift: Miss Lucille GARRETT spent Monday night and Tuesday with Helen WAINSCOTT.

- Swift: Gilbert DOOLEN and Rada GARRETT returned to Carbondale Tuesday after their 4th of July vacation.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Irma HEADLEY of near Springfield, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert GARRETT and family. She was accompanied by Mrs. Reta BROWN who visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom HAYNES.

- North Fork News: Dale ARNOLD and wife, and Monroe LANSFORD were callers at Orie ARNOLD’s Sunday p.m.

- East Zion News: Ruth BASSETT spent Monday with Roberta ARNOLD and celebrated her 14th birthday.

- East Zion News: Merle JONES and family, and James BASSETT and family ate ice cream with Willie LOWE’s Saturday night.

- Shanghai: Miss Grace ARNOLD of Cincinnati is visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.A. ARNOLD.

- Omega: A Revival Meeting is in progress at Pleasant Grove Church at the present time.

July 20, 1999:

- James Bird, son of George and Melvina NEAVILLE, was born Jan. 18, 1871, and died July 12, 1933. He never married, making his home with his mother. After her death in 1924, he lived alone. In the early years, he worked in the mine. He had spent all his life in Kinmundy, and had been in poor health for over 2 years. He leaves 5 brothers and 2 sisters: Fred and Lemon of Peoria, Ill.; Loyd of Pana, Ill.; Walter of Gary, Ind.; and Perry of this city; Mrs. Mabel BARTON of Florida; and Mrs. Jessie NEWMAN of New London, Wis. Services were held at the Nelms Funeral Parlors with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. Airs CONANT have announced the marriage of their son, John, to Miss Doris JONES, the wedding being on July 14 in LeRoy, Ill. Mrs. CONANT was a teacher in the Pawnee, Ill. school the past year, as was Mr. CONANT. Mr. CONANT, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Airs CONANT, was graduated from Kinmundy High School with the Class of 1922, and later from U. of I. Since his graduation he has taught in the Ridgefarm and Pawnee High Schools.

- Mr. Jesse GEORGE died at his home in Colchester, Ill. July 14 after having suffered a stroke of apoplexy about a year ago. He was 72 years old at the time of death, and was a native of Kinmundy. About 25 years ago, he went to Colchester, where he was a farmer and married. He leaves the widow; 1 son, and 4 brothers, namely: Owen and Walter of this city; Chas. of Mattoon; and Diek of Odin; and 1 sister, Mrs. Maude HARREL of West Frankfort.

- Mrs. Louisa YUNG died at her home in Kinmundy on July 13. She has been a partial invalid since suffering from a stroke about 7 years ago while residing in their farm home, southwest of town. At this time they moved to town to be near their only living daughter. Louisa, the youngest daughter of Henry and Louise FOX MESTLEN, was born in Meaklenburg, Germany, Sept. 23, 1856. At an early age she became an orphan and spent her childhood with her aunt until at the age of 18 years when she left her native country and made the trip to America alone to make her home for awhile with her brothers in Pittsburgh, Penn. Later she went to Chicago and here met and married Fred YUNG in Aug. of 1880, and they had 4 children, 3 of whom preceded her in death, Lina, George, and Elizabeth. She leaves her husband, Fred YUNG; a daughter, Mrs. Alonzo FRENCH; a granddaughter, Alice FRENCH; a grandson, Howard CHARLTON of Vancouver, Wash.; 2 nieces, Mrs. Louis EBERT and Mrs. John EDWARDS of Chicago; and a nephew, Charles MESTLEN of Chicago. Services were held from the home with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- William WILEY was born in Kentucky on Apr. 11, 1862, and died at his home in Kinmundy, Ill. on July 16, 1933. His father and mother died when he was a child, leaving he and 1 brother. This only brother died several years ago. Mr. WILEY came to Marion county at the age of 15 years. Here in 1888, he married Miss Emma SIMMONS, and they had 5 children. The eldest daughter preceded him in death, and the 4 surviving children are: Harry of Alma, Ill.; Bertha (Mrs. Wm. RETZMEYER) of Centralia; Clyde of Rantoul; and Henry of Centralia. A foster-daughter, Edith, was reared in this home and loved as their own. He moved with his family from the farm to this city some 20 years ago. For the past 14 years, he has been caretaker of the Evergreen Cemetery. He leaves his wife; 3 sons; 1 daughter; 1 foster-daughter; and 3 grandsons. Services were held from the Church of God with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. John C. LYNCH celebrated his 86th birthday Sunday, his birthday falling on that Saturday. There were 64 of his relatives present to honor him. At noon, the tables were spread in the yard and all did ample justice to the tasty viands. There were 2 birthday cakes, 1 baked by his sister, Mrs. Harriett ROBB of Decatur, and the other one baked by Mrs. Elizabeth DUNLAP of this city. Mr. LYNCH was born in Marion county and has lived his entire life here, with the exception of a few years spent in the West. His grandfather, Chas. LYNCH, came to Kinmundy 103 years ago and settled where the mill now stands. After contracting milk fever, he moved to Missouri, but remained there only a short time coming back and settling on a farm near the C. & E.I. shops at Salem. This farm is still in the hands of the LYNCH family. A long list of those present was printed.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.T. ARNOLD entertained at a family dinner Sunday in honor of their granddaughter, nee Audree GREEN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.E. GREEN, who married to Mr. Orville SCHRODER of Patoka, took place in June. Mr. and Mrs. SCHRODER have made their home in Patoka. Other guests were: Mr. and Mrs. L.E. GREEN, son and daughter, of Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Robb GREEN and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph FEATHER and children of North Fork; and Mr. and Mrs. E.E. BROWN and daughters of Kinmundy.

- The SMITH family reunion was held Sunday at the community beach in Centralia, Ill. in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Otis MALONE of Los Angeles, Cal, Mrs. MALONE being the sister of Mrs. R.J. SMITH of Kinmundy. The 55 guests were listed, and a picnic lunch was enjoyed, with swimming and baseball enjoyed in the afternoon.

- Harold SHUFELDT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion SHUFELDT, and his brothers, killed a snake in their yard Sunday morning. They noticed quite a bulge on the snake and supposed it had swallowed a frog or something, but upon investigation, they found 57 young live snakes. They killed these also, which made a wholesale killing of snakes. In case of danger, a mother snake will swallow her young.

- Meacham: Tuesday evening, about 50 members of the Community Birthday Club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman SOLDNER to help Mrs. SOLDNER celebrate her birthday. The young people gave a very nice program of singing and recitations.

- Meacham: Mrs. Mary MESSER, Mrs. Della HANSON, and Miss Mary FIELDS spent Sunday with John BASS and family. Cake and ice cream were enjoyed in the afternoon in honor of their son, Raymond’s birthday.

- Young School: Howard ROBB spent Monday night with Beryl DISS and his helped him celebrate his birthday.

- East Zion: James BASSETT and family spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim OSBORNE.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Geo. LENHART spent part of last week at the Clyde GARRETT home helping care for her new grandson.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Frank JOHNSON called to see the new baby at the Clyde GARRETT home Friday night.

- North Fork: Pid BASSETT, wife and daughter, Evelyn, spent Sunday at Willie GARRETT’s.

- North Fork: Claude GARRETT and family, and Pid BASSETT and wife called at Bert GARRETT’s Sunday afternoon.

- Shanghai: Misses Emma ARNOLD of Olney, Pearl ARNOLD of Springfield; and Ruby ARNOLD of East Moline, spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.A. ARNOLD. Mr. and Mrs. Orville DISS and sons were Sunday dinner guests there.

- Mrs. J.H. NELMS, Mrs. Elizabeth SWIFT, Miss Valda SWIFT, and Mr. John HEATON motored to Paris, Ill. Sunday to help celebrate Mrs. NELM’s son, Harry DENNIS’, birthday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ray GEORGE and son Jesse, and Mr. W.T. PHILLIPS and sister, Myrtle, motored to Decatur Monday where Jesse underwent a medical exam. They returned that evening and on Wednesday Jesse entered Decatur and Macon Hospital in Decatur, Ill., where he will receive treatment for a few days before undergoing an operation.

- Mr. and Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER received word they have a new grandson and granddaughter. Donald Lee weighed 6 lbs., born at the home of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Darrell ARNOLD in Logansport, Ind. Margaret LaDonne was born July 17 weighing 5 lbs., and is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene ALEXANDER in Champaign.

- North Fork Club: The June meeting of the North Fork Club was held at the home of Mrs. Icy GARRETT, where the day was enjoyed by all present. At the noon hour the usual potluck dinner was served, after which time was spent in quilting for the hostess. Guests of the club were Mrs. Emma BALLANCE, Mrs. Hattie GREEN, Mrs. Minnie ATKINS, Mrs. Dorothy SULLENS, Mrs. Ruth DOOLEN, and Miss Florence BUNDY. The July meeting has been postponed until Aug. 3, on account of the Reunion, and will meet at that time with Mrs. Chas. ROBB.

July 27, 1933:

- Mr. J.S. KNISELEY died at his home in Salem on Wed. of last week, having been ill for 18 months with cancer. He was born and reared in the Omega vicinity. His life’s work was school teaching, and he often remarked that one of his most pleasant years spent in this profession, was spent in the Kinmundy schools. Services were held from the Presbyterian Church in Salem with interment in Evergreen Cemetery in this city. Mr. KNISELEY realized his condition some time ago and made his own funeral arrangements and dictated his own obituary. On Feb. 10, 1861, Mr. and Mrs. George A. KNISELEY, a respected and well known couple living near the village of Omega, welcomed into their home a little son whom they christened John Scott. He attended public schools 4 or 5 months of the year and remained on the farm until of age. He attended Teachers’ College for 3 years and entered the teaching profession. He taught 34 terms of school and 2 terms as County Superintendent of Marion county. He served as postmaster of Omega under President Cleveland, and 2 terms as twp. collector of Omega twp. He served as Sunday School Superintendent for many years. He married Mrs. M.C. HENSLEY, of Omega, Aug. 3, 1899, the same year entering to school work at Kinmundy. He died July 19, 1933, and leaves an invalid wife; 2 step-sons, Frank HENSLEY of Salem; and Clark HENSLEY of Edwardsville; a granddaughter, Martha HENSLEY, who lived at the KNISELEY home and was her grandfather’s companion and pal, besides 1 other grandchild; 3 brothers, Wm. A. and G.W. of Omega; and Mart of Granite City. The schedule of the funeral services which the deceased arranged was also printed, and #12 was "Interment at Kinmundy. Service to begin promptly at 1:30." He also wrote a poem about his death which was include in the obituary.

- Mrs. Cecil A. DENNISON died at her home in St. Louis on July 19 at the age of 59 years. Services were held from the Lupton Funeral Home with interment in Vandalia Cemetery. She leaves her husband, and 1 son, Van. Mr. DENNISON is the son of Mrs. Amelia DENNISON of this city.

- Mr. and Mrs. Robert BINGAMAN celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary at their home on July 19th. They invited the West Side Thimble Club to enjoy this celebration with them. The wedding cake, made by Mr. John FRENCH, was an artistic feat to grace the table.

- On July 19, a large group of relatives and friends enjoyed a reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry HOWELL of Farina. A long list of those attending was printed.

- The 50th Annual Soldiers and Sailors Reunion is in full blast in Salem this week.

- Gov. Henry HORNER has permitted to become a law without his signature, which makes a wife, as well as the husband, liable for alimony.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Esta ROBB and Mrs. Mamie BASSETT spent one day last week with their parents, Willie GARRETT and wife.

- North Fork News: Mr. and Mrs. Lewie SULLENS, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and Charlie DOOLEN spent last Thursday night at Guy ARNOLD’s and enjoyed ice cream.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Hazel LIVESAY spent several days this week at the Clyde GARRETT home.

- Swift: Lucille GARRETT, Helen WAINSCOTT and Richard SCHWABE and Xon ALEXANDER spent Sunday at the Okaw River.

- Swift: Miss Rada GARRETT returned home Friday from Carbondale where she had completed another term of school.

Aug. 3, 1933:

- Mr. and Mrs. S.G. WILLIAMS of Alma, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary July 30, 1933, by a host of relatives and friends coming in and bringing well filled baskets. At 11 o’clock the wedding ceremony was solemnized, Rev. WRIGHT officiating. They were attended by their sons, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. WILLIAMS of Champaign, and Mr. and Mrs. Noah WILLIAMS of Danville. After dinner, music was furnished by Mrs. Noah WILLIAMS of Danville. The long list of those attending was printed.

- Jesse GEORGE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray GEORGE, underwent an operation in Decatur Thursday having a goitre removed. He is getting along fine.

- Thwarts Kidnapping: One day last week, two strange men stopped at the residence of Mr. E.G. FORD in Alma, and called him out to their car. Mr. FORD did not like their looks very much. The driver asked him to come around on the other side of the car so he could give him his card. But Mr. FORD would not go and the fellow would not hand his card through the car. At this, Mr. FORD merely walked away and left them. When they drove away, they made the remark that they would see him in Chicago next week. It all sounded rather mysteriously and Mr. FORD sincerely believes that they were intending to kidnap him.

- Mrs. Elizabeth DUNLAP received word of the death of her brother, Mr. Clark CLAYTOR, who died at his home in Cheyenne, Wyo., July 23, from cancer of the stomach. He was 80 years old, and leaves a widow and 3 children. Mr. CLAYTOR was born in Ohio, coming to Kinmundy when a boy, where he grew to manhood.

- Miss Dorothy HAMILTON, daughter of Mrs. Yetta HAMILTON, formerly of Kinmundy, was married to Mr. Leo KEEMAN, son of Mrs. Sol EVELAND, of Vandalia, in Decatur on July 15 at the home of Rev. George KLINE, of the Free Methodist Church. They were attended by the brother-in-law and sister of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer FELLWOOK of Decatur. The bride graduated from Vandalia H.S. in 1933. The couple will make their home in Vandalia.

- Zeke’s Original Favorite Stock Co. will be here all next week with their tent pitched in the City Park. Mr. HARRIS, the manager, has cut the price of admission in keeping with the times to 10 cents for all.

- O.K. MILLER, Art SCHMIDT, A.H. MILLER, and Mr. and Mrs. C.S. FOX went fishing on the Ohio River near Elizabethtown last Wednesday. A.H. MILLER and Art SCHMIDT returned Friday evening. They reported that it had rained all the time they were there and consequently did not catch many fish. O.K. MILLER and Mr. and Mrs. FOX returned home Sunday and had a different story. They brought home about 48 lbs. of smaller fish and 1 nice 30 lb. catfish. They all say they are fed up on fish now.

- Mr. and Mrs. F.A. MOTCH, Mrs. Alice MOTCH, and Mrs. J.R. MAHAN spent Tuesday evening in Centralia with Geo. MOTCH, who has typhoid fever.

- Swift: Mack ROBB and wife, and Lucille GARRETT ate Sunday dinner at the Ren WAINSCOTT home.

- Elder School: The Revival Meeting at Pleasant Grove closed last Friday night.

- Meadow Branch (from last week): Lora Agnes JONES spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mildred ROBB.

- Meacham: Mr. John WEISS and family attended a party Sunday evening at the home of Mr. Henry JASPER, in honor of the birthday of Miss Naomi SCHNEIDER.

- Meacham: Miss Helen HAGENSEE entertained a number of girlfriends at her home Tuesday being her birthday.

- East Zion News: Mr. and Mrs. Jim OSBORNE spent Sunday with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James BASSETT and family.

- Mrs. EDWARDS has visited relatives in Kinmundy a number of times. She would have been 80 years old on Aug. 19th. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. ALLEN accompanied by Mrs. Edith BRUBAKER of near Salem, left Saturday to attend the funeral at Newark, Ohio, her former home.

- Mr. and Mrs. Joy FIELDS have a baby girl born Monday night. No name that has been proposed thus far, is good enough for her.

Aug. 10, 1933:

- William Emery BROWN, son of Isaac B. and Malinda BROWN, was born in Steeleville, Ill. on Sept. 16, 1843, where he grew to manhood. During the Civil War, he enlisted with Co. F. 154th Regiment. After his discharge, he moved his family to Pana, living there several years. He married Miss Sarah C. SMITH, April 13, 1876, and they had 1 daughter, Mrs. Amy FURRY, now of Salem, Ill. He resided in Kansas for a few years. He returned to this state and took up residence in this community, where he has lived for 41 years until he died Aug. 4, 1933 of arterio sclerosis. He leaves his wife; 1 daughter, Mrs. Amy FURRY of Salem; and 1 grandson, William FURRY of Salem. Services were held from the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- The MATTHEWS Reunion was held in the Bryan Memorial Park in Salem Aug. 6th. A picnic dinner was served. The list of those attending was printed.

- Mrs. Wayne WHITLOCK, nee Anna SEXTON, and daughters of Spearfish, S.D. have been in Kinmundy visiting Mrs. WHITLOCK’s sisters, Miss Della SEXTON and Mrs. H.M. FISHER.

- Mr. Jesse REESE entered the Effingham Clinic last week and underwent an operation for appendicitis.

- Alma will hold their annual Homecoming Aug. 13 in Jollywoods park. The program will be under the management of Mr. Tom McCARTAN, a former resident of Alma.

- North Fork: Willie GARRETT spent Sunday with their son, Frank and family.

- North Fork: Mrs. Pearl LENHART visited Monday with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde GARRETT.

- East Zion: C.I. DOOLEN and sister, Mrs. Icy GARRETT, were Sunday visitors at the Chas. ARNOLD home.

- East Zion: Mr. and Mrs. Jim BASSETT and children spent Sunday with Jack OSBORNE and family.

- Omega: A birthday dinner was held at the Herbert MONICAL home Sunday in honor of Mrs. MONICAL’s father, S.J. WAGGONER with a large crowd attending.

- Meacham: Mr. Ruben FULFER received word Monday of the death of his step-father, Mr. INLOW of Centralia.

- Meadow Branch: Mr. and Mrs. Glenn DAVIS have a 10 lb. daughter born Aug. 5, named Mildred Arlene.

Aug. 17, 1933:

- Fred YUNG died Monday after a week’s illness at his home in this city. It was said that he was never sick before in his life and that he died mostly from a broken heart. His good wife died just 1 month ago and the shock of her death seemed to be too much for him. Mr. and Mrs. YUNG made their home on a farm west of this city for several years, moving to Kinmundy a few years ago owing to the health of Mrs. YUNG. Services were held from the home with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. Frederick YUNG, son of George and Catherine BONER YUNG, was born in Baden, Germany on March 15, 1848, and died Aug. 14, 1933. He left his home at an early age to come to America. He first made Pittsburgh his home, later Chicago, and from there he came to Kinmundy, where he located on a farm southwest of town. While making Chicago his home, he met and married Louisa MESTLIN, who for 53 years was his companion. Though she was an invalid for 7 years, he never tired of the extra task of caring for her, but she died 1 month ago. They had 4 children: Lucy, Lins, George and Elizabeth. All excepting Lucy, now Mrs. Alonzo FRENCH, have preceded him in death. He also leaves a granddaughter, Alice FRENCH; and a grandson, Howard CHARLTON of Vancouver, Wash.

- Mr. Fred O. GRISSOM has been appointed postmaster for the Kinmundy office. He received his appointment last Sunday morning and in the same mail, the present postmaster, George H. BARGH, received a notice that Mr. GRISSOM had been appointed. Mr. BARGH has made us an excellent postmaster for the past 10 years, and we could find no fault with his services. The only place George fell down was by not getting enough votes lined up over the country to re-elect HOOVER last fall. Miss Ella JACKSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. JACKSON has been named the assistant in the postoffice.

- On Aug. 5th, Miss Irma Lucille BUNDY became the bride of Mr. Raymond G. CHRISTY at the home of the bride’s brother, Mark BUNDY in Gillette, Wyo. Mr. and Mrs. Allan MORRIS attended the couple. The bride is daughter of S.L. BUNDY of Kinmundy, Ill.. She has lived in Gillette, Wyo. since early childhood. Both Mr. and Mrs. CHRISTY are graduates of Gillette H.S. with class of 1928 in Gillette. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle CHRISTY of Gillette, and is an employee of E.R. PINES Food Store.

- Omega: A number of men, women, boys and girls are in Alma this week helping harvest the peach crop.

- Omega: Several of the people of this community were at the Chas. MONICAL home Sunday where Mr. Stewart HANKS celebrated his birthday with a basket dinner.

- Elder School: Several from this vicinity attended the funeral of Mr. ENLOW at Centralia Thursday.

- Meadow Branch: Harry CHEADLE and Bob ROBB were callers at the Wes ROBB home Tuesday.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Tom ADAMS celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday at their home on the Clay and Marion county line. Nearly 100 people attended.

- The HASSEBROCK Reunion, which is an annual affair, was held Aug. 13 at Centralia with an exceptionally large crowd attending.

- The PARRILL reunion was held Sunday in Salem at Bryan Memorial Park. A list of those attending was printed.

Aug. 24, 1933:

- The fifth annual MAXEY - HARVEY Reunion was held August 20 in Bryan Park in Salem, Ill. Nearly 100 were in attendance. The young people enjoyed the play ground and swimming pool. Names of those attending were listed.

- On Apr. 20th, 100 hundred relatives of Mrs. Katie HASSEBROOK gathered at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lizzie GERHARDT, to help her celebrate her 69th birthday. This was also the birthday of Mrs. Katie WACHHOLZ and Walter REISS, who were among the guests. All came with well filled baskets and a long table was set up on the lawn. At this meeting it was decided to make this an annual reunion of the HOEHNE relatives. Names of those attending were listed.

- A baby boy, Clarence Vernon, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon SIPES, on Aug. 15. He lived but 4 hours and is now sleeping by his little brother, Maurice Dudley, in Evergreen Cemetery. The mother was formerly Miss Helen CRAIG.

- Mrs. Wm. HAMMER was taken to the Effingham hospital Sunday in the J.H. NELMS ambulance, with an attack of appendicitis. She is greatly improved and will undergo an operation in a few days.

- Omega: Some of our folks attended the basket dinner at Pleasant Grove Sunday, all reporting a nice time.

- Mrs. Irma HAMMER has entered St. Anthony’s Hospital for treatment.

- Mr. and Mrs. Charles HENNINGER and little son of Altamont visited Sunday with the Ira MARSHALL family. They were accompanied to Vandalia Sunday by Miss Ruth MARSHALL, who will visit there before taking up her school work as teacher at Halsey H.S.

- Wilson School: Clarence VERNON, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon SIPES, was born Aug. 15, but died Aug. 16. He is survived by his parents, and 1 sister, Melba.

- Wilson School: Marion SHUFELDT and family, Frank KOLB and family, Chris MEYER and family, and Wm. MEYER and son, Charles, attended a surprise dinner at the home of their aunt, Mrs. Kate HASSELBROCK near St. Peter on Sunday. More than 100 relatives and friends attended.

- Swift: Miss Lucille GARRETT spent Saturday and Saturday night with Miss Helen WAINSCOTT.

- Swift: Elsworth HARVEY and family, Pid HARVEY and wife, and Cecil HARVEY and girlfriend of Ridgefarm, have been visiting relatives and attended the HARVEY Reunion on Sunday.

- Elder School: Mr. and Mrs. Oren ALDERSON have a baby girl born Aug. 15.

- A baby boy was born to Mrs. Loy MORRIS at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELMS on Aug. 21. He weighed 7 lbs. and named Loy Lionel.

- Mr. C.I. DOOLEN and Mr. Bert GARRETT motored to Springfield, Ill. Sunday to visit Mr. GARRETT’s daughter, who is receiving treatment in St. John’s Hospital in that city.

- Mr. and Mrs. H.M. GRAY of Urbana have a baby daughter born Aug. 14 weighing 8˝ lbs. and named Nancy Jean. The mother is formerly Miss Gene DOOLEN of this city.

Aug. 31, 1933:

- The 4th annual BASS Reunion was held at Kitchell Park in Pana on Aug. 27th. Relatives arrived with well filled baskets for the noon meal. A list of those attending was printed.

- Mr. and Mrs. M.C. CROSSETT, daughter Rhoda Belle, and Miss Velma RAINEY of Granite City, motored out and surprised his mother, and helped her celebrate her 75th birthday Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles SHUFELDT with daughters of Salem, were afternoon callers. Mrs. CROSSETT received many nice presents, cards and letters of congratulations.

- The family of Rev. and Mrs. E.T. CARROLL of Kinmundy, held a reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold FINKENBINDER, Route 1, Kell, Ill. during the week of Aug. 21st. It was the first time in 13 years that the majority of the children had been home together. All but one of the twelve children and their grandchildren were present and spent the week on the farm. The oldest son, Capt. F.O. CARROLL of the U.S. Army is stationed at Panama and was unable to attend. The children present were: Stanley W. CARROLL and wife of Chicago; Vincent KEPLEY and wife of Greenville, Ill.; and Mrs. James M. KENDALL of Woodbury Heights, N.J.; Mrs. Dale WARREN and husband of Bethany, Ill.; Mrs. G. Forest METCALF and husband of Schenactady, N.Y.; Benjamin H. and Paul CARROLL of White Plains, N.Y.; Robert, Helen Esther, and Donald, of Kinmundy; Mrs. Harold FINKENBINDER and husband, Kent. Grandchildren present included Paul and Lois FINKENBINDER, Warren and Mona CARROLL, James M. KENDALL, Jr.; Thomas Carroll WARREN, and Allen and Betty DARE KEPLEY.

- The tomato and melon growers association met Wed. evening in the City Hall and laid plans for the establishing of a market for their tomatoes and melons. When the organization was formed last spring, it was the intention to ship out in carload lots, but owning to the backward spring as well as the dry summer, there will not be enough to load cars but there are enough to load trucks. The market will be located in the CRAIG property just east of the Atlas Tire and Service Station.

- I desire to emphatically deny and to brand as maliciously false the report that I, at any time or place, by word or letter to ANYBODY, ever attempted to influence the removal of our former Postmaster, George BARGH, from his unexpired term of office. Sue R. BOWMAN.

- Enjoy Fishing Trip: Messrs. Chas. FOX, O.K. MILLER, Pat JAMES and John HEATON spent a part of last week on the Mississippi River fishing. They brought home the head of an alligator which they caught. They said it weighed 200 lbs., and was as large as a man. They also report digging fish worms in the middle of a road measuring 20 inches in length.

- Swift: Ollie WINDERS of Salem had the misfortune of falling and breaking his arm at the ballgame Sunday.

- Swift: Selby GARRETT and daughter, Lucille, and Mr. and Mrs. Ren WAINSCOTT and daughter, Helen, spent a few days in Springfield last week and attended the State Fair.

- Swift: Marvin CONANT and family spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Pid BASSETT and daughter.

- Omega: Miss Helen WANTLAND and See MILLICAN called on Miss Rada GARRETT at Alma Sunday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin ARNOLD and Addis WALTON and family attended the picnic at Cubbage Chapel Saturday afternoon.

- East Zion: This community was saddened to hear of the death of grandmother OGLESBY.

- East Zion: Charlie ARNOLD and family, and Emma ARNOLD visited Mrs. Bert GARRETT Sunday afternoon.

- Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie MULVANY are parents of a baby daughter.

- Brown: This community was shocked to hear of the death of Merle BURKETT.

- Wilson School: A 7˝ lb. daughter was born Sunday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert SMITH.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Esta ROBB and daughter visited Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie GARRETT.

Sept. 7, 1933:

- Attended by a large number of relatives and friends was the golden wedding celebration of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. MORGAN held at their home in Oklahoma. A basket dinner was served at noon. Mr. and Mrs. MORGAN filed the claim on the farm where they now are living in 1889 and are the parents of 5 sons, 1 of whom is deceased. The other 4, along with their families, who were in attendance at the part included: Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. MORGAN and sons, Sam and Clifford; Cecil C. MORGAN, Robert MORGAN and children; Marie and Robert, Jr., and George E. MORGAN.

- 78 descendants and relatives of John and Nancy BROWN enjoyed their annual reunion Sept. 3, 1933 at Bryan Memorial Park in Salem, Ill. The picnic dinner which was served at the noon hour was somewhat interrupted by a sudden shower of rain, which lasted most of the afternoon. However, the baskets were quickly gathered together and the rest of the day was spent in the home of Mrs. Minnie KAGY of Salem. The same officers were reelected for the next year, namely, Mrs. Wm. BAGOTT of Kinmundy, President, and Miss Iris BROWN of Farina, Sec.-Treas.

- The Dorcas Society of the Alma M.E. Church will give a chicken fry in Jollywoods Park this evening. Will start serving at 5:30. 25 cents per plate.

- Clarence ARNOLD, son of Jones and Clara ARNOLD, was born in Foster twp. on Jan. 8, 1889, being the 5th child in a family of 11 children, and died at Edward Heins Hospital in Chicago on Aug. 29, 1933. His boyhood days were spent around the old home. Excepting for short sojourns here, his home has been in Chicago, although he traveled extensively. He served in the World War with the Depot Brigade as bugler, at Camp Jackson, S.C. He joined Arnold’s Chapel Church in 1910. Clarence has suffered ill health since he came from the army, and his condition grew gradually worse. His father, mother, and 3 brothers preceded him in death, and he leaves 4 brothers and 2 sisters, namely: Earl of Chesterville, Ohio; Glen and Ivy, of Chicago; and Paul of Kinmundy; Mable KIBLEY of Sedgwick, Canada; and May ARNOLD of Chicago.

- Mr. Scott Ellsworth SHELLY of Kirkwood, Mo., died Sept. 1, 1933, husband of Jesse PURSELL SHELLY, who is a niece of Mrs. Frances GUNN NEIL of Kinmundy. Services were held in Kirkwood with interment at Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy. Mr. SHELLY was a locomotive engineer for 40 years. He was with the Iron Mountain Division of the Missouri Pacific Railroad when he retired 4 years ago. He is survived by his widow of Kirkwood, Mo.; a daughter, Mrs. Bessie S. PARKER of Berwyn, Ill.; a son, Edwin H. SHELLY of Omaha, Neb.; and the grandchildren, Helene E., George Archibald, Jr., and Edwin Scott PARKER of Berwyn.

- The Kinmundy Cheese Factory under the management of Art SCHMIDT, has been operating for 1 year now and we believe that most of the farmers around here are well satisfied with the results. During the year they have received from the farmers 2,791,289 lbs. of milk, which represented 106,566 lbs. of butterfat, and made 265,837 lbs. of cheese. A total of $24,574.33 was paid out to the farmers for their milk. Mr. SCHMIDT has had so much success with this factory that he has seen fit to establish other factories at St. Peter, Hoyleton, and Benton.

- Monday evening, Wilson STALLONS, living about 3 miles southeast of here, harnessed his horse, preparing to come to town. The horse ran away, coming to town, running thru the city and headed east on the road running east from the old SCHOOLEY place. A few rods down this road, it ran into a Ford car being driven by the HEATON boys. It damaged the car considerably and cut itself well. Nobody was seriously hurt.

- 8 members of the Junior Aid of the Christian Church motored to the home of Mrs. Alonzo BAYLIS Friday morning and surprised her. After receiving her unexpected guests, she realized it was her (?) birthday. A pot luck dinner was held at noon.

- Kenneth JACKSON celebrated his 10th birthday Sept. 1st by inviting ten of his little friends to spend the afternoon with him. His mother and sisters served ice cold watermelon and candy bars.

- North Fork: Clyde GARRETT, wife and babe, spent Sunday with her folks.

- Swift: Selby GARRETT, wife and daughter, Lucille, and Sam LOWE and family spent Sunday with Ren WAINSCOTT and family.

- Swift: Johnny PUFFER and family had the misfortune of having their house catch fire Saturday morning, but with the aid of neighbors and friends it was extinguished. Considerable damage was done. The property belongs to S.M. ROBB.

- Young School: O.R. DISS and family attended the DISS-WILLIAMS Reunion in Jollywoods Park last Sunday.

- Sept. 4 being the birthday of Mr. E.W. SOLDNER, the community birthday circle met at his home to help celebrate his and also Stanley SHAFER’s birthday which is in September. Nearly 50 were present.

- Twin daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack HAWKINS in Weber Sanitarium in Olney on the 5th. 1 of the daughters lived only a short while. The mother is formerly Miss Thelma BOYD, formerly of this city.

- Miss Florence DOOLEN of Salem came home Saturday to spend Labor Day vacation with her mother and family, the R.C. ROBB’s.

- Mr. and Mrs. H.M. FISHER and Mr. and Mrs. J.R. MAHAN and family were entertained at dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. MAHAN in Centralia in honor of the 7th birthday of their daughter, May Ann.

- Mrs. L.B. ROHRBOUGH entertained to dinner Friday in honor of Mr. ROHRBOUGH’s birthday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. L.C. ROHRBOUGH and daughters, Misses Elsie and Helen, of Salem.

Sept. 14, 1933:

- Jeff ALLEN died at his home in Salem, Mo. on Sept. 10. He had been a lifelong resident of this community, and moved to Salem, Mo. along with his wife and the family of his brother, John ALLEN, only a few months ago. His illness was very short in duration, his condition having become serious last Wednesday. He is survived by his wife and 1 brother, John. Services were held from the home and interment was made in Gibbs Cemetery in Salem, Mo.

- On Sept. 6, 1908, Miss Olga KLEEMAN and Mr. John WEISS were married, and last Wed. evening they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. 200 guests from Farina, Kinmundy, St. Peter, Shobonier, and Hoffman, Ill. helped them celebrate at their home in Meacham twp. The evening was a beautiful moonlight one and with the aid of several gas lanterns, the lawn was almost as bright as day. The guests brought well filled baskets, and 66 ate at the first table, and afterwards the evening was spent in dancing, music, and a general good time. Just before departing the guests charivaried the happy couple. Mr. and Mrs. WEISS received many nice gifts, among them a set of silverware from their children.

- On Sept. 7, 1933, a solemn hush fell of the household of Henry W. SEE, when the mother of his children passed away. Ellen, daughter of Winston and Mary BURRESS, was born Apr. 15, 1859, at Sarcoxie, Mo. She was the youngest daughter of a family of 8 children, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, along with the parents, having preceded her in death. On June 4, 1879 she married Henry W. SEE at her home in Missouri. They resided there 1 year, and there occurred the death of their 17 day old son, Freddie Carl. Mr. and Mrs. SEE started June 7, 1880 in a covered wagon for Illinois, it taking 18 days and nights to make the trip. They settled in and near Kinmundy, where they remained 3 years, then moving to their present home, living in it a half century. The couple had 5 more children: Pearl LENHART of Kinmundy; Caddy PATTERSON of Chicago; Edna TELFORD of Salem; Guy SEE of Kankakee, and Leona RETHEFORD at home. 4 years ago they celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary with a large company of relatives and friends. She leaves her husband and children; 8 grandchildren; and 3 great-grandchildren; also 1 brother and 2 sisters. Services were held from the home with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- The remains of Carl, Jr. infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl RICHARDSON, of Champaign, Ill., were brought here Monday afternoon and laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Miss Helen DICKENS left for Aurora Monday where she will make her home with her aunt, Mrs. Maude HAYWARD. Miss DICKENS has lived in Kinmundy since she was 7 years ago, is a graduate of Kinmundy H.S., and was assistant during Postmaster G.H. BARGH’s term of office.

- Wilson School: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd CRAIG spent Sunday at Vernon SIPES’ to celebrate Melba’s 9th

birthday. Ice cream and cake were enjoyed.

- Swift: About 50 relatives and friends gathered at the home of Selby GARRETT Sunday and gave him a surprise, it being his birthday anniversary. A good dinner and a good time was enjoyed by all.

- Elder School: Ollie MULVANY and Miss Vera SCHOOLEY, both of this community, were married Tuesday. They gave them a rousing charivari Thursday night.

- Elder School: Ralph HEISTAND and Miss Gladys ROSE surprised their friends by being married Sept. 8.

- Mrs. Melvin BOYD returned home Saturday from Olney, Ill., where she had been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jack HAWKINS. The twin daughters born to Mr. and Mrs. HAWKINS recently both died.

- North Fork: Clyde GARRETT and Miss Dorothy McNICOL spent Sunday in Springfield with the former’s sister, Irma, who is in the hospital there.

- North Fork: Frank GREEN and daughter, Fern, and Mae GREEN visited Sunday with Monroe LANSFORD and family.

- North Fork: Mrs. Icy GARRETT and daughter, Lela, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude GARRETT and daughter, Marcelline, visited at Cecil GARRETT’s last Friday.

- North Fork: Darlene COLE spent Saturday night with Mildred ROBB.

- Brown: Several from this vicinity attended the basket dinner at the Martin HITE home, near Flora, in honor of the birthday of Mrs. William JONES Sunday.

- Brown: Several attended the dance at the Lawrence PERRY home Saturday night. An enjoyable evening was had.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL were in Salem Saturday afternoon.

- East Zion: There were about 50 in attendance at the birthday dinner at Selby GARRETT’s Sunday. A nice dinner was served, and everybody reports an enjoyable time.

- East Zion: A large crowd attended the picnic at Greenridge Saturday night.

- East Zion: This community was saddened to hear of the death of Christopher SOUTIER. Marshall SOUTIER went to Springfield to attend the funeral of his brother.

- Miss Helen MORGAN left Friday for Rock Island, where she is one of the instructors in Rock Island schools.

- The 6th annual ROBB Reunion was held Sunday at Jollywoods Park near Alma. At the noon hour, about 150 sat down to dinner.

Sept. 21, 1933:

- Mr. Guy BARBEE, our local night watchman, lost his gun in some manner last Friday. He blames the editor and says he is holding him responsible for it. But we soon told him what he could expect. Here is how it came about: Mr. Chas. F. PRUETT and the writer have been very busy the past few weeks in trying to locate a market for the tomatoes in this community. It will be remembered that several of our farmers set tomatoes his year with the expectation of shipping them to market in car load lots. Due to the backward season, the carlot shipments did not materialize. Some time ago, these 2 men called the tomato growers together and a plan was formulated whereby a roadside market was set up. But this was a losing proposition. They then got in touch with the canning factory at Effingham and found that they could use our tomatoes. They called the growers together again to discuss this proposition last Friday afternoon. These meetings has all been held in the City Hall. Heretofore, we have always asked the city authorities for use of the hall and they have always said we can have the hall any time we want it. This was a rather hurried meeting Friday, and we did not have a chance to ask for use of the hall. The writer had an appointment out of town on this particular afternoon and did not get to attend the meeting. As he passed the City Hall, he noticed the room to the fire engine room open, and there were several of the growers there awaiting the meeting and among these growers was an alderman of the city council. As soon as Mr. PRUETT and the representatives of the canning factory arrived on the scene, they went thru the engine room and upstairs to the council chamber and held this meeting. The writer did not set foot in this building. Mr. BARBEE said he left his gun and flashlight in his overcoat pocket which was hanging on the wall, and when he went to get the gun that evening it was gone. He soon learned about this meeting in the afternoon and at once placed the responsibility on the editor. Now there is hardly a week goes by but the editor gets blamed for something but we believe this is the first time that we have ever been blamed for petty larceny and it was just a little more than he could stand and let it go. And so there was a heated argument on the streets Saturday evening between Mr. BARBEE, Mr. PRUETT, and the editor. And in the conversation, Mr. BARBEE made the following comment, "I’ll not let you birds have the hall anymore." We did not know that he owned the City Hall, but we guess he does. In all probability, if Mr. BARBEE is on the job another year, he will require the public to ask him for the use of the fire engine to extinguish a fire, and then he may not let us have it unless we pump up the tires. It must be grand and glorious to be so important. Maybe we did err to some extent for not asking for the hall but in a conversation with a member of the Council, he said that there was a locker in the fire engine room and Mr. BARBEE’s gun and flashlight should have been in there.

- The home of Mrs. Hattie COCKRELL was broken into last Sat. evening while Mrs. COCKRELL was up town doing her trading. Upon her return home, she found the house ransacked but did not find anything missing.

- An unidentified man was found lying in the ditch in front of D.J. ALEXANDER’s home on Sat. night. He was peacefully sleeping from the effects of white mule. He was aroused and loaded into Mayor FOX’s car. In driving him to the cooler, he grabbed the steering wheel, running the car into the ditch. Guy BARBEE, who was riding on the running board, stepped off in time to get his leg between the running board and the side of the ditch, thereby skinning his shin. The man got a little rough with Mr. FOX. Mr. FOX hit the fellow with his fist, injuring one of his fingers. But the unfortunate fellow was soon placed in the cooler where he had a good night’s rest. He was turned loose Sunday morning. We understand that this fellow had a bed partner as Orris HARRIS was found in the same shape in one of the alleys and placed in the jail.

- Last Sunday night, 2 couples were held up and robbed on the highway between here and Salem. One was Mrs. Nettie SAPP WHEELER of Farina and a boy friend, of Salem. Mrs. WHEELER’s car was stopped at the overhead crossing south of Alma. 2 men robbed this couple and then bound and gagged them and put them in the back seat of the car. The men then drove this car north to the SEE hill, north of Alma, where they crowded a car off the slab and robbed the occupants. The occupants of this car were a negro school teacher and his wife and niece from West Virginia. They robbed him of $8.00 and tied them up. Also taking apart of the distributor from the car and throwing it away. They then drove back to the overhead crossing where they drained all the gasoline out of Mrs. WHEELER’s car, put it into their car and then beat it. Mrs. WHEELER soon got loose and notified the sheriff. He towed her car into Salem. The negro couple loosened themselves and found the HINES farm house. Their car was towed into Kinmundy by Loyd HINES. They got the car fixed and went merrily on their way. No trace of the culprits have been found as yet.

- Alma is about the busiest place in Marion county at the present time. The pear season is on and they are shipping out about 10 carloads every day.

- Mrs. L.C. ROHRBOUGH and daughters, Miss Elsie and Helen, were here Thursday visiting their relatives, the C.B. ROHRBOUGH and E. WORMLEY families. Miss Elsie left Saturday for Salt Lake City, Utah where she teaches English in the Utah University. She had been given a leave of absence with salary to do post graduate work the past year in Columbia University.

- Miss Harriett BROWN entertained at dinner Sat. evening Miss Margaret Jane STORMENT and Miss Esther May WILMAN of Salem, and Miss Lucille LUCAS. This was a little farewell get-together, as Miss WILMAN for Monday for Lindenwood College, where she has entered as a student.

- Brown: More than 200 relatives and friends of Sam MULVANY gathered at his home Sunday with well filled baskets to help him celebrate his 61st birthday.

- Elder School: Mrs. Guy SHAFFER’s mother and sister from the northern part of the state, spent a few days with them last week.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB and family visited Sunday with John ROBB and family.

- Swift: Helen WAINSCOTT spent Sunday with Lucille GARRETT.

- Mrs. Will KNISELEY gave a surprise dinner Sunday in honor of her husband’s birthday at their home in Omega.

- Mr. and Mrs. Cecil CURRY have a 7˝ lb. son born Sept. 16, and named Jerry Dean.

- Mrs. Ida WARREN fell yesterday with a fruit jar in her hand, the jar breaking and cutting her face.

- Mr. and Mrs. Frank JONES and Mr. and Mrs. Coy INGRAM and baby daughter were in Vernon Sunday attending the JONES family reunion.

Sept. 28, 1933:

- John Robert HILL, aged 76 years old, died Monday at the home of his sister, Mrs. Josie EDWARDS, in Malvern, Ark. He was born in Taylorsville, Ky, and during his early life he was in the railroad mail service and later worked as a printer on St. Louis papers. He went to Malvern at the age of 32 with his parents, John Scott and Mary Louis HILL, and published a newspaper here in the early days. For several years he worked for the Malvern Meteor and when the Malvern Daily Record was established 17 years ago, he set the first edition by hand. He is survived by his sister, Mrs. Josie EDWARDS, and a brother, Hardy W. HILL. Services were held at his sister’s home with interment in Oakridge Cemetery. The parents of the deceased were at one time residents of this city, John having made several visits here.

- The farmers hauled 3 car loads of crushed rock and put it in the mudholes on the east road Wed. The rock is being furnished by the state, the county pays the freight, and the farmers, assisted by some of the town trucks, haul it. It is being dumped in the holes near the Rockhold Schoolhouse, near the Harry MINER farm, near the Fish farm and in the one by the Tony YOUNG orchard.

- Rolland ALLEN is recovering very nicely from his recent operation at the Flora hospital. He was able to be taken home Wed.

- Sept. 27th being the 56th birthday of Emmett JONES, he was greatly surprised when the children arrived with well filled baskets for dinner. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank GARRETT and daughter, Gladys, and son, Emmett, Mr. and Mrs. Roy JONES and son, Darvin; Mr. and Mrs. Merle JONES, son Floyd, and daughter, Betty, and Mr. Forrest JONES.

- Mr. J.H. NELMS has moved his chapel from the DENNIS Building to his store and has changed the interior of the building somewhat. The DENNIS building will be occupied by the DOOLEN Barber Shop. Mr. DOOLEN intends to move his shop sometime this week.

- Last Sunday, while removing one of the wheels from his car, Henry CHARLTON received a severe cut on the top of his head, caused by one of the tools slipping out of his hand. He had been confined to his home for several days.

- Mr. and Mrs. E.G. DILLON, and Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SOLDNER and Miss Anna DILLON attended JOHNSON Reunion held at Bryan Memorial Park in Salem. The reunion was held in honor of Mrs. Julia HUNT, and her daughter, Mrs. Gertie HAIGLER of VanCouver, British Columbia. 150 registered during the day.

- Mrs. Chris JASPER is reported quite ill, having suffered an attack of appendicitis.

Oct. 5, 1933:

- Henry SIPES, son of James and Dillie SIPES, was born in Martin Co., Ind. on Apr. 14, 1860. In 1879 he immigrated with his parents to Illinois and located near Salem, where he resided until 1889, when he removed to Omega twp., where he spent the remainder of his life. In 1880 he married Alice VAUGHN, and they had 1 daughter, named Rosa, who died in infancy. The mother, already afflicted with the disease and grieved over the loss of the dear one, soon died also. In 1884, he married Mrs. Belle LONNON. This union not being blessed with any children, but his paternal love and care was bestowed upon George, the son of Mrs. SIPES, by her former husband. For 45 years, Uncle Henry and Aunt Belle lived happily together until Aug. 19, 1929 when Mrs. SIPES died. Since her death, he had made his home with his brother, Francis of near Omega, until Uncle Henry died last Friday. For more than 40 years, he was a faithful member of the M.E. Church at Pleasant Grove and in its lean years was one of its main supporters. His work at Pleasant Grove will live long after his face is forgotten. He was laid to rest in Lovell Grove Cemetery.

- Wilford H. SPIESE, universally known to Mt. Vernon friends as Harry SPIESE, died in Mattoon this morning. He had for more than 18 months been an inmate of the Odd Fellows’ home for old people at Mattoon. Mr. SPIESE was for many years a resident of Mt. Vernon. He was a son of Wilford SPIESE. Mr. SPIESE was married when a young man to Miss Reba LONG, who survives. 1 daughter, Mrs. Roy MOSS of Chicago; and 3 sisters, Mrs. J.N. EMBSER of Salem; Mrs. Camilla LAWRENCE of Sioux City, Iowa; and Mrs. Dennis O’Neal, of Portland, Ore. survive. Services were held at Meyers Chapel in Mt. Vernon with interment at Evergreen Cemetery in Kinmundy. He was a carpenter by trade and an expert mechanic. For a number of years he traveled extensively doing work in mills visiting many states and Canada, and it is thought Mexico, doing mill work. He lived south of Kinmundy for a short time and came back to make visits with his parents. He was also a brother to the late George SPIESE, who resided south of town.

- On Sept. 20, occurred the marriage of Mr. Wayne WOLF and Miss Helen WININGER at Newton, Ill. . The marriage ritual was read by the bride’s father, Rev. E. Grey WININGER, pastor of the Newton Methodist Episcopal Church. The bride attended Kinmundy H.S. during the years her father was pastor at the Methodist Church here. Mr. WOLF is City Clerk of Newton, filling his second term of office.

- Mr. Dean BRUBAKER of Alma and Miss Alma JONES of this city were quietly married Sept. 29 in Mt. Vernon. Mrs. BRUBAKER is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley JONES of this city. They will make their home in this city.

- Mr. C.B. FRENCH celebrated his 83rd birthday very quietly at his home in this city Oct 4th. Last Sunday, his daughter, Mrs. E.O. ZIMMER, entertained in his honor with a 6 o’clock dinner in her home. The table had 2 birthday cakes, 1 baked and presented to him by his son, John, and the other a gift from his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Wm. FRENCH. 20 guests, including all the members of Mr. FRENCH’s family and his grandchildren, were present. Those present besides the guest of honor were: Mr. and Mrs. A.E. FRENCH and daughter, Alice; Mr. and Mrs. Harry GRAY, sons Charles and Junior, and daughters, Dorcas, Donna and Shirley; Mr. and Mrs. E. O. ZIMMER and daughter, Arlene, and John H. FRENCH, of this city; and Mr. and Mrs. W.B. FRENCH, sons Merle and Earl and daughter, Audrey, of Effingham.

- After attending church services at the Baptist Church Sunday morning, Mr. J.H. JACKSON was escorted by his daughter, Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER to the home recently vacated by Mrs. Velva DOWNEY. As Mr. JACKSON entered this house, into which he was to move and make it his home the following day, he was greeted by his brothers and a number of relatives. They gently informed him that they had come to celebrate his (?) birthday. He was very much surprised, but greatly appreciated the honor. A delicious potluck dinner was served. A list of those attended was printed.

- Mr. and Mrs. Howard BACKENSTO of Decatur have a 6˝ lb. baby girl born in the Decatur and Macon Hospital yesterday. Grandpa ATKINS is jumping around like a banty rooster, and grandpa BACKENSTO is not far behind. They say Lizzie Anna would be good enough for them but both grandmas say nothing doing.

- North Fork: Orie ATKINS and wife, Dow GREEN and wife, and Orie ARNOLD spent Monday in Kinmundy helping put a new roof on the residence property of Mrs. Icy GARRETT.

- North Fork: Clyde BASSETT, wife and daughter, Evelyn, visited at Bert GARRETT’s Sunday evening.

- Mr. and Mrs. F.S. HARRIS, Mr. and Mrs. C.P. BALKE, Mr. and Mrs. E.G. DILLON called on Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL Sunday evening.

- Mr. and Mrs. J.R. MAHAN and Miss Edna MOTCH were in Olney Wednesday, where Mr. MAHAN underwent an examination which revealed an ulcer in the stomach. Mr. MAHAN has suffered stomach trouble for the past several years. He says he does not see how he can undergo an operation until after quail season is over.

- Brown: This community was sorry to hear of the death of Andrew PHILLIPS.

- Brown: Several attended the birthday party given in honor of Elsie MULVANY at her home Friday night.

- East Zion: Mr. Frank JARRETT and children, Hazel and Russell, and little granddaughter, Betty LITTLE, spent the weekend with Charley ARNOLD and family.

- Misses Mary and Laura FRENCH of Alma were guests of Mrs. Icy GARRETT and C.I. DOOLEN Wednesday.

Oct. 12, 1933:

- Miss Josephine BRASEL died in Effingham Hospital on Sunday, Oct. 8, 1933 after undergoing an operation for a tumor on Wednesday. There were very little hopes for her recovery after the operation. The body was brought to the home of her brother, Mr. Leland BRASEL, where the funeral services were held. Interment was made in Evergreen Cemetery. Josephine, daughter of J.B. and Celia MADDOX BRASEL, was born near Kinmundy on Jan. 23, 1883, and in this community she grew to womanhood. She was 1 of a family of 11 children, 1 sister and her parents having preceded her in death. Surviving are 5 brothers and 4 sisters, namely, Edd, Harry, Roscoe, John, Leland, Maude, Marie, Bess and Myrtle, nieces, and nephews.

- The remains of Harry POWELL were laid to rest in Evergreen Cemetery Tuesday. Mr. POWELL was a World War veteran and died in Hines Hospital in Chicago. He resided in Alma and was the son of John POWELL. He leaves a widow and children. He was about 40 years old.

- Saturday being the birthday of Mrs. Jennie STOCK, her children, Fred and family of Effingham; Arthur and family of Centralia; Leo of St. Louis; and Mrs. Fred KLEISS and family of this city gave her a pleasant surprise when everyone came to her house with well filled baskets.

- A farewell surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER, Saturday evening in honor of their son, Xon, who left for Plainview, Texas, Sunday, where he has employment. 53 young friends of Xon unexpectedly called and found him busy with his evening tasks. He soon recovered from the surprise and assisted his mother in entertaining their guests. The entertainment for the evening was a mock wedding, Miss Helen GARRETT playing the part of the bride and Xon ALEXANDER the groom. Richard SCHWABE played the wedding march, and Bob CARROLL performed the mock ceremony. They were taken on their honeymoon ride in a wheelbarrow, starting in a shower of rice. After a short intermission, the bride and groom reappeared representing their supposed appearance at their golden wedding in 1983. The wedding supper was served buffet.

- Dr. H.L. HANNA, our local veterinarian, and Mrs. Esther GEORGE, of Centralia, were married at the M.E. Parsonage in this city Tuesday evening. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. H.L. BALDRIDGE, of Centralia. The bride is the widow of the late Fred GEORGE, and though she made her home in Centralia for the past several years, she was a former resident of this city. The couple is at home in the doctor’s property in the north part of town.

- Mr. Caleb CASE, a Civil War Veteran, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Minnie BALLARD, in Odin, last Tuesday. Services were held in Odin with interment in Evergreen Cemetery. He was for many years a resident of our community.

- Mr. E.C. BARGH was taken suddenly ill last Wednesday evening. Mrs. BARGH had accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Geo. BARGH to Chicago to attend the Legion Convention. They were summoned home, arriving here Thursday. Dr. PHILLIPS at first thought his illness was to be an infection of the gall bladder. But the medicine did not respond to this and Dr. PHILLIPS immediately ask for another doctor to come in. He made several tests and reported back that it was a mild case of "sleeping sickness". Mr. BARGH is apparently getting better. He is now 74 years old, and is the oldest business man in Kinmundy, having been in the drug store business for the past 38 years. Prior to that he was in partnership with Mr. BAKER, and before this he clerked in HOLLISTER’s Drug Store. He was born in England and came to this country with his parents when a mere child.

- The Kinmundy-California Picnic was held in September, and a letter from Annetta CAMERER in Glendale, Cal. wrote about it.

- Charles PORTER, a former resident of this city, lost his life last week in the Griffith Park, Los Angeles fire. There were 88 other people who died in this fire. Charles was with the Park Board there and was in charge of a crew of men fighting the fire. Here is the telegram dispatched by his wife to his brother, H.E. PORTER of Minneapolis, Minn.: "Charles was a victim of Griffith Park fire. Have identified watch and glasses, although his body is yet missing. He and his men were first to enter fire. Did not suffer long. Died a hero. Love." Charles had grown to manhood in Kinmundy.

- Swift: Ren WAINSCOTT and wife spent Wednesday afternoon with Pid BASSETT and family, and helped shingle a porch.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB left Monday evening for Chicago to attend A Century of Progress.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL called on Mr. John BASS and family Tuesday evening.

- Meacham: Mr. Wes and Charlie MULVANEY and families moved their household goods to Bement, Ill.

- Campground: Zarold LEWIS, who is attending S.I.N.U. spent the weekend with home folks.

- Fred GAMMON, a student of S.I.N.U. came here to spend the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles GAMMON.

- Xon ALEXANDER has employment in Plainview, Texas, and Mrs. F.G. ALEXANDER accompanied him there. She is visiting her brother, Mr. Oran JACKSON and family.

- Mrs. Lida GARRETT, daughters, Alta and Pauline, and Charles KEITH of Villa Grove, Ill. were guests Sunday in the home of Mr. C.I. DOOLEN and Mrs. Icy GARRETT.

Oct. 19, 1933:

- The residence property of Andrew ROSS, just west of Alma, burned to the ground Sunday evening. This was a beautiful farm home and meant a great loss to Mr. ROSS. A few of the contents on the lower floor were saved.

- Mrs. Lettie HULTS died at her home in this city Monday after an illness of short duration. She suffered a stroke of paralysis more than 2 weeks ago. Electa Elizabeth, daughter of Theodore and Lydia RILEY, was born March 19, 1855, in Salem, Ill., and died in Kinmundy, Ill. on Oct. 16, 1933. She married Wallace T. HULTS on Jan. 25, 1882. Mr. HULTS died several years ago. They had 5 children: Theodore, Lydia, now Mrs. PITT, of Beardstown, Ill.; Katie, Wallace, and Lutie. There are 5 grandchildren: Wallace Melvin, son of Theodore; Audry, Wallace and Kyra, children of Mrs. PITT, and Homer WALLACE, son of Wallace. There are 2 great-grandchildren, Danny and Billie, sons of Wallace Melvin HULTS. In early life Mrs. HULTS was a teacher, teaching 17 terms, 3 of which were in the Wilson School, in which her mother had taught, and later her daughter, Mrs. PITT. Services were held from the home with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. Hilary SMITH of Alma, brother of C.B. SMITH, had his leg amputated Tuesday at Mayo Brothers Hospital in Rochester, Minn. He is apparently getting along fine. A few years ago, Mr. SMITH had the misfortune of falling and injuring his leg. It had pained him considerably since. It was found that the leg was infected to such an extent, that amputation was necessary.

- Mr. J.A. BAYLISS died at his home in this city Monday from arterio sclerosis. Mr. BAYLISS had the distinction of being the last Civil War Veteran in Kinmundy twp. He enlisted in the Union Army at the age of 16. As his home at that time was Indiana, he enlisted with an Indiana company. He has been a resident of this community for about 69 years. For 60 years he lived on a farm west of town, and because of his advanced age, 2 years ago he moved with his daughter, Maude, and son, Abe, to town, where they have since lived. Services were held at the Baptist Church with interment in the Eastland Cemetery. Jacob Abel, son of Enoch and Mahala BAYLISS, was born in Franklin Co., Ind. on Nov. 30, 1848, and died Oct. 16, 1933. His early childhood was spent on a farm in Decatur Co., Ind. At the age of 16, he enlisted in the 53rd Regiment of the Indiana Infantry. His father died in 1866 leaving the mother with 8 children. At the close of the war, the mother moved to Illinois, making the trip in a covered wagon. Their first home was a log cabin, west of Kinmundy, which is now the Orville GARRETT farm. At an early age he married Lucinda BASS, and they had 1 child. After the death of his wife and child, he was married to Susannah EAGAN, who died Sept. 14, 1913. They had 12 children, 2 dying in infancy. 1 daughter, Mrs. Florence SANDLER, died Nov. 11, 1931. He leaves 9 children, namely: Milton BAYLISS and Josie LEMAY of Kinmundy; Mrs. Mayme MERRITT, Mrs. Lottie SWANK, Alva BAYLISS, and Mrs. Della ORCUTT of Champaign; Mrs. Bernice LAYTON of Ponca City, Okla.; and Maud and Abe at home; also 2 sisters, Mrs. Mary CRAFT of Seattle, Wash., and Mrs. Malissa MAGERS of Mt. Carmel, Ind.; and 11 grandchildren.

- Oct. 14, being the 78th birthday of W.A. MAXWELL, he was pleasantly surprised by relatives and friends. A delicious basket dinner held at the noon hour. Those present: Mr. and Mrs. Lem MAXWELL and family, of Decatur; Mrs. Laura MAXWELL, and Mr. Pete EMBSER of Salem; Mrs. Mary GENTRY, William HEISTAND and family of Summit Prairie, and Mrs. S.A. WHISNANT of this city.

- Peggy Anna Jean JACKSON, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. JACKSON, was 5 years old Saturday. In the afternoon, Mrs. JACKSON entertained several children in Peggy’s honor. Refreshments of jello, cookies, and candy bars were served.

- Mr. Ira C. MORRIS has been confined to his home again this week with a congested lung.

- North Fork: Carroll GARRETT, Mark ARNOLD, and Bud FEATHER went north to husk corn.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Bert GARRETT and family, and Dow GREEN and family were callers at Willie GARRETT’s Sunday afternoon.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Freida GARRETT and babe attended the basket dinner at Mr. NICHOL’s Sunday.

- Meadow Branch: Mrs. Esta ROBB returned Monday morning from visiting A Century of Progress.

- Meadow Branch: Harold ROBB spent the week end with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie GARRETT.

- Meadow Branch: Darlene COLE spent Tuesday night with Mildred ROBB.

- Elder School: The Pleasant Grove Ladies’ Aid met with Mrs. Laura ROSE last Wednesday.

- Sunday being Mr. A.J. YOUNG’s birthday, Mrs. YOUNG entertained at dinner, Mr. YOUNG’s sisters, Misses Josephine, and Anna YOUNG of LaClede, Mrs. Kate GREEN of Farina, and sister-in-law, Mrs. Charles YOUNG with her daughter, Alma.

- Mesdames, JAMES, HOCKADAY, McCLURE, and COURSON, motored to Vandalia Thursday to visit Mrs. Pearl SMITH, a sister to Mrs. HOCKADAY, and Mrs. COURSON, who’s a patient in Mark Greer Hospital. They also visited at the Penal Farm. Mrs. HOCKADAY’s cousin, Mr. Fred HANKS is assistant superintendent, and Mrs. JAMES’ cousin, Mr. C.F. CUNNINGHAM, is a guard.

Oct. 26, 1933:

- June Allison, the 2 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James WHITE, residing 9 miles east of this city, was fatally burned last Friday afternoon. Just how the child caught fire is unknown. The mother had left her alone in the house for a very short time, and upon her return found the child’s clothing in flames. She died that evening. She leaves the parents and 5 brothers and sisters. Services were held from the Union Baptist Church with interment in Elder Cemetery.

- On Oct. 20, relatives and friends of Dr. and Mrs. H.L. HANNA gathered at their home in the north part of the city and gave them an old-fashioned house warming and kitchen shower. The evening was spent with visiting and dancing. Refreshments of sandwiches, pickles, cake and coffee were served.

- Mr. and Mrs. A.J. JACKSON motored to Pine Lawn, Mo. Sunday where Mr. JACKSON entered Dr. Tiernon’s Clinic for bone surgery. He has been nursing an injured knee cap for several months.

- Mrs. Hank WRIGHT, who is a patient in the Effingham Clinic, will undergo an operation tommorrow for gall bladder and stomach trouble.

- Mr. John A. HOLT has a severe case of "quail fever". He should be quarantined as he has spread it considerably and now several other parties have it in a mild form. He says he is certain that he contracted the fever in GRISSOM’s Store.

- Lee COMBS died at his home in Salem Oct. 18, at the age of 57 years. Interment was made Phillips Cemetery. He was for several years a resident of our community residing on a farm southeast of this city.

- Mr. Gilbert DOOLEN and Miss Mable HEADLEY motored to Salem Saturday afternoon where they were married at the M.E. Parsonage. They were attended by Charles LOWE and Miss Lenora DOOLEN. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. G.C. DOOLEN, and is a graduate of Kinmundy H.S. Class of ‘27. He is also a graduate of S.I.N.U. and is teaching this term in the Oklahoma school. The bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. HEADLEY. The wedding supper was served by the bride’s mother, while the infair dinner was given Sunday by the groom’s parents. The couple will make their home this winter in the DOOLEN home while the elder Mr. and Mrs. DOOLEN will move to town for the winter months.

- Mr. Lawrence WOKER of Centralia, and Miss Avis LACEY, formerly of this city, were married at the Lutheran Parsonage in Effingham on Sept. 30. They were attended by the bride’s brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. SOLDNER of this city. The bride is daughter of Mr. H.G. LACEY residing east of this city, and attended Kinmundy H.S. She has been employed in Centralia. Mr. WOKER is a native of Centralia, where he is employed as machinist in the I.C.R.R. Shops at Centralia, where they will make their home.

- North Fork: Oct. 21, Mr. Gilbert DOOLEN and Miss Mabel HEADLEY motored to Salem, where they were married, attended by Charles LOWE and Miss Lenora DOOLEN. They were entertained by the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Win HEADLEY, Saturday evening.

- North Fork: A rousing charivari was given Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert DOOLEN Monday night at Cleve DOOLEN’s.

- North Fork: Bobby WILLIAMS spent Sunday with Jack GARRETT.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest BASSETT and Mr. and Mrs. Henry BASSETT attending the homecoming at the Christian Church in Alma Sunday afternoon.

- North Fork: Miss Cleda GARRETT spent Sunday p.m. with Mis Kathryn LOWE.

- Meacham: The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim WHITE was fatally burned last Thursday and laid to rest Friday. The mother was the daughter of Mr. Pat BUTTS.

- J. Lem BALLANCE entered Centralia Hospital last week, and underwent an operation for a hernia. He is getting along fine.

Nov. 2, 1933:

- The Halloween Parade went off in fine shape Tuesday evening. The march was led by the School Band. Prizes were awarded as follows:

Best Couple: 1st - Harold and Helen KLEISS; 2nd - Dorothy ERNST and Geneva FARRIS

Best Hobo: 1st - Bennie DOOLEN; 2nd - Ellis JOHNSON

Best Indian: 1st - Charles Lee DOOLEN; 2nd - Mildred KLEISS

Best Nigger: 1st - Harold KLEISS; 2nd - Mary MEYER; 3rd - Abe BAYLIS

Best Flapper: 1st -Virginia BROWN; 2nd - Carl DOOLEN

Best Old Man: 1st - Valda SWIFT; 2nd - Lorraine BAYLIS

Best Old Woman: 1st - Elizabeth BRASEL; 2nd - Eileen LACEY

Best Man: 1st - Merle BAYLIS; 2nd - Rufus WOODEN

Best Woman: 1st - Dwight HANNA; 2nd - Corine BAILEY.

- The partnership of LINTON, BEERY, and MARTIN Undertaking Establishment was dissolved. The newly organized firm will be known as LINTON and MARTIN, B.F. LINTON of this city, and D.C. MARTIN of Patoka becoming members.

- Mrs. Hansford WRIGHT underwent gall bladder surgery Saturday morning at Effingham Clinic.

- Mr. Ralph FOGERSON died at his home in Rantoul, Ill. Monday. He was about 70 years of age, and a former resident of Meacham twp. Funeral services were held in Rantoul, and the body brought here and laid to rest in Phillips Cemetery.

- Mr. Eugene KEEN has been awarded the position of mail messenger here. His duties are to carry the mails between the post office and the 2 depots. He succeeds Cecil PLUE who had the position the past 3 years.

- Mr. Harvey SMITH, residing near Tonti, died at his home Friday at the age of 61 years. He had been ill for some time with yellow jaundice. Services were held from the home of Rev. DYCAS in Alma. Interment in Boynton Cemetery.

- A.J. JACKSON is recovering nicely from the operation on his knee in Missouri. It will be remembered that A.J. bumped his knee against his meat counter more than a year ago while jumping around with job when some Cardinal player made a home run, and as a result, nursed his knee all summer. The operation revealed part of the bone chipped off, and this piece of bone was removed.

- Word was received here of the death of Mr. B.C. LAYTON of Ponca City, Okla. Mrs. LAYTON will be remembered as Miss Bernie BAYLISS, daughter of the late J.A. BAYLISS of this city. He had been in poor health for several years.

- Funeral services were held in Montebello, Cal. for Charles E. PORTER.

- A Coroner’s Jury ordered William SULLIVAN, 35 years old of Chicago, held on the charge of murder. SULLIVAN early yesterday shot and fatally wounded his friend, Lincoln REEDER, 46 years old, part owner of the REEDER Sheet Metal Work in Chicago, in front of a beer tavern where SULLIVAN and a party had been drinking. Witnesses stated that SULLIVAN became angered over a prank in which a woman playfully snatched his cap and glasses. The shooting followed. Mr. REEDER, son of Frank REEDER, was born in this city and spent his boyhood days here. Services and interment were made in Chicago.

- Wednesday morning, Mr. Melvin BOYD, janitor of our school, was slightly injured while attempting to ring the school bell. The bell jumped out of it’s place on the tower, and would have fallen to the ground had it not been for the specially constructed platform on top of the tower. A part of the bell fell and struck him on his hand making a gash. Another part fell striking Russell SHAFFER on the head. He was knocked unconscious for a short time. One layer of the skull was fractured and the scalp lacerated. The accident was caused by a broken bolt.

- The Eastern Star celebrated their 25th anniversary on the evening of Oct. 24th.

- Mr. A.H. PLUE went to Effingham Tuesday where he entered Effingham Clinic for an examination.

- Last Friday, members of the West Side Birthday Club met Mr. and Mrs. M.E. HELM to help Mr. HELM celebrate his birthday.

- Oct. 28th being the birthday of Mrs. E. CRANK, she invited a few of her friends to help celebrate the occasion. A most delicious chicken dinner was served to guests Mesdames Theodore MILLER, A.N. GRAY, Matilda HAMMER, and Miss Della SEXTON.

- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur STOCK of Centralia have a 9 lb. son born Oct. 31.

- Elder School: Miss Rada GARRETT spent last Thursday night with Miss Helen WANTLAND. They attended the Teachers’ meeting Thursday and Friday.

- Miss Freida MILLICAN and Russell BRUBAKER were married May 18 in Waterloo, Ill. The couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Velmer DELAY.

- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest BASSETT and Mr. and Mrs. Henry BASSETT visited Sunday afternoon with Lafe BASSETT and wife.

- North Fork: Wes ROBB and family spent Sunday with Bert GARRETT and family.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Pid BASSETT and babe visited Sunday with Orie ATKINS and family.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Clyde GARRETT and baby, and Miss Norma Dell GARRETT were Sunday guests of Virgil LIVESAY and family.

- North Fork: Mrs. Icy GARRETT, Mrs. Carl DUNLAP, Mrs. Tom BALLANCE, Mrs. Dow GREEN, Miss Kathryn LOWE, Mrs. Orie ATKINS and daughters spent last Thursday at Claude GARRETT’s helping Claude celebrate his birthday.

- Swift: Mrs. Valinda CONANT, Mrs. Mack ROBB, Mr. C.I. DOOLEN, Tom GARRETT, and Elvin CONANT left Sunday for Missouri to attend the funeral of a relative.

- Camp Ground: A large crowd of young people called on Guy PERRY Saturday night and staged a surprise party, it being Guy’s (?) birthday. The evening was spent in playing cards, dancing, and afterwards, a wiener roast.

- Mr. Bert GARRETT and family, and Mr. C.I. DOOLEN motored to Loami, Ill. last Thursday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Carl HEADLEY. They report Mrs. HEADLEY, who has been quite ill for sometime, improving steadily.

- C.I. DOOLEN, Tom GARRETT, Mrs. Valinda CONANT, and daughter, Mrs. Mack ROBB, and son, Elvin CONANT, motored Sunday to Gideon, Mo. where they had been called by the death of Mrs. CONANT’s sister-in-law, Mrs. Elvin OWENS.

Nov. 9, 1933:

- Mrs. George TOMLINSON and daughter, Mrs. Lucille KELLUMS of Salem were here Thursday helping their mother and grandmother, Mrs. Mary FOSTER celebrated her 86th birthday.

- Mr. and Mrs. W.H. VERHOOKS and daughter of Kankakee spent Tuesday night with her father, Mr. J.R. CHEADLE. He was born in Hancock Co., Ill.

- The Kinmundy Express is celebrating it’s 50th birthday. It was established in 1883 and the first issue was printed Nov. 8th. There had been other papers printed in Kinmundy previous to this. We have copies of 2 other papers in our files, namely, The Kinmundy Telegram, which started in 1867, and The Kinmundy Register, which was started in 1878. The first editor of the Express was R.F. LAWSON, with Owen SCOTT as co-publisher. Mr. SCOTT was a resident of Effingham, publisher of the Effingham Democrat, a lawyer, and mayor of that city. He was with Mr. LAWSON for 11 weeks. Mr. LAWSON was born in Fayette Co., coming to Kinmundy when a small boy with his step-father and residing on a farm 3 miles northwest of this city. He worked on various papers before establishing the Express. He was appointed postmaster here in ‘89. He operated the Express until October 1893, when he sold it to N.H. LINGENFELTER, who was born in Albion, Ill. He was the son of a Methodist Minister. The father was sent here as pastor of the local church when Nelson was 5 years old. Their stay here was brief but after Nelson had graduated from McKendree College, he returned here, bringing his parents, and purchased the paper. He sold the paper in 1896, but followed the newspaper profession in other places. Both Mr. LAWSON and Mr. LINGENFELTER have passed away and are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. Mr. LINGENFELTER sold the Express to Mr. D.S. LORD. Very little is known of Mr. LORD, but we are told that he was formerly a station agent for the I.C.R.R. Mr. LORD sold the Express to P.L. SAPP and S.R. WOOLEY in Aug. 1898. These gentleman bought the paper more to carry on real estate promotions than anything else, ans sold it in November of the same year to Mr. F.O. GRISSOM who came here from Farina. Mr. GRISSOM operated it for 18 years, the longest of any editor. Another paper, The Journal, sprang up during his regime, but he purchased it and combined it with the Express, calling his publication The Express-Journal, and making a twice a week issue out of it. But business was not brisk enough for twice-a-week, so he discontinued the Journal. Mr. GRISSOM was burned out twice, in 1903 and 1904. Mr. GRISSOM, having been appointed postmaster, sold the Express in 1916 to Mr. G.A. SPITZE, who came here from Edwardsville, Ill. to teach in our local high school. Mr. SPITZE operated it until 1919 when he sold it to Mr. J. Lem BALLANCE. Mr. BALLANCE was a farmer and always said that he did not know anything about running a newspaper, but we think he made an excellent editor. Mr. BALLANCE sold it on Dec. 1, 1921, to its present owner and we are still here. In naming the different editors, it would be impossible for us to name all of the help that worked in the office at different times, but we have living here at the present time, 4 ladies who have stuck type for the Express at various times and they are Miss Ida RUTHERFORD, Miss Evelyn KILLIE, Mrs. Pearl SEXTON FISHER, and Mrs. Nellie NEAVILLE TROUT. The Express has had many homes. It was started in what was known as the EAGAN brick. Where it moved to from there, we have no record. The next place we find it located is upstairs in the room now occupied by B.J. ROTAN. From that it moved to the Masonic Temple Building and was burned in 1903. It was next located in a frame building, where T.M. SMITH’s barn now stands, and it was burned in 1904. Then it was located in the C.H. WEST residence property just east of the I.C. Depot. From there it was moved to the WETTER brick in 1917, and from there to it’s present home in 1925. In this issue we are giving you the news that appeared in the first edition of the Express. We are also giving you some of the most important items from the first volumes as it was printed in the first issue of the 10th volume. Our files are not complete, as the old files were destroyed in the fire of 1903. We have asked the business men to join us in celebrating our 50th anniversary with a history of their business as well as a life history of themselves. And in-as-much we have eulogized them, it would not be fair to them if we did not give you a little of our personal life. Jesse Norris, son of Charles H. and Etta RODE VALLOW, was born in Kinmundy in the east part of town on Sept. 25, 1899. When only a few months old, we were carried to the THRANE property in the west part of town, which we call our old homestead. In 1905, we moved to O’Fallon and there we gained our education in the grade schools. Returning to Kinmundy in 1914, we entered high school and graduated with the class of 1918. One winter, under the management of Mr. G.A. SPITZE, who was teaching school that winter along with his duties as editor, we were employed as office boy. Our duties were to sweep, make fires, help fold papers, and occasionally stick a little type. An expert printer was hired after a couple of months, and we were chosen as editor-in-chief for the new high school publication called the K.H.S. Tatler. After high school, we entered the employ of the firm of Telford and Wilkinson in the fall of ‘18. In the fall of ‘18, we thought we could gain an education at the expense of the government and so we entered the U. of I., but our finances ran out after 2 weeks time, and we were forced to quit, as it was reported that it would be 2 months before the students would be mustered in the regular army. The next spring and summer, we climbed telephone poles for Wm. B. ROSS, going to Chicago that fall where we were employed by the postoffice and Sears, Roebuck and Co. Didn’t like Chicago, so we returned home after 3 months. In January of the following year, Mr. BALLANCE bought this office, and we accepted a position with him. The same spring, we leased the Gem Theatre and operated it for about 1 year. In the fall of 1920, we took the examination for railway mail clerk, was appointed substitute clerk, and made several runs. We had advanced some and would have had to locate in Chicago. We did not like this idea and so we quit government served and stayed with Mr. BALLANCE at a lower salary. It was at this time that somebody lied. They told us that 2 could live cheaper than 1 and we believed them. On July 9, 1921 we married Miss Jessie BACKENSTO of this city. After going to housekeeping, we found that our bank account had dwindled to the sum of $60, and with the gracious help of the First National Bank, we embarked on our career Dec. 1, 1921, and have been at it ever since, trying our utmost to give you a publication that you will like. We have 3 robust children: J.Guin, G. Annette, and Carl B. And now to tell you a little about our help. We have 2 employees, Miss Marie O’Brien and Mr. Audrey VALLOW. Marie G., daughter of Daniel P. and Margaret ROONEY O’BRIEN, was born in this city on Dec. 10, 1904, and in this city, she has spent her entire life. She graduated from the local high school with the class of ‘22. Immediately after graduation, she entered the employ of the Kinmundy Express and has been with us ever since. She is a member of St. Philomena’s Catholic Church of this city. Audrey L. VALLOW, who happens to have the same parents as the editor, was born in Kinmundy Feb. 12, 1905. A part of his education was gained in the O’Fallon schools and the remainder in the local high school, graduating with the class of ‘22. Immediately after graduation, he entered the employ of the Kinmundy Express and with the exception of a short time spent in Detroit, Mich and in the west, he has been with us ever since. He also holds the office of Justice of the Peace, having held this office since he became of age. He’s always willing to do your marrying while you wait.

- T.M. SMITH, Hay, Grain, Feeds, Coal, and Implements: Thomas M. SMITH, son of Charles and Martha SMITH, was born Jan. 12, 1858 in Meacham twp., on the farm now owned by Mr. J.W. WHITTENBURG. He came to the city of Kinmundy in 1884 and purchased the Livery Stable of Henry SIMPSON. In connection with this business, he bought stock, hay and grain. In 1888 he sold the Livery Stable, but retained his stock, hay and grain business. In 1898 he again established a Livery Stable in connection with his other business. From time to time, he added other items such as implements, coal, harness, fencing, etc., also the buying of the wool and red top seed. After leaving his father’s household, he wandered west, where he herded cattle in Kansas and Oklahoma. It was this kind of work that inspired him to become a stock buyer in after years. After following this occupation for 2 years, he came back to Illinois and started farming. He married Miss Dosh BORING of Tonti on Oct. 21, 1880. She died Nov. 11, 1894. On Feb. 20, 1908 he married Miss Bessie L. KING of this city. He has 3 children: Minnie, Mattie, and Georgia. He is a member of the M.E. Church and the Woodman and I.O.O.F. Lodge. He is a member of the City Council, and has in the past been Supervisor, Twp. Treasurer, and a member of the school board. He has been in business in Kinmundy longer than any other firm. Mr. SMITH has been handicapped in his business several times, but that did not seem to hold him back. In 1904, he lost his place of business by fire, then a few years later received a broken hip. A few years later he underwent a major operation with little hope of recovery, then a year ago he had his arm broken while at the St. Louis Stock Yards buying horses.

- E.O. ZIMMER, Refreshing Drinks, Candies, Tobaccos, Eats: ZIMMER’s Café was established in 1927 and succeeded A.H. WILLIS, who established the business in 1924. Mr. WILLIS operated a bakery in connection with the café. Ener O., son of David and Emma BINGAMAN ZIMMER, was born in Shelby Co., Ill. Dec. 1, 1891. He came to Kinmundy with his parents in 1901. The family settled on a farm southeast of this city, and here he grew to manhood. He drifted to Iowa, where he worked on a farm several years, and returned to Kinmundy in 1916, to help his father with the farm work. He served in the World War. After returning home, he accepted a position with the Farmer’s Store. After working as clerk for some time, he purchased a restaurant from the late Chas. BUSWELL. He operated it and then sold it , and in 1927 bought his present business. In April 1922, he married Miss Margaret FRENCH, and they have 1 daughter, Betty Arlene. He is a member of the American Legion.

- P.F. ROBNETT, Kinmundy Ice Plant, Kinmundy Oil Co.: Mr. Pleasant ROBNETT may be termed the mechanical genius of our city. His play, when a boy, consisted of mostly playing mechanic. In March 1913, he erected a small sheet iron building on the side of his father’s granary and there opened the Star Garage. His business grew to such an extent that he soon added more to his little building. And still it grew and in the fall of 1916, he tore down the iron building and erected a fine tile one, which now adorns this corner. The next year he served in the World War as a mechanic. After returning home, he conceived the idea that Kinmundy should have an ice plant, and so in the fall and winter of 1921-22, he built one, erecting his own building, making his coils, tanks and cans, fitting his pipes, etc. He soon had his plant in operation and pulled his first ice on May 1. He not only supplies Kinmundy, but also Farina, St. Peter and Alma. And then he conceived the idea that a bulk oil business would be profitable and in 1923 erected his first bulk tank for gasoline. The following year a tank was erected for kerosene. He now has a capacity of 16,000 gallons of gasoline, as well as handling bulk motor oil. When the hard road was completed thru this city, Mr. ROBNETT selected one of the best locations and erected a modern filling station, known as the White Star Super Service Station. A few years ago, he gave up his garage business and leased his building, devoting all of his time to the ice and oil business. A few years ago, while business was slack and in order to give his employees work during the winter months, he cut logs from his timber, hauled them to the mill and had them sawed. He then purchased the mill and erected a beautiful little cottage, doing all the work himself, with the aid of his 2 employees. Pleasant F., son of Noah J. and Lillie CHALFANT ROBNETT, was born near Kinmundy, Ill. Sept. 15, 1891. On June 23, 1925, he was married to Miss Lura WILLIAMS, of this city. They have 4 children: Pleasant, James, Zola, and Helen. Mr. ROBNETT is a member of the city council, of the Illinois Marketers’ Association, and of the American Legion. He has also taken a likening to fishing, camping, and hunting.

- Chris H. JASPER, Buyer of Poultry and Cream: Chris H. JASPER, buyer of poultry and cream, opened his establishment in 1929. In 1930 he purchased a like business from the late C.C. CONANT and combined it with his. Chris H., son of August and Emma SCHNEIDER JASPER, was born July 22, 1899 near St. Peter, Ill. When 3 years old, he moved with his parents to a farm, north of town, and here he grew to manhood. On Dec. 25, 1919, he married Miss Blanche CORNELL of this city. Soon after his marriage, he moved to Centralia where he was employed for 3 years in the I.C.R.R. Shops. Returning to Kinmundy, he farmed for 3 years and then moved to town where he worked various jobs until entering business for himself. Mr. and Mrs. JASPER have 2 children, Charles and Kenneth. When not waiting on his customers, you will generally find him busy with his wood lathe or jig-saw doing a little artistic work. Or maybe you’ll find him working with his different species of gold fish or his guinea pigs.

- INGRAM’s Mill, Flour and Feed Merchants: This firm was established in 1928 by R.L. INGRAM and his sons, Elwin, Dwight and Joe. This mill was built in 1867 by Giles and Abe SONGER. This was the pride and joy of Kinmundy in those days. Farmers came from miles around to have their wheat and corn milled. After the death of Giles SONGER, the business was carried on by his brother, Abe. In April 1907, it was acquired by Mr. W.C. INGRAM and his 2 sons, R.L. and I.D., with a few shares of stock scattered about town. In 1913, all of the stock was taken over by W.C. INGRAM, Robert L. INGRAM, and Nellie HOUSTON. And then in 1928, Robert L. INGRAM and his sons became the owner of it. The old mill has made many a barrel of flour for southern Illinois, but with the passing of soft wheat flour, so passed the main output of this mill. In days gone by, it furnished much employment for our city but now it is being operated by Mr. INGRAM and his 3 sons. The main output now is corn meal. They also grind and mix feeds. They are in the jobbing business now on a large scale, wholesaling and retailing several different commodities besides flour and feed. Robert L., son of William C. and Mary GRAY INGRAM, was born in Kinmundy on March 26, 1880. On Feb. 20, 1907, he was married to Miss Agnes EAGLESON of Calhoun, Ill. in Seattle, Wash. They have 3 children: Elwin, Dwight and Joe. Mr. INGRAM’s entire life has been spent in this community with the exception of a few years spent on the Pacific Coast where he bought grain for the Portland Milling Co. Before going west, he worked for his father and grandfather, uncle Harvey GRAY. He is a member of the Masonic Order, served Kinmundy as it’s Mayor for 4 years, was alderman for 8 years, was a member of the Board of Education for 15 years, and is now serving his 13th year as director of the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association.

- LINTON and MARTIN, Funeral Directors: On Oct. 5, 1932, the firm of LINTON, BERRY, and MARTIN, Licensed Embalmers and Funeral Directors opened in Kinmundy. They had already established a like business in Patoka in their hometown on Jan. 14, 1929, and their success led them to launch a business in another nearby town. At this time too, a new partner was added to the firm, Dean C. MARTIN also of Patoka. On Oct. 15, 1933, the partnership of this firm was dissolved, Mr. BERRY retiring from the Kinmundy firm. Beryl F., son of William H. and Mattie L. COX LINTON, was born on a farm near Patoka, July 2, 1906. He attended the rural grade schools and Patoka H.S. In Sept. 1928 he entered the Worsham Training School in Chicago. He graduated from this school March 6, 1929, and worked at this profession for J.J. McNEIL and BERREN & MELCHIN, of Chicago, and J.J. MORAN and Sons of Decatur, until forming the partnership with Mr. BERRY and locating in Patoka. Mr. LINTON is a member of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce, and the Illinois Undertakers Association. Dean C., son of Wesley and Emma JONES MARTIN, was born in Patoka on Dec. 28, 1911. He attended the public schools of Patoka, and was graduated from Sandoval H.S. He entered Worsham Training School Jan. 1, 1933, and graduated July 1, 1933. He makes his home with his parents in Patoka.

- The Kinmundy Lumber Company, Building Materials, Builders’ Hardware: The personnel of the Kinmundy Lumber Co., Inc. consists of C.A. GLORE, President; D.F. NEATHERY, Vice President and Treasurer; and Miss G. GERTNER, Secretary. Both Mr. GLORE and Miss NEATHERY are residents of Centralia, while Mr. NEATHERY belongs to us. Mr. GLORE has yards at Centralia, Sandoval, Patoka, and Alma. This firm was organized in 1921 and purchased the local lumber yard from the O.H. PADDOCK Lumber Co. Mr. NEATHERY was sent here by this company in 1920 to manage the yard for them. Soon after his arrival here, he found out this business was on the market. He immediately got busy and interested Mr. GLORE in the proposition and the above mentioned corporation resulted. In the past few years, they have added to their line of building materials, builders hardware and paints, coal. When they did this they leased ground from the I.C.R.R., erected a fine coal bin and installed an electric conveyor to unload the cars of coal. When they began business, their yard grounds were leased from the late A.V. SCHERMERHORN. A few years ago they purchased these grounds as well was another lot adjoining them from the south, from Mrs. Bessie WHITE. On the original grounds was what was known as the JONES Opera House, which was used as a warehouse. With the coming of the hard road, this old land mark was wrecked and a beautiful filling station was erected and leased to the Shell Petroleum Co. Several improvements in the way of new sheds have been added. The manager, Daniel F., son of John and Susan MERRIMAN NEATHERY, was born on a farm in Mulberry Grove twp., Bond Co., Ill. on May 11, 1869. After finishing school, he taught several terms of school in country and high schools and in college. He served his apprenticeship in the lumber business in Edinburg, then to Findlay, and then to Kinmundy. On Sept. 8, 1904, he married Miss Sarah M. TABOR of Alhambra, Ill. He is a member of the Masonic and K. of P. fraternities; the Baptist Church, the Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Association; the Illinois - Wisconsin Fuel Merchants, and past President of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce. Mr. NEATHERY is also interested in farming. He has half interest in the farm on which he was born, as well as half interest in another farm in Bond County.

- Atlas Tire and Service Station, Standard Oil Products: The Atlas Tire and Service Station was built during the fall and winter of 1930, and opened to the public for service, Jan. 1, 1931. The firm then was E.E. BROWN and V.V. BARCROFT. Mr. BARCROFT later withdrew, and Jan. 1, 1933 Mr. BROWN became owner and manager. Mr. BROWN was well equipped for a business life having been with his father in the furniture, hardware, and implement business in Kinmundy, and having been identified with TELFORD and WILKINSON in their farm implement business in this city. He farmed for a few years then became interested in gas and oil, serving the farmers and local trade, and with the hard road bought the plot of ground on which he later erected the service station for the sale of Standard Oil products. The service station is modern and takes care of the traveling public in an up-to-date manner and serves them with the best gas and oil. Here you find Atlas tires and batteries, Red Crown gas, Super fuel, and other hot water heaters and other auto needs and accessories. Mr. BROWN, known among his friends as "Peck", takes grest pride in his business surroundings, and as his "middle name" is "Energy", he is always improving and beautifying them. The rustic bridge over the sunken garden, where flowers are blooming through all the summer and fall, and garden seats provided where the traveler may rest awhile. Mr. BROWN was born in Farina, Ill. June 8, 1894. His parents were Harvey A. and Arminda HOWELL BROWN. He was married to Miss Mildred GREEN August 8, 1914. Their daughters are Harriett, Virginia and Kathleen. Kinmundy is fortunate to have this energetic business man, ever ready to help out in any affair for the good of the town.

- W.W. LOWE, Groceries, Dry Goods and Notions: On the window of this firm is the sign, "W.W. LOWE - Everything", and "everything" is right. Dry goods, groceries, cured meats, notions, gents’ furnishings, light hardware, window shades, umbrellas, china ware, fruits, vegetables, and in fact, everything, are to be found in this store. The firm of W.W. LOWE was established in February, 1901. It succeeded the firm of (J.T.) ARNOLD & LOWE, who purchased the store in October, 1900, from C.H. HIGBEE. William Warren, son of Samuel T. and Margaret ARNOLD LOWE, was born Nov. 6, 1862, in Foster twp., where he grew to manhood. On May 7, 1885, he was married to Miss Minnie O. HEADLEY, also of Foster twp. They have 4 sons, James O., Edward R., W. Webster, and Gordon M. Mr. LOWE followed the occupation of farming until 1899 when he moved to this city. He soon became a clerk for M.A. SONGER. In October 1900, he formed a partnership with Mr. J.T. ARNOLD and they purchased the store from Mr. C.H. HIGBEE. In February 1901, he purchased Mr. ARNOLD’s interest and then, as he says, ‘laid awake for many nights wondering how he was going to meet his bills.’ Because of his genial disposition and courtesy, his honest upright dealings with every one, through the succeeding years, his business has steadily increased. To be met by Mr. LOWE in his store, one feels there is a personal interest in his customers as well as a business one. He has been director in the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association for 32 years, and treasurer for 10 years; a director of the First National Bank; and member of the Chamber of Commerce. He belongs to the Modern Woodman, and has been a Mason for 42 years, the Methodist Episcopal church from his early youth, the Board of Trustees, a Steward, and officer of the Sunday School.

- Dr. H.L. HANNA, Graduate Licensed Veterinarian, Approved and Accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry: Homer L. HANNA, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has been a greater asset to our community than many of our readers think for. He has saved thousands of dollars worth of livestock for our farmers. You know animals are just like human beings. They get sick and meet with accidents just the same as we do and consequently need a doctor. Our subject is the only veterinarian for miles around. Consequently, he has a large territory and his practice keeps him very busy. Dr. HANNA gained his medical education under some very adverse circumstances. He was just a farmer, making a living for his wife and children, but he felt as though this community needed a veterinarian. This line of work appealed to him, and by he and his family making several sacrifices, he attended school during the winter months and farmed during the summer. In 1918 he graduated from the Terre Haute Veterinary College and began to practice in Kinmundy. Dr. HANNA has saved the lives of many an animal as well as many a flock of poultry. He has been very instrumental in the eradication of bovine tuberculosis in this territory and has placed Marion County on the accredited list. Homer L., son of David R. and Mary LANDRUM HANNA, was born in Kinmundy twp., Dec. 24, 1877. He gained his education in the country schools and the Terre Haute Veterinary College. In 1895, he was married to Miss Martha J. GRAY of Kinmundy. He sustained a great loss in the passing of this good woman. In 1930, he was married to Mrs. Nora GUST of Kinmundy, but owing to misunderstandings, this marriage was a failure. A few weeks ago he was married to Mrs. Esther GEORGE of Centralia, but formerly of this city. Dr. HANNA has 11 children, namely, Bertha, Gail, Clyde, Paul, Mary, Ruth, Leone, Ada, Dwight, Bobby and Beauford. He also has 3 step children, namely, Mrs. Florence JASPER, Mrs. Eva RUPE, and Mrs. Lyda BALDRIDGE. Dr. HANNA has quite a fascination for horses, especially race horses and at present, is the owner of 4 standard bred horses, which have made some fine records.

- Ira C. MORRIS, Groceries, Meats, Dry Goods: This firm was established in 1925. It succeeded the firm of MORRIS & HELM, R.J. ANDREWS, and C. GRAY. Up until the year 1924, Mr. MORRIS had farmed all of his life, living on a farm near his old home place. He came to town and started to clerk for R.J. ANDREWS, his brother-in-law. Soon afterwards, Mr. ANDREWS being desirous of selling out, Mr. MORRIS formed a partnership with Mr. Frank HELM. Mr. HELM’s health soon failed him and Mr. MORRIS purchased his interest in the business. Since Mr. MORRIS came in full possession of the store, in addition to groceries and meats, he has added dry goods and the buying of cream. And Ira seems to enjoy a good burglar trade. His store has been broken into more times than any other place of business we know of. Ira is a big-hearted fellow, in fact, maybe a little bit too much for his own good, but he says that he just can’t see anyone go hungry. With the organization of the Red & White Stores, Mr. MORRIS put his store in this organization. Ira C., son of William and Elizabeth HOLT MORRIS, was born in Kinmundy twp., May 5, 1883. On Nov. 12, 1902, he was married to Miss Lewella LAMBORN of Kinmundy, and they have 2 children, Mrs. Vera BASSETT and Billie. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and the M.E. Church.

- MAHAN and MOTCH: For Good Things to Eat, Phone No. 9: A first class grocery store and meat market. This firm was established in 1921. The store, itself, was opened in about 1903 by F.W. KILLIE. Mr. KILLIE sold to Mr. J.R. MAHAN in 1919 and Mr. MAHAN formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Mr. F.A. MOTCH in 1921. Up until this time, the store had sold only groceries, fruits and vegetables. But when the partnership was formed, the fresh meat business was purchased from Mr. C. GRAY. Business prospered for these 2 boys and new modern equipment was added from time to time until now they have a nice electric meat counter, an electric meat slicer, electric sausage grinder and an electric coffee grinder. J. Raymond, son of Charles W. and Jennie ROBB MAHAN, was born Nov. 4, 1892 in Kinmundy. Upon his completion of the local high school, he clerked in the store of F.W. KILLIE. While working here in 1908, he with others, autographed his name in the clock on the wall. That same clock still hangs on the wall and never fails to tell the boys when it is time to go to dinner. In about 1910, Mr. MAHAN accepted a position with WITWER Bros., as manager of their several stores. WITWER Bros. disposed of their stores in about 1915, and then Mr. MAHAN became a traveling grocery salesman. The war came on and he answered the call, and by the end of the war had attained a commission of Second Lieutenant. At the end of the war, he again became a traveling salesman, and worked at this until he went into business for himself. On Sept. 12, 1917 he married Miss Florence MOTCH of this city. The have 2 children, Maxine V. and Robert D. "Beak", as he is commonly called is a member of the Masonic Order, the Board of Education, and for the past 3 years has been Secretary-Treasurer of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce and a member of the American Legion. Forrest A., son of John and Sarah COZAD MOTCH, was born Nov. 19, 1893, near Kinmundy. After finishing school in our local schools, "Bud", as he’s familiarly called, clerked in the store of L.C. ROHRBOUGH. From this position, he went to the I.C.R.R. Signal Service, spending several years in the South. He served overseas in the World War and upon his return home, went to Akron, Ohio, where he was employed in a tire factory. He returned to Kinmundy in 1921, and after clerking for Mr. MAHAN a few months, purchased an interest in the business. On March 9, 1922, he married Miss Roumaine CRAYS of Dieterich, Ill. They have 2 children, Richard F. and John F. Bud is a member of the Masonic Order, a member of the Kinmundy Chamber of the Commerce, and a director of the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association, and a member of the American Legion. Both Mr. MAHAN and Mr. MOTCH are hunters and fishermen. Mr. MOTCH holds the belt among, the local quail hunters when it comes to shooting.

- NELMS Brothers, Groceries, Shoes, Notions: The firm of NELMS Brothers was established in Kinmundy on Feb. 28, 1931. Frank E. coming here from Centralia, Ill. and Maurice B. from Everett, Wash. Although a late firm, the NELMS Brothers have been known here all of their lives. Their store is Cash and Carry, the first year dealing exclusively in groceries, later adding shoes, notions and gents furnishings. Since the establishment of this firm, they have never missed a week advertising in this paper. The senior member of the firm, Frank E., was born in Effingham Co., July 29, 1870, coming to Kinmundy that same year. His parents were John T. and Emma WINTERROWD NELMS. He received his education in the Kinmundy Schools, and began his business career as a clerk, first in the store of Myron M. DIEWERT, and later, that of the late John W. WILSON. For 18 years, he was in business for himself, in Kinmundy, carrying general stock - dry goods and groceries. After closing out his store here, he became a traveling salesman for WITWER-TATE, now GOODALE-PUFFER Grocery Co., of Centralia. He travelled for these firms for 18 years, retiring Jan. 1 of this year to devote his time to his business. Mr. NELMS is a lover and music, and nothing pleases him more than to take his guitar, and not only please his friends of the town with his music and songs but roam the county o’er and take part in school and church and social entertainments, where he is always received with great applause. The lure of fish in the spring is more than he can withstand, and the call of the quail and prairie chicken is music to his ears. He is the champion mushroom hunter of the community. He belongs to Modern Woodmen, and to the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce. The Junior member of the firm, Maurice B., was born in Kinmundy Sept. 23, 1883. He received his education in the Kinmundy schools, and like his brother, began his business career as a clerk. His first position was with E.C. BARGH. Later he clerked for his brother, Frank, for John SWANDER, and for C.B. ROHRBOUGH. He embarked in business for himself in Hindsboro, Ill. in 1910, and was in business there for 17 years. Later he and his family moved to Everett, Wash., but after 2 years as a shoe salesman there, they came back to Illinois. Mr. NELMS married Miss Alma LASWELL of Farina, in Dec. 1904. Their 3 children are: Mrs. Armelda CUPPY of Chicago; Mrs. Maurine McLAIN of Everett, Wash.; and Mrs. Pauline MORRIS of Kinmundy. He belongs to the Modern Woodman and to the Chamber of Commerce. He has the same inclinations as his brother when it comes to fishing. With pipe in mouth and pole in hand, he can sit for hours watching for a nibble.

- C.B. ROHRBOUGH, Gents’ Furnishings and Shoes: The name of ROHRBOUGH has long been known in the business world of Kinmundy, even before Charles B. ROHRBOUGH, the business man of today, was born, and always the name has stood for high ideals and honest dealings. Charles B. ROHRBOUGH is a native of Kinmundy, having been born here Sept. 1, 1866. His father, Calendar ROHRBOUGH, a West Virginian by birth, and mother, Anna MOORE ROHRBOUGH, from Carthage, Ill. were refined, cultured people. Mr. ROHRBOUGH is a graduate of Gem City Business College, of Quincy, Ill. with the class of 1888. Before entering into business for himself he clerked in Miss M.A. SONGER’s dry goods store 11 years. In 1901 he went into business for himself, opening a store in the building in which the last State Bank did business, and dealt in shoes and gents furnishings. His business was so lucrative he soon built the commodious building, where he now is, and added dry goods and women’s ready-to-wear garments. Later in an adjoining building, he added groceries. He had by far the largest stock of goods and the most modern equipment ever brought to Kinmundy, at one time carrying a $60,000 stock. At present, Mr. ROHRBOUGH is only handling shoes and gents furnishings, having sold his dry goods and groceries. He has been Republican Committeeman for 20 years; President of the School Board for 12 years, at the time the new building was erected, also the Gym; Building and Loan Director for 26 years and its Vice President for a number of years; member of the Chamber of Commerce; distributor for the Red Cross. He is a Mason of long standing, an A.F. & A.M. and Knight Templar. Mr. ROHRBOUGH and Miss Annie G. WATSON of Fairmont, West Virginia, were married Sept. 5, 1899. Their daughters are Misses Ruth and Virginia.

- SNELLING Motor Company, Chevrolet Cars and Parts: The SNELLING Motor Co. was established Feb. 1, 1925, by George W. SNELLING and his son, Wilford G. SNELLING. The building was first purchased and repaired to be a first class garage. As business progressed, a work room was added. This was necessary because at that time they were selling a good many Chevrolet cars, and needed a large store room. They were distributors and had many agents under them. Then after 4 years, gave up the distributor contract and took out an agents’ contract. And then after a few years, they took on the agency for Crosley Radios, and they have sold a good number of these. In Oct., 1931, the senior member of the firm passed away, leaving the son to carry on. Wilford G., son of George W. and Emma SHADER SNELLING, was born in Kinmundy on Sept. 1, 1889. After spending his youthful days here, he went to Granite City, where he became a steam engineer. But after a few years, he found his health failing, and went to the west, settling in Colorado, where he followed the same trade. He later became chief engineer of the ice plant in Pueblo. Leaving Pueblo, he wandered down to Old Mexico, soon to return to Pueblo and accept a position in a garage. This line of work seemed to appeal to him and he soon became the owner of one of the finest garages in Pueblo. He then came back to Kinmundy to visit his parents and has been here ever since. On Nov. 12, 1931 he married Miss Alta SUTTON of this city. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and a member of the Baptist Church. Yes, he has quite a hobby. He is death on quail and from Nov. 10 to Dec. 10 of each year, you will seldom find him at his place of business. Mr. SNELLING holds the record for being the heaviest man in business, but that is not drawback, because everybody loves a fat man. He is always jolly and you will always find him ready to do his part in the interest of the community.

- A.C. DUNLAP, Plumbing and Sheet Metal Work: The firm of A.C. DUNLAP was established in 1914. He was successor to his father-in-law, L.C. MATTHEWS, who died in 1913. Six years previous, Mr. DUNLAP was in the employ of Mr. MATTHEWS in the grass seed and implement business. They were pioneer buyers of red top seed. It was hauled here by the farmers from miles around. They, in turn, cleaned the seed and shipped it to market. Upon Mr. DUNLAP taking over the business, he discontinued the implement line and devoted his entire time to the seed business. During the dull months, he would repair stoves and do some plumbing and tin work. In 1924 and 1925, seed buyers sprung up everywhere, so it seemed which lessened the volume of business. And so in 1926, the seed business was discontinued, and he devoted his entire time to the repairing of stoves, plumbing and tin work. Albert C., son of Albert C. and Elizabeth CLAYTOR DUNLAP, was born March 18, 1884, at Savoy, Ill. On Oct. 21, 1906, he married Miss Hulda E. MATTHEWS of Kinmundy. They have 1 child, Albert Carl. Prior to his coming to Kinmundy, he worked as a mechanic in the Southern Illinois Railroad Shops in Houston, Texas, and prior to this, he was employed 10 years in the I.C. Shops in Champaign. For the past 9 years, he has been our local police magistrate. Prior to this he served on the City Council. Ever since we can remember he has been chief of the local fire department. His hobby is making over of antique furniture of which he has a fine collection.

- F.A. PRUETT and Sons, General Produce: The firm of F.A. PRUETT was founded in 1892 by the late Francis Asbury PRUETT. The business at this time consisted chiefly of buying eggs, poultry and fruit from the farmers and in turn, shipping the produce to the Chicago market via express. In the year 1902, Mr. PRUETT took his son, Charles, in as a partner, changing the firm name to F.A. PRUETT & Son. They began buying produce in larger quantities and shipping in carload lots, not only to the Chicago market, but to the New York and other eastern markets as well. They also made express shipments to these markets. In 1907, another son, Walter, was added to the firm and the firm name again changed to F.A. PRUETT & Sons. With a new member in the firm, there was room for expansion and so branch houses were established at Vernon, Farina, Tamaroa and Herrick. In later years, the houses at Herrick and Farina have been abolished and new branches set up at Centralia and Carlyle. Their specialty for the past several years has been eggs. Their business has gradually been worked up to such an extent that they are no longer forced to sell on the open market, but have customers in the east. Their peak season was in 1929 when they handled 300 carloads of eggs. This meant a turnover of more than 1 million dollars. They now have their own leased refrigerator cars with the firm name adorning the sides. Mr. F.A. PRUETT died in 1917 leaving Charles and Walter to carry on the business. In late years the jobbing of flour, feed, sugar, salt, potatoes and many other articles have been added. With the coming of the hard road, many trucks have been added to their equipment. These 2 boys, Charles Fuqua and Walter Simpson, sons of Frank Asbury and Sally FUQUA PRUETT, were born in Kinmundy Dec. 31, 1878 and Nov. 23, 1883, respectively. Both grew to manhood here and graduated from the local high school. Charles graduated from the Southern Illinois Normal University in 1899. He taught school 1 term and then went to Chicago, where he was employed by a Commission firm on South Water Street. 2 years later, his father became ill and sent for him to come home to conduct the business and he has remained here ever since. On Nov. 6, 1902, he married Miss Estella M. DOOLEN of Kinmundy. They have 4 children: Francis, Dorothy, Charles and Frederic. Charles is a member of the Masonic and Eastern Star, the M.E. Church, and is president of the Board of Trustees, and for the past 16 years been superintendent of the Sunday School; a past president of the Illinois Poultry and Egg Association; President of the First National Bank of Kinmundy; President of the Building and Loan Assoc.; and past president of the Chamber of Commerce. Walter graduated from a business school in Dixon, Ill, and immediately went into business with his father and brother. On Sept. 28, 1910, he married Miss Bertha W. STEUBER of Kinmundy, and they have 3 children: Walter B., Carl E., and Helen M. Walter is a member of the Masonic and Eastern Star; the M.E. Church and at present a member of the Board of Trustees; the Illinois Poultry and Egg Association; a member of the Board of Directors of both the First National Bank and the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association; is at present President of the Board of Education; and past president of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce.

- GRISSOM’s Hardware, Everything in Hardware: GRISSOM’s Hardware Store was established by Mr. Ellis WOLFE several years ago. In 1918 he sold it to Mr. H.P. BRICKWOOD, who came here from Wisconsin. Mr. BRICKWOOD sold it in 1920 to Mr. J.S. EVANS, who hailed from Mt. Vernon, Ind. Mr. EVANS sold it in 1921 to Mr. F.O. GRISSOM. Since Mr. GRISSOM came into ownership of it, he has built up the stock and added many lines until now Kinmundy can boast 1 of the best hardware stores in Southern Illinois. Fred O., son of John W. and Maria J. PARRILL GRISSOM, was born in Meacham twp., March 9, 1876. On Jan. 19, 1899 he married Miss Jennie A. BASCOM of Farina. He came to Kinmundy from Farina on Aug. 23, 1898 where he purchased The Kinmundy Express. He owned the publication for 18 years. He was appointed postmaster in 1914 and served in that capacity for 9 years. After leaving the post office, he traveled around in many states looking for another newspaper, but finally decided to go into the hardware business here. Fred has been very faithful to the Democratic party and he has again been recompensed by being appointed post master. This occurred on Aug. 23, 1933, the anniversary of his coming to Kinmundy. He is an active member of the Kinmundy Chamber of Commerce. Fred is a very congenial fellow. His store remains open every evening, not so much from a business standpoint, but more as a meeting place for his friends. In this store, many a political battle is fourth, many a poor quail is killed, or an innocent bass is hooked and gets away, wild goose stories are told, family trees are discussed, the history of our town repeated, and many a yarn is spun. Mr. GRISSOM has always advocated the slogan, "Trade at home. Spend your money where you make it."

- E.C. BARGH, The Drug Store of Service: The firm of E.C. BARGH, Druggist, started under the single proprietorship of Edwin C. BARGH in 1895. Previous to that, in 1893, Mr. BARGH and Mr. Frank BAKER bought out the HOLLISTER Pharmacy and continued in partnership for about 2 years to 1895. Edwin C. BARGH was born in Leeds, England, on Feb. 7, 1859, the son of Joseph BARGH and Elizabeth HAIGH BARGH. When he was about 18 months old, he was brought to this country by his parents. The family landed at New Orleans, and from thence proceeded to Albion, Ill., where they located for about 1 year. Then Joseph BARGH enlisted in the service of his country, and served in several rigorous campaigns, including the Battle of Shiloh. After the war, the family moved over a period of years to the following places in Indiana: Friendsville, Bridgeport, Vincennes, Busseron, and Oaktown. In 1876, the family moved to Kinmundy, Ill., and E.C. BARGH completed the high school education which he had started in Oaktown, Ind. While in high school here, he clerked nights and mornings for Mrs. HOLLISTER in her drug store. After completion of high school, he attended the University of Illinois for 1 year, and obtained his Pharmacist’s certificate. He then was employed in a Drug Store in Geneva for 1 year, after which, he returned to Kinmundy, and took charge of the Drug Store for Mrs. HOLLISTER. He continued in that capacity until he went into business for himself. For awhile his store was located in the former Oddfellow Building, now burned down, but he has been in his present location since about 1896. Mr. BARGH married Miss Nellie HOLBROOK of Mason on Aug. 5, 1891, and they have 2 children: George H. BARGH, and Mrs. Vera Gertrude DAVIDSON, wife of Dr. S.M. DAVIDSON of Chicago. He is a member of the Christian Church and the Chamber of Commerce.

- Dr. Hugo MILLER, Physician and Surgeon: Dr. Hugo MILLER came to Kinmundy in 1898, where he set up an office, and has been with us ever since. He was the son of Jacob and Caroline HERTZ MILLER. He was born in St. Louis, and his father was born in Switzerland. Dr. MILLER was a graduate of Beaumont Hospital Medical College (since merged with St. Louis University) in 1894. After his graduation, he practiced medicine in New Florence, Mo. for 4 years, and then came to Kinmundy. Think of it, 35 years in business in 1 place. But on the other hand, we do not marvel at this fact when we stop to think of the faith our people have had in him, and the faith he has had in the people. Since his coming to Kinmundy, he has helped more than 1,200 babies into this world. Dr. MILLER has endured many a hardship of which the public knows little about, and for which much credit is due him. Many of the time he has braved zero weather; rain, snow, and muddy roads in our country, trips that would take him all day or all night to make, doing without meals and his rest, in order to administer to the sick and the suffering. And on many occasions, he did not received any pay for it. But that did not make any difference to him, he went when he was called pay or no pay. No matter if he was called in the middle of the night, he went. We remember very distinctively, on one of these occasions in the middle of the night and the roads were bad, the front wheels pulled out from under the buggy, the doctor striking his forehead on the dash board. As a result, he lay in the hospital for several days, with blood poisoning, wavering between life and death. For several years, he was a member of the board of directors of the First National Bank and is now, and has been for several years, a director of the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association.

- J.H. JACKSON, Groceries: Groceries, although you will not find them in a large store, but in this store you will find a complete stock. He established this store Jan. 1, 1925, and has enjoyed good business since. He also operates 2 farms besides conducting his business. Mr. JACKSON entered the grocery and meat business in 1908 and after a few years, was out again, but again entered into the game in 1919, selling out again after 2 years. J. Henry, son of William and Lydia PHILLIPS JACKSON, was born in Marion Co. On Dec. 18, 1879, he married Miss Martha A. MATTHEWS of near Centralia, who died Oct. 13, 1913. In 1924 he was married to Mrs. Victoria BAILEY. He has 4 children: Pearl M., Oran B., Andrew J., and Emery; also 4 step-children: Cora HECKLEBECK, Grover, Bert, and Bernie BAILEY. Mr. JACKSON has farmed, been in business, bought stock, and run a sawmill. He has always been a live wire and very jovial, which keeps him from growing old. He is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church and a member of the I.O.O.F. Lodge, and has always been active in Democratic circles; served our township for 10 years as assessor and 6 years as town clerk. Mr. JACKSON has always had a likening for beef cattle and hogs and you will always find him with some on hand.

- The First National Bank, Kinmundy, Ill.: Organized in Feb. 19, 1902. The first Board of Directors were: Calendar ROHRBOUGH, Richard P. McBRYDE, Michael B. BAKER, William H. WHITE, John W. VICKERY, Jacob NELSON, Alexander MILLICAN, B.W. BLAKESLEE, John J. BROWN. The first Officers and Clerical Forces: Calendar ROHRBOUGH, President; John W. VICKERY, Vice President; R.P. McBRYDE, Cashier; L.C. ROHRBOUGH, Bookkeeper. Calender ROHRBOUGH, served as President for 5 years, and was assisted by J.W. VICKERY as Vice President, who was succeeded by W.H. WHITE. Calendar ROHRBOUGH, President, was succeeded by F.A. PRUETT, and assisted by Hugo MILLER as Vice President. F.A. PRUETT, President, was succeeded by A.W. SONGER, and assisted by Wm. MORRIS as Vice President. A.W. SONGER, President was succeeded by Jacob NELSON and assisted by first Vice President, William MORRIS, and W.H. GRAY, second Vice President. Wm. MORRIS first Vice President was succeeded by Chas. F. PRUETT and W.H. GRAY, by R.C. ROBB as second Vice President. Jacob NELSON, President, was succeeded by Chas. F. PRUETT, and succeeded by Jacob NELSON, first Vice President, and R.C. ROBB, second Vice President; Jacob NELSON, first Vice President was succeeded by R.C. ROBB, and R.C. ROBB, second Vice President was succeeded by W.W. LOWE, who fill their respective chairs at the present time. R.P. McBRYDE served in the capacity as Cashier since the organization of the Bank until 1931, and was succeeded by C.R. ALDERSON, who has served to the present date. Men, who have served on the Board of Directors and their respective period of time:

CalendarROHRBOUGH (1902-06)

R.P. McBRYDE (1902-21)

J.W. VICKERY (1902-06)

B.W. BLAKESLEE (1902-07)

Jacob NELSON (1902-24)

John J. BROWN (1902-05)

Wm. H. WHITE (1902-04)

Alexander MILLICAN (1902-04)

M.B. BAKER (1902-04)

W.T. WILKINSON (1904-05)

W.H. WHITE (1905-06)

Hugo MILLER (1905-07)

F.A. PRUETT (1905-17)

L.M. KAGY (1905-07)

Benjamin GARRETT (1905-07)

A.W. SONGER (1907-19)

August BERCHELT (1907 - )

J.F. HOWELL (1907-17)

Wm. MORRIS (1907-24)

Benjamin GARRETT (1910-17)

W.H. GRAY (1910-11)

Ben M. SMITH (1913-14)

C.M. SWIFT (1913-19)

W.H. GRAY (1918-21)

J.D. CAMERER (1918-21)

C.F. PRUETT (1918- )

W.W. LOWE (1919- )

W.S. PRUETT (1919- )

Hugo MILLER (1921-31)

R.C. ROBB (1921- )

J.T. ARNOLD (1921-31)

W.T. WILKINSON (1925- )

C.R. ALDERSON (1925- )

J.H. NELMS (1931- )

O.K. MILLER (1931- )

H.E. MINER (1932- )

W.R. JACK (1932- )

Clerical Force and their Respective Period of Service:

R.W. WALTERS, Bookkeeper from Dec. 21, 1904-1910.

Nellie SCHERMERHORN, Assistant Bookkeeper from Jan. 1907 to 1909.

L.J. LACEY, Assistant Bookkeeper from 1909-1910.

L.E. GREEN, Assistant Bookkeeper and Assistant Cashier from 1910-1912.

Herman SCHNEIDER, Assistant Bookkeeper from 1911-1913.

C.R. ALDERSON, Assistant Bookkeeper, Assistant Cashier, and Cashier from 1912 to present.

W.F. HOWELL, Assistant Bookkeeper from 1913-1917.

F.E. JONES, Assistant Bookkeeper from 1917-1921.

W.E. MORRIS, Assistant Cashier from 1921 to 1925.

F.A. ROGERS, Bookkeeper from 1921 to 1932.

A.H. MILLER, Bookkeeper from 1925 to present.

F.E. JONES, Bookkeeper from 1932 to present.

Aug. 1906, the Hammond State Bank was consolidated with the First National Bank of Kinmundy. On March 7, 1931, the deposit liability of the State Bank of Kinmundy, was assumed by the First National Bank, Kinmundy.

Board of Directors now serving: Chas. F. PRUETT, R.C. ROBB, W.W. LOWE, August BORCHELT, W.S. PRUETT, John H. NELMS, W.T. WILKINSON, O.K. MILLER, H.E. MINER, W.R. JACK, C.R. ALDERSON.

Officers: Chas F. PRUETT - President; R.C. ROBB - 1st Vice President; W.W. LOWE - 2nd Vice President; C.R. ALDERSON - Cashier.

Clerical: A.H. MILLER - Bookkeeper; F.E. JONES - Bookkeeper.

- J.H. NELMS, Furniture and Undertaking: Mr. NELMS came to Kinmundy from Xenia in 1870. He was born June 3, 1868 in Effingham county, the son of John C. and Emma WINTERROWD NELMS. He began his early business career as a clerk, working in the business establishments of S.C. SMITH, Thomas BAGOTT, J. W. WILSON, and Myron DEIWERT. Being ambitious to strike out for himself and launch a business of his own, he opened on Jan. 10, 1898, a second hand furniture store. Little by little he began adding to his stock new pieces of furniture, until he had a full store of fine furniture and rugs. July 1, 1903, Mr. NELMS opened and undertaking department to his store. This is a business calling for sympathy and understanding, also a business where the remuneration is not always forthcoming, but the dead must be buried in a gentle and sympathetic way. Up to this time, he has conducted 916 funerals. Mr. NELMS is a member of the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star, and Woodman. He is a director of the First National Bank, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He married Miss Jessie HEATON on Aug. 19, 1888, who died Jan. 21, 1907. On July 17, 1911 he married Mrs. Allie PORTER DENNIS. His children are: Lois NELMS ROBB, Emmett, and Martha NELMS CRAIG; his step-children are Harry DENNIS, Hazel DENNIS SIEMER, and Hallie DENNIS COMBS. Mr. NELMS is a man of more than 1 hobby. See him get that far-away look in his eyes when he is drawing the bow over his violin, and you know he is a lover of music; see him sitting on his lawn watching the birds going in and out of the houses he has made for them. He is becoming famous for his bird houses as they are scattered all over town. He has given cash prizes to school children in bird house contests. Add flowers to his hobbies, and his grandchildren.



The first issue consisted of 12 pages and contained 17 columns of advertising. In it we find the marriage of Mollie REEDER to Sid SMITH; the wooden wedding of G.W. GILMORE and wife of this city, and Noah WARNER and wife of Alma; the public sale of R.F. POPE; the appointment of G. FENSTER as marshal by Mayor DONOVAN, and a strong plea for a coal mine in Kinmundy.

November: The death of Wm. SIMPSON; vote on proposition to move the courthouse from Salem to Odin, 2 to 1 against it; E. HERRICK and B. BLAKESLEE visit Salem to work up a telephone; E. MENDENHALL returns from Cincinnati to engage in the nursery business; the burning of D.P. SNELLING’s house on third street; Editorials advocating coal mine and Building & Loan Association.

December: C. ROHRBOUGH took charge of the mill; G. HARLAN sold to S. McHATTON house on Monroe Street for $300; Professor CHILCOAT resigned as Superintendent of Schools, Professor WARNER takes his place; Dr. FORSHEE was treating 2 cases of small pox in Fayette County; marriage of Ben GEE to Matilda WAUGH.


January: W.W. NEIL qualifies as collector; death of J.P. KENNEDY.

February: Unprecedented revival at the M.E. Church, many conversions.

March: Birth of Tom HAYMOND; Wm. LESEMAN buys the 160 acre farm of D.C. WHISNANT for $4000; marriage of E.G. MENDENHALL to Alice BOGERT; Early MARSHALL to Rose ORGAN; W.A. SHRIVER’s house struck by lightening; Dan STEVENS found dead in bed in Alma twp.; death of little Grace CONANT; marriage of Bell WARNER to Cyrus ROSE; death of Scott FISH; FENSTER resigns as marshal and George BEAVER is appointed; marriage of Chas. SEE to Alice GRAMLEY.

April: Stock Law adopted; Salem creamery started; great riot in Cincinnati, over 200 killed; J.P. STEEN comes from Alabama and decides to locate (he is now county treasurer); J.B. LEWIS, of Patoka Enterprise, visits Kinmundy seeking the nomination for Circuit Clerk; The Kinmundy Register is revived (but soon expires.)

May: Stella JONES and Leila JENKINS killed by cyclone at Jamestown, Ohio brought here for burial; Thos. KILLIE loses $1600 in cash by fire at Farina; marriage of Zard FROST to Anna WHITE; Considerable talk about a new railroad; death of Ella BUTLER.

June: J.B. GARNER returned from Patoka opening a shop opposite the bank; Advertisers blowing about 14 lbs. of brown sugar for $1.

July: Death of L.L. HOLLISTER; account of grand celebration; thanks for a mess of roasting ears; A.M. YOUNG declines the Republican nomination for Circuit Clerk; first oats marketed by Wm. MORRIS.

August: Tin wedding of Wm. CHAPMAN and wife; death of Chalmer SWENEY; a 12 lb. boy at Thos. HARGRAVE’s.

September: Sale of livery stable, H. SIMPSON to T. SMITH; death of E.A. RAY; death of Alice BEAVER; James HARLAN left for St. Lawrence, Dakota, L.D. CLINENPEEL for Kansas; death of Chas. WEST of Cincinnati; Padoga put up in public square; marriage of Addie COLEMAN to Chas. MELROSE; firm of SONGER and SMITH dissolved; first campfire of Marion County Soldiers’ Association; SMITH & DEIWERT bought grocery of George ELDER; marriage of Betty BROWN to W. TULLEY, Mrs. JACKSON to Rev. HALEY; marriage of Theo. GARRETT to Icy DOOLEN; death of Nancy PORTER; Frank CHALFANT killed by the cars; death of Nellie DISS and O.H. HAYWOOD; boy at S.J. ALLEN’s; H. SIMPSON sells residence to his mother for $800 and leaves for Kansas.

November: Wedding of Homer STEVENSON and Clara HUMPREY; election of Grover CLEVELAND; and the end of Volume one.

November: Wedding of Sumner DILLON to Nellie SNELLING, Frank KAGY to Della COCKRELL; barns of Ben DOOLEN and Mack ROBB destroyed by fire; marriage of Seph BARBEE to Kate ALDERSON, and Chas. METZGER to Lucy STOCK; Henry RAY to Mecia POTTICARY; residence of E. HAMMER destroyed by fire.


January: Wedding of Noah ROBNETT to Lillie CHALFANT; A. HUMPHREY to Fodie EAGAN; death of Scott ABBOTT.

February: Coal mine meeting; J.C. HAWORTH, chairman, Express Scribe Secretary; Charles DENNIS, of Effingham locates here; a son at the home of Chas. NEAVILL; Coal company organized, capital $12,000; Prof. WARNER resigned as principal of school, and F.A. PRUETT is appointed; marriage of James FISH to Annie HUMPHREY; death of Susan PRUETT, aged 66.

March: C. RYAN sowing oats.

April: Death of George ABBOTT, age 31; death of Dudley MAXON in a railroad accident; suicide of James ARNOLD of Foster twp.; City election returns, and Mr. DONOVAN downs the scribe in a friendly tussel for mayor; contract for sinking the coal shaft let to Zard FROST; marriage of Robt. ROBB and Hannah SWIFT.

May: Death of J.B. REYNOLDS, aged 51; death of J.B. KING, aged 64; marriage of P.A. SHRIVER to Ada KNISELEY, Ed CALDWELL to Ella SWENEY.

June: ROHRBOUGH’s mill destroyed by fire; terrible cyclone south of town; a slight earthquake.

July: Wedding of George RAY to E.B. VANARNUM; death of General GRANT.

August: Death of Dan LOVELL, aged 45; Tom WILLIAMS appointed postmaster, vice J.E. DONOVAN.

September: Death of Mrs. Mary ANGLIN, aged 73; birth of Grant MELROSE at Grayville; marriage of A. WEARIN to Mary ROBB, Chas. NEIL to Nannie SHRIVER, George McCLURE to Lizzie PARRILL.

October: Organization of the Kinmundy Fair Association; marriage of Myron DEIWERT to Mattie SIMPSON, John GAHAN to Annie HOLLISTER; C. ROHRBOUGH locates at Larned, Kan.; Owen GEORGE to Dovey Gray; Oscar CHANCE to Margaret HOLT; Chas. WEST buys Hereford Park of his father for $12,000.

November: Wedding of Gray WILLIAMS to Maggie HANNA; marriage of Charles DENNIS to Allie PORTER, and the end of volume two.

November: Wedding of Stella FORSHEE to Chas. GAMMON in Texas; death of A.C. REYNOLDS and Thos. A. HENDRICKS.

December: Sale by John ROTAN of the half section of farm of HOYT to ELSWORTH, who goes to Chicago; marriage of R.P. McBRYDE to Mary FOX.


January: Will JONES to Lizzie MORRIS; death of Will NEEPER, aged 45; Sarah YOUNG, aged 85; the Express is to be sued for $50,000 but compromises on a five line local.

February: Meeting of Royal Templars Grand Council in Kinmundy; engine house at coal mine destroyed by fire; Mollie REYNOLDS to William HYATT.

March: Wm. GERARD to Lillie READNOUR; Alex MILLICAN to Mattie HART; the diamond drill strikes coal.

April: Charles HERRICK to Allie EAGAN; 58 against license in the city election.

May: Death of Captain SPROUSE; Fred KOETCHEAU found dead in bed; marriage of vernal PREWETT to Emma BROWN; birth of Gail SMITH.

June: Coal is reached and there is great rejoicing; Earl CROSSETT to Annie CAWREY.

July: Birth of Ruby LAWSON; death of James MAHAN.

August: Death of Mrs. Lou DAVIS, aged 26, Samuel J. TILDEN.

September: Marion FISER to Lizzie CRAIG; death of Mrs. Andrew NEEPER, aged 50; married of Seth FOSTER to Annie FENSTER; death of William LAWWILL, aged 54; John LENHART, Sr., aged 81; marriage of Isaac SHARP to Ida VanARNUM; Harry WILSON and George WEST, two 12-year olds, decamp for Colorado, but were captured at Alma; death of Mrs. Joshua DAVIS, aged 66.

October: Annual conference of the M.E. Church, south; death of John A. HUMPREY, aged 59; the marriage of Dan GUNN to Lutie BAKER.

November: Death of Philander CURTIS; marriage of Lee BARBEE to Eva GARNER; Mattie ALLEN to G. DEMOREST.

December: Death of Mrs. BUDLONG; birth of Laura CAMERER; death of Athanine EAGAN, aged 73, and John A. LOGAN; marriage of Mabel HOLLISTER to John MOYER.


January: Four below zero; death of Jane SWENEY, aged 81; John BOUGHERS, aged 54 and Nobel CRAIG, 31; the town is written in rhyme by The Express; Grant POOL killed by John PHELPS in Alma.

February: Wedding of Frank REEDER to Jennie MAHON; death of Bridget RABBIT, aged 65; David KAGY, aged 55; Wils WHITE found dead in his field near Alma, aged 62; Isaac GEORGE to Mahala COLE; Frank EAGAN to Sarah JACKSON; lots of Building & Loan talk.

March: Residence of Bob ROBB destroyed by fire; marriage of Will INGRAM to Nora GRAY; death of Hattie GRAY, aged 28; Austin HANKS killed in Meacham twp. by Charles ROBERTS; death of W.L. PHILLIPS; the Express is edited by John DONOVAN while Lawson is in Kansas.

April: Snow a foot deep; death of Eliza HEATON, 79; marriage of Percy BALKE to Laura SAPP; death of Sarah PRUETT, aged 39.

May: Death of P.K. JOHNSON of Salem; John PATHEL to Gussie BROWN; death of Mrs. BOOS.

June: Frank STEVENSON killed by lightening near Salem; Will DILLON killed by the cars.

July: Death of Belle SMITH, aged 27; death of John GUNN, aged 45; death of Mrs. LEONARD, aged 63; Dr. FORSHEE has his collarbone broken by being thrown from his buggy; GILLMORE engages in the boot and shoe business.

August: A meeting is held in The Express office and steps taken to organize the Kinmundy Building and Loan Association; BLAKESLEE’s recently purchased Commercial House struck by lightening; Silver wedding of Thomas NEAVILL and wife, Meacham.

September: Death of Joe GLAZEBROOK, aged 54; W.D. REYNOLDS to Nellie TYNER; James ARNOLD to Emma HOLT.

October: Marriage of Levi ROHRBOUGH to Sallie KING; Gustin EAGAN to Jennie DAMEY.

November: Ed SWENEY to Mina CALDWELL; 45th anniversary of the marriage of Uncle Jack JONES; death of Mrs. John DOOLEN, aged 38.

December: Sale of Rosedale farm by HACKER to ROGERS Foundry, $12,000; ALLEN Bros. bought CHALFANTIS shop; Golden wedding to John CUNNINGHAM and wife, Salem.


January: The cash system adopted by The Express and reduced to $1 a year; 20th anniversary of TYNER and wife, and 55th anniversary of Major TYNER and wife; wedding of Ed GRAY and Mary FENSTER; J.E. CRAIG to Emma BAIR; a daughter at the home of Charles NEIL; death of Samuel JONES, aged 49; residence of James ROGERS destroyed by fire in Meacham; death of Fred WETTER.

February: Death of Fred BALKE; marriage of Kate ELDER to Walter LARKIN; china wedding of Abraham and Margaret SONGER; Kinmundy 20 years hence; Mt. Vernon cyclone.

March: Birth of Lincoln REEDER; death of Lillie BROWN and Sallie MILLER; Moses SWIFT to Lizzie GREEN; death of William WALKINGTON, aged 60; murder of Alfred KRUTSINGER.

April: John MOORE to Sadie SCHERMERHORN; death of Samuel FUQUA, aged 73.

May: CHAPMAN promoted to Tuscola.

June: Lou DAVIS to Josie RICHARDSON; Hick’s Circle is organized.

July: Residence of Kate FROST destroyed by fire.

August: Death of Frank SMITH, aged 27 years, also Edith POPE COOLEY; 30th anniversary of the marriage of Frank HOWELL and wife; Douglas WILLIAMS to Nellie EAGAN; C.H. DeFORD to Fannie INGRAM; death of Johnnie WHITAKER.

September: Grand success of the Kinmundy Fair and Old Settlers Reunion.

October: Wedding of Emma SHRIVER to Doctor EBNOTHER.

November: Election of HARRISON and MORTON; residence of Doctor DENNIS destroyed by fire; safe in SONGER’s mill robbed; 4 year old daughter of Alex STOCK burned to death; death of Eliza SMITH, aged 81; sale of 280 acres in Meacham by J.B. McBRYDE to his son, Joseph, for $6,000.

December: Marriage of Marvin CHANDLER to Alice ARNOLD; James PERRY to Izora BAIR; death of Martha ROBB, aged 83.


January: Twin daughters born to Sam and Ida McCLOUD; death of little James WILSON, aged 3 years.

February: John BRENNON leg crushed on train; Will REYNOLDS kindled the fire with gasoline and went to bed for a month; Constable George BEAVER thrown from his horse; death of Nancy REYNOLDS, aged 69; death of James COLEMAN, aged 30.

March: The palatial residence of James GARY destroyed by fire; Postmaster WILLIAMS gently choked preacher BELL; death of Hon. R.W. TOWNSHEND.

April: Marriage of William WILEY to Emma SIMMONS; deaths of Mrs. CORBIN and Mrs. STEEN; Richard F. LAWSON appointed post master; death of Elizabeth DOOLEN, aged 71; twin boys born to Charles NEAVILL and wife.

May: Death of uncle Hiram WILLIAMS, aged 70; death of Justus FRENCH, aged 75.

June: Birth of Charley LARKIN; marriage of Will LOVELL to Linnie CAWREY; Mary MARLOW killed by lightening near Omega.

July: Death of James STEWART, aged 48; death of Malinda SPROUSE, aged 61.

August: Modern Woodmen established in Kinmundy; Will FISH and wife are hurt in railroad accident, near Streator.

September: Death of James ROGERS of Meacham; death of Catherine WETTER, aged 67; another grand success of the Kinmundy Fair; Myroa DEIWERT sells the Corner Grocery to CHAPMAN.

October: Death of W.C. REEDER; Grace HEATON to F.A. TOWNSEND.

November: Death of Colin MURCHINSON; double wedding of Noble and Clement NEEPER to Polly and Maggie CONANT; several burglaries about town; death of Edward SMITH, aged 21; death of Sarah SPYKER, aged 71; Martin GRAMLEY to Maggie HUMPHREY.

December: Death of Jeff DAVIS; Adam WESTFALL, aged 93; Doctor CAMERER buys SHELTON’s Grove; Dan GUNN buys the MOORE residence for $1,060.


January: A very mild Christmas; marriage of Hugh MEEKS to Kate BEAVER; Mrs. Lou GLAZEBROOK to Doctor HENKLE; robbery of Mrs. Giles SONGER by tramp, and capture of the thieves; collision near the coal mine; a heavy sleet cyclone in northern Illinois; everybody has LaGrippe; Moses WAINSCOTT to Lucy MORRIS; death of Samuel TELFORD, aged 60; George MARTIN to Sarah FOSTER; Lincoln REEDER is rescued from the cistern by his pa.

February: Delbert EAGAN to Alice WILSON; Steve WILSON to Annie BLACKBURN; 50th anniversary of John GUNN and wife; George JONES killed in the Odin coal mine; David SNAVELY of Omega; blew out the gas at Springfield and was brought home for burial; great bank robbery in Salem; death of C.C. FORD; death of Lizzie JONES, aged 18; death of Edward PURSELL, aged 53.

March: The Express buys the double brick building in which it is now located, of Catherine MOORE for $2,250; A.M. YOUNG buys the REEDER stock of goods of J.C. HAWORTH 6th anniversary of E.G. MENDENHALL and wife; death of Denton GRAY, aged 59; Stephen SANDHOFER, aged 80; William WOOTEN to Ella CLAY; Olney was swept by Cyclone.

April: RYAN’s Livery stable owned by Mike BRENNER destroyed by fire; Archie BREWER to Lizzie SMITH; golden wedding of Uncle Billy and Aunt Katy GRAY; marriage of F.A. PRUETT to Anna WHITAKER; death of D.T. MOORE, aged 38; marriage of Roy GREEN to Hattie ROBB.

May: Ben McFARLAND moves his family to Flora, George WHITBECK to Effingham; romantic marriage of Ed HETALEY to Kate BEAVER; death of Joseph CRAIG, aged 71; residence of William ORGAN destroyed by fire; marriage of Maggie CRAIG to C.P. CLINE and Helen CRAIG to William WILSON; death from paralysis of Captain Geo. BIDDULPH at Aurora; Will BUTLER to Abbie TUCKER.

June: Marriage of Etta SEE to Will CROOKER in Alma; marriage of Lizzie SIMPSON to Charles PARRILL; government street letter box established in Kinmundy; an attempt to assassinate Doctor MATTHEWS at Mason; organization of the Southern Illinois Immigration Association; big strike on Illinois Central; Will JONES runs his hand through a self binder; marriage of Ida PHILLIPS to Will WHEAT.

July: Steam heat fruit evaporator is established by Ed MENDENHALL; MOTCH and NEIL engage in the hay business; overground works of the Kinmundy coal mine destroyed by fire; the first trip of the Illinois Central fast mail; marriage of Jennie SMITH to Doctor McDONALD at Hammond, La.; William GRUBER killed by lightening; and Ben CRAIG loses a lot of stock the same way. SONGER mills put in new rolls.

August: Birth of Hazel BALKE; the great Farina fire; death of Captain TRUNKEY; a son is born to Lou DAVIS and wife; death of little Hugh WILSON; death of Caroline GUNN, aged 70.

September: Wedding of Charlie DOOLEN to Della ROBB; Will EAGAN to Lizzie WILSON; funeral of Archie BREWER; marriage of Frankie SEE to Doctor HOLSON; china wedding of Ras JONES and wife; Lizzie VALLOW to Will BATES; marriage of Mollie HAWORTH TO Robert MURRY.

October: J.M. WYCKOFF locates in Kinmundy; Grace GUNN to Egbert ROBINSON; Henry Jefferson ALLEN to Mary WAINSCOTT; death of L.B. FRENCH, aged 78; Richard DARDEN to Minnie LOWE; marriage of Mary ELDER to Harry MANUEL; J.N. EMBSER accidentally puts a bullet through his hand; Harry PERRY killed in a railroad wreck; a turkey goes through NEIL’s plate glass window.

November: James COCKRELL is elected to the legislature; Roscoe KLINE to Fannie HARRELL; Suicide of Annie JONES; death of Arthur SHILLING, in Kansas.

December: Quite a row between Kinmundy and Farina; death of Charles WETTER, aged 71, and Absalom PARRILL, aged 54.


January: Wedding of Geo. MORGAN to Louise MERBOTH; Vard COCKRELL to Della KNISELEY; gold medal won by Lotta NEIL; death of John NELMS, aged 53 years; wedding of Ellis WOLFE to Dudie NELMS; George BARBEE to Emma BALWIN; death of Wesley BLURTON, aged 41.

February: Sallie DARDEN to O. DORSEY; Chas. DISS to Etta HANNA; Charles NEIL forfeits his moustache for kindling a fire with coal oil; SWENEY and CALWELL buy the Corner Grocery of CHAPMAN; death of Robert ARMSTRONG, aged 80; death of Louise WOOTEN, aged 66; J.W. TULL & Son buy hardware and harness business of J.C. HAWORTH; Joe McBRYDE hurt by boiler explosion; death of the wife of Colin MURCHISON; the firm of WILSON & DAVIS is announced; death of the aged wife and young son of James K. CRAIG.

March: Death of Al TOMLINSON of Alma, aged 56; John WILSON buys the opera block for $3,500; Jonathan WALLS comes to establish a brick yard in Kinmundy; a daughter is born to John PATHAEL and wife; the election of PALMER to the Senate.

April: Charles HERRICK is killed by the cars; a small cyclone unroofs John LENHART’s barn; death of the wife of J.L. McHATTON, aged 39; John METZGER to Lillie KRUTSINGER; Dan GUNN elected mayor, 26 against the license; John WILSON is elected Supervisor for the third time.

May: Wedding of Lulu BLAKESLEE to Harry FINKE; death of Sarelda BRADLEY, aged 64; death of Grandma SWIFT, aged 95; John G. HANSON killed by falling timbers at Watervalley, Miss.; Chester STEVENS killed by cars at Tonti; a son announced at the home of Charles PARRILL and wife in Evanston; train wrecked at Odin and Pat QUIRK killed.

June: 13th anniversary of Kinmundy Lodge 1091, Knights of Honor, big time; George SPIESE to Sallie POOL; death of Anderson McGEE, aged 63; wedding of Thomas WADE to Gertrude DILLON.

July: Death of William FISH, aged 48; marriage of John STEEN to Johanna EAGAN; full account of our grand annual celebration; Steam Heat evaporator double their capacity; death of Oscar RUSH by accident; PRUETT’s fruit evaporator begins business; birth of Gene Stoker LAWSON; Mrs. DOOLEN burned to death in Texas; death of little Ruby ROBNETT; death of Eugene NELMS; death of Elizabeth WEST, aged 72, also that of Simon VanARNUM.

August: The marriage of Ed BARGH to Nellie HOLBROOK; birth of fifth son to Charles and Alice FRENCH; death of John H. ROSE, aged 53.

September: Death of Cynthia SMITH, aged 80; Mayflower Chapter Order Eastern Star organized in Kinmundy; death of Simon COCKRELL, aged 43; store of Wilson & DAVIS burglarized; W.H. MAHAN to Celia BEHR; Luther DAVIS to Margaret MORRIS; death of Fred HARLAN, aged 17.

October: The worst earthquake ever felt in this section; Linie MARLOW to Hallie SCHOOLEY; a son born to Charley and Nannie NEIL; Jerome EMBSER to Jessie SPIESE; death of Edith BASS, aged 26; Edward FENDER to Mary CLAY; death of Asenath STOKLEY, aged 86.

November: The marriage of Charles GRIFFIN to Gertie EMERY; death of Lester WHITE at Alma; Josie ROCKWELL; Ed DOOLEN to Myrtle HEADLEY; Jennie WILLIAMS to Chas. SULLENS; death of Rev. M.R. JONES.

December: Marriage of Sarah GLAZEBROOK to John MOTT; a daughter is born to Charles and Allie DENNIS, and a son to Levi and Sallie ROHRBOUGH; death of Martha HEISTAND, aged 38.


January: Wedding of Edward COCKRELL to Edith DECKEY; death of Uncle Fred SEE, aged 66; death of Maggie HAMMERS SULLENS, aged 26; a son is born to A.M. ALLEN and wife; sudden death of Buckner WILSON, aged 58; Grandma SONGER, aged 86; John ROSS, 80; John MAGINNIS to Lizzie BROCKWAY; Henry DORR to Eunice WILLIAMS; death of John METZGER, aged 68.

February: Death of Margaret SHRIVER, 61; Elizabeth SHELTON, 79; death of Mollie MURRAY, aged 24; poisoning of the MORTON family; death of Nancy CLARK, aged 95; death of Mariam ALLMON; a son born to Gustin EAGAN and wife.

March: Death of Harry SEE, aged 21; death of Bessie SMITH; Levi BROOKS buys the old and popular SQUIERS House.

April: Wedding of Frank BEAL to Myrtle Van GEISON; Frank HAMILTON to Minnie PORTER; Herbert SMITH to Bertha HOLLISTER; Marriage of Susie LAWSON to Harry McGREW; George WILSON to Nannie BOWEN.

May: A son is born to Ed and Nellie BARGH; Scott MATTHEWS buys the Kinmundy Coal mine; death of Grandpa McMATH, aged 85; marriage of Walda TULL to Hattie GRAY; 86th birthday of Eliza WILSON; death of Rubin ALDERSON, aged 74;

June: Death of James ROWAN in a collision; death of Charles EMERY, aged 21; marriage of Joseph McBRIDE to Hattie SEITER; daughter at the home of Arthur HUMPHREY and wife; death of Grandma POWER, aged 81.

July: Residence of William RENO burned; marriage of Lyman WALKINGTON to Carrie RAVENS; Ed GARNER to Ethel KING; another big celebration of Independence Day; a son is born to John MOYER and wife at Fairfield; death of Isaac N. MEEK, aged 85; the wife of John EAGAN, aged 52; a son born to Ephrim CRANK and wife; infant son of A.M. ALLEN and wife is buried.

August: Mattie FOSTER married to J.E. BURTIS at VanCouver, Washington; Foil PARKINSON is sentenced to 14 years for poisoning John MORTON; Luther DAVIS and wife are the proud parents of a son; death of Nancy WILLIAMS, aged 73; death of Louis WHITAKER, aged 18.

September: Death of Sophy HARRIS, aged 67; the 37th wedding anniversary of William COLEMAN and wife; 15th anniversary of Mike BRENTER and wife; death of Willie CONANT, aged 7; death of a daughter of Henry STOCK and wife and a son of Lee HOWELL and wife with scarlet fever; Ira ANGLEN to Mary KAGY; Frank ROGERS to Lillie KAGY.

October: 50th anniversary of the marriage of Elias NEIL and wife; wedding of Robert GRAY and Lizzie BOWERS; death of Olive, wife of Ira CURREY, aged 30 years; death of Giles SONGER, aged 68; the wife of T.E. MAYES badly burned at Alma.

November: Death of Aunt Katy GRAY, aged 70; marriage of Will EAGAN to Jennie LOWE; Richard ATKINS to Elizabeth LANSFORD; great political cyclone and election of CLEVELAND and STEVENSON, ALTGELD and others too numerous to mention; a 10 lb. democrat at the home of Scott MATTHEWS and wife; death of the wife of Alex FORGUSON at Dighton, Kansas; death of D.S. HASELDEN, aged 84, also Sam GRAY and John SHAFFER.

December: Annual meeting of the County Horticultural Society in Kinmundy; death of Rev. W. T. BRENNAN, aged 54; death of the wife of William CAWREY, aged 45; the Kinmundy Creamery begins operation; death of little James NEEPER.

Nov. 16, 1933:

- Edwin T. CARROLL, son of William and Mary CARROLL, was born in Washington, Ind. on Nov. 18, 1872, and died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis on Nov. 6, 1933. His early life was spent on the farm and he received his education in the Washington schools. He was converted at the early age of fifteen, after which he entered training for the Ministry. He received his Exhorter’s license in 1897, and his local Preacher’s license in 1899. He became an Ordained Deacon in 1903, and an Ordained Elder of the Methodist Church in 1907. He served Eldorado for 3 years; Grayville for 4 years; Benton for 2 years; Jerseyville for 4 years; Brownstown for 2 years; Greenville for 4 years; Salem for 2 years; DuQuoin for 3 years; Newton for 2 years; Staunton for 2 years, and Kinmundy for 2 years. He married Lillie May BALDWIN of Vincennes Ind. in April 1892 and in May 1905 she died. To this union the following children survive: Captain Franklin O. CARROLL of the United States Army Air Service; Mrs. Ella FINKENBINDER of Kent, Ill.; Stanley W. CARROLL of Chicago; Mrs. Gladys WARREN of Bethany, Ill., and Mrs. May METCALF of Schenectady, N.Y. On Nov. 27, 1906 he was married to Mrs. Addie KEPLEY. To them were born: Benjamin H., and J. Paul of White Plains, N.Y., and Helen Esther, Robert and Donald, at home. There are also 2 step-children: Mrs. Leona KENDALL of Woodbury Heights, New Jersey, S. Vincent KEPLEY of Greenville, Ill., all of whom survive. There is one half-brother, Levi ARISON of Washington, Ind.

- Mr. Luther SAULS, a former resident of this city, and for the past few years a resident of Alma, died at Anna State Hospital Saturday. Interment was made here Tuesday.

- On Nov. 12, the Hi Ho Club met at Mr. William CHEADLE’s to celebrate his wife’s birthday with a very bountiful dinner.

- Letters were printed from the following subscribers about The Express’ 50th birthday: Dr. and Mrs. J.D. CAMERER of Glendale, Cal.; Jessie CLAYTOR and Frances CRAIG of Danville, Ill., and W.H. BREWER.

- In the summer of 1896, the writer while in the field with his older brothers on their parent’s farm, watched one of them cut his initials on the shell of a dry land turtle, and remembers the words spoken as the turtle was released, "I wonder if any of us will ever see it again." I do not recall ever seeing or hearing of it being seen until this past summer, when the shell was found in the truck patch on the same farm less than 1/4 of a mile from the place where it was 37 years ago. Part of the first 2 letters are broken off but the last name, HELM, is almost intact. The figure 9 is whole, while the 6 is partly gone, yet there is enough left to enable one to read the whole as it should "J.F. HELM, ‘96". While looking at the shell Nov. 8, every detail of the scene was brought to my memory as plain as could be. M.E. HELM.

- Mr. and Mrs. Claude GARRETT and family were here Sunday spending the day with their mother, Mrs. Icy GARRETT.

- Young School: Mrs. Anna MARLOW had quite a painful accident Saturday while doing some outside work. The high wind caused the gate to shut, striking Mrs. MARLOW on the forehead with such a force as to knock her unconscious, and cut a gash on her forehead, which necessitated doctor’s care.

- Wilson School: The school children enjoyed a Halloween party at school Friday evening following Halloween. A prize awarded DeWayne WILLIAM for having the best mask.

- North Fork News: Bob GREEN and family spent Sunday afternoon at Frank GARRETT’s getting acquainted with their new girl.

- North Fork News: Carroll GARRETT returned home Sunday from the north where he has been shucking corn.

- North Fork News: Pid BASSETT, wife and babe visited Sunday with her parents, Willie GARRETT and wife.

- North Fork News: Mrs. Lillie HEADLEY and son, Russell, spent Sunday in Loami with her son, Carl and wife. They were accompanied by Miss Cleda GARRETT, who had been visited there.

- North Fork News: Mr. and Mrs. Ed MOELLER and family spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. NABOR, helping her celebrate her 78th birthday.

- Meacham: Mr. and Mrs. John WEISS called at the home of Mrs. Herman GERHART west of Farina on Friday. The body of Mr. Herman GERHART was brought home that day from Mayo hospital. The funeral was held Tuesday.

Shanghai: Mr. and Mrs. C.W. HANNA and son, Harvey, Mr. Ellis JOHNSON, and Misses Mary, Ruby, and Nora BRASEL spent Sunday at the J.E. BRASEL home and helped celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Miss Elizabeth.

- Swift: Selby GARRETT and family spent Sunday with Mack ROBB and wife.

- Swift: The members of the "Willing Workers" Club and their families helped Marvin CONANT celebrate his birthday Saturday.

- Swift: Miss Lucille GARRETT ate supper Saturday evening with Miss Helen WAINSCOTT.

- Omega: Several from here attended the 60th anniversary dinner at Mr. and Mrs. James PRESGROVE’s Sunday.

- Elder School: The Pleasant Grove Aid met with Mrs. Mary SHAFFER last Wednesday. Quilting was the order of the day.

- Meacham (from last week): The ladies of the Community Birthday Circle met with Mrs. Ed HARRELL last Thursday and helped her quilt her quilt.

Nov. 23, 1933:

- Charles W. LOWE, Jr. and Miss Lenora DOOLEN, of this city, slipped quietly over to Greenville, Ill. Nov. 11, 1933, and they were united in marriage at the M.E. parsonage of the First Methodist Church. W. Ivy LOWE, brother of the groom of St. Louis, and Miss Florence DOOLEN, sister of the bride, of Salem, were the attendants. Immediately after the ceremony, the party motored to St. Louis, where they attended the Ambassador Theatre. They will make their home with the groom’s parents. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mrs. R.C. ROBB of this city. Mr. LOWE is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. LOWE, who reside west of this city. He attended Kinmundy H.S., graduating with the class of ‘30.

- On Nov. 20, Dwight HANNA was host to 24 friends at a surprise farewell party for Robert CARROLL, who is leaving this week for Greenville to make his home. The evening was spent playing games and dancing. A list of those attending was listed.

- William L. WISEMAN died Tuesday at the home of his son, Ezra, residing on the John BASS farm, west of this city. Cancer was the cause of his death. Mr. WISEMAN moved here from the vicinity of Oskaloosa about 2 years ago. William L., son of Thomas and Matlida WISEMAN, was born in Missouri, July 11, 1857, and died at the home of his son, Ezra, near Kinmundy on Nov. 21, 1933. He married Miss Alice KAISER in 1878, and they had 9 children: Mrs. Myrtle RINEHART of Louisville, Ill.; Mrs. Della NEAL of Abingdon, Ill.; Mrs. Stella BASSETT of Xenia, Ill.; Hurchel of Champaign; Oren of Olney, Ill.; Carl of Abingdon, Ill.; Howard and Ezra of Kinmundy. 1 daughter died a number of years ago at the age of 17. He leaves his children, 3 half-sisters, and 1 half-brother, 30 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. He united with the Christian Church when a young man. Services were held from the Oskaloosa church with interment in Oskaloosa Cemetery.

- Mrs. S.M. DAVIDSON, who has been here helping care for her father, Mr. E.C. BARGH, received word Tuesday that her husband, Dr. DAVIDSON, of Chicago, had undergone an operation that morning and was very low. She in company with Miss Susan DAVIDSON of Salem, sister to Dr. DAVIDSON, motored to St. Elmo, where they took a plane ride to Chicago. A tumor, which laid between the kidney and the spine was removed.

- Word has been received here of the illness of Miss Mabel GARRETT in Wheeling, W. Va.. She is a patient in Ohio Valley Hospital, having undergone an operation for appendicitis, Saturday.

- John Robert ROBB was home from Champaign where he is a student at the U. of I. to spend the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John ROBB.

Nov. 30, 1933:

- Alva Harrison PLUE, son of the late John and Louisa PLUE, was born in Kinmundy on Dec. 14, 1889, and died Nov. 24, 1933 in St. Anthony’s Hospital in Effingham. For him there was more than 3 weeks of intense suffering. Mr. PLUE’s life, with the exception of a few years in St. Louis, has lived in Kinmundy. He had been in the employ of the F.A. PRUETT & Sons firm since he was 14 years old. He married Mrs. Ida TINSLEY of St. Louis on May 12, 1916. They made for themselves and Mrs. PLUE’s children a happy home. These children in which he gave his attention were: Ona TINSLEY of Bismark, Mo.; Zoe WILSON of Iuka; Paul TINSLEY of Harrisburg, and Vivian JONES of Kinmundy, and 1 grandchild, Jeanette JONES. Other relatives surviving are: his brother, Cecil PLUE of Kinmundy; his sister, Mrs. Nora GABBERT of St. Louis; his half-sister, Mrs. Pauline EASTHAM of her daughter, Mrs. Lucille MEISSNER both of East St. Louis; his uncle and aunt, Edward and Ellen BOUGHERS and their children, Mrs. Pansy SCHWABE of Effingham, and Mrs. Daisy MENEELEY of Champaign; and his aunt, Mrs. Kate BOUGHERS and children, Miss Hazel TURNER of Farina, and Miss Wilma and Ray BOUGHERS of Kinmundy. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Saturday, Nov. 25, Mr. Carroll GARRETT and Miss Dorothy McNICHOL surprised their many friends by motoring to Salem, where they were united in marriage. The attendants were Miss Cleda GARRETT, sister of the groom, and Miss Mildred McNICHOL, sister of the bride. A wedding supper was served at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. James McNICHOL Saturday evening. They were given a charivari at the McNICHOL home Saturday night, and one at the GARRETT home Monday night. They will live on the S.M. ROBB farm until Spring. Their many friends wish them much success and happiness. (North Fork News)

- Several hundred men are going back to work from the different towns under the Civil Works Administration Act. Kinmundy did not get any work. It all came so quickly that no one seemed to know what it was all about, nor what system to use in the employing of the men. A committee of 5 men was appointed last week to handle the situation. Registering offices were set up at Salem, Sandoval and Centralia, and all men from the county who are unemployed are supposed to register. Just what system will be used in choosing the men from the register has not as yet been determined by the committee. So our advice to all those men who have not registered is to go to Salem and register. The office there is City Hall. The unemployed men of this community have been up in the air and saying a few mean things, ready to riot, etc., and in some respects we don’t blame them. Just on the face of the thing, it does look as though Salem and Centralia want to hog the whole works.

- Dr. Hugo MILLER and sons, O.K. and A.H. are in St. Louis Wednesday attending the funeral of the doctor’s brother, Oscar, who died Sunday.

- Circuit Judge W.B. WRIGHT sentenced Martin GRAY, negro, aged 28, to die in the electric chair for the murder of Susie GREGORY, negress, of Centralia. This is the second death sentence to be pronounced in Marion County, and the first since the Civil War. GRAY said he killed an unidentified negro in Chicago in 1923; knifed a woman in Quitman, Miss., in a quarrel after she helped him burn down a lumber company in Quitman in 1925; killed a fellow participant in $20,000 bank robbery at Shreveport, La.; a short time later, slew a Mexican in a holdup at Beaumont, Texas and stabbed the Gregory woman to death in Centralia. He said he has 3 wives, 1 in Kentwood, La., another in Columbia, Miss., and the third at Quitman, Miss.

- Miss Genevieve SMITH of Roseburg, Ore. married Gus A. ELBOW Jr. of San Francisco on July 28th in Roseburg, Ore. It was just announced. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Claude H. SMITH of Roseburg, and is the former Miss Nellie PORTER of Kinmundy, and a graduate of Austin College in Effingham. The groom is son of Mr. and Mrs. Gus ELBOW of San Francisco, and was born in Effingham, a graduated from school there. The couple will make their home in San Francisco.

- Mr. Walter MILLER has purchased an electric shoe shop in Stewardson, Ill., and will leave with his family at the first of the month.

- Mr. and Mrs. Lewie SULLENS of Chicago were weekend guests of their mother, Mrs. Icy GARRETT and family.

- A kitchen shower for Mr. and Mrs. Charles LOWE was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DOOLEN last Saturday.

- Shanghai: Miss Florence DOOLEN of Salem spent the weekend with her brother, Forrest DOOLEN and family.

- Shanghai: Beryl DISS spent the weekend at the D.A. ARNOLD home.

- Meacham: The Community Circle met at the home of Mrs. Edwin HARRELL Thursday and helped her finish quilting a quilt and pieced part of another quilt. A pot luck dinner was served at noon.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Darrell ARNOLD and children moved to Breese, Ill. Monday, where Darrell has employment as an operator on the Gulf Pipe Line.

- North Fork: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert DOOLEN spent Saturday and Sunday in Loami, Ill. with Mr. and Mrs. Carl HEADLEY.

- Cecil GARRETT and family, Dow GREEN and family, Orie ATKINS and family, and Claude GARRETT attended a family dinner at Icy GARRETT’s Saturday.

- Meadow Branch: The neighborhood was thrown into excitement Friday night when a call went over the line for help, that the home of Wes ROBB was on fire. Upon the arrival of the help, it was found to be only the burning out of the flu.

- Meadow Branch: Darlene COLE spent Sunday with Mildred ROBB.

- Mr. Vincent KEPLEY of Greenville came Thursday and superintended the loading of 2 trucks of his mother’s, Mrs. E.T. CARROLL. She and her children left this week for their new home in Greenville.

- Mr. and Mrs. HENSON of Orchardville, Ill. moved Tuesday into the recently purchased residence. Mrs. HENSON was formerly Miss Hulda STEUBER.

- Word was received here by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis WILSON of the death of an infant grandson born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred WILSON of Chicago on Nov. 25th.

Dec. 7, 1933:

- One of the largest funerals was held in this city on Friday at the M.E. Church for Mr. A.J. YOUNG. Interment was made in Evergreen Cemetery. Mr. YOUNG’s untimely death was a great blow to this community. Everyone knew Tony and liked him. He was a friend to every body. In the operating of 187 acres of orchards, he employed many men and he had the confidence of every man he employed. In the early winter months of the year 1878, there moved from Edwardsville, Ill. into the community of LaClede, a young man, Charles YOUNG, with his wife and baby boy. As the years passed, other children came into this home until there were 7. On Oct. 15, 1883, the 2nd son, Anton Jacob YOUNG, was born near LaClede, Ill. Here he grew, went to school, and taught school in the country for 2 years. He then worked for a short time for the electrical department of the St. Louis Transit Co. He soon entered the U.S. Mail Service where he spent 14 years. He gave up this work to give his entire time to the fruit growing industry, which business he had started while still in the mail service. On June 25, 1916 he married Miss Annie HAYDEN of Carbondale. They immediately moved to Kinmundy, and the following year joined with the M.E. Church of this city. They had 2 sons: Charles William and Anton Hayden, the younger of these two boys usually called by the family name. Hayden died June 26, 1922. Mrs. Christine YOUNG, Tony’s mother, died June 8, 1925, and Tony’s father, Charles YOUNG, died on July 2nd. On Monday Tony was not feeling well, and on Tuesday he was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Effingham, and passed away on Wednesday. Leaving in addition to his wife, Annie, and son, Charles William, are 2 brothers: Charles W. YOUNG of St. Louis, and Edward L. YOUNG of Kirkwood, Mo.; 4 sisters, Misses Josephine and Anna living on the old home place near LaClede; Mrs. R.C. GREEN of Farina, and Mrs. F.L. SCHMIDT of Chicago; and a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins. (Note: A pictures accompanied this obituary.)

- Mr. Joe PEARSON, a well known resident of the North Fork community, died Saturday. For the past week, he had experienced an extreme case of heart trouble. Services were held from the home on Monday with interment in Sandy Branch Cemetery. Joseph Usry, son of William and Emily PEARSON, was born in Kinmundy twp. on the farm now occupied by Ren WAINSCOTT on Dec. 4, 1878, and died Dec. 2, 1933. His parents moved from Kinmundy twp. when Joe, as he was familiarly called, was but a child. He was from a family of 6 children, and was preceded in death by his father and mother and 1 infant brother. He has lived in this home for 57 years, and was united with the M.E. Church at Arnold’s Chapel when he was 20 years old. His is survived by the following sisters: Mrs. Mag EAGAN and Mrs. Corda GREEN of Foster twp., Mrs. Florence MORGAN of Vernon, and Mrs. Susan JONES of Lansing, Mich. He is also survived by 12 nieces and nephews, and an aged uncle, Ide ANGLIN, of Brubaker.

- Mrs. Claude WRIGHT of Carbondale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.D. INGRAM of this city, underwent an operation in Bloomington on Saturday for goiter. She was accompanied by her father, and her sister, Helen, spending a few days in the home of Mr. INGRAM’s sister, Mrs. Nellie HOUSTON in Maroa.

- Uncle Charlie MILLICAN, a well known resident of the Omega community, died at his home Friday morning. This man was know for several miles around for the making of delicious maple syrup and maple sugar. The funeral was held at Lovell’s Grove Church on Dec. 3 with interment in the Church cemetery nearby. Chas. Lee, son of Alexander and Clementine MILLICAN, was born Sept. 28, 1859, and died Nov. 30, 1933. He was the youngest of 6 children, 2 sisters and 4 brothers, all of whom have preceded him in death. Charles grew to manhood on a farm east of Omega. He was married to Laura J. PORTER on Nov. 22, 1882. In 1884, he, with his wife and daughter went to Colorado and took up a State claim of a section of land. He lived on it and proved his rights of possession, making his home there, sheltered near the great rockies for more than 8 years. At the request of his aged father he with his increased family of 3 children returned to his father’s side in Kinmundy in the spring of 1892, then moved the following fall to his farm east of Omega. He leaves his wife and children, namely, Mrs. Jessie MORROW, Byron E. and Ben MILLICAN all of Omega twp.; 1 daughter, Agnes MILLICAN HULTS preceded him in death on Aug. 4, 1915. He also leaves several grandchildren, 2 of which were the children of the deceased daughter, namely, Darrel HULTS of Omega, and Nelda Agnes HULTS KEISTLER of Salem. They were taken into the home of their grandparents and loved and cherished as their own children. He united with the Presbyterian Church of Omega in 1909 where remained a faithful member. Until his death, he was an ardent lover of music. He fostered many classes in the community, helping others to appreciate the best in music. Mr. MILLICAN was an ardent promoter of education during his lifetime, and for a short time was a teacher in the rural schools.

- Mr. Homer JONES died in California last week. The body arrived in Vernon on Friday and was taken to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John JONES. Services were held in the gymnasium Sunday and interment made in Vernon Cemetery. The deceased was well known in this community. He was a World War Veteran and was gassed. He and his wife, formerly Miss Ethel PAINTER, of near Omega, had gone to California in hopes of regaining his health.

- The patrons of Camp Ground School honored their teacher, Ted MANGNER, by preparing and serving a Thanksgiving last Wednesday at the noon hour.

- Another extra large crowd attended the dance held at the Legion Hall Thanksgiving night.

- Mr. W.H. ALLEN received word Tuesday that he had been appointed as a foreman in the Civilian Conservation Camp at the Giant City State Park Camp which will be established sometime next week.

- A mass meeting of the unemployed of the north end of the county was held in this city Saturday afternoon with a large attendance. Mr. B.E. MARTIN of Salem, a member of the Unemployment Committee, was present and told the boys he would do all in his power to get them all to work. The reason for the meeting was that all Salem and Centralia men were working on the Kinmundy-Patoka road, and it seemed to the boys that some men from this part of the county should be working on the project. On Monday 18 men from Kinmundy twp., and 8 men from Foster twp. were put to work on this road.

- In a spelling contest held at Kinmundy school on Dec. 2, Wayne PIGG was the winner. He will represent Kinmundy twp. in another contest held in Salem on Dec. 16. The words missed by Wayne were "lovable" and "misspell".

- Brown: The schools are closed now on account of scarlet fever.

- Elder School: Most everyone in this vicinity attended the funeral of Uncle Charlie MILLICAN Sunday at Lovell’s Grove.

- Meacham: The Community Circle, about 45, gathered at the new home of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SOLDNER to given them a surprise house warming on Thanksgiving evening. Music and singing by Mr. Frank NELMS and Mrs. Norris VALLOW and recitation by Miss Laura WEISS. On Saturday evening the Community Circle, about 90, went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul JONES and gave them a shower of gifts for their marriage.

- Omega: Rev. A.A. MILLICAN and wife of Warsaw, Ind. were here Sunday attending the funeral of his uncle, Chas. L. MILLICAN.

- Dr. Hugo MILLER reports that a husky 10˝ lb. boy was born at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BLOMBERG Monday.

- Mrs. E. CRANK entertained Misses Della SEXTON and Lena SHAFFER to dinner Saturday in honor of the birthday of Miss SEXTON.

- Mr. and Mrs. Gene ERNST of Farina are rejoicing over a baby girl born Dec. 4, Mrs. ERNST was Miss Louise SPENCER formerly of this city.

Dec. 14, 1933:

- This community was saddened by the death of Mr. W.H. BREWER, which occurred Saturday evening in Biloxi, Miss. He had been in poor health for the past 2 years, but died rather suddenly from an ulcer of the stomach with internal hemorrhage. He had spent several past winters in Biloxi, and the summers here. He was always present at the Decoration Day Exercises, but unable to attend the last one on account of health. He was quite an interesting character. In height, he measured 6 feet and 7 inches, and he often remarked, "Everybody has to look up to me." And then again in relating his experiences during the Civil War, he said that he rode a mule but you couldn’t tell it as his feet dragged the ground. He was one of our early settlers, coming here soon after the close of the war and settling on a farm southeast of this city. Here he remained until moving to town. He could related much of the early history of our city and he took great pride in doing so. The body, accompanied by his son, Noah, of Urbana, Ill. arrived here Tuesday and was taken to NELMS Undertaking parlors. Services were held at the M.E. Church with interment in Eastland Cemetery in the concrete vault which was constructed by the deceased several years ago. William H. BREWER was born Jan. 29, 1841 at Bear Creek, Marion County, Alabama, and died in Biloxi, Miss. On Dec. 9, 1933. He married Miss Nancy S. MAY in March 1861, and they had 8 children, all of whom are deceased except the youngest son, Noah, of Urbana. This companion was laid to rest in Eastland Cemetery, July 8, 1881. In April 1883 he married Mrs. Damaris UPTON of Springerton, Ill, who died March 6, 1899. In the fall of 1900, he married Mrs. DOWNS of Kinmundy, who died Dec. 10, 1917. Mr. BREWER served his country during the Civil War with Co. D., 1st Alabama Cavalry. He was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, of the B.P.O.E. of Champaign, and an ex-minister of the gospel of the Latter Day Saints. Besides his son, he is survived by 9 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren.

- It has been reported to us that Norman BLACKBURN killed a snake, 3 feet in length, Dec. 10th.

- About 30 relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mrs. Nellie HOUSTON in Maroa, Sunday to celebrate the birthday of Mr. W.C. INGRAM. He was 86 years old. A delicious dinner was served at the noon hour.

- Why not a water works for Kinmundy? Now that we have had our CWA projects approved, why not begin on a PWA project and in our estimation, a waterworks for Kinmundy would be an excellent thing. With a city water works, our little city would possibly grow in population instead of going the other way as it did according to the last census.

- Swift: Pid BASSETT and family and Orie ATKINS and family spent Sunday at the Marvin CONANT home.

- Swift: A large crowd attended the kitchen shower for Mr. and Mrs. Carroll GARRETT in their home Saturday night. Many nice and useful gifts were received.

- Meacham: Mr. C.P. BALKE is very ill with pleurisy and Mrs. BALKE has a sprained ankle.

- Mrs. Icy GARRETT entertained at dinner Sunday, Mrs. Fannie LOWE, Mrs. S.A. WHISNANT, Mrs. Hattie COCKRELL, and Mrs. Sadie SEE.

- Mr. and Mrs. L.C. JONES of Hallville, spent Sunday with their brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. F.E. JONES and helped Frank celebrate his birthday.

- Mr. and Mrs. Bert GARRETT motored to Loami, Ill. last Wed. and visited until Thurs. evening with their daughter, Mrs. Carl HEADLEY.

Dec. 21, 1933:

- Mrs. Mary GOOD, aged 91, and for 64 years a resident of Lawrence, Kansas, died Saturday at the home of her son, J.R. GOOD, in Lawrence, Kansas. Services were held Monday. She is survived only by her son. She’ll be remembered here by older residents as the aunt of the late J.C. WILSON.

- Elmer FAES, a well known young man of Farina, died last Thursday in the Woodman Sanitarium in Colorado where he has been the past several months receiving treatment for tuberculosis. The body arrived in Farina on Monday, and services and interment were at Mason Cemetery. The deceased leaves a wife, 1 daughter, and a mother.

- Announcements have been received here of the birth of a son, Wayne Denton, to Mr. and Mrs. Gray DAVIS in Chicago on Dec. 14th. The mother is formerly Miss Bertha HANNA.

- Mrs. Laura MILLICAN, a widow of the late Charles MILLICAN, died at her home Dec. 12, just 11 days after the death of her husband. Services were held at Lovell Grove Church with interment made in the Church cemetery. The deceased was 72 years old. She was born and spent her entire life in the community. She is survived by 2 sons, Byron and Ben, and 1 daughter, Mrs. Chas. MORROW, all of the immediate vicinity.

- Waterworks Project Meeting With Approval: During the past week, we have heard several comments regarding the water system idea as set forth in our last issue. Some are prone to talk against it, but we find that a larger majority of our citizens are in favor of it. Somebody remarked to us that there were too many widows and single women to make a success of it but this fellow had to take back water when we reasoned with him that these widows and maidens were just as progressive as many of the men of our city. In fact, it would be the women folk who would like to have water piped into the home, because they are the ones who have to do most of the carrying and most any lady will tell you that it is a drudgery, especially on wash days. Water rental is so cheap that once we had it, no home could afford to be without it. Naturally everyone wants to know just how much it will cost. We can only say that a few years ago when this movement was on foot, that it was estimated that it would cost $40,000. Materials are a little cheaper now. If we had a water system, this would also mean that the fire insurance premium would be reduced to 10 cents per $100 of insurance.

- We are pleased to see Mrs. W.W. LOWE able to be downtown. She attended Church a week ago Sunday, the first time in 2 years.

- Meacham: Mrs. Edwin HARRELL had the misfortune to fall down the basement steps and bruise herself badly. She is improving now.

- Meacham: Mrs. Edwin HARRELL, Mrs. J.O. COX, and Mrs. Idella KAGY helped Mrs. John BASS quilt Thursday afternoon.

- Camp Ground (from last week): Several attended the hog killing contest held at the HANKINS old place last Sunday. Casualties: 12 hogs and 2 rabbits.

- Omega: The funeral of Maude Ellen WESTERFIELD who died near Bannister, was held at the Christian Church here Monday.

- Elder School: The community was saddened by the passing away of Uncle Willis ROSE Saturday night at the home of Lester YOST. Funeral held at Pleasant Grove Monday.

- Young School: Mrs. Nellie SPENCER returned home Saturday after spending some time at the Gene ERNST home north of Farina, getting acquainted with her new granddaughter, who was named Betty Jean.

Dec. 28, 1933:

- Rev. F.O. FANNON of Centralia died Saturday night. The physician said he died of "air hunger" or failure of the lungs to oxygenate the blood. He had been in ill health for a number of years. Services were held for the veteran minister, who was 73 years old at the time of his death, at the First Christian Church which he had served since Aug. 1, 1920. The body was interred in Hillcrest Memorial Park. For 50 years, Rev. FANNON had ministered in the states of Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio and New York. He preached in every Christian Church in this vicinity including Sandoval, Salem, Kinmundy, Patoka, Fouts, and Lively Grove.. After resigning his pastorate in St. Louis, because of ill health about 30 years ago, Rev. FANNON moved to a farm at Boyd, Ill. where he lived for 16 years. His death occurred about 1˝ miles east of Centralia on Walnut Hill Road. Rev. Frank Osborn FANNON was born near Crown Point, Ind. on March 30, 1860, the son of James W. and Martha J. FANNON. He married Miss Lovella Fay KEPFORD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David KEPFORD of Eldora, Iowa on March 30, 1882. His first wife died on July 26, 1914, and Rev. FANNON then married Mrs. Della WILSON of Kinmundy on May 30, 1915. She survives as do 2 sons, Shorland F. FANNON of Casey, Ill. and Harold F. FANNON of Fairfield, Ill., both by the first marriage.

- ZIMMER’s Café was broken into Sunday morning. About $10 in cash and goods were taken. Admittance was gained by breaking the glass in the back door.

- Mr. and Mrs. E.D. McGUIRE of Makanda, Ill. have an 8 lb. baby boy born Dec. 22. He has been named Charles Vallow. The mother is the former Miss Fern BRADLEY.

- Charlene, wife of George W. MILLER, died Dec. 17, 1933 at St. Joseph’s Hospital in South Bend, Ind. after an illness of 10 days. She was born in Kinmundy on March 21, 1902, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.H. SEE. Immediately after their marriage in 1920, she and her husband went to South Bend to make their home. Her husband lost his health and was admitted to the Veteran’s Hospital at Camp Custer, Mich., leaving her with the care of 5 small children. She fell victim to the flu which terminated into pneumonia. She leaves her children: George, Donald, Harold, Phyllis, and Doris. She was buried in Southlawn cemetery the funeral being held in South Bend, Ind. - Written by her mother.

- Resolutions of respect were adopted by the Eastland Cemetery Association to their friend and co-worker, Mr. W.H. BREWER. (Note: A picture of W.H. BREWER was included.)

- William J. HOYT died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse HOYT, on Tuesday. He and his family had been making their home with his parents for the past month, and were soon to move to the Fred YUNG farm. He had been ill only a few days with a sore throat and on Monday was taken to the doctor, who found an abscess had formed in the throat, but did not consider it very serious as yet. He died the next morning. Services were held from the Christian Church with interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

- Mr. and Mrs. F.S. HARRIS spent Christmas Day with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin HARRELL.

- Meacham: Mr. Otis TATE, teacher at Rockhold School, gave a very interesting program before a large crowd at school Friday. After the program, a Christmas tree was unloaded by a real Santa Claus and a fine treat was given to everyone.

- Meacham: On Saturday, the Circle with husbands and families celebrated the 14th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ruben CRANE and Mr. and Mrs. Ruben FULFER at the home of Mr. CRANE.

- Shanghai: Miss Emma ARNOLD of Olney spent Christmas here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.A. ARNOLD.

- Omega: Mr. and Mrs. Roy MILLICAN attended Mrs. CLOVER’s funeral near Iuka Saturday afternoon.

- Meadow Branch: Wes ROBB and family visited Christmas Day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willy GARRETT; Frank JOHNSON and family and Clyde GARRETT and family with Geo. LENHART and wife.

- Mr. and Mrs. R.C. ROBB had as their guests Christmas Day, their children and grandchildren, who were living near enough to be with them: Glenn ROBB and family, and Miss Florence DOOLEN of Salem, John ROBB and family, Wes ROBB and family, Thurman ROBB and family, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DOOLEN and babe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles LOWE, Robbie and Lester ROBB.

- The wedding ceremony of Miss Doyne COMBS and Mr. Floyd STIVERS will take place in Pana on Jan. 5th.


Please note!!! The articles on this web site were originally reported in weekly editions of "The Kinmundy Express" (also known at one time as "The Marion County Express") which are now located on microfilm at the Illinois Historical Library in the Microfilm Depository in Springfield, Illinois. Please note that the gleanings listed within this compilation do NOT represent entire articles in most cases, but instead, general and summarized information with special interest being focused upon data which is significant to genealogical research.

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