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Blrnd02.gif (70 bytes)  Mrs. Mary A. Schertz Died Last Night, "The Daily Pantagraph" Bloomington, Ill. (April 13, 1911)

News of Danvers

Mrs. Mary A. Schertz died at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening at her home, 3 miles NW of Danvers, at the age of 77 years, cause of death, complication of diseases. Mrs. Schertz was born in Hamilton Co, Ohio, Dec. 23, 1834. Her husband, Peter Schertz, died about fifteen years ago. The deceased is survived by four sons and four daughters, as follows: Otto, of Beardstown; Henry, of Peoria; Edward of Minier; Peter, of Nathan, Iowa; Mrs. Lena Garber, of Hazeltown, Iowa; Mrs. Kate Baughman, of Cleawa, Ill.; Mrs. Mamie Burns, of Peoria; and Mrs. Anna Walker, of Minier. Two sons have preceded her in death. Mrs. Schertz has been a resident in the vicinity of Danvers for many years and is well and favorably known. Funeral arrangements have not been made.


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