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Mark Mobley
(1961- )
Marcia (Walker) Mobley (mother)
(1940- )
George William Walker (grandfather)
William M. Walker (g-grandfather)
George W. Walker  (g-g-grandfather)

|	George E. Walker  (g-g-g-grandfather)
|----	(about 1797-1864)
|----	Harriet Mercer
|	(1802-1869)

David Davis Walker
George Herbert Walker
Dorothy (Walker) Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush
George E. Walker married Harriet Mercer of Cecil County, Maryland, in Baltimore on May 22, 1821
came to the McLean county area of central Illinois in 1938 in a wagon and raised their family on a farm
southeast of Bloomington.  It is likely that those attending the wedding included Harriet's sister, Ann,
and Ann's 6-year-old son David Davis, who would later move to Bloomington and become the Supreme
Court Justice.

George E. Walker's parents, Thomas Walker and Catherine McLelland Walker, both were born in England.
According to one record, Catherine held the title of "Lady."  Thomas and Catherine married 1785 in Clifton,
Bristol, England.  Their first two children were born in 1786 and 1787 in England.  By the time their
youngest child, George, was born, they lived in Burlington, N.J., in a large brick house on the Deleware

The year of George's birth was not a good one for Thomas and Catherine Walker.  Thomas was a ship's
Captain.  That year, as the story goes, he was thrown overboard by a mutinous crew.

David Davis Walker grew up and moved to St. Louis; he and son built the summer house at
Kennebunkport, Maine.

George Herbert Walker was born in St. Louis and moved to New York City and built the summer
house with his father.

Dorothy Walker married Prescott Sheldon Bush.


President Bush's Library

Kennebunkport History


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Elaine Graybil, Families section, The Pantagraph, June 13th, 1989


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