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Cardinal fans!!

Welcome to my Cardinal site!  I have been a die-hard fan all my life and the following pages represent my tribute to greatest team in baseball history.  Even the players today can sense, even if just in passing, that it means something special to wear the "Birds on the bat" uniform!!

Your comments are welcome (address at the bottom of the page...)  Enjoy!


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Some of My Cardinal Favorites!

Bob Gibson                     Willie McGee

Lou Brock                     Mark McGwire

Ozzie Smith


Ted Simmons | Bruce Sutter | George Hendrick | Ray Lankford | Ken Reitz | Jack Clark | Darrell Porter | Pedro Guerrero | Tony Pena | Jose Oquendo | Brian Jordan | Gary Gaetti | Bake McBride | Todd Worrell | Bob Forsch | Vince Coleman | Terry Pendleton | Keith Hernandez | Joe Torre | Al Hrabosky | Tommy Herr | Whitey Herzog | Albert Pujols | Jim Edmonds | Scott Rolen | Yadier Molina | Rick Ankiel | Chris Carpenter | John Mabry | Matt Morris | Mike Matheny | Woody Williams | Adam Wainwright | Matt Carpenter | Matt Holliday | John Tudor | David Eckstein | Jason Isringhausen | Joaquin Andujar | Edgar Renteria | Skip Schumaker | Tony LaRussa


Harry Brecheen


The Sporting News has ranked Stan Musial number 10 in their list of the top 100 greatest players of all time!!!!

Sportsline All-Century Roster


New Ballpark  Pictures    Old Busch Stadium Tribute


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Cardinal's Recent Memorable Years

1982 1985
1987 1996
2000 2001
2002 2004
2005 2006
2009 2011
2012 2013
2014 2015


World Champions:   1926Baseball1931Baseball1934Baseball1942Baseball1944Baseball1946Baseball1964Baseball1967Baseball1982Baseball2006Baseball2011

National League Champions: 1928Baseball1930Baseball1943Baseball1968Baseball1985Baseball1987Baseball2004Baseball2013

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Cardinal's Memorable Post Season Games!

Game 5 of the 1985 NLCS
Game 6 of the 1985 NLCS
Game 6 of the 2004 NLCS
Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS
Game 6 of the 2011 World Series
Game 5 of the 2012 NLDS
Game 1 of the 2014 NLCS


Cardinal post-season results

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Cardinal (or Baseball) Trips:

Great Ballpark Adventures!


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Cardinal Caravans:  1990   1998   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2012

(No pics:  1991  1992  1993  1994)

Winter Warm-ups: 2007  2010


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Where they finished (since 1964)

Yr. Finish W L Attendance Manager
1964 1 93  + 69 1,143,294 Johnny Keane
1965 7 80 81 1,241,195 Red Schoendienst
1966 6 83 79 1,712,980 Red Schoendienst
1967 1 101  * 60 2,090,145 Red Schoendienst
1968 1 97  + 65 2,011,177 Red Schoendienst
1969 4 87 75 1,682,583 Red Schoendienst
1970 4 76 86 1,628,729 Red Schoendienst
1971 2 90 71 1,604,671 Red Schoendienst
1972 4 75 81 1,196,894 Red Schoendienst
1973 2 81 81 1,574012 Red Schoendienst
1974 2 86 75 1,838,413 Red Schoendienst
1975 3T 82 80 1,695,394 Red Schoendienst
1976 5 72 90 1,207,036 Red Schoendienst
1977 3 83 79 1,659,287 Vern Rapp
1978 5 69 93 1,278,215 Vern Rapp, Jack Krol, Ken Boyer
1979 3 86 76 1,627,256 Ken Boyer
1980 4 74 88 1,385,147 Ken Boyer, Jack Krol,Whitey Herzog, Red Schoendienst
1981 1T 59 43 1,010,247 Whitey Herzog
1982 1 92  + 70 2,111,906 Whitey Herzog
1983 4 79 83 2,317,914 Whitey Herzog
1984 3 84 78 2,037,448 Whitey Herzog
1985 1 101  * 61 2,637563 Whitey Herzog
1986 3 79 82 2,471,817 Whitey Herzog
1987 1 95  + 67 3,072,121 Whitey Herzog
1988 5 76 86 2,892,629 Whitey Herzog
1989 3 86 76 3,080,980 Whitey Herzog
1990 6 70 92 2,573,225 Whitey Herzog, Red Schoendienst, Joe Torre
1991 2 84 78 2,448,699 Joe Torre
1992 3 83 79 2,418,483 Joe Torre
1993 3 87 75 2,844,328 Joe Torre
1994 3 53 61 1,866,544 Joe Torre
1995 4 62 81 1,756,127 Joe Torre, Mike Jorgensen
1996 1 88 74 2,654,718 Tony LaRussa
1997 4 73 89 2,658,357 Tony LaRussa
1998 3 83 79 3,194,092 Tony LaRussa
1999 5 75 86 3,230,356 Tony LaRussa
2000 1 95 67 3,336,493 Tony LaRussa
2001 1T 93  + 69 3,020,046 Tony LaRussa
2002 1 97 65 3,011,216 Tony LaRussa
2003 3 85 77 2,910,386 Tony LaRussa
2004 1 105 * 57 3,048,427 Tony LaRussa
2005 1 100 * 62 3,537,713 Tony LaRussa
2006 1 83 78 3,407,104 Tony LaRussa
2007 3 78 84 3,551,778 Tony LaRussa
2008 4 86 76 3,432,917 Tony LaRussa
2009 1 91 71 3,343,252 Tony LaRussa
2010 2 86 76 3,301,218 Tony LaRussa
2011 2 90 72 3,092,954 Tony LaRussa
2012 2 88 74 3,262,109 Mike Matheny
2013 1 97 *(t) 65 3,369,769 Mike Matheny
2014 1 90 72 3,540,649 Mike Matheny
2015 1 100 * 62 3,520,889 Mike Matheny
2016 2 86 76 3,444,490 Mike Matheny
2017 3 83 79 3,447,937 Mike Matheny
2018 3 88 74 3,403,587 Mike Matheny, Mike Schildt
2019 1 91 71 3,480,393 Mike Schildt
2020 2T 30 28 *Covid year Mike Schildt

*  Best record in baseball!             +  Best record in the NL!



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Cardinal's Retired Numbers

#1 -- Ozzie Smith                   #17 -- Dizzy Dean

#2 -- Red Schoendienst            #20 -- Lou Brock

#6 -- Stan Musial                 #24 -- Whitey Herzog

#9 -- Enos Slaughter              #42 -- Bruce Sutter (& Jackie Robinson)

#10 -- Tony LaRussa             #45 -- Bob Gibson

#14 -- Ken Boyer                   #85 -- August A. Busch, Jr.


Retired number - player Biographies


    We'll miss you DK!               Farewell, Jack...

32 - Josh Hancock         18 - Oscar Taveras


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Cardinals in the "Hall"

Cardinals team info. (Hall of Fame)

Players Year Inducted Position Years with Cards
Walter Alston 1983 1B 1936
Jake Beckley 1971 1B 1904-07
Jim Bottomley 1974 1B 1922-32
Roger Bresnahan 1945 C 1909-12
Lou Brock 1985 LF 1964-79
Jesse Burkett 1948 LF 1899-1901
Orlando Cepeda 1999 1B 1966-68
Roger Connor 1976 1B 1894-97
Frank Frisch 1947 2B 1927-37
Chick Hafey 1971 LF 1924-31
Rogers Hornsby 1942 2B 1915-26,33
Miller Huggins 1964 2B 1910-16
Rabbitt Maranville 1954 SS 1927-28
John McGraw 1937 3B 1900
Joe "Ducky" Medwick 1968 LF 1932-40,47-48
John Mize 1981 1B 1936-41
Stan Musial 1969 LF 1941-44,46-63
Wilbert Robinson 1945 C 1900
Albert "Red" Schoendienst 1989 2B 1945-56,61-63
Ted Simmons 2020 Catcher 1968-1980
Ozzie Smith  2002 SS 1982-1996
Enos Slaughter 1985 RF 1938-42,46-53
Larry Walker 2020 OF 2004-2005
Bobby Wallace 1953 SS 1899-1901,17-18
Pitchers Year Inducted Career Wins Years with Cards
Grover Cleveland Alexander 1938 373 1926-29
Mordecai Brown 1949 239 1903
Steve Carlton 1994 329 1965-71
Jerome "Dizzy" Dean 1953 150 1930,32-37
James "Pud" Galvin 1965 361 1892
Bob Gibson 1981 251 1959-75
Burleigh Grimes 1964 270 1930-31,33-34
Jesse Haines 1970 210 1920-37
Charles "Kid" Nichols 1949 361 1904-05
Arthur "Dazzy" Vance 1955 197 1933-34
Hoyt Wilhelm 1985 143 1957
Denton "Cy" Young 1937 511 1899-1900
Dennis Eckersley 2004 197 (wins)/390 (saves) 1996-1997
Lee Smith 2019 71 (wins)/478 (saves) 1990-1993
John Smoltz 2015 213 2009
Bruce Sutter 2006 68 (wins)/300 (saves) 1980-1984
Managers Year Inducted Cardinal Wins Years with Cards
Roger Bresnahan 1945 255 1909-12
Roger Connor 1976 9 1896
Frank Frisch 1947 457 1933-38
Rogers Hornsby 1942 153 1925-26
Miller Huggins 1964 346 1913-17
Bill McKechnie 1962 128 1928-29
Charles "Kid" Nichols 1949 94 1904-05
Branch Rickey 1967 458 1919-25
Albert "Red" Schoendienst 1989 1042 1965-76,80,90
Billy Southworth 2008 620 1929,40-45
Whitey Herzog 2010 822 1980-1990
Joe Torre 2014 351 1990-1995
Tony LaRussa 2014 1408 1996-2011


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Cardinal's NL MVP Winners

Year Player
1925 Rogers Hornsby
1926 Bob O'Farrell
1928 Jim Bottomley
1931 Frank Frisch
1934 Dizzy Dean
1937 Joe Medwick (Triple crown winner, too!!!)
1942 Mort Cooper
1943 Stan Musial
1944 Marty Marion
1946 Stan Musial
1948 Stan Musial
1964 Ken Boyer
1967 Orlando Cepeda
1968 Bob Gibson
1971 Joe Torre
1979 Keith Hernandez * (shared with Willie Stargell)
1985 Willie McGee
2005 Albert Pujols
2008 Albert Pujols
2009 Albert Pujols


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Cardinal Cy Young Winners

Year Player
1968 Bob Gibson
1970 Bob Gibson
2005 Chris Carpenter


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Cardinal Rookie of the Year Winners

Year Player/position
1954 Wally Moon, of
1955 Bill Virdon, of
1974 Bake McBride, of
1985 Vince Coleman, of
1986 Todd Worrell, rhp
2001 Albert Pujols, 3B


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Manager of the Year

1985 Whitey Herzog
1996 Tony LaRussa
2002 Tony LaRussa
2019 Mike Schildt


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NL Strikeout Leaders

Year Player Strike Outs
1906 Fred Beebe 171
1930 Bill Hallahan 177
1931 Bill Hallahan 159
1932 Dizzy Dean 191
1933 Dizzy Dean 199
1934 Dizzy Dean 195
1935 Dizzy Dean 182
1948 Harry Brecheen 149
1958 Sam Jones 225
1966 Bob Gibson 268
1989 Jose DeLeon 201


Red Line

NL ERA Leaders

Year Player Games Innings Pitched ERA
1914 Bill Doak 36 256 1.72
1921 Bill Doak 32 209 2.58
1942 Mort Cooper 37 279 1.77
1943 Howie Pollet 16 118 1.75
1946 Howie Pollet 40 226 2.10
1948 Harry Brecheen 33 233 2.24
1968 Bob Gibson 34 305 1.12
1976 John Denny 30 207 2.52
1988 Joe Magrane 24 165 2.18
2009 Chris Carpenter 28 192.2 2.24


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Cardinal No-Hitters

Pitcher Opponent Score Date
Jessie Haines Boston 5-0 7/17/24
Paul Dean Brooklyn 3-0 9/21/34
Lon Warneke at Cincinnati 2-0 8/30/41
Ray Washburn at San Francisco 2-0 9/18/68
Bob Gibson at Pittsburgh 11-0 8/14/71
Bob Forsch Philadelphia 5-0 4/16/78
Bob Forsch Montreal 3-0 9/26/83
Jose Jiminez at Arizona 1-0 6/25/99
Bud Smith at San Diego 4-0 9/3/01


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They said it...Fun Facts...



"The way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until it stops rolling and then pick it up." -- Bob Uecker

"Baseball has been very good to me since I quit trying to play it." -- Whitey Herzog

"Tradition here in St. Louis is Stan Musial coming in the clubhouse and making the rounds.  Tradition in San Diego is Nate Colbert coming into the clubhouse and trying to sell you a used car." -- Bob Shirley

"He has an upper body like Charles Atlas and a lower body like Lana Turner." -- Whitey Herzog talking about Pedro Guerrero

"It has options through the year 2020 -- or until the last Rocky movie is made."  Reliever Dan Quisenberry, describing his 1990 contract with the Cardinals

"Stan Musial could have hit .300 with a fountain pen." -- Joe Garagiola

"How good was Stan Musial?  He was good enough to take your breath away." -- Vin Scully

"I throw him four wide ones then try to pick him off first base."  -- Dodgers pitcher, Preacher Roe, on his approach to pitching to Stan Musial

Stan Musial leads the Cardinals with 12 walk-off home runs.

Stan Musial led the NL in; batting average 7 times, slugging 6 times, hits 6 times, doubles 8 times, triples 5 times, runs 5 times, RBIs 2 times.

Stan Musial played in the All-Star game 24 times in his career, tied for the most ever with Willie Mays and Hank Aaron.

Stan Musial's 3,630 career base hits....  1815 came at home, 1815 were on the road...

Stan Musial (3,026) and Lou Brock (2,289) are the only two players to have played in 2,000 or more games with the Cardinals.

Stan Musial was the first National League player to win three Baseball Writers MVP awards.

Stan Musial was the first Cardinal to have his uniform number retired.  (#6 in 1963)

Stan Musial was given the Lone Sailor Award by the US Navy Memorial in 2007.

Stan Musial played himself in a 1970 episode of "That Girl."  (Season 5, Episode 7)

Stan Musial was the first Cardinal to win the Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year Award. (1957)

On September 29th, 1952, Stan "The Man" Musial makes his only pitching appearance.  He has his 6th batting title wrapped up (he will finish at .336) and asks to pitch to the runner-up, Cubs outfielder Frankie Baumholtz.  Baumholtz reaches base on an error, and Harvey Haddix relieves Musial.

Stan "The Man" hit 475 career home runs, but never once won a home run title.  He also led NL outfielders in fielding percentage three times: once each in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

For a season of complete hitting dominance, it's hard to top Stan "The Man" Musial's 1948 campaign.  Stan led his league in average (.376), slugging (.702), on-base percentage (.450), hits (230), doubles (46), triples (18), runs (135), and RBIs (131).  The only thing he didn't lead in was homers, as his 39 were one short of the 40 that led the league.  He also had four 5-hit games!  Not surprisingly, Musial won that year's MVP award going away.

In 1963, his 22nd and final season, Stan Musial passed a few milestones.  Early in the season, he collected his 1357th extra-base hit, passing Babe Ruth for the all-time lead (to that point).  In July, he played in his 24th All-Star Game.  And on September 12th, he hit a home run in this first at-bat as a grandfather.  He finished the year hitting .255 with 12 homers and 58RBIs in 337 at-bats.

Stan "The Man" Musial holds the club record for the most grand slams. (9)

Al Hrabosky was cut from his Little League team three years in a row and two consecutive years from his junior high school team.

"One paragraph on obstruction and I'm asleep." -- Whitey Herzog

Keith Hernandez was the 42nd-round pick in 1971, the 783rd player selected in the draft.  The team's first-round choice that year also was a first baseman, Ed Kurpiel.

For most players, one game in which they get five hits is the highlight of their careers.  In the 1948 season alone, Stan Musial did it four times.

"The difference between playing at home and on the road is that on the road, you can't go down to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee in the morning in your underwear."  -- Andy VanSlyke

When former Cardinals pitcher John Denny posted a NL-best 2.52 ERA mark in 1976, he tied for the youngest ever to win an ERA crown.  He was 23.

Vic Davalillo set a National League record (since surpassed) with 24 pitch-hits in 1970.  Davalillo's manager was Red Schoendienst, holder of the old NL record of 22.

Specs Toporcer, a shortstop for the Cards, was the first non-pitcher to wear glasses.  On June 12th 1922, Specs hit his first big league homer, but was called out when he passed a base runner.

After the Yankees, which have 22 World Series titles, the winningest teams are the As and the Cardinals, with nine apiece.

Five teams in baseball history have managed 300 stolen bases in a season.  The only ones in the past 80 years:  The 1976 As with 341 and the 1985 Cards with 314.

An aggressive slide in Game 7 of the World Series by Joe Medwick results in a set-to with third baseman Marv Owen.  When Medwick returns to his outfield post, angry Tigers fans pelt him with fruit.  Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis makes Medwick leave the game "for his own safety."   The Cards go on to an 11-0 win to clinch the Series.

In 1924, Rogers Hornsby goes 2-for-5 on opening day against the Cubs.  He will remarkably end up improving on the .400 clip during the rest of the season and will wind up the year hitting .424.  In a two month stretch between June 28 and August 28, he went an astonishing 149-for-302 (.489) at the plate.

In each of his first 10 full Major League seasons (1916-1925), Rogers Hornsby led the Cardinals in batting, slugging, and on-base percentage.  He repeated the feat with the 1927 Giants, 1928 Braves, and 1929 Cubs.

In 1906, Jack Taylor threw the last of his 187 consecutive complete games.  He had not required bullpen help since June 13th, 1901.

Harvey Haddix was the only Cardinals pitcher to have a 20 win season in the 1950s.

George Hendrick hit the most HRs (89) for the Cardinals in the 1980s.

"We could finish first or in an asylum." - Frank Frisch, manager of the wild and talented "Gas House Gang" Cardinals, on the team's prospects for 1936

"Hoo-ee! I been to two county fairs and a goat roast, and I ain't never seen nothin' like this." -- World Series MVP Darrell Porter, amid the celebration in 1982.

Boastful bumpkin Dizzy Dean hurls a three-hit shutout (9/21/1934) against the Dodgers in the first game of a doubleheader.  Brother Paul Dean, a rookie, then completes the sweep with a no-hitter.  "If'n Paul had told me he was gonna pitch a no-hitter," Dizzy says, "I'd of throwed one too."

"The good Lord was good to me.  He gave me a strong body, a good right arm and a weak mind."  - Dizzy Dean

The Dean brothers combined for all four Cardinals victories in the 1934 World Series.

On July 26th, 1900, Gus Weyhing is released by the Cards.  He claims to have been cheated out of ten days pay and persuades a sheriff to seize the St. Louis share of gate revenues for a game at Brooklyn.  The money winds up being less than the $100 Weyhing claims he's entitled to.

Under Branch Rickey's direction, the Cardinals were one of the first teams to experiment with uniform numbers, adopting them briefly and then abandoning them in the mid-1920s.

On July 12th, 1931, 45,715 fans are admitted to Sportsman's Park (seating capacity: 34,000) for a Cards-Cubs doubleheader.  The extra bodies are corralled in the outfield, with any hits into the throng counting as ground-rule doubles.  Thirty-two doubles are hit in the twin bill, 23 of them in game two, won by the Cards, 17-13.

Curt Flood won seven Gold Glove Awards in his last seven years with the team.  (first was in 1963)   He was also the first Cardinals outfielder to ever win a Gold Glove.

Curt Flood was the only Cardinals player to lead the league in hits in the 1960s.

Robinson Field, the park where the Cardinals played from 1893-1920, featured a wooden roller coaster encircling the outfield.

Geronimo Pena was the last Cardinals player to hit home runs from both sides of the plate in a single game.  (4/17/1994)

Marty Marion is the only Cardinal shortstop to win a NL MVP (1944).

Larry Walker is the only (modern era) Canadian-born player ever to win a ML batting title.

During his 15 years in St. Louis, Ozzie Smith led all NL shortstops in assists five times, double plays four times, and fielding percentage seven times.

Hall of Famers, Bob Gibson and Stan Musial spent their entire careers with the Cardinals.

From 1957, the first year for the Gold Gloves, to 2003, the Cardinals have claimed 64 awards, more than any other franchise!

The Cardinals retired uniform number 85 in honor of longtime owner August Busch.  The number corresponds with Busch's age when the franchise bestowed the honor on him in 1984.

The "birds on the bat" logo was first worn on the Cardinals jersey in 1922.

Pitcher Bob Tewksbury won the most games (66) for the Cards in the 1990s.

Pitcher Donovan Osborne struck out the most batters (535) for the Cards in the 1990s.

The Cards play their first night game on July 31st, defeating the Reds 4-3 in ten innings.  (This was also the first-ever extra-inning night game.)

Cardinals 3rd baseman, Ken Boyer, had an uncredited guest appearance in the 1960s movie The Odd Couple.

As of 2009, the Cardinals were the last team to steal at least 300 bases in a season.  (1985)

At the 1963 MLB All-Star game in Cleveland, the NL starting infield was all Cardinals; Bill White (1B), Julian Javier (2B), Ken Boyer (3B), and Dick Groat (SS).  The NL won the game, 5-3.

Jack Clark hit more HRs off of Don Robinson than any other pitcher.

The Cardinals became the first team in NL history to reach 100 victories three seasons in a row.  (1942-1944)

The Cardinals have MVP award winners three years in a row from 1942 to 1944.  Mort Cooper, Marty Marion, Stan Musial.

Cardinal 3rd baseman Ken Reitz was nicknamed "The Zamboni Machine."

Cardinal reliever Al Hrabosky was nicknamed "The Mad Hungarian."

The 1926 World Series champion Cardinal team featured 6 future Hall of Famers.  (Jim Bottemley, Rogers Hornsby, Billy Southworth, Chick Hafey, Jesse Haines and Grover Cleveland Alexander)

Only three Cardinals pitchers have had a game in which they pitched a shutout, struck out at least 10 hitters, and allowed one hit or less.  Bob Gibson (1970 & 71), Ernie Broglio (1960) and Chris Carpenter (2009)

Lonnie Smith has played in the World Series for 4 different clubs over his 17 year career.  He led the NL in runs for the Cards in 1982.

Twenty-three Cardinals served in the military during WW II, including Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter.

From 1963 through 1980 (18 seasons) either Tim McCarver or Ted Simmons started every Opening day game at catcher for the Cardinals except for 1970, when Joe Torre was the Opening Day catcher.



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Team Pages

USA Today    CNNsi    Yahoo Sports    The Sporting News    ESPN    CBS SportsLine

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Cards Extra     Sports Network    Fox Sports


Baseball Reference Sites      Baseball Hall of Fame     The Sporting News 100 greatest players

This Day in Baseball History     Baseball Reference     Todd's Dugout     Baseball Archive     Baseball Almanac

Baseball Think Factory   This Great Game    Love of the Game Productions


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Albert Pujols Family Foundation

Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation


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Do you have St. Louis Cardinal collectibles or memorabilia sitting around collecting dust?  Why not send me an e-mail describing what you have?  I might make you an offer!

I collect anything having to do with the Cardinals.  My e-mail is listed below!  Thanks!

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Frank Frisch Web Site

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Card's Clubhouse
Al Hrabosky 90 Feet, Turn Left
Willie McGee Viva El Birdos
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(If you have a "Cardinal" site and would like to submit a link, please e-mail me!)


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Greatest Game ever??

Maybe one of the greatest regular season games (at least for shear excitement) I can remember the Cardinals playing was played on June 23rd, 1984 against the Chicago Cubs.  This was a NBC "Game of the Week" and Bob Costas was the play-by-play announcer.

This was an amazing game from the start and many have called it one of the greatest games ever played!  Even though the Cards eventually lost 12-11 in eleven innings, I too think it was a great game.  Here are the some of the many highlights:

- The Cards go up 7-1 off of Steve Trout and then take a 9-3 lead towards the middle innings.

-  Apparently there was some controversy early in the game between Whitey Herzog and the home plate umpire, Doug Harvey.  (It may have had something to do with Herzog wanting some balks called.)

-  Willie McGee had 6 RBIs and hit for the cycle.

-  Ozzie Smith put on a defensive show up the middle early in the game.

-  Ryne Sandburg goes 5 for 6 with 7 RBIs and 2HRs.

-  Due to an injury, the Cubs only have 24 players available.

-  The Cards give the Cubs 9 walks and 1HBP.

-  Sandburg ties the game with his first home run of the game in the bottom of the 9th, 9-9, off of Bruce Sutter.

-  In the top of the 10th, the Cards score two runs off of big Lee Smith.

-  In the bottom of the 10th, Bruce Sutter gets the first two Cubs batters out easily, and up comes Bobby Dernier.   Sutter battles Dernier to a 3-2 count.  The next pitch is close enough for a strike and Dernier looked like he went around as well with a check swing, but the umpire (Harvey) called neither and he walked.  The next batter, Sandburg hits the first pitch from Sutter out of the park for his second home run against Sutter in the game and ties up the score again.  (This was an unbelievable at-bat because the Cards should have had him struck out on the called third strike, or at least on a the check swing and they probably would have gone on to win the game... instead the game is tied and goes into the 11th!!!)

-  In the bottom of the 11th, Leon Durham leads off the inning with a walk (and we all know what happens with a lead off walk...) from Jeff Lahti.   Durham then steals second and goes to third on Porter's throwing error.  Herzog then decides to walk the next two to load the bases and brings the infield in for the play at the plate.  Frey counters with his last position player, Dave Owen, and he sends a little flare to right field to win the game... Unbelievable!!!!

There were tons more story lines in this game, but these are some of the best!

(Please e-mail me with your most memorable game!)  

Read other Cardinals fans greatest memories


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Books (that I own) about the Cardinals


St. Louis Cardinals - Yesterday & Today, Bruce Herman, West Side Publishing, 2008 (ISBN: 1-4127-1504-0)

The Gashouse Gang, John Heidenry, Public Affairs Books, 2007 (ISBN: 1-58648-419-2)

Tales from The Cardinals Dugout, Bob Forsch with Tom Wheatley, Sports Publishing LLC, 2003 (ISBN: 1-58621-671-X)

For Cardinal Fans Only!, Rich Wolfe, Lone Wolfe Press,2003 (ISBN: 0-9729249-4-9)

Whitey's Boys, Rob Rains & Alvin Reid, Triumph Books, 2002 (ISBN: 1-57243-485-6)

A Special Season, Rob Rains, Sports Publishing LLC, 2002 (ISBN: 1-58261-657-4)

Remembering Jack, Rich Wolfe, 2002 (ISBN: 0-9664912-5-4)

Ozzie Smith - Road to Cooperstown, Ozzie Smith & Rob Rains, Sports Publisher,LLC, 2002 (ISBN: 1-58261-598-5)

Cardinal's Collection, 100 years of St. Louis Cardinals Images, Mark Strange, Orange Fraizer Press, 2002 (ISBN: 1-882203-85-2)

You're Missin' a Great Game, Whitey Herzog & Johnathan Pitts, Simon & Schuster, 1999 (ISBN: 0-684-85314-0)

The I-55 Series, Cubs vs. Cardinals, George Castle & Jim Rygelski, Sports Publishing, Inc. 1999 (ISBN: 1-58261-032-0)

The St. Louis Cardinals Encyclopedia, Bob Broeg & Jerry Vickery, Masters Press, 1998, (ISBN: 1-57028-171-8)

Celebrating 70: Mark McGwire's Historic Season, Bernie Miklasz, Ron Smith, Mike Eisenbath, Dave Kindred, The Sporting News Publishing, 1998, (ISBN: 0-89204-622-8)

Redbirds - A Century of Cardinals' Baseball, Bob Broeg, Walsworth Publishing, 1992, (ISBN: 1-56166-075-2)

If I were a St. Louis Cardinal, Joe D'Andrea, Picture Me Books, Inc, 1994, (ISBN: 1-878338-65-X)

Jack Buck - That's a Winner, Jack Buck with Rob Rains & Bob Broeg, Sangamore Publishing, 1997, (ISBN: 1-57167-110-0)

This Date in Cardinal History, John Leptich & Dave Baranowski, Stein and Day Publishers, 1983, (ISBN: 0-81286-133-7)

Baseball - An Illustrated History, Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns, Knoff Publishing, 1994, (ISBN: 0-67940459-7)

The St. Louis Cardinals, Rob Rains, St. Martins Press, 1992, (ISBN: 0-312-07089-6)

Snap me Perfect - The Darrell Porter Story, Darrell Porter with William Deerfield, Thomas Nelson Publisher, 1984, (ISBN: 0-8407-5367-5)

Wizard, Ozzie Smith with Rob Rains, Contemporary Books, 1988, (ISBN: 0-8092-4594-9)

October 1964, David Halberstam, Villard Book Publishing, 1994, (ISBN: 0-67941560-2)

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Trivia, Morris Jenkins, 1989

White Rat - A Life in Baseball, Whitey Herzog & Kevin Horrigan, Harper & Row, 1987, (ISBN: 0-06080710-8)

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