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Season Record:     88-74        Standing:  2nd

Attendance 3,262,109       Manager:   Mike Matheny 

Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis: 4, Marlins: 1, Away, April 4th) (Summary)

SS -  Rafael Furcal
RF -  Carlos Beltran
LF -  Matt Holliday
1B -  Lance Berkman
3B -  David Freese
C -    Yadier Molina
CF - Jon Jay
2B -  Daniel Descalso
P -    Kyle Lohse

All Stars:  (All-Star game summary)                Gold Glove Winners:

Carlos Beltran Yadier Molina
Yadier Molina  
Matt Holliday  
Rafael Furcal  
David Freese  

League Leaders:

Kyle Lohse - W/L % - .842  
Jason Motte - Saves - 42 (tied)  

Award voting:                                              

MVP Cy Young

Yadier Molina (4th)

Kyle Loshe (7th)

Matt Holliday (11th)


Allen Craig (19th)


Carlos Beltran (26th)

Rookie of the Year  

Matt Carpenter (T6th)

Manager of the Year  

Mike Matheny (T5th)




Monthly W-L   Home Road


14-8 6-3 8-5


13-16 7-8 6-8


13-14 4-7 9-7


15-10 12-3 3-7


16-13 11-5 5-8


17-13 10-5 7-8


Games at new Busch Stadium I attended this season (click date for game summary):

Opponent Date Score
Braves 5/11 9-7 L
Rockies 7/2 9-3 W
Brewers 8/3 9-3 W
Brewers 9/9 5-4 W




2012 Team Info.(from    2012 League Stats (from






2012 Review

Yadier wins his 2nd consecutive Platinum Glove award!

Yadier wins his 5th Gold Glove award!

Yadier earns the catching Fielding Bible award!


By winning a wild-card playoff game against the Braves, then upsetting the Nationals in the NL division series, the 2012 Cardinals did better than seven of the last 10 defending World Series champs.  (source: Bernie Miklasz, 10/28/12, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Since the 1996 season, the Cardinals have won two World Series titles, three NL pennants and 57 postseason games.  Only the Yankees have won more postseason games in those 17 seasons. (source: Bernie Miklasz, 10/28/12, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)  The other NL Central teams have combinded to only 29 postseanson wins...

Since 2004, the Cardinals lead the majors with 41 postseason wins - 10 more than the Yankees, who rank second.  (source: Bernie Miklasz, 10/28/12, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Coming off a Word Series win in 2011, the 2012 Cardinals had the following adversity to deal with:

- Losing Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan to retirement.

- Losing Albert Pujols to free agency.

- Injuries to; Chris Carpenter (only three starts), Lance Berkman (only 97 plate appearances), Allen Craig (two DL stints), Jaime Garcia (two months), John Jay (one month), Rafael Furcal (Sept.)


National League Championship Series:  


StL:  3     San Francisco:  4

NLCS Recap (MLB)


Sunday, 10/14 -  Cards: 6   Giants: 4   (in San Fransico)  (Game recap)

Monday, 10/15 -  Cards: 1   Giants7   (in San Fransico)  (Game recap)

Wednesday, 10/17 -  Cards: 3   Giants1   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Thursday, 10/18 -  Cards: 8   Giants: 3   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Friday, 10/19 -  Cards: 0   Giants5   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Sunday, 10/21 -  Cards: 1   Giants6   (in San Fransico)  (Game recap)

Monday, 10/22 -  Cards: 0   Giants9   (in San Fransico)  (Game recap)



National League Division Series:  

StL:  3     Washington2


NLDS Recap (MLB)


Sunday, 10/7 -  Cards: 2   Nationals: 3   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Monday, 10/8 -  Cards: 12   Nationals4   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Wednesday, 10/10 -  Cards: 8   Nationals0   (in Washington(Game recap)

Thursday, 10/11 -  Cards: 1   Nationals: 2   (in Washington(Game recap)

Friday, 10/12 -  Cards: 9   Nationals7   (in Washington(Game recap)


National League Wildcard Play-in:  


NL Wild Card Recap (MLB)


Friday, 10/5 -  Cards: 6   Braves: 3  (in Atlanta(Game recap)


Motte earned his 42nd save of the season, tying him with Atlanta's Craig Kimbrel for a National League-high. This also marks the first time in franchise history that one player has collected every team save.

Carlos Beltran (32) was the first switch-hitter to lead the Cardinals in homers homers since Mark Whiten (25-1993)

Yadier Molina led the team in batting (.315) for the 2nd consecutive season, becoming the first catcher to do so.

Three Cardinals (Molina-4th, Craig-6th, & Jay-9th) finished in the NL top-10 in batting, their most since 1980. (Hernandez, Templeton, Simmons, Hendrick)

John Jay was only the 3rd Cardinals outfielder to play errorless defense for the entire season.  (Flood-1966, Palmeiro-2003)


Cardinals have 5 players with 20 or more HRs!

Cardinals have 5 players in the All Star Game!


Freese blasts a long home run (est. 456ft!)

Beltran earns player of the week honors!

Cardinals to retire Tony's #10!


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Baseball Preview Mike Matheny - 4/1/2012


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Duncan takes leave

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NL Wild Card Play-in: St. Louis over Atlanta

NL Division: St. Louis over Washington (3-2)     NL Championship:  San Francisco over St. Louis (4-3)

World SeriesSan Francisco over Detroit (4-0)


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