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World Series Champions!!!!



Season Record:  92-70        Standing:  1st

Attendance: 2,111,906        Manager: Whitey Herzog        

       Opening Day Lineup: (St.Louis: 14,  Houston 3, Away, April 6th) (Summary)


CF Lonnie Smith
2B Tom Herr
1B Keith Hernandez
C Darrell Porter
RF George Hendrick
LF Dane Iorg
3B Steve Braun
SS Ozzie Smith
P Bob Forsch


All Stars:   (All-Star game summary)                       League Leaders:

Ozzie Smith 

Lonnie Smith Runs (120)
Lonnie Smith Bruce Sutter Saves (36)

 Gold Glove Winners:                                      Award Winners:

Ozzie Smith 

Bruce Sutter Rolaids Relief Man
Keith Hernandez Darrell Porter NLCS MVP
  Bruce Sutter Player of the Week - Aug 29th
  Bruce Sutter Player of the Week - Sep 19th
Whitey Herzog - Manager of the Year

Award voting:                                              

Lonnie Smith (2nd)   
Bruce Sutter (5th)

Ozzie Smith (13th)

George Hendrick (tied for 14th)  
Keith Hernandez (tied for 17th)  
Joaquin Andujar (19th)  
Cy Young  

Bruce Sutter (3rd)


Joaquin Andujar (tied for 7th)

Rookie of the Year  

Willie McGee (3rd)


Dave LaPoint (tied for 8th)



Monthly W-L















Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score Seat Price
5/8 29 Braves 8-7 W General admission  


1982 Team Info.(from    1982 League Stats (from 



MLB Videos:

- Glenn Brummer steals home!

- World Series Review




            National League Championship Series: (Series recap)


StL:  3  Atlanta: 0

Thursday, 10/7 -  Cards: 7   Braves: 0  (in St. Louis)

Saturday, 10/9 -  Cards: 4   Braves: 3  (in St. Louis)

Sunday, 10/10 -  Cards: 6   Braves: 2  (at Atlanta)


1982 Playoff Scorecard/Program



World Series:  (Series recap)

StL:  4     Milwaukee:  3

Tuesday, 10/12 -  Cards: 0   Brewers: 10   (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/13 -  Cards: 5  Brewers: 4   (in St. Louis)

Friday, 10/15 -  Cards: 6  Brewers: 2  (at Milwaukee)

Saturday, 10/16 -  Cards: 5  Brewers: 7  (at Milwaukee)

Sunday, 10/17 -  Cards: 4  Brewers: 6  (at Milwaukee)

Tuesday, 10/19 -  Cards: 13  Brewers: 1   (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/20 -  Cards: 6  Brewers: 3   (in St. Louis)


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The ballpark sports a fresh look with a new color scheme, red, white and mostly blue covers the outfield wall, and most other parts of the stadium.  Also, new Busch Stadium logos are prominent throughout the ballpark.

Lonnie Smith leads the NL with 120 runs.

April saw a 12-game winning streak

In early May, David Green pulled a hamstring in a collision at first.  The Cardinals brought up a "temp,"  Willie McGee.

May saw injuries to Darrell Porter (broken finger), Gene Tenace (broken hand), Tommy Herr (torn leg muscle)

In August, slow-footed third-string catcher Glen Brummer steals home with 2 strikes on the batter and two outs in the bottom of the 12th for a 5-4 win.

On September 4th, Lonnie Smith stole five bases in a game against the Giants setting a franchise record.

On September 14th, Bruce Sutter gets Mike Schmidt to ground into a bases-loaded 1-2-3 double play that helps to save the game and seems to propel them towards the pennant.

September also saw a five game sweep of the Mets in New York.

On September 27th, Willie McGee hit an inside-the-park home run to help the Cards beat the Expos 4-2 to clinch the NL East.

Bruce Sutter becomes the first Cardinals' reliever to record 30 saves in a season.

Bruce Sutter was the NL Player of the Week for the week of Aug 29th and Sep 19th.

The Cardinals won the WS despite hitting a ML low 67 home runs during the season.  George Hendrick (19) and Darrell Porter (12) were the only Cardinals with more than 10 home runs this season.

Dane Iorg went 9 for 17 with five extra-base hits in the WS.

Butch Yatkeman ended his career as the Cardinals equipment manager this year after 50 years. (1932-1982)

In the Cards' opener in Houston, Darrell Porter tagged Nolan Ryan for a three-run homer in the first inning to spark a 14-3 win!

The Cardinals selected Terry Pendleton (Fresno State) in the 7th round of this years draft.


St. Louis Cardinals - 1982 Scorecard

1982 St. Louis Cardinals Pocket Schedule 1982 St. Louis Cardinals Pocket Schedule1982 St. Louis Cardinals Pocket Schedule

1982 St. Louis Cardinals Promotions and Schedule



(Tell me your highlights from 1982!)


NL Championship: Cardinals over Braves (3-0)          World Series: Cardinals over Brewers (4-3)





    -  The St. Louis Post Dispatch, April 2, 2007


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