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 National League Champions!!!!



Season Record:  101-61             Standing:  1st

Attendance: 2,637,563            Manager:  Whitey Herzog

 Opening day Lineup: (New York: 6, St. Louis: 5, Away, April 9th) (Summary)

LF       Lonnie Smith
2B -      Tommy Herr
3B -      Terry Pendleton
1B -      Jack Clark
C -        Darrell Porter
RF -      Steve Braun
CF -      Andy Van Slyke
SS      Ozzie Smith
P         Joaquin Andujar

 All Stars:  (All-Star game summary)                                              League Leaders:

Ozzie Smith 

Willie McGee Avg (.353)
Jack Clark Willie McGee Hits (216)
Tommy Herr Willie McGee Triples (18)
Joaquin Andujar Vince Coleman SBs (110)
Willie McGee John Tudor Shutouts (10)

 Gold Glove Winners:                                      Award Winners:

Ozzie Smith 

Willie McGee - NL MVP
Willie McGee Vince Coleman Rookie of the Year
Whitey Herzog Manager of the Year
Ozzie Smith NLCS MVP

Award voting:                                              

Tom Herr (5th)
John Tudor (tied 8th)  
Jack Clark (10th)  
Vince Coleman (11th)  
Ozzie Smith (18th)  
Cy Young  

John Tudor (2nd)



Monthly W-L















Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score Seat Price
10/1 159 Mets 1-0 L    

On October 1st, John Tudor and Ron Darling battle into the 10th inning of a scoreless game.  Darryl Strawberry comes up in the 11th with two out and smokes a long home run off the clock (10:45pm) in right-center.  Cardinals lose 1-0...


1985 Team Info.(from    1985 League Stats (from 


MLB Videos:

Lou Brock - HOF Bio

- NLCS Game 6 Jack Clark Home Run

- NLCS Game 5 Ozzie Smith Home Run




National League Champion Series: (Series recap)

StL:  4  Los Angeles: 2

Wednesday, 10/9 -  Dodgers: 4  Cards: 1  (in LA)

Thursday, 10/10 -  Dodgers: 8   Cards: 2  (in LA)

Saturday, 10/12 -  Cards: 4   Dodgers: 2  (in St. Louis)

Sunday, 10/13 -  Cards: 12  Dodgers: 2  (in St. Louis)

Monday, 10/14 - Cards: 3   Dodgers: 2  (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/16 - Cards: 7  Dodgers: 5  (in LA)

1985 National League Championship Series - St. Louis Cardinals & Los Angeles Dodgers

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World Series:  (Series recap)


StL:  3     Kansas City:  4

Saturday, 10/19 -  Cards: 3   Royals: 1   (at KC)

Sunday, 10/20 -  Cards: 4  Royals: 2   (at KC)

Tuesday, 10/22 -  Cards: 1  Royals: 6  (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/23 -  Cards: 3  Royals: 0  (in St. Louis)

Thursday, 10/24 -  Cards: 1  Royals: 6  (in St. Louis)

Saturday, 10/26 -  Cards: 1  Royals: 2   (at KC)

Sunday, 10/27 -  Cards: 0  Royals: 11   (at KC)


1985 World Series program - St. Louis Cardinals & Kansas City Royals      1985 Sports Illustrated cover - Ozzie Smith

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1985 Sports Illustrated cover - Ozzie Smith        1985 Hall of Fame program - Lou Brock

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Cards trade David Green, Gary Rajsich, Dave La Point, and Jose Uribe to the Giants for power hitting Jack Clark. (2/1/85)

The Cards aquire Jose Oquendo and a minor leaguer from the Mets on 4/2.  (Angel Salazar and John Young go to the Mets.)

Cards win 3 of 4 in New York in early June.

Cards sweep three from Cubs in St. Louis in early June and move into first place for the first time.

Cards sweep the Mets in late June to move into first place again.

Lou Brock and Enos Slaughter are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Cards score 5 in the 9th to beat Goose Gossage and the Padres in San Diego in late July.

On August 6th, the players start a two day strike,  the Cards were a half game behind the Mets.

On August 10th, Willie McGee has 7 hits in a double-header sweep of the Pirates.

On September 10th, late season acquisition Cesar Cedeno hits a 10th inning HR to win the game for John Tudor and hangs the loss on Dwight Gooden, 1-0.

On September 26th, John Tudor gets his 10th shutout and 13th complete game of the season against the Phillies to keep the Cards four games in front.

The Cards clinched the NL East pennant while playing the Cubs in St. Louis.

This was the first season for the Cards since 1942 that two pitchers had 20 wins or more in the same season.

The Cards only lost 5 games when they had the lead after 6 innings.

Tommy Herr drives in 110 runs with just eight homers.  (He's one of three players in the post-WW2 era to collect 100 RBIs on less than ten home runs.)

On August 1st, Vince Coleman steals two bases, running his season total to 74 and breaking the rookie record of 72 set by Juan Samuel in 1984.  (St. Louis loses to the Cubs, 9-8.)   The two steals were a part of a 4 steal pitch.   Vince was on 2nd and Willie on 1st and while executing a double steal, were able to turn it into a run and Willie ended up on 3rd.   The official scorer ruled 4 stolen bases on one pitch!

Willie McGee was the NL MVP, becomes the first Cardinals switch-hitter to lead the league in batting average (.353), and holds the Cards record for most hits by a switch-hitter in a season (216).

The Cardinals steal more than 300 bases.

John Tudor and Joaquin Andujar win 21 games each!

Four other Cardinals finished in the top ten for the 1985 NL MVP...  Tommy Herr (5th), John Tudor (9th), and Jack Clark (10th)

Vince Coleman was the NL Rookie of the Year.

Vince Coleman (110) and Willie McGee (56) hold the record for most stolen bases by two teammates in a single season.

Before game 4 of the NLCS Vince Coleman is run over by the automatic tarp machine in St. Louis and misses the rest of the LCS and the World Series.

NLCS Game 5 featured the now famous "Go Crazy Folks" home run by Ozzie Smith.  (See my Ozzie page to hear Jack Buck's call.)

In NLCS Game 6 Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda somehow decides to pitch to Jack Clark with a base open.  "The Ripper" immediately deposits a HR in the left field stands to put the Cards ahead for good!

In Game 5 of the World Series, Todd Worrell ties a WS record by striking out 6 consecutive batters.  (In a five-inning stretch during the game, the Card's pitchers struck out 12 KC batters.)

In Game 6 of the World Series, a blown umpire's call at first base starts a "chain reaction" of problems that leads to the Cards losing the game and most likely the Series itself.  (In my opinion, if the umpire makes the correct call the game ends soon afterward and the Birds win it all!!!!)

Cardinal's manager Whitey Herzog is named the Manager of the Year.

Five Cards steal 30 or more bases this season:  Vince Coleman, Willie McGee, Andy Van Slyke, Ozzie Smith, Tom Herr.

The team had the fewest errors of any team in the NL while hitting only 87 HRs.

Work begins in December to nearly double the size of the 39 luxury boxes inside the stadium.  Private restrooms, closed-circuit TV, etc.


St. Louis Cardinals - 1985 Ticket Info front cover

1985 St. Louis Cardinals Pocket Schedule




(Tell me your highlights from 1985!)


NL Championship: Cardinals over Dodgers (4-2)          World Series: Royals over Cardinals (4-3)


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