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Season Record:    97-65        Standing:  1st

Attendance: 3,011,216         Manager:   Tony LaRussa

Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis: 10, Colorado: 2, Home, April 1st) (Summary)

2B      Fernando Vina                                    

3B -     Placido Palonco 

RF -     J.D. Drew                                             

LF -      Albert Pujols                                               

CF -      Jim Edmonds                                              

SS -     Edgar Renteria

1B -      Tino Martinez                                       

C -        Mike Difelice                                              

P         Matt Morris

 All Stars:  (All-Star game summary)                       Gold Glove Winners:

Matt Morris

Jim Edmonds

Edgar Renteria
Fernando Vina

Awards:                                                    Silver Sluggers:

Tony LaRussa - Manager of the Year

Scott Rolen
Scott Rolen - NL Player of the week - Sep 22nd Edgar Renteria

Award voting:                                              

Albert Pujols (2nd)
Rookie of the Year  

Jason Simontacchi (tied for 9th)



Monthly W-L  














Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score Seat Price
5/4 14 Braves 3-2 W Terrace Reserved $18
5/5 15 Braves 4-2 L Terrace Reserved $18
5/18 20 Reds 7-3 L Terrace Reserved $18
6/20 34 Angels 3-2 L Terrace Reserved $18
7/27 51 Cubs 7-3 L Terrace Reserved $18


Tyler's 8th B-Day                        4-H Day



2002 Team Info.(from    2002 League Stats (from


MLB Videos:

- LaRussa on the loss of Kile

- Ozzie HOF Bio




2002 National League Central Division Champions!!!!


National League Championship Series:  


StL:  1     San Fransisco:  4


NLCS Recap (MLB)


Wednesday, 10/9 -  Cards: 6   Giants: 9   (in St.Louis)  (Game recap)

Thursday, 10/10 -  Cards: 1   Giants: 4   (in St.Louis)  (Game recap)

Saturday, 10/12 -   Cards: 5   Giants: 4   (at S.F.)  (Game recap)

Sunday, 10/13 -   Cards: 3   Giants: 4   (at S.F.)  (Game recap)

Monday, 10/14 -   Cards: 1   Giants: 2   (at S.F.)  (Game recap)


Game #2 pictures  (10/10/02)


St. Louis Cardinals - 2002 NLCS ticket stub - 10/10/2002


St. Louis Cardinals - 2002 NLCS Playoff Program


National League Division Series:  


StL:  3     Arizona:  0


NLDS Recap (MLB)


Tuesday, 10/1 -  Cards: 12   D'Backs: 2   (at Arizona)  (Game recap)

Thursday, 10/3 -  Cards: 2   D'Backs: 1   (at Arizona)  (Game recap)

Saturday, 10/5 -   Cards: 6   D'Backs: 3   (in St.Louis)  (Game recap)


What an incredible, unbelievable year!  To think of all the things that happened to the team this year and then even expect them to compete for the post-season is truly amazing.   97 wins!!!  WOW!

To all those ready for Tony to take a hike, let me say;  if the offense would have done their part the Cards would have been in the Series, period.  No ifs, ands, maybes, or buts....  The offense didn't show up and you or I or even Whitey couldn't have done any better.

I think this year's post-season is a bit different for me than past.  Yes, they were expected to win the division, but somehow I feel they still have surpassed everyone's expectations.  To me, there should be no bitter taste, no complaining about what should have been, only a satisfaction that they went as far as they did.

Remember in spring training when everyone thought we had too much pitching?  It just goes to show that you can never, ever,  have too much pitching.   

 If Tony LaRussa doesn't win Manager of the Year, and Walt Jocketty doesn't win Executive of the Year someone should investigate!?!?!  To hold the team together when everything around him was falling apart indicates Tony's ability to lead and his strength as a person.    Then, in the midst of chaos, Walt comes along and scores Scott Rolen, it's simply unthinkable.

Let's get ready for 2003!

2002 Report Card:


Albert Pujols -  His second year and no sophomore slump for him.   He became the first player in history to hit .300 with 30 HRs, 100 runs and 100 RBIs in the first two seasons.

Matt Morris -  Not a repeat of the 2001 season, but still very solid and put up good numbers.   Had to battle the loss of his mentor.

Scott Rolen -  Another Walt deal!  Some call him the best third baseman ever.  Would have made a difference in the playoffs.  Let's see what this guy can do over a full season at Busch!

Edgar Renteria -  The best "clutch" hitter the Cards had this year.  Put up some outstanding numbers.

Woody Williams -  When healthy, the best pitcher on the staff.  Let's hope the Cards can sign him for next year and he stay's healthy.

Jason Simontacchi -  What a story this guy has!  Played ball last year in Italy.  Made his name known when it counted mid-season.

Andy Benes - Is there an award for come back player of the season.  Andy was down and out early, went home to retire and then came back and put it all together.

Jason Isringhausen -  Even though it seemed he didn't pitch very much, he did put up some good numbers and was a factor during the season.

Rick White - Another Walt pickup!  Had an impressive string of scoreless innings.

Mike Crudale -  Great numbers during the season and helped when it counted.

Eli Marrero -  Had an outstanding year and made it so Tony couldn't take him out of the lineup.


Fernando Vina -  Had a solid year, but just didn't seem to be the same at the plate.

Jim Edmonds -  Another great year, but couldn't quite get it done in the clutch.

Mike Matheny -  Strong defense makes up for any offensive problems.

Chuck Finley -  Another smart mid-year pickup.   Provided strength to the rotation when needed.

Steve Kline -  Had a good year, but injuries probably played a role for most of the year.

Miguel Cairo -  A great bench player and can play almost anywhere.  Had a league leading 19 pinch hits.

Dave Veres -  Had a fairly good season in a setup roll and was extremely effective when he was on.  


Kerry Robinson -  Just didn't seem to get too much going, but can add a spark with his speed.

Eduardo Perez -  Could seem to get it going as a pinch hitter, but in spot starting didn't get into any kind of rhythm.

Mike DiFelice -  A good solid backup catcher and showed some consistency early in the year.

J.D. Drew -  Probably was bothered by knee problems all year, but played when he was needed and didn't make excuses for his less than anticipated numbers.

Tino Martinez -  Although his final numbers were decent, he never got it going in the clutch.  The Cards need to see his bat back to normal next year.


On July 28th, down 9-4 in the bottom of the 9th to the rival Cubs, the Cardinals score six runs in the inning capped by an Edgar Renteria 3-run home run.  The comeback came on the same day Ozzie Smith was inducted to the Hall of Fame.

On August 6th, Scott Rolen made his home debut.  Rolen was traded for on July 29th, with the Cardinals giving up Placido Polanco, Mike Timlin, and Bud Smith.

On August 31st, Rick Ankiel hits a grand slam for a come-from-behind victory that made Tony LaRussa the winningest manager in franchise history.

The Cards sign their first native born Japanese, So Taguchi.

Enos "Mad Dash/Country" Slaughter passes away.


Tony LaRussa wins NL Manager of the Year honors!!!

Scott Rolen and Edgar Renteria are Silver Sluggers!!!

Scott Rolen voted NL Player of the week!

So long Darrell...

Ozzie's Day!

Jason Simontacchi voted NL Rookie of the Month!

    We'll miss you DK!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Photo Gallery

Darryl Kile - 1968-2002

    Farewell, Jack...

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Photo Gallery

Ozzie makes it!!!

An Interview with Ozzie on his impending HOF induction (from MLB.COM)

St. Louis Cardinals - 2002 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Ozzie Smith

Click to read full article!


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Ozzie Smith Hall of Fame issue - 7/28/2002   St. Louis Post-Dispatch Ozzie Smith Hall of Fame - 7/29/2002


St. Louis Cardinal's 2002 Pocket Schedule - Pujols                    St. Louis Cardinals - Sign handed out during playoffs - 2002

St. Louis Cardinals - 2002 Ticket information - Pujols

St. Louis Cardinals - June 2002 Baseball Weekly - Jason Simontacchi    2002 St. Louis Cardinals Official Scorecard

St. Louis Cardinals - 2002 Hall of Fame Induction Celebration - Ozzie Smith


2002 St. Louis Cardinals Yearbook




(Tell me your highlights from 2002!)


NL Division: Cardinals over Diamondbacks (3-0)      NL Championship: Giants over Cardinals (4-1)

World Series: Angles over Giants (4-3)

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