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National League Central Division Champions!!!!



Season Record:  95-67         Standing:  1st

Attendance: 3,336,493        Manager:   Tony LaRussa

Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis: 7, Chicago: 1, Home, April 3rd) (Summary)

2B      Fernando Vina                                    

SS -     Edgar Renteria 

LF -      Ray Lankford                                             

3B -      Fernando Tatis                                               

CF -      Jim Edmonds                                              

1B -      Craig Paquette

RF -      Eric Davis                                       

C -        Mike Matheny                                              

P         Darrel Kile

 All Stars:  (All-Star game summary)                       Gold Glove Winner:

Mark McGwire  

Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds

Darryl Kile
Edgar Renteria

Award voting:                                              

Jim Edmonds (4th)

Darryl Kile (18th)

Cy Young  

Darryl Kile (5th)

Rookie of the Year  

Rick Ankiel (2nd)

Manager of the Year  

Tony LaRussa (2nd)



Monthly W-L  














Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score McGwire HR Seat Price
4/9 6 Brewers 11-2 W #2 Terrace Reserved $15
5/26 26 Mets 5-2 L   Terrace Reserved $16
6/6 33 Royals 5-4 W   Terrace Reserved $16
7/1 42 Astros 10-9 W #30 Terrace Reserved $16
7/6 46 Reds 12-6 L   Terrace Box $21
7/25 50 DiamondBacks 7-3 W   Terrace Reserved $16
9/19 76 Astros 8-6 L   Terrace Reserved $15


McGwire Season HR total:  32  Career:  554


2000 Team Info.(from    2000 League Stats (from




They said it... Fun Facts:

The Cardinals draft Yadier Molina in the 4th round of the 2000 MLB draft.



2000 National League Central Division Champions!!!!

The Birds seemed to run out of gas against the Mets pitching...  Good pitching will always win in the end.  They will back strong next year with most of the same cast.  If they can continue with decent pitching in 2001, they should be back in the postseason!



National League Champion Series: (Series Recap)


StL:  1     NY Mets:  4


Wednesday, 10/11 -  Mets: 6  Cards: 2  (in St.Louis)

Thursday, 10/12 -  Mets: 6  Cards: 5  (in St. Louis)

Saturday, 10/14 -  Cards: 8   Mets: 2  (at New York)

Sunday, 10/15 -  Mets: 10  Cards: 6  (at New York)

Monday, 10/16 - Mets: 7   Cards: 0  (at New York)



National League Division Series:  (Series Recap)


StL:  3     Atlanta:  0


Tuesday, 10/3 -  Cards: 7   Braves: 5   (in St.Louis)

Thursday, 10/5 -  Cards: 10  Braves 4   (in St. Louis)

Saturday, 10/7 -  Cards: 7  Braves 1    (at Atlanta)


On March 23rd, the Cards trade pitcher Kent Bottenfield and second baseman Adam Kennedy to the Anaheim Angels for Jim Edmonds.

The Cards tied a major league record for most HRs in a month, with 55 HRs in April!

Fernando Vina is hit by a pitch 28 times this season.  (The most by any Cardinal since 1910.)

Fernando Tatis missed 54 games early in the season with a torn groin muscle...

The Cards swept a series in Philadelphia (late April) for the first time since 1979.

After a 3-0 victory in Arizona (May 29th), Garrett Stephenson improved his season record to 8-0 becoming only the second pitcher in Cards' history to win their first 8 decisions of a season.  (The other pitcher was none other than Bob Gibson in 1965!)

On June 22nd, the Cards overcame an 8-1 deficit to beat the Giants.  In a weird game, Barry Bonds with help from swarming moths, helped a ball over the left field fence to give the Cards the lead late in the game.

In late August, the Cards took 3 out of 4 from the Braves at Atlanta.

In early September, the Cards sweep the Mets at Busch winning all three games in dramatic fashion.

The Cards clinch the Central on September 20th with a 11-6 victory over the Astros!

The Cards tied a NL season record by hitting 12 grand slams.

Darryl Kile (20-9) becomes the first Cardinal pitcher since Joaquin Andujar (21-12) and John Tudor (21-8) in 1985 to win 20 games in a season.

The Cards set a single-season franchise record for most home runs (235).

Edgar Renteria sets a Cardinals home run record by a shortstop with 16.

Future Cardinals' closer Ryan Franklin wins a gold medal at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, with a 3-0 record and 0.00 ERA.

Rick Ankiel becomes the first Cardinals starting pitcher to average over 1 strikeout (1.11) per inning for the season.

Jim Edmonds - What a pickup for the Birds in 2000!!  Where would we have been if he wasn't on the team?  With the Big Man (McGwire) hobbled for more than half the season Jim picked up the team with a career high in home runs (42) and RBIs (108).

Darryl Kile - Get him away from the light air in Colorado and he gets down to business with 21 wins including one in the postseason.  Barring injury he should have a long career with the Cardinals.

Will Clark - Another brilliant acquisition during the season (reminiscent of moves during the championship seasons of the 80's) by the top brass.  "The Thrill" provided many thrills including a home run in his first Cardinal at-bat!  He provided the necessary push to take the Birds in to the playoffs.

Mike Matheny - What a surprise season!  Everyone knew he could catch the ball, but he also surprised everyone by being able to hit with consistency.  His late season injury was a heart-breaking loss which probably affected the pitching staff...

Mark McGwire - Even though he sat out the entire second half of the season, he still hit 32 HRs.  If he would have stayed healthy, he probably would have had another 60+ HR season and the outcome of the playoffs may have changed.  He still continues to amaze...

Garrett Stephenson - Rocky start in the spring, but came around as one of the Cards' most reliable arms.  A late season elbow injury hopefully will be healed for the future.  

Edgar Renteria - Some defensive lapses, but became one of the best clutch hitters the Cardinals had during the year.  

Fernando Vina - Had leg injuries most of the season, but was still able to be a good-to-great leadoff hitter.  His defense was also just as good, if not better, as his offense.

Rick Ankiel - Wow!  What a year!  Hopefully he can get the playoffs out of his head and return to just pitching.  He has the potential to be an unbelievable star.

J.D. Drew - This guy, I think, will be the real deal soon.  He showed signs this year and has made steady improvements over the past couple of years.  Could he be the next "Thrill?"

Craig Paquette - Somewhat disappointing the year, but still has everyday potential.   Hopefully will handle plenty of playing time in 2001 well.

Andy Benes - Great to have him back in the Cardinal uniform and was a strong steady performer until his knee injury flared up.  

Alan Benes - Hopefully he will get more chances in 2001 and gained arm strength over the off-season.  It would be great to have the Benes "boys" pitching well again!

Ray Lankford - Just never got in a groove this year, however did manage to hit 26 homers.  He has got to get it together in 2001.

Fernando Tatis - What a fall from management good graces... he set a torrid pace in April and then suffered a major groin injury.   He just never made it back and I think his training habits towards the end played a major part in his trade to Montreal.  He will probably be a star for the Expos...


Ozzie Smith One-on-one with Will Clark and Jim Edmonds

CNNsi Mark McGwire interview 

Garett Stephenson named pitcher of the month for May!!

Kieth McDonald smacks two HRs in his first two at-bats!!!

Chris Richard hits a HR in his first at-bat!!!

St. Louis named Best Sports City by The Sporting News

Will Clark named player of the week!

Stan Musial is inducted in the Missouri Hall!!!

Edmonds and Mattheny win Gold Gloves!

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(Tell me your highlights from 2000!)

NL Division: Cardinals over Braves (3-0)            NL Championship: Mets over Cardinals (4-1)

World Series: Yankees over Mets (4-1)

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