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National League Champions!!!!



Season Record:  95-67           Standing:  1st

Attendance: 3,072,121            Manager:   Whitey Herzog

 Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis: 9, Chicago: 3, Away, April 7th) (Summary)

LF       Vince Coleman

SS -     Ozzie Smith

2B -      Tom Herr

1B -      Jack Clark

RF -      Jim Lindeman

C -        Tony Pena

3B -      Terry Pendleton

CF       Tito Landrum

P         John Tudor

 All Stars:  (All-Star game summary)                                              

Ozzie Smith

Jack Clark
Willie McGee

 Gold Glove Winners:                                      League Leaders:

Ozzie Smith

Jack Clark -  On-base % (.459)
Terry Pendleton Jack Clark Slugging % (.597)
Jack Clark Walks (136)

Vince Coleman SBs (109)


Bob Forsch Silver Slugger (Pitcher)

Award voting:                                              

Ozzie Smith (2nd)
Jack Clark (3rd)  
Vince Coleman (12th)  
Terry Pendleton (18th)  
Rookie of the Year  

Joe Magrane (3rd)


Greg Mathews (tied for 6th)

Manager of the Year  

Whitey Herzog (3rd)



Monthly W-L















Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score Seat Price
9/19 147 Cubs 5-3 W In Chicago  
9/20 148 Cubs 10-2 W In Chicago  
10/1 159 Expos 8-2 W    

On October 1st, Danny Cox pitches a complete game to clinch the NL East division!  The rally towels were out in force this night!



Me & Uncle Earl - Wrigley Field


1987 Team Info.(from    1987 League Stats (from 




National League Champion Series: (Series recap)


StL:  4   San Francisco: 3

Tuesday, 10/6 -  Cards: 5  Giants: 3    (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/7 -  Cards: 0  Giants: 5   (in St. Louis)

Friday, 10/9 -  Cards: 6   Giants: 5  (in SF)

Saturday, 10/10 -  Cards: 2  Giants: 4  (in SF)

Sunday, 10/11 - Cards: 3   Giants: 6  (in SF)

Tuesday, 10/13 - Cards: 1  Giants: 0  (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/14 - Cards: 6  Giants: 0  (in St. Louis)


World Series:  (Series recap)

StL:  3     Minnesota:  4

Saturday, 10/17 -  Cards: 1   Twins: 10   (at Minn)

Sunday, 10/18 -  Cards: 4  Twins: 8   (at Minn)

Tuesday, 10/20 -  Cards: 3  Twins: 1  (in St. Louis)

Wednesday, 10/21 -  Cards: 7  Twins: 2  (in St. Louis)

Thursday, 10/22 -  Cards: 4  Twins: 2  (in St. Louis)

Saturday, 10/24 -  Cards: 5  Twins: 11   (at Minn)

Sunday, 10/25 -  Cards: 2  Twins: 4   (at Minn)



Sports Ilustrated - 9/28/1987 -- Ozzie Smith

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Every seat in the ballpark is replaced by a new red seat.  Some 3,000 seats were added as well.  Widths of some seating was reduced to make room for additional seating.  13 luxury suites were added to the pressbox level.

On April 10th, Tony Pena suffers a broken thumb that will sideline him for 34 games.

On April 11th, the Cardinals blast four home runs in one game, the most since 8/10/81.  (Cards beat the Pirates, 6-3)

On April 18th, Tommy Herr hits a 2 out, 10th inning,  walk-off grand-slam home run to beat the Mets on Seat Cushion night.  Thousands were hurled onto the field in celebration.

On April 19th, Mets catcher Barry Lyons slides into the Cardinals dugout and injures John Tudor.  Tudor will miss almost 3 months.  (Cards sweep the Mets with a 12-8 win)

On April 23rd, Danny Cox becomes the first pitcher since Jim Kaat in 1980 to pitch a complete game shutout with no walks or strikeouts.

On April 25th, Whitey Herzog gets his 1000th managerial win and Joe Magrane earned his first big league win.

On April 29th, Jack Clark gets his 200th career HR.  (Cards win 10-6)

On May 7th, Skeeter Barns hits a HR on his first Cardinal at-bat.  (Cards win 17-10)

On May 12th, the Cards move back into first place over the Cubs with a 6-5 win over the Giants.

On June 1st, the Cardinals have the best record in MLB, 30-17

On June 2nd & June 3rd, Eric Davis stole the game by leaping over the wall to grab Jack Clark's HR bids.

On June 28th, the Cards move 6 1/2 games in front of the rest of the East with a 7-6 win over the Expos.

On July 7th & July 8th, the Cards play doubleheaders with the Dodgers.   They won all 4, each game being a struggle due to rain and extra innings.

On July 9th, Danny Cox takes a line drive off his foot and is put on the DL.

On July 10th, the Cards stretch their winning streak to 9 games with a 7-5 win over the Giants.

On July 12th the Cards are 56-30 with a 9 game lead at the All-Star break.

On July 29th, Vince Coleman steal 3 bases giving him 64 for the season.

On July 30th, the Cards ask that Howard Johnson's bat be looked at after he hit a HR.   The Cards lose their 7th in a row to the Mets 5-3.

On August 2nd, Tommy Herr collects his 400th career RBI.

On August 9th, Jack Clark belts his 30th homer of the season, the most since Dick Allen (34) in 1970.  

On August 10th, Bob Forsch moves into 3rd place in all-time wins for the Cards with 153.  (Cards win 6-0 over the Pirates)

On October 4th, the Cardinals exceed 3 million in attendance for the first time in club history.

On October 14th, Danny Cox pitches a complete game shutout for the Cardinals as they beat the Giants, 6-0, in Game 7 of the NLCS to advance to their 3rd WS in six years.

On October 21st, Tom Lawless' 3-run homer propels the Cardinals in a Game 4 WS win over the Twins.

1987 was the first year the Cardinals drew over 3,000,000 fans.

Vince Coleman becomes the only player in MLB history to steal over 100 bases in three straight seasons.

Danny Cox, Greg Mathews and Bob Forsch had 11 wins, but there were five more pitchers between eight and 10 victories John Tudor (10), Joe Magrane, Ken Dayley (nine), Rick Horton (eight) and Todd Worrell (eight).

Ozzie Smith, enjoying his only .300-hitting season of a Hall of Fame career, pulled off the rare feat of knocking in 75 runs without hitting a homer. Together, with second baseman Tom Herr (who had 83 RBIs on two homers), their keystone combination had 158 RBIs with just two home runs an occurrence unlikely to have been duplicated by two middle infielders.


Jack Clark tied a National League record by drawing 6 walks in a doubleheader.

Jack Clark was the only Cardinals player to reach 30 home runs in the 1980s.

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(Tell me your highlights from 1987!)

NL Championship: Cardinals over Giants (4-3)          World Series: Twins over Cardinals (4-3)


The Cardinals' powerhouses:  (l-r)  Terry Pendleton, Jack Clark, Willie McGee

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