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Mobley - The Mobley family settled in White Co., Illinois around 1810 (then known as Gallatin Co., Ill.) coming from the state of Kentucky.  Charles Mobley was the patriarch of this family line, but other early Mobley settlers in this part of the country were Benjamin, Edward, and John Mobley.  They must have been related, but how!    Other family names marrying into this line are Hanna, Garrison, and Rupert.   

Mobley Obits and other News!


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Mark, David "Doug", Bruce Mobley (1992)


Mobley siblings (49KB)

(l-r) Jane, Ed (father), Freda, Doris  (ca:1998)


George & Helen Mobley (8KB)

George and Helen (Weasel) Mobley (ca: 1968) (grandfather/grandmother)


Moblsib1.jpg (101317 bytes)

George Mobley (grandfather), Ethel (Mobley) Blake, Leo Mobley (1967)


Mobfam2.jpg (107021 bytes)

Mobley Family reunion (1967)


 Joseph & Susan Marie Mobley (10KB)

Joseph and Susan Marie (Downen) Mobley (ca: 1945) (g-grandfather/g-grandmother)


Mobley Farm (11KB)

George Mobley farm (White County, IL) from 1948-1978


Big Prarie church (19KB)

Big Prairie Methodist Church (White County, IL) "This church was the cradle of Methodism in White county.  Early pioneers risked Indian raids to worship in the cabins of Robert Land and John Hanna.  In 1812, presiding   elder Peter Cartwright sent circuit rider John Smith to this settlement. This church was organized in the Hanna's house."  (Historical marker outside church.)    

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Downen - Coming from Posey Co., Indiana, this branch settled in Gallatin Co., Ill. after 1860.   My line of Downens then settled nearby in White Co., Ill, although many of the Downen family stayed in Gallatin Co.  The earliest known ancestor of the Downens, Josiah Downen, was a native of Granville Co., NC. after 1740.  Marrying into this family were surnames of Truex and Yost.

Downen Obits and other News!


Five Generations (23KB)

Five generations!  Front: George R. Downen and daughter Susan Marie (Downen) Mobley (ca:1942) (g-g-grandfather/g-grandmother)  Back: Leo Mobley, Leda (Mobley) Golden, Donald Golden 


Thomas Downen (9KB)

Thomas Downen  (1816-1877) (g-g-g-grandfather)      

William Truex (8KB)

William Truex (1820-1896) (g-g-g-grandfather)


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Weasel - Is there ANYONE out there researching this family name?!  Maybe the spelling changed in coming to America?  Conrad Weasel was born circa 1842 in Germany.  Family legend goes that he left Germany because of war going on and landed right in the middle of the Civil War here in America.  Anyway, by 1868 he was found in White Co., Ill. marrying Arletta McMullen.       

Weasel Obits and other News!


        Bmw1.jpg (3086 bytes)Betsy Weasel (17KB)            

Byrd and Betsy (Wilson) Weasel (g-grandfather/g-grandmother)


Conrad Weasel (16KB)

Conrad Weasel (g-g-grandfather)


 WB01727_.gif (697 bytes)

 Wilson - George E. Wilson came from the state of Georgia around Civil War time into Yankee territory in the state of Illinois to White Co.  Family legend has it that his sisters had hidden him under a blanket in order to keep him from having to fight with the Confederate Army.  This family line extends into the families of Hoskins, Hendrix, and Leathers. 

Wilson Obits and other News!


George Wilson (9KB)

George Wilson (g-g-grandfather) (1832-1899)


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 Walker - George E. Walker settled in McLean Co., Ill., after 1835, but was born in Burlington, N.J. and married Harriet Mercer in Sassafras Neck, Cecil Co., Maryland.   Besides being my g-g-g-grandfather, this George Walker was also the g-g-grandfather of George Bush, former President of the United States.  George's parents were Thomas and Catherine (McLelland) Walker, and it was Thomas who was supposedly captain of a ship in which he was murdered.  Other names in this family line are Lilly, Fisher and Davis.

Walker Obits and other News!


Walker Siblings  (49K)

(l-r) Dale, Marcia (mother), Alan, Elaine (1998)


George Walker (14KB)Eleanor Walker (12KB)

George and Eleanor (McMurdo) Walker (grandfather/grandmother)


William Walker (29KB)Anna (Shertz) Walker (24KB)

William & Anna (Schertz) Walker (g-grandfather/g-grandmother)


George Walker (13KB)Mary (Lilly) Walker (10KB)

George & Mary (Lilly) Walker (g-g-grandfather/g-g-grandmother)


new36.gif (2109 bytes)My link to President George Bush!!

new36.gif (2109 bytes)Lincoln connection!


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Schertz - The Schertz family settled in McLean Co., Ill., coming from Butler Co., Ohio, and prior to that, Lancaster Co, Penn.  They were members of the Mennonite Church which accounts for their trail westward. 

Schertz Obits and other News!


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The Bement Family History

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McMurdo - James McMurdo immigrated from Scotland, landing in New Orleans, and coming up the Mississippi settling finally in Randolph Co., Ill.  Our McMurdo line married into the Steele family, who came from Virginia, settling in the Steeleville, Randolph Co, Ill. in 1798.  Other family surnames in this line are Finley and Faris.

McMurdo Obits and other News!


James Ralph McMurdo (19KB)May (Lyons) McMurdo (28KB)

James Ralph & May (Lyons) McMurdo (g-grandfather/g-grandmother)


Millard Walker Family (15KB)

Millard & Martha (Finley) McMurdo (g-g-grandfather/g-g-grandmother) (ca: 1894) (Back: Ralph, Alberta, Wilford  Front: Frenton)


Harriet (Steele) McMurdo (8KB)

Harriet (Steele) McMurdo (g-g-g-grandmother) (1834-1917)


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Lyons - James Lyons was born in County Antrim, Ireland circa 1777, and came to Fairfield District, South Carolina in 1805, later settling in St. Clair Co., Ill. near Marissa in 1833.    James' son, John Riley Lyons lived to be 100 years old in Marissa, and married Mary Ann McKee, daughter of William McKee who was also born in Ireland.  The McKee family settled in Randolph Co., Ill.   Other families marrying into the Lyons family were the Patton family who came from Jefferson Co., Ohio, Kingstons, and Stephensons. 

Lyons Obits and other News!


William McKee Lyons Family (18KB)

William McKee & Sarah (Patton) Lyons (g-g-grandfather/g-g-grandmother) (ca: 1888) (Back: John Ralph,   Front: May)


Four generations of Lyons' (8KB)

Four generations of Lyons' (ca: 1913) (l-r) Harold, William McKee, John Ralph, John Riley (g-g-g-grandfather)


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