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Season Record:     97-65        Standing:  1st

Attendance 3,369,769       Manager:   Mike Matheny 

Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis: 2, Diamondbacks: 6, Away, April 1st) (Summary)

CF - Jon Jay
3B -  Matt Carpenter
LF -  Matt Holliday
1B -  Allen Craig
RF -  Carlos Beltran
C -    Yadier Molina
2B -  Daniel Descalso
SS -  Pete Kozma
P -    Adam Wainwright

All Stars:   (All-Star game summary)       Gold Glove Winners:

Carlos Beltran Yadier Molina
Yadier Molina Adam Wainwright
Matt Carpenter  
Allen Craig  
Edward Mujica  
Adam Wainwright  

Silver Sluggers:

Adam Wainwright
Matt Carpenter

League Leaders:

Matt Carpenter - Runs: 126 Adam Wainwright  - Wins: 19 (tied)
Matt Carpenter - Hits: 199 Adam Wainwright  - Games Started: 34
Matt Carpenter - Doubles: 55 Adam Wainwright  - Complete Games: 5
  Adam Wainwright  - Shutouts: 2 (tied)
  Adam Wainwright  - Innings Pitched: 241.2


Michael Wacha

Award voting:                                              

MVP Cy Young
Yadier Molina (3rd)

Adam Wainwright (2nd)

Matt Carpenter (4th)  
Allen Craig (18th)  
Adam Wainwright (T20th)  
Matt Holliday (23rd)  


Rookie of the Year  

Shelby Miller (3rd)


Manager of the Year  

Mike Matheny (4th)




Monthly W-L   Home Road


15-11 6-5 9-6


20-7 9-4 11-3


14-14 7-7 7-7


13-12 10-1 3-11


16-13 9-8 7-5


19-8 13-6 6-6


Games at new Busch Stadium I attended this season (click date for game summary):

Opponent Date Score
Royals 5/29 5-3 W





2013 Team Info.(from    2013 League Stats (from






LaRussa gets the call to the Hall!

Matheny earns a contract extension through 2017

Carp calls it a career

Molina & Carpenter awarded Silver Sluggers!


World Series: 


StL:  2     Boston:  4

WS Recap (MLB)

Wednesday, 10/23 -   Cards: 1   Red Sox8   (at Boston(Game recap)

Thursday, 10/24 -   Cards: 4   Red Sox2   (at Boston(Game recap)

Saturday, 10/26 -   Cards: 5   Red Sox4   (in St.Louis(Game recap)

Sunday, 10/27 -   Cards: 2   Red Sox4   (in St.Louis)  (Game recap)

Monday, 10/28 -   Cards: 1   Red Sox3   (in St.Louis)  (Game recap)

Wednesday, 10/29 -   Cards: 1   Red Sox6   (in Boston)  (Game recap)


WS Preview (MLB)


The Cardinals and Red Sox are meeting in the World Series for the fourth time. St. Louis won in 1946 and '67, while Boston swept in 2004. The clubs have not played each other since June 2008, when the Cards won two of three at Fenway Park.

This is the 19th World Series for St. Louis (11-7) and the 12th for Boston (7-4). The Red Sox are playing in their third World Series in the past 10 years. Only the Cardinals have played in more in that span, reaching the Fall Classic four times.

Yadier Molina becomes the 9th player in Cardinal franchise history to appear in 4 World Series!

2013 World Series Official Program - St. Louis Cardinals


National League Championship Series:  


StL:  4     Los Angeles:  2

NLCS Recap (MLB)


Friday, 10/11 -  Cards: 3   Dodgers: 2   (in St. Louis)  (Game recap)

Saturday, 10/12 -  Cards: 1   Dodgers0   (in St. Louis)  (Game recap)

Monday, 10/14 -  Cards: 0   Dodgers3   (in Los Angeles(Game recap)

Tuesday, 10/15 -  Cards: 4   Dodgers: 2   (in Los Angeles(Game recap)

Wednesday, 10/16 -  Cards: 4   Dodgers6   (in Los Angeles(Game recap)

Friday, 10/18 -  Cards: 9   Dodgers0   (in St. Louis)  (Game recap)


Wacha named NLCS MVP!

Carlos Beltran recieves the Roberto Clemente award

Molina & Wainwright win Gold Gloves!

The team of the 21st Century Series

Is St. Louis America's team?

Adam Wainwright - My Story

Stories from a storied rivalry

A tribute to the "Cardinal Way"


2013 NLCS Official Program - St. Louis Cardinals


National League Division Series:  



StL:  3     Pittsburgh2


NLDS Recap (MLB)


Thursday, 10/3 -  Cards: 9   Pirates: 1   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Friday, 10/4 -  Cards: 1   Pirates7   (in St. Louis(Game recap)

Sunday, 10/6 -  Cards: 3   Pirates5   (in Pittsburgh(Game recap)

Monday, 10/7 -  Cards: 2   Pirates: 1   (in Pittsburgh(Game recap)

Wednesday, 10/9 -  Cards: 6   Pirates1   (in St. Louis(Game recap)




Wow, what a year!  With all the injuries the Cards have had to play through (Carp, Motte, Garcia, Craig) who would have even thought about having the best record in the NL and tied for the best overall...    Here are some other stats for the Cards this year:

NL best;

Runs per game: 4.83

Batting average w/RISP: .330

Doubles: 322

On-base %: .332


Team best:

Fewest errors: 75

Fielding %: .988


What can you say about Matt Carpenter as well;  He set a team record for most doubles (54) by a lefty and led the team and the majors in hits (199).  (The first time a lefty led the NL in hits since Stan Musial in 1952.)

Yadier Molina's 44 doubles were the most by a catcher since Ivan Rodriguez's 47 in 1996.

The Cardinals had 36 wins from rookie picthers.  The most since 1941.

Trevor Rosenthal became the first Cardinals pitcher post a season with no more than 20 walks and at least 100 strikeouts.

Adam Wainwright becomes the third Cardinal pitcher to lead the league in wins twice during their careers.  Adam also led the league in 2009.   (This year he was tied with Jordan Zimmermann of the Nationals.)  Mort Cooper and Dizzy Dean were the other Cardinal pitchers.

This is the Cardinals 10th postseason appearance in the past 14 years, best in the NL.  (The Braves are next with 9, but the next closest is the Giants with 5) The Yankees lead the AL with 12.

The Cards have the NL's best regular season winning percentage, .561, since the start of the 2000 season.

The Cards have the most postseason games (95) and won more postsesason games (62) than any NL team since 2000.

The Cardinals (97), Pirates (94) and Reds (90) matched the 2002 NL West (Diamondbacks, Giants,Dodgers) with three 90-win teams.


National League Central Division Champs!!!

The Cardinal Way

Sporting News - Matt Carpenter

Cardinals have 5 players in the All Star Game!

Wainwright earns pitcher of the month honors!

Yadier wins the 2012 "Gibby" award for his defense!

Tyler Lyons - with victories in his first two ML starts becomes the first starting pitcher in MLB history to go 7.0+ innings in his first two career games, allowing one run or less, four hits or less and one walk or less.



USA Today - October 23, 2013 - Yadier Molina 2013 St. Louis Cardinals Yearbook

Sports Illustrated - 11/4/2013 - The Crazy Classic

2013 St. Louis Cardinals Pocket Schedule


2013 St. Louis Cardinals Official Scorecard     Sports Illustrated - 5/27/13 -  " The Cardinal Way"


Sports Illustrated - 2/7/13 -  "A Salute to the Man"    Beckett Baseball Card Monthly - Musial and Williams


Baseball's perfect knight...

St. Louis Cardinals tribute


Sports Illustrated - 1/28/13 - "1949 - From his distinctive coiled stance, Musial unleashed a slashing swing that made him one of the most feared hitters in history, certainly its most consistent."    Sports Illustrated - 1/28/13 -  "1955 - The Man in Full - The ever sunny Musial (near right) helped the Redbirds take flight through 22 seasons, 17 of them winning ones, three championship ones."

Sports Illustrated - 1/28/13 -  "1949 - The Man in Full - Musial in his prime:  coming off a season in which he led the league in average, hits, doubles, triples, total bases and slugging to win his third MVP award."    Sports Illustrated - 1/28/13 -  "1963 - The Man in Full -  Musial retired with seven batting crowns, a life-time .331 average and the eternal admiration of all who saw him play."

2013 St. Louis Cardinals Nation


2012 Review


Best months! (1964-2013)

21-5 July 2004
25-6 July 1968
21-6 Sep/Oct 2002
20-6 August 2009
19-6 May 1971
21-7 August 2004
20-7 May 2013
20-7 June 1993
18-7 Sep/Oct 1998
18-7 June 1972
20-8 July 1969
20-8 Sep/Oct 2001


(Tell me your highlights from 2013!)


NL Wild Card Play-in: Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

NL Division: St. Louis over Pittsburgh (3-2)     NL Championship:  St. Louis over Los Angeles (4-2)

World SeriesBoston over St. Louis (4-2)


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