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Season Record:  62-81                Standing:  5th

Attendance: 1,756,1274             Manager:   Joe Torre, Mike Jorgensen

Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis 7, Philadelphia: 6, Home, April 26th) (Summary)

LF       Bernard Gilkey

SS -     Ozzie Smith

RF -      Ray Lankford

3B -      Scott Cooper 

RF -      Brian Jordan     

1B -      John Mabry

C -        Tom Pagnozzi

2B       Manny Lee 

P         Ken Hill           


 All Stars:   (All-Star game summary)               Award Winner:

Ozzie Smith

Tom Henke Rolaids Relief (36 saves)

Tom Henke

Ray Lankford Player of the Week - Sep 10th.

Award voting:                                              

Tom Henke (tied 22nd)
Rookie of the Year  

John Mabry (tied for 4th)




Monthly W-L  














Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score Seat Price
5/7 20 Astros 6-5 W General Admission $5.50


1995 Team Info.(from    1995 League Stats (from 







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The Plaza of Champions is officially opened.

The Stadium Club is completely renovated.

The club annouces the return of grass for the 1996 season.

The St. Louis Rams use the ballpark for 4 games while the "Dome" is being readied.

The players strike from 1994 delayed the start of the regular season.

The Cards thought they had put the right pieces together this year to take the pennant.  The brought in Danny Jackson, Ken Hill, and All-Star Scott Cooper, but things just didn't work out.    Joe Torre was fired and Mike Jorgensen was picked to finish the season.

The Cards had one of the best outfields, Ray Lankford, Brian Jordan, and Benard Gilkey, as well as one of the best bullpens in the league anchored by Tom Henke.

The Cards have new owners as A-B sells the team.

After the end of the season, the Birds name Tony LaRussa as their new manager.

Tom Henke earns the Rolaids Relief Man award in his only season with the Cards.  It is also his last season before he retires.


Paige and Kara    Kara and Paige   

 Busch Stadium - 1995


(Tell me your highlights from 1995!)

NL Championship: Braves over Reds (4-0)                World Series: Braves over Indians (4-2)


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