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Season Record:  83-79                   Standing:  3rd

Attendance: 3,194,092                 Manager:   Tony LaRussa

Opening day Lineup: (St. Louis: 6, Dodgers: 0, Home, March 31st) (Summary)

SS      Royce Clayton 

2B -      Delino DeShields 

1B -      Mark McGwire

CF -      Ray Lankford  

RF -      Brian Jordan       

LF -      Ron Gant

3B -      Gary Gaetti

C         Tom Lampkin

P         Todd Stottlemyre

 All Stars: (All-Star game summary)                        League Leaders:

Mark McGwire  

Mark McGwire HR (70)

Mark McGwire BB (162)
Mark McGwire OBP (.470)
Mark McGwire Slugging (.752)



Silver Slugger  
Mark McGwire


Award voting:                                              

Mark McGwire (2nd)


McGwire Season HR total:  70  Career:  452


Monthly W-L  














Games I attended this season:

Date Game # Opponent Score McGwire HR Seat Price
5/13 17 Braves 10-2 L   Box $24
5/17 21 Marlins 13-4 W   Terrace Reserved $11
5/22 23 Giants 4-3 W #21 Terrace Reserved $11
6/21 34 Diamondbacks 5-4 W   Terrace Reserved $11
7/19 50 Dodgers 5-4 W   Terrace Reserved $11
8/8 55 Cubs 9-8 W #46 Terrace Reserved $11
8/15 61 Pirates 4-1 W   Terrace Reserved $11
9/15 75,76 Pirates 8-6 L, 9-3W #63 Box $24
9/23 78 Astros 7-1 L   Box $24


1998 Team Info.(from    1998 League Stats (from


1998 Kids Crew Party







Wow!!!! What a year for the Big Man!  Who would have ever thought that the player breaking Roger Maris' record would hit 70?!?!  It seemed impossible...  but the rivalry between Mac and the Cubs' Sammy Sosa kept them both hitting home runs throughout the year.

Considering that Mac's run for the record put him in the spotlight everyday, it didn't really do much for the team.  The Birds were never really in the hunt for the pennant finishing 19 games back.  Pitching was the downfall this year.

Started the season on March 31st.  The earliest opening day date in history.

The Cardinals now occupy the right field bullpen and the visitors now warm-up in the left field bullpen.

Premium Club box seats now extend in the camera wells down each line.

In December, the Cards make a trade with Miami that brings Edgar Renteria to the team.

On April 4th,  Mark McGwire is the first Cardinal to hit three home-runs at Busch, accomplishing the feat against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

On Sept. 8th, Mark McGwire breaks the single season home-run record with his 62nd round-tripper against Steve Trachsel of the Chicago Cubs

On Sept. 27th,  Mark McGwire hits his 69th and 70th home runs of the season against Mike Thurman and Carl Pavano of the Montreal Expos

J.D. Drew made his major league debut late in the season and provided a spark with 5 HRs of his own!

The Cardinals had a season franchise record of 10 pinch-hit home runs.

Mark McGwire has the record for the most extra-inning home runs in a season. (4)

Ray Lankford and Brian Jordan had good years.   Ray with a .293 average ( 31 HRs, 105 RBIs) and Brian with a .316 average (25 HRs, 91 RBIs)

Ray also became the first Cardinal to hit 30HRs or more in back-to-back seasons since Stan Musial in 1954 and 1955.

Tom Pagnozzi on being released by the Cardinals - "For a guy who can't run, can't hit...  12 seasons is a good career?"

In the home opener on March 31st, Mark McGwire and Braden Looper made their presence known.  McGwire, on his first opening day with the Cardinals en route to a record home run season, walloped a grand slam off Los Angeles' Ramon Martinez in the fifth inning as the Cardinals beat the Dodgers 6-0.  Looper, making his major league debut in relief after just one season in the minors, fanned the side in the ninth inning.


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(Tell me your highlights from 1998!)

NL Championship: Padres over Braves (4-2)                    World Series: Yankees over Padres (4-0)


    -  The St. Louis Post Dispatch, April 2, 2007


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